21 September 2018

Royal Marines - Other Rank PoWs 1914

The 333 men on this list were all serving with the Royal Marines when they were captured in 1914. The data comes from two sources now archived at the Imperial War Museum:

  • B.O.2 1/187 is a 117-page typed list of Royal Naval Division men taken prisoner before Christmas 1914
  • B.O.2 1/223 is a nine-page typed document sent by the Adjutant General, Royal Marines. Dated 13th January 1919.  Information noted in "Other Information" is "Present Disposal" 
My full transcription of these men (not reproduced here) also contains the home address and/or next of kin address of all of the men, plus date of birth and peacetime occupation for some.

The full transcription is available for sale for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

For more information about these so-called 'Princess Mary tin PoWs' see my 1914 PoWs page. Any transcription errors are my own.

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Po/10901 & B/1221 Private J A Abell, Po/17367 Private A Aindow, Po/14759 & B/1217 Private H J Allen, Po/16966 Private A Allinson, Po/8861 & B/1134 Private J Andrews, Po/17439 Private A E Arbon

Po/16918 Private P Bailey, Po/11013 Private P G H Bailey, Po/17387 Private A E Balmer, Ply/10383 Sergeant J Balsom, Po/10228 Private J H Banyard, Po/16226 Private F J Barnard, Po/13674 Private F J Barnard, Po/16642 Private A J Barnes, Po/16849 Private C G Barnett, Po/14649 Private C G Barnett, Po/17262 Private F S Barney, Ply/8464 Private C E Barreyatt, Po/11980 & B/741 Private C Batham, Po/7140 & B/718 Private G Batts, RMA/3429 Sergeant G Beagley, RMA/3357 Colour-Sergeant G Beautyman, Po/14100 Sergeant E Beckett, B/1237 Private H Bell, Ch/11299 & B/1751 Private F Bigsworth, Po/12777 & B/1158 Private J Blendall, Po/17294 Private F Boniface, RMA/2716 Sergeant A E Bowles, Ch/14765 Private W H Brand, Po/15359 Private A J F Breslin, Po/16263 Private C Brewer, Po/12380 & B/1386 Private H M Brooks, Po/13333 Private H H Broomfield, Po/17407 Private H Broomhead, Po/2031 Colour-Sergeant A Brown, Po/15309 Private F C Brown, Po/12934 & RFR/B/987 Private A J Buckley, Ch/7481 Colour-Sergeant T A Bull, Po/9850/3/1173 Private O Burgess, Po/7122 Private J E A Burrow, Po/9850/RFR & B/1094 Private G Burt, Po/12208 & RFR/798 Private W J Burton, Po/10102 Colour-Sergeant Burton, Po/5112 Corporal J Bush, Ply/16384 Private S Butler 

Po/3421/RFR & a/508 Private A Calwell, Po/17345 Private J Canning, Po/8146 Private W G Capel, Po/17250 Private A Caplehorn, Po/10379 & RFR/B/1078 Private E H Catchpole, Po/17394 Private G Catchpole, Po/17243 Private G Cathray, Po/15052 & RFR/B/1344 Private G W Chambers, Ch/5334 QMSI J Chandler, Po/17390 Private J Chapman, Po/11569 & RFR/S/1296 Private J H Chapman, Po/9027 Private H A Chappell, Po/10912 Private E Chinn, Po/17373 Private B W Chinnery, Po/10903 Private J A Christie, Po/17077 Private F A Ciappesoni, Po/9532 & RFR/277B Private J Clark, Po/1162 Private J Clarke, Po/3421 Private W J Clarke, Po/15052 Private J W Clifton, Po/17406 Private G H Clint, Po/12965 & RFR/B/1066 Private S S Coates, Po/8045 A/RM Gunner T Cobb, Po/15689 Private J T Coker, Po/17279 Private J S Collett, Po/17270 Private L S Collett, Po/17031 Private G W Cook, Po/16968 Private W Cooper, Po/12797 Private D Coughlin, Po/15432 Private E Cousins, Po/16998 Private F Cowdry, Po/15684 Private W Cowell, Po/17318 Private B Cowley, Po/10903 & RFR/B/1232 Private J T Coxen, Po/13080 Private J T Coxon, Po/9532 Private M W Cranwell, Po/17253 Private W E Cummings, Po/9901 Colour-Sergeant W F Cursons

Po/16885 Private M S Dalton, Ply/16496 Private A Davidson, Po/16850 Private W Davidson, Po/17010 Private A Davis, Po/16580 Private W Davison, PO/17339 Private W R Dean, PO/17284 Private V H Deane, Po/8571 Colour-Sergeant C H Devanter, Po/9823 Private P Dickens, Po/5691 Corporal W Dilley, Po/17427 Private A J Dilloway, Po/10904 & RFR/B/1210 Private B G Dimond, Po/17352 Private F Dodds, Po/17405 Private N Dougherty, Po/2204 & RFR/B/181 Private E R Doughty, Po/12323 & RFR/B/1379 Private F H Dovey, Po/17275 Private F H W Drover, Po/17357 Private R W Dulley, Po/16940 Private J Duncan

Po/10042 & RFR/B/1079 Private J Eagles, Po/17377 Private S Edwards, Po/17379 Private A E Elliott, Po/15097 Pte C Evans, Ch/10904 Private C F Evans, L8/2651 Leading Seaman C Eveleigh, Po/4373/643 Lance-Corporal W A Everard

Ch/18520 Private W Fazackerley, Po/17083 Private A F Featherstone, Po/4199 Colour-Sergeant G Ferrison, Po/5898 Sergeant F W Field, Po/11194 & RFR/B/1256 Private J W W Fielder, Po/17228 Private W J Finlayson, Po/12868 Private W S Fleet, Po/9596/RFR & B/1042 Private G Ford, Ply/16397 Private W G Ford, Po/17256 Private G H Foster, Po/17251 Private F Fowler, Po/8406 Private C Franklin, Po/17343 Private T W H French, Po/6145 Colour-Sergeant H Fretton, Po/11189 Private C J Fry, Po/15661 Private N J T Fry, Po/3775 Sergeant H H Fullilove, Ch/3987 Colour-Sergeant J Furze

Po/16980 Pte G C Gibbs, Po/17043 Pte W J Gillam, Po/16982 Private H J Goddard, Po/10792 Colour-Sergeant A Grange, Po/5924 Sergeant A A Grant, Po/17022 Private S J Greenwood, Po/6349 &RFR/A/901 Private E C Grout, Po/13174 Corporal S Guttridge

Po/6798 & RFR/B/803 Private P J Haddrell, Po/11745 Private E Hall, Po/13884 & RFR/B/1070 Private W J Hall, Captain & Quarter Master J Hammond, Po/4856 & RFR/B/702 Private F Hampson, Po/11924 & RFR/B/1317 Private E Handsom, Po/10761 Private A E Harding, Po/11118 & RFR/B/629 Private B Hardwick, Po/11118 Private B Hardwick, Po/15397 Bugler H Harlow, Po/7769 & RFR/B/670 Private H Hastings, Po/17087 Private F Healey, Po/5979 & RFR/B/511 Private H G Hewitt, Po/7410 Sergeant J W Hicks, Po/17260 Private A Hill, Po/14913 & RFR/B/1260 Private C F Hind, Po/6135 Private C C Hobbs, Po/9055 & RFR/B/977 Private W J Hodges, Po/14268 & RFR/B/1212 Private P Hollaway, Po/17246 Private W Hooper, Po/17015 Private G Hopkinson, Po/9691 Private J Horsbrugh, Po/17055 Private S G Howard, Po/3252 & RFR B/480 Private J Hudson, Po/15701 Private H C Humby, Po/7741 Acting Sergeant-Major A Humphrey, Po/16902 Private G S Hunt, Po/8771 Private W G Hutchings

Po/10717 Private P E Jackson, Po/12354 Private W T Jackson, Ply/16380 Private J Jefferies, Po/17092 Private F Johnson, Po/13199 Sergeant G Johnson, Po/15619 Private F C Jones, Po/11706 Corporal M Joy, Po/16913 Private W Joyce

Po/17163 Bugler D Kearns, Ch/9080 & RFR/B/1009 Private C Kenton, Po/10446 & RFR/B/387 Private J W Kirk, RMB/1144 Band Corporal W J Knowles

Ch/5581 A Leatt, Po/17064 Private E C Lilley, Ply/16237 Private W Lockwood, Po/17277 Private E Lockyer, Po/5876 Colour-Sergeant P E Low, Po/17000 Private R Lumbkin, Ch/8222 Sergeant A E Lyne

Po/17410 Private E Mack, Po/12388 Private H E Mantell, 16999 A Markhurst, Po/15721 Private S Markwick, Po/C/15721 Private T S Markwick, Po/16609 Private A H Marshall, Po/17049 Private W Marsham, Po/17433 Private C B Maso, Po/16796 Private F E Masters, Po/16805 Private G May, Ply/11567 Sergeant J McArdle, Ply/10879 & RFR/S/1279 Private D McIlvenny, Ply/10803 & RFR/B/334 Private W McKay, Po/16282 Private J McKee, Po/17025 Private J McKenzie, Po/8157 & RFR/B/877 Private A McKinnon, Ch/10038 Corporal W H Meloy, Po/8837 & RFR/B/946 Private J C Meredith, Po/7944 & RFR/B/527 Private E F Merritt, Po/14871 Private F Merritt, RMA/3018 Colour-Sergeant S J Miller, Po/17021 Private W G Miller, Po/10774 & RFR/B/1204 Private G Millward , Po/11727 & RFR/B/1305 Private J Minshall, Ply/11015 Corporal A F Monro, Po/14653 & RFR B/1266 Private C T Moore, Po/16953 Private J A Moore, Po/6979 & RFR/B/626 Private T Moore, Po/15343 Private C E Morris, Ply/16349 Private J Morris , Po/9697 Colour-Sergeant J Morrison, Po/16904 Private H J Moulding, Ch/18525 Private W A Moule, Po/17317 Private F Muncaster, Po/16755 Private J T Murphy, Po/10047 Colour-Sergeant J M Murrell

Po/11750 Private T Nash, Po/17423 Private A E W Neate, Po/9119 & RFR/B/1000 Private J Newson, Po/14050 Private F I Newton, Po/14050 & RFR/B/1147 Private F J Newton, Ply/16356 E E Nicholls, Po/11676 Colour-Sergeant K C Nicoll, Po/16898 Private R A Norris

Po/13267 & RFR/A/915 Private F Oakes, Po/10106 & RFR/B/567 Private A H Oliver, Po/10339 Private W Osborne

Ch/9427 Private E Page, 1366/9427 Private E G Page, Po/11731 & RFR/B/1308 Private J Parker, Po/16784 Private W G Parrack, Po/3379 & RFR/A/804 Colour-Sergeant H E Parslow, Po/5637 Private W Patchcott, Po/16868 Bugler W Pearse, Po/15734 Private W Penfare, Po/16739 Private F R J Penfold, Po/9145 & RFRB/684 Private J Pople, Po/17009 Private H G Porter, Po/12371 Private E Porton, Po/3918 & RFR/A/576 Private H Poulson, Po/9199 Colour-Sergeant W J Pratt, Po/5333 Corporal A Preston, Po/9574 Private A Price, Po/3642 AB R T Puncher, Po/11600 & RFR/B/1384 Private M A Pym, CH/8284 &amp

