30 March 2016

Leinster Regiment - PoW Other Ranks - 1914

This post will look at men serving with the Leinster Regiment who became prisoners of war on or before Christmas Day 1914. All of these men's names appear on a four-page typed list which was sent to Sir Ernest Goodhart on the 23rd December 1918 by the Leinster Regiment Prisoners of War Fund. The document is housed at the Imperial War Museum under B.O.2 1/258.

For background on this list and others I have published, read my post/index on the 1914 Other Rank PoWs.. With one or teo exceptions, the Leinster Regiment men noted below also have home or next of kin addresses noted against their names.

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The photograph on this page shows a British PoW in the roll of Shylock at the Dulmen prison camp in 1918.

6858 Private James Berry
9876 Private John Broderick
6358 Private Frederick Brown
7597 Corporal Philip Byrne
7215 Private William Byrne
7004 Private Patrick Byrnes
8257 Private Edward T Bywaters
9794 Private Joseph Campbell
7762 Sergeant John Cannon
6859 Private Thomas Carroll
7977 Private William Collins
7106 Patrick Condon
9729 Lance-Corporal Michael Dalton
9400 Private Patrick Donovan
7421 Private William Doyle
7309 Private James Driscoll
10007 Private Charles Dunne
8784 Private Francis Farrell
9289 Corporal John Fox
6865 Private Martin Gallagher
9812 Private John Geraghty
6056 Private John Glennon
7046 Private John Hallissey
6839 Private Fenton Hanbury
4196 Private Alfred Hayden
7874 Private John Healy
9739 Private Richard Hegarty
9170 Private William Hennessy
9766 Lance-Corporal James Henshaw
9703 Private Patrick Hickey
6724 Private Thomas Hogan
7732 Private Michael Hourigan
6979 Private James Jackson
7868 Private Thomas Keane
9517 Private Patrick Lawlor
8673 Private James Leavey
9683 Private Richard Lombard
6829 Private Benjamin Madden
10011 Private John Markey
5580 Private John McCormack
9869 Private Michael McDonagh
8324 Sergeant John McDougall
5031 CSM Charles Mercer
9543 Lance-Corporal John Moloney
8391 Sergeant John Moran
7663 Private Edward Morrison
7345 John Murphy
9836 Private Michael Murphy
7712 Private William Murphy
7350 Private John Nally
8791 Lance-Sergeant Joseph O'Brien
7235 Private William O'Brien
4390 Private Felix O'Donoghue
10047 Private Denis O'Neill
7632 Private Thomas Poland
3039 Private John Revington
7953 Private John Roberts
9726 Private Edward Robertson
10028 Private Thomas Roche
8057 Private John Sheehan
5269 Private Patrick Sweeney
7154 Private James Walsh
7145 Private Francis Warby
6847 Private Joseph Ward
9857 Private George Williams
7077 Private Michael Young

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23 March 2016

Royal Welsh Fusiliers - Boer War memorial - St Giles, Wrexham

I was in Wrexham not so long ago, and took the opportunity to stop by at St Giles Church. I'm glad I did so as there is a wealth of memorials to the Royal Welsh Fusiliers (the old 23rd Foot) inside. Typically, in churches these days, many of the memorials are now half hidden or obscured, but there is a rather splendid memorial to those men who died during the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 and the China campaign of 1900. In fact it is so good that I borrowed a step-ladder in order to photograph it head on rather than at an oblique angle. A very helpful church warden steadied the ladder for me at the bottom.

Where possible I have added the men's regimental numbers to their names and I will come to the numbering later.

