26 May 2017

5th Dragoon Guards - Other Rank PoWs 1914

4708 Sergeant William T Capps 
5368 Private Oscar E Carroll 
6353 Trumpeter C F Clifford 
Saddler Gibbs 
5228 Pte James Groves 
1310 Private A C Hamm 
Private Harrison 
7208 Lance-Corporal J J Maguire
3750 Lance-Corporal W Marlow 
7818 Private C E Mitchell
411 Private F Moors Private Moors 
7610 Lance-Corporal John Newson 
5475 Corporal Henry Paice 
3805 Corporal Jacob Peach 
633 Private George Pratt 
5369 Bandsman Alfred Wells 
5098 Corporal T W West 
6321 Private Thomas Wilberforce 
5342 Private Wilfred A Wilde
7799 Private W H Yarney

There are only twenty men from the 5th Dragoon Guards who appear on what I refer to as the Princess Mary tin PoW lists. These men above appear on a list of Dragoons and Lancers NCOs and men which was submitted to Sir Ernest Goodhart by Colonel F J Ryder on the 7th February 1919. The names below appear on a  nominal roll of repatriated PoWs of the 1st Life Guards, and Dragoons attached to the 1st Life Guards. The list was submitted to Sir Ernest Goodhart on the 22nd January 1919 by the officer in charge, 1st Life Guards Records.  

These lists of names, now housed in the Imperial War Museum, are certainly incomplete but they're also a great starting point.  I add to the information I hold by looking at The Times casualty lists and also the Prisoners of War on Findmypast.  There are close to 2.7m indexed records in total and over 69,000 First World War PoW records

Read more about the Princess Mary tin lists here.

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8 May 2017

East Lancashire Regiment - PoW other ranks 1914

Here's a list of 137 men of the 1st Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment who became prisoners of the Kaiser on or before Christmas Day 1914. Read more about this Prisoner of War data source on my 1914 PoWs page. 

This data has been transcribed from the following sources which are now housed at the Imperial War Museum: 

  • B.O.2 1/252: a three-page typed list from the officer i/c No 2 Infantry Record Office, Sessions House, Lancaster Road. Dated 17th January 1919.
  • B.O.2 1/253: a four-page typed list from the Regimental Centre for the East Lancashire Regiment Prisoners of War.  Dated 10th January 1919

8476 Private R H Ashworth 
8588 Private F Auty 
8405 Private W H Ball 
10893 Private H Beamer 
10030 Bandsman A V Bell 
5374 Sergeant C Bennett 
10714 Lance-Corporal F Beresford 
8831 Private W Bolger 
5630 Private J Bowman 
9486 Private S H Boyd 
3447 Private G Bradley 
7885 Private W H Bromley 
9493 Private T Bully 
7827 Private A Bunney 
8271 Private P Byrne 
8560 Private H Cambridge 
7663 Lance-Corporal H Carnell 
8505 Lance-Corporal E Carter 
7133 Private J Caton 
8585 Drummer V G S Champion 
8970 Private A Chapman 
10729 Lance-Corporal R Clark 
8338 Private R Clegg 
9464 Sergeant A Craymer 
8312 Private C W Cripps 
9118 Private A Davies 
911 Private A Davis 
8219 Private W Davison 
10602 Lance-Corporal W R C Denwood 
9356 Bandsman F Dolman 
8260 Private J Donnelly 
8896 Private J Dooley 
7006 Private T Dyer 
7843 Private A Eastham 
6897 Private J Eaton 
9053 Private W Ellicott 
7132 Private W Entwistle 
8076 Private E Finn 
8129 Private J J Flood 
7718 Private C Ford 
9441 Private R Gammon 
7813 Private J Grafton 
7798 Private J Green 
7972 Private S H Halliwell 
10920 Private W Hart 
8534 Private H Hatcher 
10343 Private W T Hawkins 
10891 Private T Hazell 
8225 Private J Healey 
7650 Private J Higgins 
10800 Private A Hill 
8037 Private R Hillman 
7115 Private A Holden 
10705 Private P Holden 
10227 Corporal F E D Horsley 
10762 Private W Hoy 
8224 Lance-Corporal J Hughes 
8177 Private Vernon William Hurcum 
10701 Private G W Jenkins 
5753 Lance-Corporal C W Joel 
10760 Private A Jones 
8685 Private G W Jones 
5689 Sergeant J R Kay 
10623 Corporal J R Kenney 
10898 Private A King 
8427 Private J R King 
9784 Bandsman E Knight 
7785 Private F Ladams 
8091 Private F Lakin 
8291 Private F Lancaster 
10869 Private F Lee 
9456 Private R Leeder 
8008 Private William Leybourne 
8507 Bandsman F Lomas 
8507 Private F Lomas 
7959 Private Henry Lund 
10789 Private W Maddocks 
8133 Private J Mansell 
7920 Private J Martin 
7739 Private James Mason 
7657 Private E Mathers
10520 Bandsman A Maycock 
8360 Private B McConnell 
19026 Sergeant A Merritt 
4737 Sergeant T Miley 
7125 Private F Miller 
10565 Private H Mitchell 
7683 Private W Moore 
6453 Private J Muirhead 
8412 Private J N Naylor 
9029 Private E Newsham 
8543 Private T Nunn 
10244 Private E Oates 
9006 Private J Ozanne 
10562 Private B Pass 
10777 Private H E Pawley 
8639 Private W Peoples 
8263 Private R Pilling 
7910 Private G Plowman 
7610 Private J Rampton 
10646 Private W Ramsbottom 
10904 Private J Redmond 
8175 Private A E Reed
8175 Private A Reid 
10439 Drummer C G Riches 
7844 Private T Rogers 
7120 Private H Rutherford 
10241 Lance-Sergeant I G F Scott 
8944 Private C Shanley 
6791 Private J Shaw 
8489 Private R Short 
10851 Lance-Corporal R J Slater 
6742 Private C Smith 
7990 Private J Smith 
8234 Private T Smith 
9487 Private W Smith 
7128 Private T Spencer 
9857 Private J Stephens 
8095 Corporal S A Thompson 
10280 Sergeant J Tingle 
10648 Private B J Toop 
8801 Private P Tracey 
10087 Private C Travis 
6710 Corporal W Tynan 
8660 Private R Underwood 
8648 Private A Watson 
9435 Private G Watts 
7726 Private J Whewell
8486 Private B White 
7899 Private J Whiteside 
8942 Private J Whitwell 
8191 Private A Williams 
8712 Private J T Williams 
6554 Sergeant F Wilmott 
9677 Private A Wishart 
8452 Private W Witherington 
5964 CQMS H Woan

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