RFR/B1383 Private E Quinn

Po/11187 &amp RFR/B/1234 Private E A Radford, Po/10263 & RFR/B/638 Private R Randall, Po/11825 & RFR/B/1315 Private J Redmond, Po/5664 & RFR/A/805 Private J Reed, Po/10995 Private M Regan, Po/10995 & RFR/B/1246 Private M Regan, Po/12366 & RFR/B/1390 Private F F Reynolds, Po/8914 & RFR/B/971 Private A W Ribbans, Po/16793 Private A Richardson, Po/15176 Private F W Robbins, Po/17347 Private H A Roberts, Po/9002 & RFR/B/973 Private M Robinson, Po/13902 & RFR/B/1002 Private A V Rowles, Po/10561 Private H Rozier, Po/9008 & RFR/B/657 Private J Rumble

Po/5271 & RFR/B/142 Private J F Sandall, RMB/1992 Musician J W Sanders, Po/17050 Private F W Sargison, Po/14696 Private C L Savage, Po/16911 Bugler T G Sawford, Po/17232 Private W E Scotney, Po/8404 & RFR/B/534 Private F G Sedman, Po/17408 Private H Shaw, Po/9604 & RFR/B/115 Private J Shell, Po/5810 Colour-Sergeant G Shepherd, Po/17633 Private E Shercold, Po/17033 Private S C Shergold, Ch/8911 & RFR/B/1317 Private J J Short, Po/13063 & RFR/B/861 Private E J Simmons, Po/10226 & RFR/B/575 Private C W Sims, Po/3948 Private W Sizer, Po/11988 & RFR/B/1334 Pensioner Private F G Smith, Ch/16409 Corps H W Smith, Po/17002 Pensioner Private L Smith, Po/16900 Private W Smith, Po/16874 Private W G Smith, Po/16873 Private F C Snelling, Po/10808 Private W Sonley, Po/11905 & RFR/B/1369 Private H Spackman, Po/14088 Sergeant O U Spearing, Po/2849 Sergeant G B Sperring, Po/17082 Private A H Stanton, RMA/10751 & RFR/B/325 Gunner J Steele, Po/8866 & RFR/A/611 Private J T Steele, Po/13331 Private A Stokes, Po/11504 Private H Stordy, Po/11004 Private H H Stordy, Po/17088 Private A J Summers

Po/17389 Private J Tatton, Po/8357 Corporal N Tether, Po/5218 & RFR/B/347 Private J J Thomas, Po/16228 Private W Thorn, Po/17005 Private H J Tilley, Po/14071 Private A C Tulley, Po/8529 & RFR/B/907 Private C H Turberfield, RMB/1938 Musician A J Turner, Po/12866 & RFR/B/1202 Private F Turner, Po/16944 Private J Tweedie

Po/12362 & RFR/B/1396 Private W Waldram, Po/15663 Private F C Walker, Po/10843 Private J Waller, Po/11686 Private L O Walton, Po/13229 & RFR/B/1269 Private E W Ward, Po/16917 Private F Warner, Po/17269 Private B W Warren, Po/10560 & RFR/B/1178 Private F Warren, Po/13849 Sergeant G H A Waskett, Po/12042 & RFR/B/908 Private E P Watson, Po/13698 & RFR/B/1249 Private W Watts, Po/17040 Private E D Waugh, Po/10819 Private R J West, Po/16869 Private T West, Ply/14110 Private C Wheelwright, Po/7504 Private E White, Po/17295 Private F A White, Po/17090 Private G W White, Po/17093 Private F Wicks, Po/15709 Private W J Wilkie, Po/3453 Pensioner Private C Wilkins, Po/16847 Private J Wilson, Po/15229 Private F Winterbourne, Po/14675 Private G Woodberry, Po/15776 Private J Woodland

RMB/1969 Musician G J Young, Po/12021 & RFR/B/1130 Private R Young

19 September 2018

3rd Dragoon Guards - Other Rank PoWs 1914

These are just four men on my 'Princess Mary Tin" list of 1914 Prisoners of War. Their names appear on the following list catalogued at the Imperial War Museum:
  • B.O.2 1/46: a list of 2nd Dragoon Guards and 3rd Dragoon Guards men captured and taken PoW prior to 25/12/1914.
My full transcription of these men (not reproduced here) also contains the home address and/or next of kin address of all of the men.

For more information about these so-called 'Princess Mary tin PoWs' (my terminology) see my 1914 PoWs page. 

1978 Private W Hankins

4826 Private Denis Manning 
4701 Private R Mays 
5505 Private A H Overy

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18 September 2018

Royal Naval Division - Ratings PoWs 1914

These 721 men of the Royal Naval Division are mostly, if not all, part of the party which was interned in Holland when they were compelled to cross the Dutch border in October 1914. Read more about this episode and their subsequent incarceration HERE

I have transcribed this data from the following Imperial War Museum collections:
  • B.O.2 1/187: a 117-page typed list of Royal Naval Division men taken prisoner before Christmas 1914.
  • B.O.2 1/198: a typed list of Royal Naval Division men who were taken prisoner up to and including December 1914 and who have since died in captivity.
  • B.O.2 1/204: a typed list of Royal Naval Division men who were taken prisoner up to and including December 1914. These names are "taken from c/c cards not on R/O list"
  • B.O.2.1/206: a two-page typed list of Royal Naval Division men who were taken prisoner up to and including December 1914.  Submitted on 10th Feb 1919 by The Admiralty

My full transcription of these men (not reproduced here) also contains the home address and/or next of kin address of all of the men, plus date of birth and peacetime occupation for some.

The full transcription is available for sale for £30. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

For more information about these so-called 'Princess Mary tin PoWs' see my 1914 PoWs page. 

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KW/800 AB H Abel, Po/SS/110313 Stoker C Adams, L5/2620 AB H O Adshead, L7/3168 AB J C Agnew, 5862 AB M Allan, Po/5862/A Seaman Martin H Allan, Po/SS/104703 Stoker 1st Class J Allen, KW/712 AB G H Allen, Po/SS/106359 & B/5824 Stoker 1st Class C E Allison, KW/868 AB G C Appleyard, L6/3119 AB C G W Atkins, 3377 Leading Seaman R J Austin, Ch/SS/108812 

B/10717 Stoker 1st Class C Babbage, 277 Leading Seaman F G Babbage, L6/3450 AB A H Bacon, 202351 Chief Petty Officer D W Bacon, B4/1073 AB W A Bailey, 4397 AB J G Bain, 115540 Stoker D E Bain, Po/K/22353 Stoker 2nd Class J F Baird, B3/1121 AB A E Baker, L1/3371 AB W J Banks, 3025 D Bannerman, L6/3258 AB C J Barber, Po/SS/104372 & B/4918 Stoker 1st Class R W Barnes, 3568 AB A E Barter, L8/2717 AB A G Bastin, KW/875 AB W Bates, B4/1271 AB H F Bayley, 811 AB A B Beal, B3/763 AB W G Beard, Po/4251B Seaman G Beaton, 829 Recruit Oswald Beaumont, KW/57 AB R Beaumont, L2/3565 AB H Beavon, 4480 Petty Officer J W Beckett, 156 AB David Bell-Bruce, 2798 Leading Seaman H Belsten, L2/3403 AB F V Benfield, London/9/2616 AB Frederick Benn, L9/2616 AB F Benn, 1340 AB C Bennett, L6/3313 AB R Bennett, Po/301580 Stoker 1st Class E Bentley, B3/1025 AB F J Berry, 226435 AB J Biggs, 131521 Petty Officer W Binstead, L5/3007 AB W W Bird, Po/SS/115541 Stoker 2nd Class W Birkett, L2/3296 AB H Bishop, Clyde 2/200 AB D Bisset, 803 AB F S Bittle, 233029 AB Charles Black, Po/4671/A Seaman C N Blair, Po/2442/A Seaman W W Blair, Po/286863 Stoker 1st Class S G Bloom , 2028 Petty Officer E H Bonney, KW/726 AB J W Booth, 3473 AB F A Boret, 6674 Stoker J P Bostock, L2/2815 AB M S Bourke, 3226 Petty Officer F Bowhill, L4/3049 AB R F Bowles, KW/719 AB D Bowley, KW/877 AB J Brammer, L2/3615 AB R W Brash, 5312A Seaman D Bremner, Po/SS/103689 & B/4591 Stoker 1st Class F T Bridle, L5/2985 AB H W Brigden, Squadron Commander Edward Briggs DSO, T2/165 AB S Broughton, KW/736 AB J C Brown, L4/2746 AB P Brown, KW/878 AB E Browne, T1/156 AB D B Bruce, 291459 SPO Christopher Bryan, 5417A Seaman J Buchanan, Bristol/3/749 AB Ralph Buckley, B3/749 AB R Buckley, Po/220260 AB J Buckley, 708 AB H Bucknell, 2550 AB P P Budd, Po/SS/104226 & B4850 Stoker 1st Class J Bull, Po/231221 AB T Burns, B1/1219 OS E F Burt, 2563 Leading Seaman J W Bygrave

Po/2365/A Seaman J Campbell, 4451/A Seaman M Campbell, B3/1093 AB W T Cannon, SS/101232 & RFR/B/3560 Stoker 1st Class G M Carless, 3410 AB John Carne, B3/1057 AB F Carpenter, 3156 AB Owen Carroll, L5/3214 Acting Petty Officer H Catt, Po/2313/A Seaman D Cavanagh, Po/2829/A Seaman J Cavanagh, L8/2628 AB F Chambers, L8/2131 AB F Chambers, KW/880 AB G Chambers, B3/1323 AB F Champ, L5/2918 AB F Y G Champion, S6/90 AB F Chant, 3488A Seaman N Chisholm, Po/14868 & RFR/B/1247 Private J A Christie, L8/2399 Leading Seaman W Churchill, 3448 Petty Officer Ernest Clark, T1/200 Acting AB G Clark, L4/3300 AB S C Clark, Po/SS/107650 & B/6290 Stoker 1st Class G Clarke, 200 AB George Clarke, Po/5218/A Seaman J Clarke, 3392 AB R M Clarke, B3/1120 AB F W Claxton, L6/1669 AB A Clay, L2/2840 AB H L Cluer, Po/3796B Seaman H Clyne, Po/SS/100 & 495B/3050 Stoker 1st Class J Cogzell, L5/2675 AB G E Cole, KW/881 AB M A Cole, B4/1212 AB S Cole, Ch/298719 & B/10898 Stoker 1st Class E Coleman, 698 Stoker W A Collins, Po/3561/A Seaman J Collins, 162 Petty Officer M R Convery, Po/SS/103526 Stoker 1st Class A P Conway, L5/3010 AB H E Conway, Po/312261 & RFR/B/6636 Stoker 1st Class R W Cook, B1/1058 AB A Cook, L4/3282 AB E L Cooke, L5/3041 Leading Seaman E W Coombs, Po/290251 & B/2215 Acting Leading Seaman W Cooper, Po/13080 & RFR/B/1131 Private W Cooper, Po/4905/A Seaman Hugh Cormack, 4905 AB Hugh Cormack, L6/3243 Leading Seaman H W Cornman, Po/SS/103408 & B/4434 Stoker 1st Class A Cotton, Po/2963/A Seaman P J Cotton, L2/3358 AB E Couch, M6/177 AB A Couldrey, Po/3237/A Seaman J Coull, Po/SS/111655 Stoker 1st Class E J Cox, 3520A Seaman D Craigie, Po/5688/A Seaman D Criggie, 48937 AB Reg Crocher, L4/3170 AB E F Crook, L5/3525 AB H Cubbage, Po/Z/12381 Stoker 1st Class J Cunnungham, Po/SS/103870 & B/4660 Stoker 1st Class T Curtin, 3594 AB A R Cutting

