29 November 2014

ACI 144 - May 1915

The catchy little title of this blog post was the British Army's attempt to make some sense of duplicate numbering within regiments, hence the issue of this Army Council Instruction in May 1915. In my experience, the letter of the law was not rigorously applied but at least we can see that an effort was being made.
My thanks to Graham Stewart for sending through this ACI.
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23 November 2014

12th Lancers - PoW Other Ranks 1914

The following men were all serving with the 12th Lancers when they were captured in 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page. This data has been transcribed from the Imperial War Museum's collection, specifically item B.O.2 1/238.  My full transcription of these men (not reproduced here) also contains the man's home address.

The full transcription is available for sale as part of a Lancers' PoW collection - download or CD - for £10. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

2788 Private J Adams
698 Private G Allen
765 Private R Asher
974 Private T Barker
4729 Private A Barnwell
2532 Private T Caffrey
814 Private F Cooper
1811 Private C F Dixie
2734 Private P Dunphy
3223 Private J Egan
3367 Private C Fray
5940 Private P Gatehouse
3141 Private B Grant
5877 Private P Griffin
3127 Private A Hensby
4394 Private E Hockey
4823 Private F Hodgson
3946 Private A C Horrell
4214 Private R James
6611 Private S Kendall
2454 Private L Keene
4316 Private A Kisby
4802 RQMS William T Lawes
1465 Private Frederick Lloyd
1810 Private Arthur E Lunn
2539 Private Cyril C Lunn
3339 Private H Marshall
4236 Private F Mathers
917 Private F Milnes
5635 Private T Melhuish
703 Private A Morgan
3896 Squadron Trumpeter William H Mowlam
1347 Private John Muldowney
4161 Private A Newbury
4398 Private C Oakey
3251 Private R Oldfield
2899 Private W Pearson
3796 Private A Payne
1873 Private J Petty
752 Private F Pownceby
148 Private L Hixon
709 Private E Sharpe
5907 Private A Smith
3126 Private F Scammell
3142 Private L Steer
799 Private C J Stubbs
5337 Private H E Stockwell
726 Private A H Thomas
4340 Private W R Thomas
5904 Private H Toothill
456 Private Charles Twort
5958 Private J Wells
3237 Private C Wilkinson
4150 Private H Williams

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12 November 2014

Duplicate numbers

A visitor to one of my posts yesterday expressed surprise that someone listed on that post had the same number as his ancestor. How could that be?

I have covered this very common topic elsewhere but here's a quick overview of how this happens; and for the purpose of this post I'm going to refer to infantry only.

1. In July 1881 all line infantry regiments, with the exception of the Rifle Brigade, commenced a new numbering series which began at 1 on 1st July 1881. So straight away you have the first 68 duplicate numbers.
2. The militia battalions for each regiment each had their own number series too. Most regiments had two militia battalion and each of these battalions would have had its own number series. These militia battalions often recruited at a similar rate and it is quite often the case that I see numbers in the two battalions keeping pace with each other, neck and neck, over the years.
3. When the Territorial Force was formed in April 1908 the majority of its battalions started a new number series beginning at 1 although there were many notable exceptions, some of which I have drawn attention to on this blog.
4. When Britain went to war with Germany in August 1914 and new service battalions started forming, many of these battalions also started numbering from 1.

So by 1914 it would be possible, in a typical line regiment to see the same regimental number appearing in the regular battalions, the Special Reserve, the Extra Reserve and each Territorial Force battalion. Some numbers were prefixed with letters or numbers which can make identification of a particular battalion easier for today's researchers, but the application of these prefixes in documents of the time was inconsistent to say the least.

This blog only covers a fraction of the number series that would have been issued between 1881 and 1918 but I have much unpublished information on ALL infantry battalions and most corps besides. Use the index tab to navigate around corps, regiments and battalions but if you get stuck, or need additional help, have a look at the RESEARCH tab.

7 November 2014

The Great War Medal Collectors' Companion - Vol II


I have mentioned this Howard Williamson's Great War Medal Collectors' Companion - Vol II on my Army Ancestry blog and I see today that Naval & Military Press are promoting this quite heavily. Howard has undertaken some mammoth research here and I collaborated with him on elements of this second volume. It's gratifying to see that both I and this blog, have been name-checked in the N&MP release (above). Click on the image above or the link to order this volume. I gather from the author that it is selling fast, so don't miss out.

