23 May 2015

Northumberland Fusiliers - PoW Other Ranks 1914

The following men were all serving with regular battalions of The Northumberland Fusiliers, when they became prisoners of war of the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. There are 152 names in this list. Read more about this Prisoner of War data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from B.O.2 1/194 at the Imperial War Museum. This is a seven-page typed list of men dated 20th January 1919 and sent by the officer in charge of infantry records at York.

My full transcription of this Northumberland Fusiliers Prisoners of War roll call of other ranks (not reproduced here) also contains battalion, home address or next of kin address, additional notes and remarks.

The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £10. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

1109 Private Philip Abthorpe
9376 Private Thomas Adams
905 Private J Anderton
7743 Private S Ashton
3/9716 Private G W Atkinson
2055 Private Albert Barnett
8047 Private J Barrass
1522 Corporal William Beech
1835 Private H A Beighton
9215 Private T Beswick
515 Lance-Corporal J W Beatmead
2106 Lance-Corporal P Black
8809 Private J Blueitt
2427 Private J Bradley
9485 Private J F Browning
9641 Private G Burrell
1672 Private J Cain
2607 Private F Carter
958 Private Herbert Chastney
9267 Private Walter J Crouch
9965 Lance-Corporal Frederick W Crowe
9979 Private Watson Crozier
5379 Lance-Corporal J Dixon
8871 Private James Downey
1493 Private E Duck
3746 Private J W Durham
1025 Private C Edler
1427 Private A G Edwards
239 Lance-Corporal C Elmey
1379 Private P Evans
488 Private B Finnett
9143 Private J Fitchett
9235 Corporal J Franks
8793 Private H Fraser
9191 Private A Fuller
2356 Sergeant F J Gammon
3586 Private Henry Garrett
9615 Private J Gibbon
8783 Private H Gibbons
2005 Lance-Corporal R Gibbs
823 Private H Gillespie
63 Private H Gowanlock
1592 Private J T Gray
3/9160 Private G Gray
8838 Private J Green
2108 Private A Grimes
8722 Private John Grindle
9242 Lance-Corporal E C Grinling
2905 Corporal J Hamilton
2226 Private G Harman
215 Private C Harris
8687 Private J Harrison
8858 Private Frederick A Harrison
9752 Private R Hayes
1450 Private J Hanson
1552 Private A C Hewitt
1042 Private J E Hills
6035 Sergeant Lionel A Hobbs
1081 Private Isaac Hodgkinson
91 Private George Holland
9288 Private James W Holyoak
4898 CSM C Hone
9907 Lance-Corporal J Hood
1615 Private L Howe
2658 Private T Hughes
9489 Private F S Hurst
2684 Private A Jackson
207 Lance-Corporal H Kealing
8031 Private William Keene
9642 Private J Kennedy
592 Private George Kerwin
196 Lance-Corporal Michael King
782 Private J King
3667 Private F Kingsbury
60 Corporal J Knowles
9320 Private Robert Ladzrie
86 Private Allen Long
8815 Private George McCarthy
9270 Private McMahon
669 Private A Macmillan
9374 Private W Macmillan
2371 Private W Martin
922 Lance-Corporal Le Roy Marquis
1306 Private J Mason 8844 Private E Maycock
1223 Private H Meadows
9315 Private William V Moore
9105 Private Arthur E Morris
1079 Private James M Newman
99 Lance-Corporal T Nicholson
2446 Private C Nicholson
6302 Private Thomas Norwich
2383 Corporal G Page
393 Private T Patterson
9736 Private Robert Patterson
3227 Private Charles Pearson
3782 Private Cecil Peers
398 Private W Pennison
1350 Private F Plowman
9623 Private S Pointer
7316 Sergeant George Poole
1637 Private David L Potter
838 Private J Powell
9159 Lance-Corporal George W Pratt
2614 Lance-Corporal David L Quinn
8715 Private Robert Ramshaw
3579 Private S Rawson
1621 Private James Reed
138 Private Arthur G Robinson
9645 Private H Robson
1083 Lance-Corporal H Rush
9770 Private W Saville
1805 Private J Scorer
9371 Private J Scott
9291 Private J Scrowther
1136 Private Charles Seabridge
977 Private F Seager
3721 Private H Settle
9862 Private G Slyth
1108 Private M Stirling
9637 Private J Stolk
987 Private Robert G Sutton
674 Corporal Matthew Telfer
9524 Private Herbert Tomlinson
9181 Lance-Corporal A W Towle
9901 Private Herbert Tuffee
9160 Private Harry Unwin
1056 Private Robert Vaughan
320 Lance-Corporal Albert Vincent
9148 Sergeant William Warriner
879 Private Ernest Webster
9184 Private W Wildman
755 Private David L Will
523 Private W Williams
1971 Private H T Wiltshire