L7/2515 Signalman E S Dane, L5/3567 AB J H Daniel, Po/SS/100683 & B/3096 Stoker 1st Class F Daniels, L2/3097 AB C Daubney, KW/70 AB A E Davies, B2/1053 AB H Davis, B3/1070 AB S E Davis, J166 AB Edward Davis, T2/88 AB J Davison, 164941 Chief Petty Officer Francis Daw , 6464 AB W H Dawson, KV798 Leading Seaman E Dawson, 3357 Leading Seaman M E Day, T3/157 AB F Dean, Ch/SS/10000 & B/5313 Stoker 1st Class J Deary, Dev/SS/115113 Stoker 2nd Class S Dennison, KW/724 AB C Depledge, Po/SS/104514 & RFR/B/4954 Stoker 1st Class George H Derbyshire, L4/3550 AB K F R Dickens, L2/3402 Leading Seaman N E Dickson, T3/166 AB W Dixon, 4214A Seaman S Dodson, RFR/B/5550 Stoker 1st Class A Done, 3396 AB R A Douglas, 1459 Petty Officer L G Douthwaite, 3499 AB L S Dowden, T1/225 AB F Downie, KW/71 AB W Drewery, 2624A Seaman J W Dreyer, 3511 AB S Duncock

CZ/2710 AB William Eadie, Po/K/12375 Stoker 1st Class H Ealand, 1411 Petty Officer Charles R East , 1042 Leading Seaman H Easterbrook, KW/812 AB C Edwards, B3/1106 AB J A Edwards, L4/3100 AB L A Elkins, B3/1031 AB W D Elliott, AB J Ellis, 3520 Petty Officer G J Endacott, L6/3439 AB D R B English, KW/839 AB J English, KW/703 AB E Etherington, Ch/10904 Pte C F Evans, Po/145006 AB W Eveleigh, B2/1349 AB B R Everson, 2378 AB William Ewen, B4/1119 AB W A Exon

5440 AB Joseph Farley, Po/SS/3884 Able Seaman A C Farnell, L2/3288 AB J C Farrant, Po/5277/A Seaman J Farren, T6/222 AB E R Fawcett, Po/SS/102579 & B/4118 Stoker 1st Class T Felton, 2853 Leading Seaman G Fergsuson, T2/87 AB J Ferguson, Po/303505 Stoker 1st Class W Field , 3587 AB R D Fielder, Po/278738 Stoker 1st Class P Fish, 2246 AB M Fitzgerald, Po/4718/B Seaman T Flaherty, Po/SS/104077 & B/4728 Stoker 1st Class W Fleming, Po/282382 & B/2561 Stoker 1st Class A Forbes, L5/3156 AB C Forster, L8/2621 Leading Seaman L A Fox, B4/1204 AB H T Fraley, Po/SS/105220 & B/5356 Stoker 1st Class F A Franklin, B2/1109 AB H J Fry, KW/772 AB J T Fulford

C2/80 AB G Gall, KW/66 AB W Gallagher, B4/1234 AB F J Gard, Po/4798/3 Seaman J Garden, T5/148 AB I Garner, 3344 AB T F Geldart, 534 Private F George, 210/521 Petty Officer W T George, Ch/SS/188345 & B/6747 Stoker 1st Class H Gibbens, K9604 Stoker 1st Class Edward William Gibson, Po/SS/104731 Stoker 1st Class C G Giddings, KK/499 AB J Gilfellan, L2/3328 OS H Gill, 1/3507 AB Cecil G Godfrey, 5490 Stoker A Goodacre, L2/2605 AB F J Gravatt, L2/2821 AB G Gray, L2/2832 AB C Grayling, Po/SS/106243 Stoker 1st Class A Green, Po/2778457 & B/1888 Stoker 1st Class W Green, KW/950 OS G W Green, L5/3040 AB H D Green, KW/735 AB W J Green, 1738 Stoker J Griffiths, B3/1110 AB G H Griffiths, T3/207 AB R D Griffiths, KW/722 AB Leonard Grimmer, KW/722 AB L Grimmer, L2/3407 AB F Grimwood, L3/3595 AB C C Groom, Po/217425 AB C Grover, Po/4319/A Seaman D Gunn, B3/966 AB A Gwinnell, 3454 AB E Gwyan, 60694 Petty Officer A J Gwyer

B3/1186 AB E D Hall, 3/820 Petty Officer E G P Hall, KW/886 AB W Halliley, Po/K/22358 Stoker 2nd Class J T Hancock, KW/789 OS J Hand, Lieutenant-Commander Oswald H Hanson, L3/2876 AB G T Hanson, KW/887 AB T H Hanson, Po/J/475 AB H Hardcastle, L7/2929 OS P Harding, T2/173 AB T Harding, 3368 AB H Hardy, 344641 Chief Petty Officer Rowland Harper, T6/215 Acting AB A Harper, 5140 AB M Harrington, B4/68 AB H Harris , KW/788 AB B Harrison, KW/834 AB Hartley, L6/3522 AB H Harwood, L1/3584 AB G S Hawley, KW/723 AB J Hay, B3/1259 AB F Haynes, 1491 Petty Officer J Hayward, Po/290623 & B/290 Stoker 1st Class E G Head, 3363 AB H C Heard, KW/791 AB F B Heath, L4/3284 AB H V Hedger, Po/K/7194 Stoker 1st Class C H Hedges, Po/3775/B Seaman H Henderson, Po/K/5932 Stoker 1st Class G H Hendle, 137436 Petty Officer E Herman, L5/3583 AB H Herman, Po/SS/101241 & B/3584 Stoker 1st Class G W Hickling, Po/SS/100207 & B/2876 Stoker 1st Class C Hill, Ch/SS/105810 & B/38987 Stoker 1st Class W Hill, Po/305449 Stoker 1st Class R J Hill, 1303 Petty Officer W T Hillier, B4/960 AB E A Hobbs, B/CH/9062 & SS/105930 Stoker 1st Class W Hodson, 9062 Stoker W Hodson, 235961 Leading Seaman E J Holden, KW/671 AB W Holden, Acting Instructor Captain Horace H Holland, 941 AS W W Holtom, 3303 AB R Hookham, KW/707 AB J Hope, 156331 Petty Officer C H Hopkinson, Po/SS/104735 & 3/5101 Stoker 1st Class J Howard, L4/3548 AB W E Hull, 509152 Stoker S Humberstone, Po/15701 Private H E Humby, 2924 Leading Seaman H C Humphrey, L5/3009 AB A E Humphreys, Mersey 3/214 Petty Officer Arthur V Hunt, 2985 Chief Petty Officer J T C Hunter, Po/SS/103906 & B/4693 Stoker 1st Class R J Hunter, Po/SS/10816 & B/6670 Stoker 1st Class F Huntingdon, B4/1116 AB W J Hurley, 100163 Stoker J Hutcheson, L6/2437 AB H Huxtable, T2/206 AB G J Hyde

L2/3465 AB Cedric S Ireland, 3465 AB C S Ireland, Clyde Z/5015 AB John A Irvine

L5/2201 AB J Jackson, L7/2884 AB G A Jacobs, L8/2647 AB J H Jameson, Po/4687/A Seaman J Jappy, L2/3132 AB R E Jaques, L4/2167 AB B D Jay, B3/990 AB H W Jay, 4532 Stoker G H Jenson, L6/3104 AB C O Johnson, KW/894 AB E H Johnson, 2251 AB R Johnstone, C3/2251 AB R Johnstone, CH/K/15847 Stoker 1st Class E C Jones, 4232 Stoker J Jones, Po/278359 & B1940 Stoker 1st Class T Jones, Po/4739/A Seaman S J Jones, L5/3189 AB C G Jones, B4/1228 AB E G Jones, KW/840 AB G Jones, B4/1226 AB W J Jordan, L2/3585 AB G E Joy

Po/4602/A Seaman B D Kane, KW/858 AB P Keeble, 5097 Stoker T Kelly, 4231A Seaman L J Kent, KW/781 Ordinary Seaman T Kilkenny, 716 AB C King, L2/3307 AB G H King, Po/4132/B Seaman A Kinnaird, 1416 AB T J W Kirkaldy, 212 AB T Kitson, B3/1233 AB H W Knight, J 11241 AB James R Knight, Po/4222/A Seaman A Knowles, 2436 Petty Officer C R Knox

Po/4100 AB Arthur Laing, Po/4606A Seaman D Laird, Po/SS/110315 Stoker 1st Class W A Lampard, B4/1246 AB J Langley, Po/4140/A AB George Leask, L3/2800 AB D Levoi, Po/2745/B Seaman J S Liebnitz, Po/K/22177 Stoker 2nd Class A A G Light, L6/3564 AB R B Lightfoot, L2/3544 AB W P Llewellyn, C1/2185 Ordinary Seaman W Lloyd, B4/1061 AB L C Long, KW/900 AB H Longbottom, L6/2771 AB Edward F Loveless, L2/3475 AB P T Lovely, L6/3067 AB H A Lucke, B3/1033 AB A Ludeman, B3/996 AB G A Ludeman, 3/196 AB Thomas Lumsden, KW/725 AB G Lynn

