4 January 2015

The Long, Long Trail - soldiers' numbers

I just noticed that this blog gets a mention, and a link, on Chris Baker's, The Long, Long Trail website. This is, in my opinion, still the number one First World War resource online and I visit it daily. The site is both informative, intuitive and has good search functionality. If it's not already in your bookmarked list, I'd suggest it probably should be.  The image above is taken from The Long, Long Trail.

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Kris Herron said...

Hi and firstly what an enormous amount of work you have done. I am currently working on my family lines, and have come to Territorial Forces Nurses in World War I and if I may ask a question, why is there almost no information for this service. I have from Find My Past her basic information, but not where she was based in particular. I should have thought that with the centenary, that nurses were just as important as everyone else, and their contribution recognised. I am in Australia, and familiar with the excellent records we have here, but from my own experience trying to get information from UK records is very challenging!
Kris Herron

Paul Nixon said...


The records, such as they are, are with the British Red Cross Society Archive in Moorgate, London. The last I heard, the society was going to digitise, index and publish these records themselves but that was some years ago and I'm not sure where they're at with this plan. When I visted their old location at Grosvenor Crescent, many years ago, they had filing cabinets full of index cards which gave summaries of service for nurses but I don't recall there being detailed personnel files. In any event, have a look at their website and drop them a line as appropriate: http://www.redcross.org.uk/About-us/Who-we-are/Museum-and-archives