3 September 2017

Leinster Regiment - other rank PoWs 1914

There are sixty-six names on this list which have been transcribed from a single source held at the Imperial War Museum. Catalogue reference B.O.2 1/258 is a four-page typed list of Leinster Regiment Prisoners of War, sent on 23rd December 1918 by the Leinster Regiment Prisoners of War Fund to Sir Ernest Goodhart. My full transcription of this Leinster Regiment PoW roll call also gives the men's home addresses.  

You can read more about this Prisoner of War data source on my 1914 PoWs page. The image on this post shows a rather fetching Victor Hawkins who, as far as I know was not a Leinster Regiment man but was a PoW at Dulmen. "Camp Theatre Dulmen" is somewhat appropriate here.

For help with your own regimental numbering or military research conundrums, check out my military research service. 

6858 Private James Berry 
9876 Private John Broderick 
6358 Private Frederick Brown 
7597 Corporal Philip Byrne 
7215 Private William Byrne 
7004 Private Patrick Byrnes 
8257 Private Edward T Bywaters 
9794 Private Joseph Campbell 
7762 Sergeant John Cannon 
6859 Private Thomas Carroll 
7977 Private William Collins 
7106 Patrick Condon 
9729 Lance-Corporal Michael Dalton 
9400 Private Patrick Donovan 
7421 Private William Doyle 
7309 Private James Driscoll 
10007 Private Charles Dunne 
8784 Private Francis Farrell 
9289 Corporal John Fox 
6865 Private Martin Gallagher 
9812 Private John Geraghty 
6056 Private John Glennon 
7046 Private John Hallissey
6839 Private Fenton Hanbury 
4196 Private Alfred Hayden 
7874 Private John Healy 
9739 Private Richard Hegarty 
9170 Private William Hennessy 
9766 Lance-Corporal James Henshaw 
9703 Private Patrick Hickey 
6724 Private Thomas Hogan 
7732 Private Michael Hourigan 
6979 Private James Jackson 
7868 Private Thomas Keane 
9517 Private Patrick Lawlor 
8673 Private James Leavey 
9683 Private Richard Lombard 
6829 Private Benjamin Madden 
10011 Private John Markey 
5580 Private John McCormack 
9869 Private Michael McDonagh 
8324 Sergeant John McDougall 
5031 CSM Charles Mercer 
9543 Lance-Corporal John Moloney 
8391 Sergeant John Moran 
7663 Private Edward Morrison 
7345 John Murphy 
9836 Private Michael Murphy 
7712 Private William Murphy 
7350 Private John Nally 
8791 Lance-Sergeant Joseph O'Brien 
7235 Private William O'Brien 
4390 Private Felix O'Donoghue 
10047 Private Denis O'Neill 
7632 Private Thomas Poland 
3039 Private John Revington 
7953 Private John Roberts 
9726 Private Edward Robertson 
10028 Private Thomas Roche 
8057 Private John Sheehan 
5269 Private Patrick Sweeney 
7154 Private James Walsh 
7145 Private Francis Warby 
6847 Private Joseph Ward 
9857 Private George Williams 
7077 Private Michael Young

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