Po/2924/A Seaman G MacAskill, Po/5427/A Seaman D MacDonald, 5564A Seaman J MacDonald, 1677C Seaman K MacDonald, 3333A Seaman A MacInnes, 3278B Seaman D MacInnes, Po/K/11863 Stoker 1st Class D MacIntyre, 3337A Seaman D MacIver, 5304A Seaman J MacIver, Po/4499A Seaman M MacIver, 2364 AB M MacIver, 5358A Seaman D MacKay, CZ/7769 AB F B Alastair MacKay, Po/3318/A Seaman J MacKenzie, Po/3011/A Seaman G MacLean, 3858A Seaman K MacLean, Po/3879/A Seaman A MacLeod, Po/5418/A Seaman T MacLeod, 3837A Seaman W MacLeod, 3421 AB C M MacLure, KW/730 AB J T Maddison, Po/2327A Seaman W Main, 5192/A AB William Malcolm, 5198A AB W Malcolm, L3/3462 AB J Manning, KW/691 AB M W Manning, B4/843 AB A E March, Po/SS/105156 & B/5328 Stoker 1st Class G B Marshall, B3/835 AB Charles E Martin, L4/3470 AB A J Martin, B3/807 AB H J Martin, KW/780 AB J Mason, 4441A Seaman M J Matheson, Po/SS/104526 & RFR B/4971 Stoker 1st Class A J Matthews, Po/SS/104526 & RFR/B/4971 Stoker 1st Class Alfred J Matthews, L4/2822 AB H J Matthews, Po/K/22339 Stoker 2nd Class I J Maunder, KW/797 AB Henry Maycock, 5297 AB J McArthur, 5455 AB J McAskell, 5455A Seaman J McAskill, Po/2316/A Seaman J McBeath, Po/4831/A Seaman M McCarthy, L3/2855 Ordinary Seaman G J McCarthy, 1337 AB M McCarthy, 1337 AB M McCarthy, 2278 AB Hugh McCormack, T3/182 Ordinary Seaman J McCormack, Po/5132/A Seaman J J McCready, SS/115503 Stoker 2nd Class J McDonald, 4541 AB A McDonald, 2837S Seaman M McDonald, 4519A Seaman N McDonald, 4456A Seaman A McIver, 4456 AB A McIver, Po/2364/A Seaman M McIvor, Po/5391 Seaman J McKay, 7435 Private J McKenna, 5307A Seaman D McKenzie, 4193 AB W McKInley, Po/5255/A Seaman W McKinney, 5333A Seaman M McKinnon, 3946A Seaman J McLean, ZX/15 Ordinary Seaman J McLean, 2200 AB Angus McLeod, Po/3028/A Seaman M McLeod, Po/216414 AB W Mead, Po/2078/A Seaman W Mearns, Po/K/22178 Stoker 2nd Class A R Meech, Po/3810/A Seaman F E Meehan, L5/3480 AB A K Meldrum, 3161 AB L F Metcalfe, B3/1063 AB E A Middle, 22181 Stoker A G Miles, B2/1108 AB F C Miles, Po/K/4872 Stoker 1st Class E W Miller, B3/1282 AB H Millgrove, L2/2631 AB I Miranda, 2059 AB G A Mitchell, B4/1322 Leading Seaman H J Mitchell, L5/3549 AB J J F Mitchell, L7/3095 AB W N Mokey, Po/4749A Seaman F J Moon, 2229 Stoker G Moore, 48974 AB M Moore, KW/732 AB A Moore, KW/734 AB A Moore, KW/904 AB W M Moore, L5/3580 AB A Morbey, Ch/285576 & B/6085 Stoker 1st Class J Morgan, B3/879 AB Alfred Morgan, B3/879 AB A Morgan, 3349 AB P B Morgan, B3/1096 AB W S Morgan, L6/3504 AB J R Morley, KW/905 AB W Morrell, 3158/Po/192143 J J Morrin, Po/192193 & B/3158 Stoker 1st Class J J Morris, L3/2960 AB C A Morris, L5/3302 AB S H Morris, 3361A Seaman J Morrison, 3802A Seaman M Morrison, KW/67 AB E Morton, L4/3079 AB P J Moss, 1068 Chief Petty Officer G R Munday, Po/280493 & B/2306 Stoker 1st Class W Munhall, 1105 Sergeant Alex Fred Munro, KW/673 AB G W Murfet, Po/5837/A Seaman E Murray, Po/5617/A Seaman W M Mussett, L6/3162 AB E Myatt

60294 Recruit W G Nash, B3/964 AB E W Nash, L1/3606 AB H V Nash, KW/927 AB W Nash, Ch/SS/106978 & B/9599 Stoker 1st Class T Naylor, KW/906 AB R Neale, B.CH/9913 & RFR/B/1147 Stoker 1st Class C R Newcombe, T2/113 AB J Nichol, L9/2979 AB S H Nichols, 3505A Seaman M Nicholson, L6/3527 AB R H Nickerson, T3/143 AB R Norris, 1409 Petty Officer William Nowland, Po/2998/A Seaman W Oag, B3/1097 AB J O'Gorman, B3/1043 AB J S J Old, Po/K/11560 Stoker 1st Class J A Oliver, KW/669 AB T Oxley

L9/2669 AB R D Page, B4/617 AB A G Palmer, 2881 AB B G Palmer, L5/2917 AB H G Paramor, 227164 AB A Parker, L2/3088 AB H A Parker, L7/2428 AB W J Parker, KW/792 AB S Parkes, KW/793 AB T Parkes, Po/5221/B Seaman H I Parramint, T2/120 AB W Patterson, T2/163 AB W Pattison, B3/875 AB W E Payne, B3/1104 AB A Peake, 771K AB L G Pearce, L9/2665 AB W Pegram, B4/1148 AB A Penny, 208741 Stoker A Perram, Ply/8707 Sergeant Frank Phillips, L1/357 AB William G E Phillips, B3/1183 AB F J Phillips, 3553 Petty Officer A J Picton-Warlow, Po/K/20440 Stoker 2nd Class J Pigot, KW/805 AB E Plant, L3/2558 AB H H Pocock, L2/2516 AB G Poole, Po/12371 & RFR/B/1389 Private E Porton, B3/1225 AB A E Powell, 3492 AB E Knox Powell, 2397 AB J G Power, 8181 Petty Officer C J Pratt, L2/2980 AB H D Prytherch, L2/3401 AB N E Pugh, 206709 Petty Officer William James Pulling, B4/1256 AB P E Pumford

Po/4906/B Seaman F Quinn

KW/715 AB E Raby, KW/680 AB W Raby, Po/4576/B Seaman G Ralph, KW/926 AB G Randerson, Po/K/22172 Stoker 2nd Class E O Rasell, 2785 Stoker T Rea, 3207 Leading Seaman J E Redding, 302476 Acting Leading Stoker Frederick Reedey, Po/5281/A Seaman J Reid, T2/119 AB W Reid, 1060 AB William Charles Reynolds, Po/5451A Seaman C E Riddle, L6/3410 AB R E T Ridge, K/22345 Stoker 2nd Class E Riggs, KW/912 AB C E Rispin, L9/2789 AB S H Roberts, 3531 AB S L Roberts, B3/1262 AB W F J Roberts, B4/1294 AB W R Robinson, 2892 AB James Edward Robotham, KW/822 AB H Rodgers, L5/2847 AB J A W Rogers, L5/2914 AB Philip A Rootham, 2914 AB P A Rootham, L6/3223 AB W H Rose, Po/5751/A Seaman A Ross, Po/3997/B Seaman E M Ross, KW/914 AB A F Ross, B3/1082 AB W G Rosser, L2/3327 AB H L Rowe, KW/935 AB J W Royston, Po/K/593 Stoker 1st Class R Rudge, 2751B Seaman J R Rudram, L6/2760 AB L R Rundle, ZW/996 AB S Rye

PO/K/14699 Stoker 1st Class H W Salisbury, KW/55 AB W Sampson, B3/936 AB B Sandford, L10/2492 AB A Sawyer, Po/304104 AB A Schafer, Po/SS/100837 & 3172 Stoker 1st Class J W Schofield, KW/916 AB W Schofield, 293661 Stoker A Scott, Po/4579/B Seaman J Scott, CH/B/7374 & SS/102506 Stoker 1st Class W Scott, Po/SS/105028 & B/5292 Stoker 1st Class G H Sealey, L1/3500 AB L J Seeds, 100624 Stoker T Shandly, 105756 Stoker G A Sharman, Po/SS/105756 & RFR/B/5526 Stoker 1st Class George A Sharman, 2/143 Leading Seaman A Sharp, L2/3326 AB A L Sharp, 2833 Leading Seaman F R G Sharp, L2/3185 AB C H Sharpe, 2871 AB W Shaw, L1/3032 AB L W Shea, 126899 Petty Officer R H Simmons, 3411 AB A A Simpson, T3/135 AB A W Sinclair, Po/SS/103419 & B/4421 Stoker 1st Class M L Smedley, L3/2749 AB J W Smeeth, Po/281945 & B/2475 Stoker 1st Class A Smith, Po/4435B Seaman C Smith, 5653A Seaman J Smith, B3/948 Leading Seaman F S G Smith, KW/737 AB G Smith, 5/1554 AB H J Smith, L6/3479 AB L S J Smith, KW/913 AB T Smith, KW/814 AB G Smout, B3/1032 AB F A Snelgrove, B1/1317 AB J E Snook, 755 Leading Seaman N W Southall, Po/SS/106387 & B/5829 Stoker 1st Class F Spencer, T2/156 AB H Spencer, 717 Recruit J Spencer, L3/3188 AB L L Spinney, Po/SS/111946 Stoker 1st Class H Sponge, L3/3572 AB A H Sporne, L2/2505 AB S E Squires, L2/3169 AB L G Stanley, Po/SS/11558 Stoker 2nd Class J Staples, 739 AB G Steele, 25896 & 2163A Petty Officer W Stevens, Po/SS/107687 & B/6356 Stoker 1st Class A Stevenson, Po/4127/B Seaman A Stewart, Po/4127/B Seaman Alexander Stewart, Po/4550/B Seaman W Stewart, 7256 AB Charles Stewart, T1/165 AB G Stokoe, KW/714 AB Benjamin Stone , 714 Recruit George Stone, B2/1345 AB A A Stoneham, Ch/292069 & B/7643 Stoker 1st Class J Sullivan, L8/2819 AB A R Sullivan, B3/1092 AB W F R Summerfield, Po/5531/A Seaman A Sutherland, B2/872 AB A E A Swain, T6/203 Acting AB E G Symonds

KW/815 Ordinary Seaman F D Taffinder, Po/3468/B Seaman James Tait, Recruit E Tait, 3644 Petty Officer S D Tawton, 3608 AB W S Taylor, KW/704 AB A Taylor, B4/988 AB O S Taylor, 2041 Leading Seaman Thomas, Po/SS/108739 & B/6892 Stoker 1st Class H Thompson, T2/200 AB Henry T Thompson, Po/SS/108738 & RFR/B/6892 Stoker 1st Class Mark Thompson, T2/200 AB H T Thompson, Thompson, 33 Petty Officer J C C Tite, J13471 AB Percy George Tizzard, B3/1177 AB F P Tomkins, Po/281918 & B/2466 Stoker 1st Class H E Tompkins, L2/4421 AB C A Tooke, 3259 Leading Seaman A S Trube, L2/2517 AB F Tuff, 3172/1051 Petty Officer Thomas J Tuplin, KW/921 AB W E Turner, Po/SS/104590 Stoker 1st Class R E Turvill, 2858 Stoker A Tweedie, 3570 AB C E E Tyler, L6/2675 AB S Tyler, B3/1335 AB A Tyte, L10/988 AB P B Underwood