This from Naval and Military Press:

The contents of Volume II are as follows: FIRST CHAPTER [Chapter 6] A STUDY OF THE REGIMENTAL NUMBERS OF THE BRITISH ARMY AND DOMINION FORCES DURING THE GREAT WAR [Awarded OMRS Silver Medal 2013] This incredible study comprises 200 pages packed with information on the regimental numbers and prefixes allocated to the Soldiers of the Great War.

For the section on Line Regiments, the Author collaborated closely with Paul Nixon, whose internet blog on Regimental Numbers provided much additional information to that compiled by the Author. The Territorial re-numberings of 1917 are all included, plus information on which number blocks were allocated to those in action on the First Day of The Somme.


The Sections on the Corps include:

ASC: All the prefixes shown with their number range are explained and the units employing them are identified. Labour Corps. The numbers for the Labour Companies and the Regiments to which they are affiliated plus a table linking regimental numbers and transfer details and dates.

RAMC: All Territorial re-numberings including refinements to include field ambulances plus notes on number blocks prior to TF renumbering.

RAOC: Prefixes and number ranges explained.

Military Police: Notes from Paul Nixon's blog on dates of enlistment.

RAVC: Notes on prefixes and numbers.

RA: Territorial re-numberings. Prefixes explained.

RE: Notes on all number bands including a refined version of the TF numberings, Tunnelling, Gas and other companies identified as associated with certain number blocks.

Tank Corps: Origins of personnel revealed plus number blocks to specific battalions.


Sections on AIF, CEF SA, NZEF. Regimental Numbers. An A to Z of Regimental Letter & Number Prefixes, covering all units including Navy and RND.

SECOND CHAPTER [Chapter 7] ABBREVIATIONS FOUND ON GREAT WAR CAMPAIGN MEDALS AND DOCUMENTS This 140 page Chapter is the result of 25 years work by the Author. Sources for the information include: Medals from private collections; Medals observed at the major London (and other) auctions; Medal Index Cards; Official Documents; eBay medal sales; plus information supplied by friends, medal dealers, and collectors. The study records not only the abbreviation as it appears on the medal and its interpretation, but also many useful annotations giving further information about the rank or unit.

Main contents are: British and Commonwealth Unit abbreviations. MIC abbreviations [Expanded from Vol I].British and Commonwealth Rank abbreviations. Rank & Unit abbreviations found on Documents. British Naval Rank and Unit abbreviations. Relative Ranks Army and Navy. Indian Ranks explained. Military appointments and ranks.

This section includes additional information on the following: The Wauchope Medal; Flat Back Suspensions on WW1 Stars; The Memorial Plaque additional notes; Manufacture of WWI Medals – a summary; Complete lists of proposed Battle Clasps for both the Army & Navy; Comrades of the Great War magazine; Jutland Medal, Lady Beatty; Annotated DCM Gazettes; Additions to 1.7.16 DCM Roll; Naming issues on Great War medals; also included are some revisions to tables in Vol I plus odd typographical errors corrected.

INDEX: A user friendly Index completes the book.

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3 November 2014

1st (King's) Dragoon Guards - PoW Other Ranks 1914

The following six men were all serving with the 1st Dragoon Guards when they were captured in 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page. This data has been transcribed from the Imperial War Museum's collection, specifically item B.O.2 1/45,  B.O.2 1/57 and B.O.2 1/59. My full transcription of these men (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Home address
Next of kin

Next of kin's address

The full transcription is available for sale as part of a Dragoons and Dragoon Guards PoW roll - download or CD - for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

4251 Lance-Corporal Frederick C Brock
5678 Private W Hill
5546 Trooper W Jackson
6213 Trooper J R Lambard
5965 Private W H Lush
5919 Corporal Harry J Smith

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1 November 2014

Coldstream Guards - PoW Other Ranks 1914

This is an edited list of Coldstream Guards NCOs and men who became prisoners of war on or before 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page. This data has been transcribed from the Imperial War Museum's collection, specifically item B.O.2 1/78 which is a thirteen-page typed list of Coldstream Guards dated 7th February 1919. My full transcription of this Coldstream Guards PoW collection (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Home address
Next of kin
Next of kin's address
Date captured

The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

4780 Lance-Sergeant A Abraham, 10123 Private W Addinall, 6796 Private A Alexander, 10697 Private A H Allport, 3579 Private C Allsopp, 8395 Private C E Allsopp, 5543 Private G V Amos, 6230 Private E Andrews, 7470 Private R Arthur, 9168 Private W Ashworth, 8466 Private E Atkins, 7214 Private T F Atkins, 7420 Acting Sergeant E W Aust. 

