12 November 2016

Leicestershire Regiment - other rank PoWs 1914

The following men all appear on a list of Leicestershire Regiment men who were captured on or before the 25th December 1914 and therefore missed out on Princess Mary's gift to her troops.

This list is compiled from a single source at The Imperial War Museum, London: B.O.2 1/256 which is a two-page undated typed list. 

The extract below is an edited version of the full transcription which typically gives date of capture and home address. The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

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7772 Private Joseph Arthur Allen 
6986 Private H Ball 
8051 Private L Bate 
8837 Private J E Beck 
7524 Private W Bent 
 7964 Private G Bevins 
9559 Private B Billington 
7277 Private H Board 
9530 Private H Botterill 
7059 Private T Cavner 
9675 Private F H Chambers 
6472 Private E Church 
6664 Private J W Clarke 
9769 Private J W Clarke 
8283 Private S C Clarke 
7186 Private F Cliffe 
6836 Private A Coleman 
6523 Private W Coleman 
6888 Drummer M Collins 
9253 CSM H Conner 
9902 Drummer G Craffey 
5276 Lance-Corporal R Cramp 
9718 Private J Dakin 
7783 Private W Dawes 
9703 Private G Dodge 
7299 Private A Durrant 
8937 Private R A Ellis 
7321 Private G Fairbrother 
7206 Private H Fall 
7987 Private H B Gilbert 
7593 Private J Goodman 
9498 Private H A Greenhalgh 
10458 G W Gregg 
9426 Private H Hall 
8593 Private J Harding 
8414 Private W Hardyman 
7050 Private H Hemmings 
17966 Sergeant C Hickman 
9613 Private W Holland 
8039 Private F W Hollingshead 
6979 Sergeant J C H Hubbard 
7047 Private S Hunt 
7994 Private G Hunter 
9104 Lance-Corporal A Iliffe 
7306 Private F King 
8759 Private G Lee 
9569 Lance-Corporal J Lines 
5324 Lance-Corporal E Lomas 
9719 Private H C Loseby 
7416 Private C Mann 
6564 Private T Marlow 
7731 Private G Marsh 
8706 Private G Mason 
5520 CQMS L McCarthy 
9673 Private J McGuire 
9155 Drummer G Millard 
9510 Private E Morgan 
7998 Corporal H Mott 
7195 Corporal F P Moylan
9321 Private J Murphy 
7491 Private G Narrowway 
6581 Private G Naylor 
6611 Private G A Newall
9543 Private P Noble 
7034 Private J O'Grady 
8537 Lance-Corporal H J Ormes 
9455 Private A G Pash 
7188 Private W A Phillips 
6622 Private R Randall 
9541 Private G H Sanders 
6570 Sergeant D Shea 
6992 Private G F Shepherd
7673 Private J Smith 
9644 Private J Smith 
7041 Private T L Stokes
7587 Private J Tinkler 
7319 Private G Todd 
9626 Private W H Turner 
7279 Private A E Vokins 
8884 Private E Ward 
6540 Private W Ward 
9739 Private L L Wells 
9704 Private William West 
 6462 Private J L Weston 
6630 Private H Wheldale 
8932 Private H Wiggings 
6990 Private A Williams 
9423 Private A E Woodford 
9765 Private W Wortley


Debs said...

Do you have any way of finding out where the were kept POW?

Paul Nixon said...

Debs, sorry for VERY late reply. Check the ICRC website to see partial details: https://grandeguerre.icrc.org/.