196881 Petty Officer S W Vass, L6/3419 AB J L Vincent, 3214 AB M J Vos

752 Petty Officer G F Wainwright, KW/953 AB E Walker, 1387 Recruit Ernest Walker, Po/3631/3 Seaman E Walkington, 216213 Air Mechanic Class 1 Leonard William Walsh, Po/11686 & RFR/B/1301 Private Lewis O Walton, KW/670 AB E Walton, 4760A Seaman B C Ward, L2/3367 Leading Seaman S T J Warren, 3367 AB S T J Warren, KW/688 Ordinary Seaman G Watson, Po/2238/A Seaman J Watt, Po/4382/A Seaman W E Watterson, 3528 AB L Cecil Watts, B3/1302 AB E F Webb, 709 AB G W Webber, Po/3925/A Seaman D Webster, Po/5201/A Seaman J Webster, KW/787 AB W Webster, B3/1236 AB F E Welch, B3/1163 AB W H Welch, 3244 AB Douglas West , Po/3757/A Seaman C Westcott, ZW/711 AB R S Whiley, 2724A Seaman W White, B1/1150 AB E B White, KW/718 AB J White, 104563 & 5015 Stoker J G Whitwill, B/9953/SS/107580 Stoker 1st Class W Wildin, Po/SS/104697 & B/5063 Stoker 1st Class A E Wilkins, 1328 Leading Seaman C J Wilkins, AB F P Wilkins, L7/2471 AB G W Wilkins, KW/856 AB W A Wilkinson, 173 Recruit William A Wilkinson, 5441 & 10571 Stoker E A Williams, L2/1980 AB T H Williams, 2812 Leading Seaman Williams, Po/K/11141 Stoker 1st Class A E Williams, L6/3517 AB E J T Willoughby, Po/4795/A Seaman G Wilson, KW/816 AB C Wilson, L1/3353 AB E J Wish, Po/2443/A Seaman A Wood, B3/1050 AB G Woodbridge, 179140 Petty Officer C Woodriffe, KW/729 AB Fred Woodward, KW/729 AB F Woodward, KW/922 AB J Worth, KW/923 AB L Worth

298446 Stoker H G R Young, Po/298446 Stoker 1st Class Henry G R Young, 2169 & 1159 AB H Young, 3256 Leading Seaman H C Young,

15 September 2018

Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers - Other Rank PoWs 1914

There are 102 men on this list of men from the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers who were captured by the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. I have transcribed this data from the following Imperial War Museum collection:

B.O.2 1/141: a 7-page typed list sent to Sir Ernest Goodhart, date unknown.

My full transcription of these men (not reproduced here) also contains the home address and/or next of kin address and date of capture of all of the men. 

The full transcription is available for sale for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

For more information about these so-called 'Princess Mary tin PoWs' see my 1914 PoWs page. The majority of these men will also have records published by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Searching the website is free; finding your man can be somewhat more challenging.

I research soldiers! 
Contact me if you need help.

10542 Private Sidney Barr, 10208 Private Charles Breslin, 8692 Private John Burnside, 10567 Private William Byrne.

10342 Private William Carlin, 10214 Private Joseph Carr, 7496 Private William Carson, 9129 Private Alexander Cash, 9649 Private Robert Clarkin, 10549 Private Joseph Clint, 7285 Private Edward Collard, 7026 Private James Conaghan, 6422 Private William Corbett, 8606 Lance-Corporal Patrick Corcoran, 9264 Sergeant Alfred Cowell, 7190 Private James Crawford, 9929 Private Robert Curry.

8024 Private James Devlin, 6965 Lance-Corporal John Dornan, 7804 Private William E Duffy.

7431 Private George Emms.

6847 Private Henry Farr, 7726 Private Alexander Feehely, 8014 Private George Feeney, 8199 Private George W Fleming, 8432 Private Patrick Flynn, 7712 Private James Fulton.

6401 Private Charles G Gardiner, 9029 Private Edward Gavagan, 7688 Private Michael Gilfedder, 7292 Private Percy G Goodall.

10552 Private Andrew Hamilton, 6936 Private Michael Harte, 4526 Private John Haslin, 8164 Sergeant Magnus Hedge, 7424 Lance-Corporal Samuel Hill, 7233 Private James Holmes.

8232 Sergeant Joseph Irwin.

7282 Private Walton Jones.

7957 Private James Keaveney, 8035 Private Patrick J Keenan, 10348 Private Charles T Kirby, 10001 Private Reginald Knight.

7069 Private John Linton, 10712 Private John J Loughran.

6749 Private William MacFarlane, 7435 Private Joseph Mackenna, 7036 Private Charles Madden, 10467 Private Alexander McBride, 6718 Private James McCallion, 10480 Private Thomas McCormick, 9689 Private William McCoy, 8050 Private Francis McCreanor, 8194 Private John McCullough, 9513 Private Thomas McDermott, 7501 Private Patrick McGinley, 8851 Michael McGlinchey, 10538 Private John McGookin, 10462 Private Walter McIlroy, 10232 Private Lawrence McLoughlin, 8374 Private Henry McNally, 7521 Private Frederick McNulty, 7912 Private Thomas McQuade, 6469 Private Thomas Miller, 6838 Corporal Hamilton Mitchell, 7303 Private Joseph Moore, 7304 Private Robert Moore, 9011 Private William Moore, 10202 Private Edward Morrow, 8973 Private James D Moylan, 6000 Private Joseph Muldoon, 9355 Sergeant Walter Murrell.

7273 Private John Naughton.

9487 Private James Orr.

8731 Private Robert Patterson

9579 Lance-Corporal Robert Reynolds, 9561 Private Patrick Rice, 7810 Private Francis Richards, 8581 Private John Robinson, 7790 Private Patrick Roche, 6855 Private George Roy.

10643 Private Kier Simms, 10317 Private Thomas Skelly, 8289 Private Horace Skinner, 7417 Private John Smythe, 8981 Private Harry R Southwood, 6621 Private William Spence, 7667 Private Edward Starkie, 6468 Private William Stewart, 8197 Private James Sweeney.

8225 Private William Telford, 8142 Private Joseph Thompson.

8693 Private William Wallace, 5728 Sergeant James Walsh, 9675 Drummer Charles Warden, 7520 Private Henry White, 8167 Lance-Corporal Robert Wilkinson, 10164 Private Edward Wilson, 7743 Private Francis Wilson, 7910 Private Robert Winter, 7618 Private Alfred Wood.

9679 Private William J Young,

Royal Dublin Fusiliers - Other Rank PoWs 1914

There are 388 men on this list of men from the Royal Dublin Fusiliers who were captured by the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. I have transcribed this data from the following Imperial War Museum collection:
B.O.2 1/60: an 11-page listing of Royal Dublin Fusiliers taken PoW before 25th December 1914.  List submitted to Sir Ernest Goodhart on the 6th January 1919.

My full transcription of these men (not reproduced here) also contains the home address and/or next of kin address and date of capture of all of the men. 

The full transcription is available for sale for £25. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

For more information about these so-called 'Princess Mary tin PoWs' see my 1914 PoWs page. The majority of these men will also have records published by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Searching is free; finding your man is another matter entirely.

I research soldiers! 
Contact me if you need help.

9512 Private C Alcock, 5844 Private R Andrew.

8958 Private P Babester, 8548 Private J Baird, 9467 Private M Baker, 11538 Private J Balance, 5655 Bandsman W Bardsell, 8811 Private T Behan, 7819 Private J Bell, 9033 Private J Bergin, 8807 Private W Bergin, 9084 Private C Berkley, 10423 Private P Berry, 10059 Private J Bogue, 11649 Private J Bollard, 5939 Private J Boulton, 9189 Private M Bowden, 10419 Sergeant J Bradley, 10540 Private W Bradshaw, 11443 Private M Brady, 11328 Private R Brayne, 9374 Private J Brennan, 7999 Private J Brennan, 8810 Private P Brennan, 11457 Private J Brien, 11287 Private J Brien, 11125 Private P Brindley, 10486 Corporal H Brown, 9118 Private M Bryan, 11498 Private P Bryan, 11546 Private J Buckley, 11438 Private H Burke, 7502 Private G Burns, 11472 Private J Byrne, 9480 Private J Byrne, 8292 Private L Byrne, 8516 Private M Byrne, 8802 Private M Byrne, 8883 Sergeant T Byrne, 11332 Private W Byrne.

8797 Private J Callaghan, 11412 Lance-Corporal J Campbell, 10083 Private R Cann, 11348 Sergeant F Carolan, 10643 Corporal S Carr, 9483 Private J Carroll, 10618 Private L Carroll, 11537 Private M Carroll, 9001 Private P Carty, 11643 Private M Casey, 7923 Private W Casey, 8664 Private T Cassin, 6731 Private J Cathcart, 11523 Private M Caulfield, 11316 Private A Chestnutt, 9309 Private J Clare, 11266 Private P Cleary, 8574 Private B Clinton, 7933 Private P Clinton, 8640 Private T Clitheroe, 9212 Private J Coad, 9292 Private J Colelough, 11166 Private W Colelough, 9624 Private J Collins, 8830 Private J Collins, 11613 Private T Collins, 10865 Private M Condron, 11491 Corporal J Connolly, 11611 Private J Connolly, 10223 Private T Connolly, 11505 Private T Connolly, 9606 Private J Conroy, 9120 Private P Convey, 11377 Lance-Corporal D Conway, 9567 Private E Cooper, 9817 Private W Copley, 9394 Bandsman Charles Cosgrove, 11477 Private H Costello, 9858 Private P Costello, 8900 Private P Couch, 8923 Private P Crampton, 8795 Private D Creedon, 9933 Private D Crimin, 8929 Private A Crossley, 11555 Private J Crowe, 9724 Private P Cunnigham, 11176 Private H Cunningham, 10552 Private H Curran, 11324 Private J Curry, 8544 Private J Cusack.

10734 Private P Dalton, 9003 Private J Daniels, 10184 Lance-Corporal C Darcy, 9518 Private G Davis, 8993 Private J Day, 8566 Private R Day, 8910 Private J Deane, 10803 Private P Delaney, 11303 Private G Desmond, 11296 Private M Devlin, 9635 Private W Devlin, 11599 Private J Dillon, 7706 Private P Doherty, 9816 Private J Dolan, 7330 Private J Donoghoe, 7576 Private N Donoghue, 9744 Private T Donoghue, 8738 Private P Donohue, 11282 Private T Donohue, 9452 Private W Doolin, 8630 Private J Doran, 11434 Private E Dorey, 6203 Private C Dowling, 9319 Private J Dowling, 7623 Private L Downey, 6683 Private F Doyle, 8965 Lance-Corporal J Doyle, 10317 Corporal J Doyle, 11662 Private J Doyle, 7528 Private J Doyle, 8876 Private M Doyle, 8888 Private W Dudley, 8953 Private M Duggan, 11420 Private T Duggan, 9552 Private J Dunne.

11619 Private J Egan, 9691 Private W Egan, 11364 Private T English, 11564 Pte Thomas English, 11487 Private B Ennis.

11311 Private E Farrell, 11270 Private P Fennelly, 8963 Private L Findlon, 9114 Private L Fitzpatrick, 9393 Private M Fitzpatrick, 11586 Private J Flood, 9805 Private J Foley, 8940 Private W Foley, 11299 Lance-Sergeant G Forster, 11433 Private J Foy, 9320 Private W Fry.

9400 Private L Gaffney, 10355 Drummer W Gamble, 4508 Private P Garry, 10465 Private H Gelshon, 7636 Private M Geoghegan, 7955 Private T Geoghegan, 10116 Private H Gibson, 9411 Private T Gillearan, 8879 Private G Glynn, 9311 Private J Graham, 9704 Private J Grahen, 7928 Private W Green, 11529 Private E Greene, 7007 Private J Griffin, 10343 Private J Griffin, 6351 Private A Gros, 11055 Private R Groves.