1st Battalion

5515 Private P J Abbott
3949 Private W G Albach
3420 Private J Alsop
2802 Private A Andrews
3138 Private W Aston
5499 Private E L Averall
3663 Private T H Ballard
1104 Private S Barnes
5743 Private F Barnett
6152 Private F Bates
5687 Private C Baynham
5528 Private R Birkett
4149 Private G Brien
5814 Private E Broad
5543 Private A Burgess
6272 Private J T Cain
4070 Lance Corporal T J Chidley
3628 Private H Cliff
4200 Sergeant T J Cockram
4312 Private W Cowlard
2349 Private G Cox
2831 Private William Croucher
2527 Private A Davies
2753 Private J Davies
5980 Private J Davies
5767 Private S A T Davies
5696 Private T Davies
2901 Private W Davis
6274 Private A Dawes
4624 Private J Dixon
3652 Private W H Dodd
3331 Private J Edwards
5847 Drummer P Edwards
5834 Private E Evans
5787 Private E S Evans
2862 Corporal J Evans
3796 Private P Fallon
Second Lieutenant J C Farmer
5429 Private R Fitzpatrick
2957 Lance Corporal H M Garrett
5332 Private M Gelshon
6446 Private J Glover
862 Private J J Godfrey
6330 Private T W Gooding
2657 Sergeant J W Graham
6055 Private J Green
2898 Sergeant J H Hatton
5979 Private W G Hawkins
6140 Private A Highfield
6270 Private A C Hinks
5484 Private G Horne
5213 Corporal J Hosey
3313 Private M Huggins
5631 Private G Hughes
3355 Private J Hussey
5892 Private W J Jacobs
3455 Private D James
2402 Private C Jenkins
5527 Private W Jephcote
3611 Private C Jones
1232 Private G Jones
Private G L Jones
3288 Private J Jones
3826 Private R Jones
5910 Private W Jones
5349 Private W Jones
Private W Jones
2518 Private R G Joyce
971 Private S Leadbetter
5384 Private F Ledbrook
2625 Private J Lloyd
5646 Private J J Lloyd
6015 Private J Lockett
 Captain Richard Gordon Beresford Lovett
5220 Private A Lucas
2850 Lance Corporal F Maurice
3344 Lance Corporal P Miller
3387 Private G Morgan
5843 Private T J Morgan
3049 Lance Corporal A J Morris
6473 Private E L Morris
2778 Private W A Morris
821 Private F W Mott
5827 Private M Murphy
2361 Private B Murray
5900 Private J Parry
5830 Private C Payne
2316 Private W Perry
5721 Private S Pike
5953 Private J Plant
Private E J Pooltan
6495 Private H Purslow
4790 Sergeant J Rawle
1028 Private A Riley
2728 Private E Roberts
2600 Private P Roberts
5707 Private R J Roberts
Lieutenant G E S Salt
4104 Private W Saunders
6121 Private W Savage
1994 Private J Scott
5821 Private J Shipley
5463 Private C Smith
3050 Private G H Smith
2507 Private J Smith
2632 Private J Smith
Private J J S Smith
5403 Private W C Smith
3096 Private J Starkey
Lieutenant F A Stebbing
5764 Private T Stevens
4243 Private G Stroud
3539 Corporal B Sullivan
2987 Private P Thomas
5729 Private T Thomas
3824 Private W Thomas
5360 Private J J Thompson
5295 Private A Thomson
Lt-Col C C H Thorold
5156 Lance Corporal E Underwood
5854 Private E Vipond
5621 Private A Whiteside
5746 Private G Wilkinson
5751 Private L Williams
5584 Private O Williams
5538 Private W Williams
3145 Private W Williams
Second Lieutenant J R Williams-Ellis

2nd Battalion

It was the 2nd Battalion which took part in the operations in China and all of these men died there.

Private J Barker
Private J Bartram
Private A Burgoyne
Private J Cook
Private J Corben
Private W Crew
Private T Davies
Private H Dunbar
Private A Fisher
Private R Griffith
Sergeant G Hammerton
Private T Hanlon
Private C Heaton
Private W W Huddleston
Corporal B Hughes
Private T C Hughes
Private J Jones
Private P Jones
Private R Jones
Private R Jones
Colour Sergeant R Kirby
Private M Mansfield
Private G Martin
Private T Morgan
Private J Newberry
Private H Paddon
Private C Porter
Private J Porter
Private F Power
Private J Robinson
Private H W Scott
Private J Sheppard
Private W Smith
Private W Sweeney
Private J Thomas
Private J Thomas
Private J Thomlinson
Private W Wilkinson
Private C Wogan

These men all served with the 3rd (Militia) Battalion in South Africa

Lieutenant R W Bate
1379 Private N Cummings
2883 Private H Davies
1806 Company Quartermaster
Sergeant W Denton Private J Dunbar
2269 Private W Edwards
2084 Private J Foley
Private E L Jones
2750 Private W Jones
1760 Private M Kelly
Private G Reilly
1296 Private T Roberts
2223 Private L Rowlands
2344 Private C Thomas
2051 Private D O Watkins
Private E Williams
2096 Private W Williams

These men all served with the 4th (Militia) Battalion in South Africa

1787 Private W Evans
1812 Private J Gelder
Private J I Jones
2554 Private W Kelly
2823 Private T Mailen
1621 Private J Nolan
Private F Taylor
Private H Thomas
Private W H Williams

These men all served with the 1st Volunteer Service Company in South Africa

7376 Private H Brocklehurst
7384 Private A Holt
7464 Private J H Jones
7400 Private A Rogers
7402 Private G Stokes
7590 Private L A Wright

These men all served with the 2nd Volunteer Service Company in South Africa

7357 Private S Bailey
7496 Corporal P W Evans
7341 Private J Gallier
7471 Private T Jones
7554 Private T Lloyd
7373 Private H Parry
7347 Private N Roberts
7331 Private H Wynne

