9 November 2010

Campaign Medal & Award Rolls 1793-1949

I've just been alerted to the UK Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls 1793-1949 which is  new on Ancestry. I know a number of medal collectors read this blog, and this Ancestry release will be of particular interest to them - as it is to me. This from Ancestry:

"This database contains lists of more than 2.3 million officers, enlisted personnel and other individuals entitled to medals and awards commemorating their service in campaigns and battles for the British Army between 1793 and 1949. The original medal rolls were compiled by the War Office and are housed at the National Archives of the UK in Kew, Surrey. The rolls include medals awarded for British campaigns in Europe, India, Egypt, Sudan, South Africa, West and Central Africa, China, the Middle East, and elsewhere during the height of the British Empire. The collection does not include WWI or WWII medal and award rolls.
"While medal rolls do not provide very detailed information, the records can include the name, date, and location of a campaign or service, the soldier’s name, and the regiment or unit name and regimental number. Most rolls were arranged by campaign (or battle), then regiment, rank and surname.

"The records in this collection can be searched by name, campaign, service location and date, and regimental number. Volumes may also be browsed by region, campaign, and regiment or unit."

This is a very nice addition to Ancestry's offering. It is however, only available as part of the Premium or Worldwide subscription packages. Also see: UK Naval Medal and Award Rolls 1793-1972.

You can find some medal rolls freely available online.  Check these FREE medal rolls online which I have drawn attention to on my Army Ancestry blog.

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