10426 Private S Hall, 11259 Private J Hanlon, 10521 Private T Hardy, 11292 Private G Harman, 8646 Private T Hart, 9259 Private P Harvey, 11289 Private P Hassin, 9437 Lance-Corporal F Hatfield, 11137 Private G Hatfield, 8961 Private R Hawe, 9270 Private J Hayden, 9935 Private W Hearne, 11620 Private J Heelihan, 7150 Private W Heffernan, 7497 Private P Hennessy, 9198 Private w Hennessy, 8984 Private C Hickey, 9602 Private T Higgins, 7628 Private W Higgins, 11081 Private F Hilton, 6680 Sergeant E Hoey, 9129 Private B Hogan, 9098 Private J Holden, 11271 Private W Holligan, 9629 Private P Holloran, 7964 Private J Hoystead, 11390 Private J Hughes, 9670 Private J Hunt, 9146 Private J Hynes, 9562 Private R Hynes.

10943 Private G Ives, 10158 Private M Ivory.

10258 Private S Jackson, 7201 Private W James, 11543 Private R Jenkinson, 11110 Private J Jennette, 8718 Private J Jennings, 11100 Sergeant J Jones, 11185 Private H Judge

11482 Private H Kain, 9224 Private C Kane, 10040 Private C Kavanagah, 6413 Private P Kavanagh, 7629 Private D Keegan, 11588 Private E Keegan, 7943 Private T Keegan, 11365 Private F Keeling, 10559 Sergeant H Keeling, 10649 Sergeant P Kehoe, 8703 Private T Kelleher, 9324 Private J Kelly, 9348 Private P Kelly, 5971 Private S Kelly, 9587 Private T Kelly, 9021 Private W Kelly, 8925 Private C Kennedy, 10240 Private P Kennedy, 11614 Private E Keogh, 10662 Private J Keogh, 11485 Private J Keogh, 8580 Private R King, 10752 Corporal E Kitchen

11659 Private M Lambe, 10509 Private T Lambert, 10036 Private W Leary, 8932 Private J Leonard, 7575 Private J Levey, 6396 Private A Loftus, 8565 Private P Lynch, 11566 Private S Lyttle

5869 Private T Mackey, 9206 Private M Maher, 11531 Private J Mahon, 11594 Private J Mahon, 11315 Private P Mahon, 8716 Private D Mahoney, 9623 Private J Mahony, 7615 Lance-Corporal J Martin, 11302 Private M Martin, 8816 Private W Martin, 10047 Private W Martin, 10663 Drummer J Masterson, 10505 Sergeant J Mathews, 8962 Private J McAsey, 10182 Corporal J McCabe, 7990 Private P McCabe, 7991 Private J McCann, 10981 Private J McCann, 11501 Private P McCann, 11427 Private P McCarthy, 11462 Private T McCarthy, 7947 Private F McCord, 9069 Private E McCormack, 7703 Private J McCue, 11385 Private J McDonagh, 11665 Private C McDonald, 11476 Private J McDonald, 9197 Private T McDonald, 9094 Private J McDonnell, 11223 Private J McDonnell, 8543 Private C McNamara, 7961 Private W McVeigh, 9616 Private J Meade, 10279 Private P Meaney, 9538 Private F Mitten, 7666 CQMS W Molloy, 11402 Private B Moore, 9141 Private J Moran, 11580 Private P Moran, 11720 Private P Morland, 8744 Private P Morrissey, 9231 Private P Mullady, 7650 Private R Mullen, 7898 Private H Murphy, 11526 Private J Murphy, 10183 Private L Murphy, 6733 Private M Murphy, 8661 Private P Murphy, 9128 Private J Murray, 7984 Private J Murray, 10106 Private J Murray.

7521 Private T Nelson, 10868 Sergeant R Nix, 11527 Private M Nolan, 8639 Private S Nolan, 9429 Private T Nolan, 11242 Private W Noonan, 7396 Private J Noone, 11606 Private J Noone, 9008 Private R Norris.

8735 Private P O'Brien, 11608 Private J O'Connor, 8827 Lance-Corporal W O'Connor, 11288 Private T O'Glesby, 11532 Private T O'Leary, 11234 Private C O'Loughlin, 11460 Private D O'Neill, 9035 Private H O'Neill, 11340 Private J O'Neill, 11285 Private P O'Neill, 11488 Corporal W O'Neill, 11237 Corporal W O'Neill, 11194 Private J O'Reilly, 9803 Private T O'Reilly, 5128 Corporal P O'Rourke, 10508 Private J O'Sullivan, 10009 Private J Oxberry.

16333 Private J Park, 7303 Private C Partridge, 10479 Private A Peake, 9194 Private P Pender, 11394 Corporal B Phelan, 8990 Private P Phillips, 9337 Private R Pielow, 11444 Private J Prendergast, 11560 Private M Prendergast, 8999 Private A Proctor, 11114 Private H Pugh.

9238 Private T Quail, 8761 Private M Quigley, 9108 Private J Quinlan, 11138 Corporal P Quinn.

8806 Private P Rafferty, 8875 Private J Redmond, 8713 Private C Reid, 11349 Private G Reilly, 5012 Private J Reilly, 10675 Private C Repley, 10016 Private P Rice, 5945 Lance-Corporal T Rice, 9183 Private M Roberts, 11378 Private R Rodgers, 11459 Private T Ronan, 8708 Private P Rooney, 9010 Private D Ryan, 9046 Private P Ryan, 11264 Private T Ryan, 9779 Private J Ryder.

7956 Sergeant G Sexton, 9783 Private M Shannon, 11454 Private R Sheeran, 8885 Corporal G Shepherd, 11338 Private J Sheridan, 6776 Private J Shine, 9517 Private W Short, 10679 Corporal F Smith, 8719 Private J Smith, 9366 Private T Smyth, 7895 Private J Stacey, 11470 Private F Stafford, 11573 Private E Stewart, 11511 Private W Stone, 10453 Corporal F Street, 9413 Private D Sullivan, 10891 Private W Sullivan, 9048 Private T Summer.

8826 Private P Taffe, 9152 Private T Taffe, 11304 Private T Talbot, 11245 Private M Tallon, 10277 Lance-Corporal J Thomas, 9610 Private P Tougher, 9417 Private P Tracey, 11164 Private T Tracey, 10826 Private M Traynor, 8926 Private M Tuite, 9404 Private E Tumey

11417 Private E Vaughan, 8829 Private E Vesey

9316 Private E Wade, 10791 Private G Walker, 11178 Private J Wall, 10134 Private F Walsh, 11195 Private J Walsh, 9614 Private L Walsh, 7667 Private W Walsh, 11507 Private P Walshe, 10984 Corporal B Watters, 7890 Private M Webster, 9345 Private J Weir, 8853 Private A Westwood, 16754 Private J Whelan, 10239 Private M Whelan, 5961 CSM C Williams, 11065 Private H Williams, 9471 Private W Willoughby, 6713 Private J Wilson, 11350 Private T Wilson, 10523 Sergeant E Winter, 9900 Corporal V Wright.

14 September 2018

Grenadier Guards - Other Rank PoWs 1914

There are 174 men on this list of men from the Grenadier Guards who were captured by the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. I have transcribed this data from the following Imperial War Museum collection:

B.O.2 1/174: a ten-page letter and list of Grenadier Guards sent by the Grenadier Guards Care Committee, Buckingham Palace Gate, London SW1 to Sir Ernest Goodhart on the 9th January 1919.

My full transcription of these men (not reproduced here) also contains the home address and/or next of kin address and date of capture of all of the men. 

The full transcription is available for sale for £25. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

For more information about these so-called 'Princess Mary tin PoWs' see my 1914 PoWs page. The majority of these men will also have records published by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Searching is free; finding your man is another matter entirely.

I research soldiers! 
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12499 Guardsman A Aivey, 15752 Guardsman T Attwood, 13282 Lance-Corporal R A Ayres.

15004 Corporal H Bacchus, 16048 Guardsman George Bade, 15527 Guardsman Robert Barker, 12967 Drummer E E Baxter, 11668 Guardsman G Beddows, 14530 Guardsman Bell,  12441 Guardsman G E Bellingham, 15429 Guardsman H P Bennett, 16349 Guardsman J H Bird, 15227 Guardsman T Booth, 14896 Guardsman G Brearley, 13136 Lance-Sergeant J Bridges, 13775 Guardsman R Briggs, 16627 Guardsman T F Brookes, 10920 CQMS T A Buller, 11520 Guardsman G Burgess, 16414 Guardsman H J Butt, 16695 Guardsman W G Bygrave.

14099 Sergeant Cann, 13355 Guardsman W Cartwright, 12521 Guardsman W J Chafer, 15669 Guardsman R V Chapman, 12263 Guardsman P Child, 12468 Guardsman A Churchman, 13017 Guardsman E Clements, 16596 Guardsman J B Coe, 14367 Guardsman Collier, 13391 Guardsman J Collins, 12832 Guardsman T Collins, 14374 Guardsman Collins, 16134 Guardsman F J Crick.

13435 Guardsman F Darvill, 11213 Guardsman C Davies, 14309 Sergeant Davies, 13226 Guardsman F Dawson, 14796 Guardsman G Day, 15320 Guardsman A H Dickenson, 15580 Guardsman W Dodd, 16584 Lance-Corporal E F Dryer, 14517 Guardsman Durman, 15877 Guardsman A Dyde.

16013 Lance-Corporal D East, 15011 Guardsman E Ebdon, 14566 Guardsman J Ellaway, 11967 Guardsman H Etheridge.

16687 Guardsman W F Farthing, 11542 Guardsman John Fisher, 14141 Guardsman Fleet, 14443 Guardsman A Fortescue, 15033 Lance-Corporal J H Foster, 15433 Guardsman F P Franklin, 12765 Guardsman Frank Fry.

11827 Lance-Sergeant T J Gilson, 13219 Guardsman L Graham.

13558 Guardsman J Haytor, 11893 Guardsman F Haywood, 15973 Guardsman A E Hessell, 15912 Guardsman J T Hincks, 8111 Drummer-Sergeant Hogan, 15563 Guardsman M G Hollyer, 11102 Guardsman I E Hopwood, 14598 Lance-Sergeant E N Horwood, 16164 Guardsman A Hoskins, 13340 Guardsman F Howard, 12288 Guardsman F R Howe, 13871 Guardsman C E Howes.

11296 Guardsman G Jarvis, 12529 Guardsman F Jones, 12553 Guardsman T A Jones.

5988 Guardsman R Kelow, 14075 Drummer F Kimber , 15948 Guardsman T J Kite

14178 Guardsman A L Larkin, 13971 Guardsman J Llewellyn, 12148 Guardsman A D Lloyd, 12252 Guardsman A D Love, 14520 Guardsman Lovell.

14105 Guardsman Maggs, 11664 Guardsman W M Mann, 11664 Guardsman W M Mann, 14368 Guardsman W March, 16384 Lance-Corporal Arthur L Massey, 16608 Guardsman C Mawson, 12942 Lance-Corporal W T McCann, 15449 Guardsman G Miller, 12536 Guardsman W H Miller, 14602 Guardsman Mingay, 14129 Guardsman Minney, 13622 Lance-Sergeant H J Mitchell, 15332 Guardsman G A Moody, 15981 Guardsman E J Moore, 14251 Guardsman Morley, 12917 Guardsman J Mortimer.