These men all served with the 3rd Volunteer Service Company in South Africa

7302 Private H Deverell
7417 Sergeant C Jones
 Private J Lewis
7522 Private H Roberts

Note the very obvious higher digit numbers for those men who served with the Volunteer Service Companies. I explained the reason behind this on another post all about Volunteer Service Companies in the Boer War. For the other men, the regulars in the 1st and 2nd Battalions all drew their numbers from a single number series. There are some very long-serving men listed here whose numbers date back to the early 1880s. The 3rd and 4th Battalions each had a separate numbering series. and again, the difference between these number series and the series issued to the men of the regular battalions and the VSCs is very evident. I have to say, that it is also entirely coincidental.

16 March 2016

Royal Warwickshire Regt: Deaths, Sudan Campaign 1898

There's an impressive memorial in St Mary's Church, Warwick to the non commissioned officers and men of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment who lost their lives during the Sudan Campaign of 1898.

The names of the memorial are organised in order of seniority: non-commissioned officers first, followed by the men in order of length of service. The names appear in two columns and there are 49 casualties in all.

Colour Sergeant Doughty is the senior non-commissioned officer here and so his name appears at the top of the left-hand column. Sergeant Rea, as the longest serving sergeant, is the next most senior man and his name appears at the top of the right-hand column. Then it's sergeant Harrison on the left-hand column, Sergeant Stafford on the right-hand column and so on as you slalom down through the names. Here are the left hand-column names:

2578 Colour Sergeant H Doughty
2304 Sergeant W Harrison
3640 Sergeant G Gage
3250 Lance Corporal A Mitchell
1511 Private W Jones
3115 Lance Corporal W Vickers
3142 Private W Hale
3199 Private H Burrows
3313 Private F Bonehill
3404 Private A Power
3428 Private W Allkins
3611 Private G Clayton
3758 Private G Howling
3917 Private H Filkins
3990 Private T Raven
4067 Private J Wesker
4100 Private A Lockley
4125 Private F Gardner
4180 Private H Pettipher
4188 Private W Jackson
4212 Lance Corporal G Henshaw
4462 Private W Ray
4512 Private T Hunt
4868 Private C Newton
6175 Private H Burley

And here are the right-hand column names. The numbering goes slightly out of sequence when we reach 4088 Private M Lee who is followed by 4075 Private T Daffern.

1667 Sergeant H Rea
3681 Sergeant A Stafford
759 Corporal J Hirons
4335 Lance Corporal G Upton
2321 Private C Pink
3137 Private H Jones
3174 Private W Dutton
3219 Private A Holt
3321 Private J Yates
3425 Private H Meredith
3468 Private T Worrall
3641 Private E Wilson
3825 Private J Close
3973 Private J Cox
4088 Private M Lee
4075 Private T Daffern
4103 Private W Worrall
4171 Private A Fisher
4182 Private J Freebury
4201 Private J Hubbard
4418 Private C B Lowe
4471 Private W Manners
4565 Private C Gibbons
4900 Private W Jones

The longest-serving man on this memorial is 759 Corporal Hirons who, judging by his regimental number, must have joined the regiment in 1883 and would have been well on the way to a pension. 1511 Private Jones joined in the second half of 1885 and 1667 Private H Rea in 1886, but the majority of the men listed here joined in the 1890s. Private Burley, with the regimental number 6175, is the man with least experience. His number dates to late July or early August 1898.

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7 March 2016

Warwickshire Royal Horse Artillery (TF)

Royal Horse Artillery units were included in twelve of the fourteen pre-war Territorial Force Mounted Brigades, each of these formations consisting of one battery and one ammunition column.

Formed in 1908 and initially headquartered at Warwick Castle, the Warwickshire RHA moved in 1911 to 9 Clarendon Place, Leamington, with a drill station at Coventry. The ammunition column was also headquartered at Leamington with a drill station at Henley-in-Arden. The unit formed part of the 1st South Midland Mounted Brigade.

The following sequence of numbers between formation in 1908 and the outbreak of the First World War, gives some indication of just how slow recruitment into these Territorial Force RHA units could be.

50 joined on 22nd May 1908
105 joined on 15th November 1909
218 joined on 11th September 1910
232 joined on 24th February 1911
276 joined on 5th May 1912
321 joined on 22nd February 1913
392 joined on 21st January 1914
416 joined on 6th August 1914

When the Territorial Force was re-numbered in 1917, men serving with this unit were issued with numbers in the range 614001 to 616000.

The image on this post is unrelated to the Warwickshire RHA, showing as it does, personnel from the King's Troop, RHA, at the Trooping of the Colour in 2012. Image courtesy Wikipedia.

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