The following men were all reported as having since died:

2840 Lance-Corporal J W Bell
344 Private W B Brookbank
3492 Sergeant G W Cullingworth
9963 Private R Cowell
3950 Private J Ford
9592 Private J Green
8366 Lance-Corporal J Higgins
833 Acting Corporal Henry H Jeffries
7917 Private John McCullagh
3340 Private Eugene O Monachan
9113 Private H Powell
1982 Private Henry Richardson
8328 Private B Blanks
1575 Private J Thompson
9241 Private William T Westlake
2707 Private W Wright

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10 May 2015

9th (The Queen's Royal) Lancers - PoW Other Ranks 1914

This is an edited roll of Other Ranks serving with the 9th Lancers who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from a single source at the Imperial War Museum, namely B.O.2 1/241 which is a two-page typed and undated list. My full transcription (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Date of capture (the majority were captured on the 24th August 1914)

Home address
Next of kin
Next of kin's address
Transcriber's notes

The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £10. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

527 Private F Ackehurst
4662 Private J W Barlow
531 Sergeant F J Barnard
319 Private W Bentley
3560 Private E Brassington
4728 Private T Brock
3400 Private W G Bumstead
4745 Private W Busk
4034 Lance-Corporal L E Cardy
2241 Private W Clancey
2189 Private P M Clarke
3386 Private J M Cody
4152 Private R Cole
5017 Private M Conway

4325 Private R Coster
2735 Private A G Cowler
121 Private J W Cox
3420 Private E R Cross
1542 Private C Cullin
2391 Corporal E S Datlen
4997 Sergeant G H Davids
4721 Private T T Davis
4629 Private D R Dove
2199 Private R Earl
35 Corporal H Easton
3167 Private H G Evans
2493 Private J Fierman
4526 Private H Fitzgerald
1194 Private J Fletcher
1600 Private W H Geldard
2196 Corporal S A Gibling
1695 Lance-Sergeant L Goodwin
550 Private C H Grigsbe
1701 Private W G Guy
4782 Sergeant W G Holloway
4154 Private J T Jones
3933 Lance-Corporal J Kingsley
4477 Lance-Corporal R G Lang
563 Private C Lyons

3266 Private S R Miller
5010 Private C Mills
4076 Lance-Corporal J Mullinger
4847 Shoeing-Smith Farrier F Moxon
376 Private J Phillips
4291 Sergeant G T Pickering
4590 Private T H Plyall
929 Private L Richardson
5121 Private C Robinson
3469 Private J Rowlands
4117 Private A A Smith
4990 Corporal J W Smith
4452 Private W Stephenson
4028 Private E Suckling
5075 Private H W Tebboth
4969 Private W W Tuckey
4822 Sergeant A E Tyte
4024 Private J Wall
3741 Lance-Corporal H Wallis
4547 Lance-Corporal L H Walton
4653 Lance-Corporal H Warr
4406 Lance-Corporal A E Wood
161 Shoeing Smith G Wyness

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2 May 2015

2nd Life Guards 1881-1908

Here are some regimental numbers and the dates on which these were issued to men joining the 2nd Life Guards:

1118 joined on 3rd January 1881
1174 joined on 10th May 1882
1208 joined on 19th January 1883
1311 joined on 7th June 1884
1375 Joined on 5th January 1885
1439 joined on 18th February 1886
1525 joined on 21st January 1887
1625 joined on 30th January 1888
1670 joined on 19th February 1889
1732 joined on 14th February 1890
1781 joined on 15th January 1891
1842 joined on 19th January 1892
1907 joined on 24th April 1893
1924 joined on 8th January 1894
1962 joined on 15th January 1895
2014 joined on 19th May 1896
2082 joined on 27th April 1897
2113 joined on 12th January 1898
2153 joined on 18th January 1899
2212 joined on 20th February 1900
2333 joined on 6th February 1901
2394 joined on 15th October 1902
2412 joined on 29th September 1903
2425 joined on 15th February 1904
2551 joined on 6th July 1906
2591 joined on 29th July 1907
2614 joined on 6th April 1908

Use the numbers and dates above to estimate enlistment or joining dates for your own 2nd Life Guards ancestor. If you still need help, contact me through the military research page.

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