14595 Guardsman Neal, 11692 Guardsman W H Noble

14278 Guardsman Orchard, 13647 Guardsman A Ould

12385 Guardsman H Paintin, 9016 Corporal F Palethorpe, 12660 Lance-Sergeant S Parish, 14661 Lance-Corporal T P Pickering, 16605 Guardsman Henry C Pickers, 16294 Guardsman S R Pierce, 14645 Guardsman Piper, 12283 Guardsman Isaac R Polley, 13574 Lance-Corporal S F Polston, 13697 Guardsman G Pratt, 16051 Lance-Corporal R J Price, 14710 Guardsman A G Prior, 15473 Guardsman S E Pritchard, 16663 Guardsman C Prosser, 14025 Guardsman W Prout, 12648 Guardsman W E Pynn.

14021 Guardsman F Ranson, 13870 Guardsman H Rathbone, 12505 Guardsman B Rawlings, 15475 Lance-Corporal E Raybould, 11199 Guardsman A E Reid, 10660 Drummer F Reynolds, 14848 Guardsman W J Reynolds, 15582 Guardsman E Rhodes, 14022 Guardsman J Richardson, 12855 Guardsman G W Ridge, 16894 Guardsman J S M Robinson, 14283 Guardsman Rolls, 11682 Guardsman W Rowbottom.

16308 Guardsman A Sampson, 15947 Guardsman Sidney George Saunders, 13867 Guardsman W T Scally, 10423 Guardsman J Scholes, 16502 Guardsman W G Screen, 15132 Guardsman J Spencer, 16245 Guardsman J Spragg, 13597 Guardsman T Stacey, 16565 Guardsman W H Stafford, 13711 Guardsman H J Staley, 13291 Guardsman J J Stapleton, 13795 Guardsman G Startin, 13168 Guardsman C Steeles, 14509 Guardsman Stephens, 11911 Guardsman F Stokes, 15572 Guardsman A Swinscoe.

16456 Guardsman S R Tate, 14992 Guardsman L Taylor, 12317 Lance-Corporal T Taylor, 12254 Guardsman F E Thomas, 15679 Guardsman R Thomas, 13667 Drummer T H Thompson, 14316 Guardsman Thompson, 12999 Guardsman J Towey, 10682 Sergeant J Townsend, 13814 Guardsman W Tupling, 15379 Guardsman A Tweedy, 13670 Guardsman G Tye.

14647 Lance-Sergeant A Varley, 12984 Guardsman H Walker, 13299 Guardsman R H Ward, 13152 Guardsman J Waring, 13930 Corporal A Warren, 13100 Guardsman T Watson, 11632 Guardsman J Wedge, 13137 Guardsman W Wesley, 13809 Guardsman G R West, 11475 Lance-Corporal T Wheatley, 15479 Guardsman C Wheeler, 16896 Guardsman A White, 12409 Lance-Sergeant S J Whitehead, 12649 Guardsman W Williams, 12214 Sergeant R Wood, 14680 Guardsman E Wright.

14436 Guardsman Frank A Young.

The image on this post shows men of the 1st Grenadier Guards in Cologne in 1919.

Royal Irish Rifles - Other Ranks PoWs 1914

There are 165 men on this list of men from the Royal Irish Rifles who were captured by the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. I have transcribed this data from the following Imperial War Museum collection:

B.O.2 1/142: a twelve-page handwritten list of Royal Irish Rifles Other Ranks taken prisoner before Christmas 1914.

My full transcription of these men (not reproduced here) also contains the home address and/or next of kin address of all of the men. 

The full transcription is available for sale for £25. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

For more information about these so-called 'Princess Mary tin PoWs' see my 1914 PoWs page. The majority of these men will also have records published by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Searching is free; finding your man is another matter entirely.

I research soldiers! 
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9012 Private C Angus.

10084 Private John Barry, 10030 Private J Beatty, 7592 Private J Bell, 10282 Private P J Biggs, 10159 Private H Byrne.

10311 Private James Carberry, 7925 Rifleman Stephen Carr, 5802 Private William Carthy, 8373 Sergeant John W Cater, 8762 Private C Cavanagh, 10170 Private N Chapman, Major H R Charley, 6627 Private William Chilcott, 7649 Private M Clarke, 8026 Private P Coleman, 10182 Private E Collins, 5751 Private W Collins, 10200 Private Gerald Condron, 9432 Private P Connell, 10062 Private Samuel Crangle, 8956 Corporal W Crowe, 8426 Private Michael Cummins, 7888 Private Sam Cunningham, 7615 Private Cunningham, 8420 Private Thomas Curry.

10273 Private George Darker, 9034 Private S Darragh, 9982 Private Luke Delaney, 10112 Private Michael Dolan, 8021 Lance-Corporal John Donnelly, 8223 Private P Donnelly, 7153 Private James Dorian, 8489 Private John Dornan, 5460 CSM Alfred Dowling, 5770 Private R Dubois, 10052 Private J Dulcie.

7635 Lance-Corporal William Egan, 10155 Private Alfred Eite, 5744 Private A English, 10108 Private John Epplestone.

9424 Private James Fenlon, 10214 Private William Finegan, 7682 Private William Flanagan, 8176 Private T Flyn, 7704 Private Lawrence Fullerton.

9224 Private W Galloway, 7817 Sergeant Joseph Gibbons, 7033 Private N Gillespie, 7481 Private J Ginnis, 9971 Sergeant T Gorman, 8729 Private John Gough, 6754 Private R Gowrie, 7155 Corporal J Graham, 7423 Private J Great.

7628 Lance-Corporal Arthur Hade, 6276 Private W Halliday, 9060 Private J Halligan, 10128 Private Samuel Hanna, 8734 Private A Harding, 8265 Lance-Corporal Joseph Heapes, 10282 Private G Hemmings, 6698 Private Herbert L Hurt, 6301 Private Hutchison.

9921 Private William Jeffries, 8771 Private John Johnson, 8011 Private L Johnson.

6863 Private T Keir, 10267 Private H Kelly, 7570 Sergeant M Kiernan.

6958 Private G Lambert, 6904 Private Alex Lennox, 8112 Corporal Samuel Linden, 6396 Private Anthony Loftus, 9578 Private J Lynas, 10233 Private Patrick Lysaght.

8090 Private P Maguire, 7273 Private T Maguire, 9008 Lance-Corporal Joseph Mahoney, 7777 Private Richard Mannering, 7978 Sergeant W Marsh, 6284 Private J Marshall, 9197 Private J McArdle, 7298 Private Archibald McAreavey, 7695 Private C McBride, 8576 Private R McBurney, 7764 Private T McCabe, 5937 Private H McCafferty, 7209 Corporal H McCluskey, 7240 Private Charles McConnell, 9664 Cpl Thoams P McCormack, 9241 Corporal R McCready, 7380 Corporal G S McCrewe, 9295 Private George McCrudden, 5772 Private McCullogh, 7499 Corporal Isaac McCullough, 7645 Private William McCurley, 9072 Private W McDonagh, 6002 Private Daniel McGlennon, 7732 Private Harold McGowan, 6097 Corporal A McGreevy, 7840 Private Hugh McGuigan, 5444 Private J McGuigan, 9062 Private Michael McGuinness, 8882 Private J McKeown, 9038 Private J McManus, 6695 Private James McPolland, 8696 Private Robert Millar, 5066 Lance-Corporal T Monks, 10152 Private H Moreland, 6376 Corporal Horace Morrison, 7810 Private Francis Mulgrew, 10198 Private J Murray, 7906 Private P Murray, 7664 Corporal W Murray.

9043 Private Robert Needham, 6619 Private J Nicol, 10029 Private Percy J Noakes, 10013 Private H Nolan, 8194 Private M Nolan.

7858 Private D O'Brien, 10124 Lance-Corporal P O'Brien, 6341 Private P O'Conor, 8730 Private Daniel O'Donohoue, 8274 Private T O'Keefe, 10201 Private W O'Leary, 5864 Corporal William G Oliver, 10235 Private John O'Mahoney, 7974 Private J O'Neill, 8538 Private W O'Neill.

7396 Private J Perrin, 9218 Private D L Pope, 9696 Private J Poulton, 6715 Private F Prendergast, 8949 Sergeant W J Preston, 7506 Private H Purcell.

8293 Private George Robinson, 10308 Private J Ryan.

7669 Private Lawrence Scannell, 5687 Private J Scott, 10088 Private Patrick Seagrave, 8568 Private W Shield, 8097 Private C Sloane, 8999 Private M Smythe, 9575 Sergeant George Smith/Smyth, 7212 Private W R Stenning, 8819 Private J Sweeney.

9112 Corporal P G Taylor, 10236 Private T Thompson, 9567 Private James Timmins, 7215 Private Reginald Tipton, 10315 Private W Tobin, 7688 Private H Traynor, 5743 Private William H Turkington.

10194 Private J Ward, 6593 Private William Ward, 7945 Corporal G Warde , 7725 Private S West, 6363 Private Percy H Wheeler, 7516 Private B White, 9431 Private F Williams, 9710 Private J Williams, 6835 Private R Williamson, 8147 Private A Wilson, 8971 Private Edgar Woodhead, 7320 Corporal G Woods, 9353 Lance-Corporal S Wright.

King's Royal Rifle Corps - Other Ranks PoWs 1914

There are 358 men on this list of King's Royal Rifle Corps other ranks who were captured by the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. I have transcribed this data from the following Imperial War Museum collection:

B.O.2 1/138 is an 11-page badly-faded and often illegible hand-written list sent to Sir Ernest Goodhart by Officer i/c Rifle Records, Winchester, dated 3rd February 1919

My full transcription of these men (not reproduced here) also contains the home address and/or next of kin address of all of the men. Note that due to the poor quality of this scanned document, not all details are legible

The full transcription is available for sale for £25. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy - albeit do note the caveat above.

For more information about these so-called 'Princess Mary tin PoWs' see my 1914 PoWs page. The majority of these men will also have records published by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Searching is free; finding your man can be difficult.

I research soldiers! 
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5303 Rifleman J Abbey, 11145 Rifleman F W Adams, 4813 Rifleman W Adfield, 7519 Rifleman J Allen, 5075 Rifleman J S Allen, 1908 W Allen, 10948 Rifleman Allen, 7581 Rifleman A C Allwood, 6205 Lance-Corporal J Almond, 7551 Rifleman C Amass, 8047 Rifleman Amies, 5260 Rifleman W Andrews, 5454 Rifleman G Ashton, 10577 Rifleman G Astley, 9866 Pte Charles E Ayres.

7360 Rifleman H Bagley, 10398 Rifleman Charles E Bailey, 3963 Rifleman W Bailey, 7947 Rifleman T Baister, 3270 Rifleman E Baker, 3072 Rifleman H Baker, 6409 Corporal R W Baldwin, 2859 Rifleman A R Baldwyn, 7501 Rifleman A Ball, 7037 Private Thomas Banks, 4685 Rifleman J Barfield, 5909 Rifleman E Barker, 6800 Corporal J W Barker, 5743 Rifleman W H Barker, 4045 Rifleman T Barnett, 891 Rifleman J R Barratt, 7772 Rifleman C Barrett, 3033 Rifleman L Bartley, 10689 Rifleman Henry J Barton, 5432 Rifleman A Batson, 3347 Rifleman S Beach, 11012 Rifleman A J Beale, 9519 Corporal H Bell, 10526 Pte Percy H Bell, 6241 Rifleman P Benbows, 1403 T Benson, 11236 Rifleman G E Betteridge, 3487 Rifleman J Bingham, 10531 Lance-Corporal J Blackshaw, 11206 Rifleman A E Blake, 7163 Rifleman T Bloomer, 6697 Rifleman J Blunt, 10892 Rifleman T Booker, 3653 Rifleman W Booth, 7288 Rifleman A Border, 10127 Rifleman F Bowers, 6457 Rifleman T Bowers, 10263 Rifleman George Brabon, 7382 Rifleman F W Bradford, 7649 Rifleman H Bradley, 1427 Rifleman J Brady, 9920 Rifleman Bray, 11535 Rifleman S T Brett, 7816 Rifleman S Bridge, 11115 Rifleman Ernest Brixey, 5997 Rifleman L Broadbent, 9749 Corporal P Broughton, 11140 B G Brown, 10982 Rifleman E Brown, 7509 Rifleman G E Brown, 4390 Lance-Corporal J J Brown, 6418 Rifleman W H Brown, 9651 Rifleman A Bruno, 4410 Lance-Corporal Charles Bryne, 4139 Rifleman T Bull, 4890 Rifleman W Buller, 11324 Rifleman Harry Burditt, 3247 Rifleman E Burke, 9842 Corporal J Burke, 10912 Rifleman A Burridge, 4469 Rifleman F Bush, 5842 W Button, 2546 Rifleman W Byrne.

4170 Rifleman J Cade, 6277 Rifleman J Cahill, 6511 Lance-Corporal F T Callaway, 7110 Rifleman Calley, 6681 Rifleman Charles Cameron, 6036 Rifleman J Cannon, 2731 T Carter, 11156 Rifleman R R Caterer, 7574 Rifleman H Chambers, 2706 Rifleman R Chambers, 7411 Rifleman A Chapman, 7300 Rifleman M Chapman, 7526 Rifleman E Chappell, 1569 Rifleman J Chappell, 1460 CSM H W Charles, 3106 Rifleman T B Cheers, 3998 Rifleman H L Chesterton, 8451 Rifleman Thomas Chetwynd (pictured above), 10537 Rifleman T A Chipping, 256 Rifleman G Clarke, 7222 Private A Clough, 2268 Rifleman Bernard E Cocker, 7512 William Coleman, 7502 Rifleman William Collen, 11303 Rifleman G Collins, 5503 Private H Collins, 10700 Rifleman H B Collins, 6305 Private T Compey, 7462 Rifleman Vincent Conn, 6356 Rifleman C Cook, 5813 Rifleman J J Cook, 6651 Rifleman G Cooke, 5005 Rifleman A Cooper, 6539 Lance-Corporal J Cooper, 3538 Rifleman W Cooper, 6598 Rifleman H Copley, 6853 Rifleman T T Cornwell, 2274 Rifleman W A Corser, 6909 Rifleman J E Cotton, 4240 Rifleman H A Cox, 10777 Rifleman R G Cox, 4840 Rifleman R Cragg, 7585 Rifleman T Cruikshanks, 8115 Rifleman Daniel Cullimore, 7659 Rifleman George Cutler.

2577 S Dads, 10436 Lance-Corporal W Dalby, 6316 Rifleman Albert Dale, 5744 Rifleman Thomas E Dangerfield, 6791 Rifleman G Davies, 1385 Rifleman Leonard Davis, 10688 Rifleman G Day, 1211 Rifleman W E Day, 5922 A E Dean, 6519 Rifleman F Deane, 4945 Rifleman G Dewy, 6855 Rifleman Frederick J Dillingham, 7673 W Dimpsey, 11153 Rifleman William R Ding, 6337 Rifleman Walter Doncaster, 6881 Rifleman E Doughty, 2200 Rifleman J E Duggan, 4592 Lance-Corporal J Duncan, 5602 J Dunn.

2727 Rifleman William H Eaton, 7950 Rifleman Frank Edwards, 11253 Rifleman T A Edwards, 6187 Rifleman Robert J Ellsmore, 7026 Rifleman William H Emery, 1842 [unclear] Emmett, 10929 [unclear] Evans, 11151 A E Evans.

5630 Rifleman J E Fell, 7073 Rifleman John Fenwick, 7022 Rifleman John Fereday, 3935 Rifleman Arthur Finney, 6757 Rifleman P W Fisher, 3423 Rifleman Sidney J Flinders, 7217 Rifleman A Flint, 5894 Rifleman William Fox, 6605 J A Franklin, 6978 Rifleman W Freatwell, 6630 Rifleman H Freeman, 2073 Corporal William Frith.

5575 Albert Garrison, 11337 Rifleman Stephen Giddings, 9111 Sergeant S S Gilbert, 5608 William Gilbert, 6350 Thomas Glover, 10487 Alfred Gough, 6044 Private J Green , 6833 Harry Greenwood, 7612 Abraham Griffiths, 4292 George Grimsdale, 3937 J H Hadfield, 11530 Bert Hales, 6343 Sergeant Frederick Hall, 6064 Private A Hammond, 4914 F G Handley, unclear Rifleman Harnett, 6116 Rifleman John T Harnetty, 1596 Rifleman Horace Harris, 4167 W J Harris, 2032 Robert S Harvey, 6459 Rifleman Charles Hensman, 5098 Rifleman Hill, 7590 Frederick W Hines, 7028 William Hodgkinson, 10671 Rifleman Wallace R Holes, 7694 William Holton, 8088 Bugler Best Horlock, 11144 James H Horton, 1093 Sergeant A Hudson, 5910 Private C Hunt, 1141 Rifleman R Hunt.

1243 Rifleman C Impey.

5671 G H Jackson, 6410 Cpl Fred T Jagger, 4771 Rifleman H Jayes, 6059 Rifleman W Jeffery, 3652 Rifleman J Jenkins, 6455 Rifleman D Johns , 11186 Lance-Corporal R Johnstone, 2989 Private S Johnstone, 4808 Rifleman W H Jones, 9820 Rifleman Jones.

1768 Lance-Corporal T Keane, 5929 George H Kelly, 7960 Richard C Kemp, 5710 Rifleman J Kempton, 9900 Corporal John F Keohane, 11188 Rifleman G F Kerridge, 9494 Lance-Corporal H Kettle, 7167 Rifleman Thomas Kilkelly, 7364 Rifleman D W Kingston, 5410 W Kirby, 4070 Corporal J T Kirk, 2693 Rifleman H Knight.

3686 Rifleman James Lalley, 11132 James Langston, 11046 George H P Lanz, 2397 Rifleman Arthur Lazenby, 6339 Rifleman Herbert W Leather, 10324 Corporal A Lee, 7890 Rifleman Joseph A Lee, 4944 Rifleman William Leyland, 9110 Rifleman Norman Loftus, 2935 Rifleman R Lomax, 8967 Harry R Lupton.

2608 Rifleman T S May, 5374 Rifleman John McCluskey, 6687 Rifleman John McDermott, 9251 Rifleman T McInlay, 2499 Rifleman Thomas McQueeney, 6047 Rifleman William S Meadley, 7141 Rifleman J L Meakins, 2516 Rifleman J A Metcalfe, 5903 Rifleman F Mockford, 4245 Rifleman Charles Moore, 10462 Rifleman H J Moore, 4047 Rifleman Peter H Moore, 10006 Corporal A T Morgan, 11296 Rifleman E L R Morgan, 7247 Lance-Corporal A S Mullarky, 1315 Private J Murphy, 6434 Rifleman Ernest Myers, 7380 Sergeant E Myttion.

5856 Rifleman A Nash, 9424 Corporal W H Naylor, 5550 Rifleman [unclear] Noon, 6498 E North.

7536 P O'Brien, 6317 J U Osborne, 3939 Sydney W Pammant, 10298 Ernest G Parbery, 9685 A Parker, 5919 Private A Parker, 7334 J G Parker, 10530 Charles Parrott, 7055 Leonard Pasnett, 3329 G O Payne, 10679 Walter Peachey, 10976 George A Pearson, [unclear] A E Phillips, 6751 W Phillips, 10143 W Philpot, 10468 Private A Pittman, 1468 W G Plumley, 11013 Leonard Price, 9645 Robert J Prior, 4850 W Pugh.

6342 Arthur Radford, 7446 Walter Radford, 5225 J Rafferty, 10977 W G Ramsay, 8375 T Redmond, 11005 Robert L Reeve, 4081 Ernest Revell, 7067 H Revell, 11134 J S Reynolds, 7209 [unclear] Roberts, 4841 J W Roberts, 5406 R Robinson, 7598 S Robinson, 7510 George Robson, 4720 F Roz, 5210 John Rudman, 10940 A J Ryan, 7469 William Ryan.

5774 [unclear] Samuels, 5182 G Sawyer, 11319 Private Henry Searle, 6279 A Sharp, 4282 R Sharples, 4581 John Sheldon, 11160 Ernest Sheldrick, 7871 Stanley R Shemmings, 5216 H Shorney, 11027 John Shubrook, 10693 Arthur Sillett, 11054 Arthur H Silverton, 4499 Charles Simpson, 10950 Harry Sims, 10942 George H Slatter, 7864 [unclear] Smith, 4638 C H Smith, 3380 J W Smith, 3020 S Smith, 7442 Albert Smithhurst, 11025 William C B Soppitt, 2179 James Speak, 9840 William A Stanistreet, 4254 Rifleman Herbert Stanyon, 7120 Thomas Starkie, 6579 Malcolm Stephenson, 10800 Stephen C Stevens, 6514 Edward Stinson, 4308 A Stockwell, 10996 Thomas A Stone, 9691 F G Style, 1197 H G Sutton, 3069 S Sykes.

802 P H Taylor, 11058 Private A Thirman, 11545 F Thomas, 5806 Robert C Thomas, 5529 C Thompson, 6759 Stanley Thompson, 6379 F Thornhill, 11104 Henry Thorpe, 11246 Herbert J Tiplady, 5915 R Topper, 5502 W E Towler, 2573 CSM F S Tyler.

11141 G E Walker, 5443 Thomas Wall, 4701 Ernest Wallis, 2262 J Walsh, 9579 H Walters, 900 Rifleman William Walton, 10933 W T Ward, 10621 Frank E Warner, 10943 T W Watson, 4320 J Watt, 10959 E A Webb, 10186 Frederick W Welsh, 4658 J Whalley, 10043 Frederick White, 7867 John Whitney, 2160 G H Wilkinson, 10723 Edward Willbourn, 11101 Francis Williams, 3575 Walter Wilson, 2125 G Winsor, 6088 George Wolliter, 4076 [unclear] Wood, 11214 W W Wood, 5032 William Wood, 7611 H Woolwich.

10768 G H Young.

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