8747 Private J Bacon, 9542 Private B Bailey, 6593 Private W T Bainbridge, 7630 Private H Balderstone, 9271 Private J E Bamford, 10175 Private G Banks, 5147 Private H Barker, 10789 Lance-Corporal A W Barnett, 8715 Corporal G H Barnsley, 4433 Private T Barrett, 7986 Private T A Barritt, 10172 Corporal B G Barsby, 10485 Private W B Baskett, 9277 Private F J Baxter, 7118 Private T Beckett, 12573 Private C H Beech, 5976 Private W Beech, 7931 Private W Beresford, 10236 Private J Bertram, 10020 Private F Billenness, 11168 Private J W Billington, 10064 Private W Bindon, 9232 Private H Bolam, 6548 Private A R Boulter, 6458 Private J Boyle, 8934 Private E W Bradford, 8900 Private F Bradford, 6022 F Brice, 8948 Private R H Briffett, 9162 J G Broadhurst, 9117 Lance-Corporal J Brooks, 7685 Private F E Broomhead, 7137 Private J Brown, 7103 Private H A F Browne, 10669 Lance-Corporal J T Bullen, 6837 Lance-Corporal H Bunford, 2162 Lance-Corporal E Burden, 3430 Private E Burnett, 10655 Private J H Butler, 4579 Private M Byrne.

10671 Lance-Corporal A B Cade, 8039 Private C Cant, 7670 Sergeant R G Carden, 8520 Private J Cardwell, 7594 Private E Carr, 6197 Private R Carter, 8758 Private S G Caudle, 9158 Private H Chappell, 11250 Private E C Chick, 9838 Private W E Chicken, 5760 Private T H Clark, 4636 Private C Clarke, 8966 Private T Clarke, 9516 Lance-Sergeant H Collins, 185 Private J Colton, 7164 Private A E Cook, 10016 Lance-Corporal J Cooper, 8682 Private J W Cooper, 8086 Private A Copson, 9249 Private T Courtney, 7869 Private H A Cowell, 9626 Lance-Corporal A E A Cowley, 7108 Private A Crabtree, 10049 Private J H Craig, 8778 Private W Creeley, 10246 Private W Cropper, 4317 Private J Croston, 6359 Private T Cunningham, 6867 Private T Cunningham, 4871 Private A W Cure. 

10276 Private J W Dakin, 4682 Private G E Dalby, 8945 Private G Dale, 5837 Private T Darling, 8626 Private E J Davis, 5371 Private D H Day, 6531 Private R T Devlin, 8003 Private G Dewey, 6647 Corporal H Dexter, 9993 Lance-Corporal S E Dickinson, 5632 Private F W Didcock, 5284 Private A Dillon, 4860 Private S A Dodd, 7135 Private H Dodman, 5782 Private H Dolman, 8048 Private G W Donner, 7287 Private A Doody, 10191 Private J W Douglas, 8962 Lance-Corporal A Dugard, 1395 CSM T Duggan, 441 Private J Dunn, 7240 Private F Dunstan, 8079 Private W T Durrands, 10672 Private F G Dyer. 

10397 Private R Earl, 5386 Private A Eayers, 9702 Private W J Edwards, 8052 Private W F Ella, 7747 Private J Elliott, 10183 Private J Emery, 7072 Private G Etherington, 10418 Private G W Etherington.

4901 Private J Farmer, 6883 Private J H Farr, 2287 Private G Fielder, 2263 Sergeant E W Flint, 11172 Private H Forrington, 5825 Lance-Corporal W R Forster, 9211 Private H J Foxworthy, 4968 Private W Franks, 5627 Private J Freeman, 10690 Private H L Fry. 

4952 Lance-Corporal W J Galloway, 5884 Lance-Sergeant E Gambell, 4922 Private H Gane, 8687 Private G Gee, 4059 Private W Gibson, 5746 Private E Giles, 7676 Sergeant F Gill, 9192 Private E R M Gleen, 8006 Private G Godley, 7893 Private J Godsell, 8404 Private A Goss, 10610 Private G Goulding, 8983 Lance-Corporal H G Grant, 10758 Private F Graves, 10310 Private G J Gray, 10967 Private J Gray, 10459 Private J Green, 12214 Lance-Sergeant B Guy, 10256 Private D Gyte 

7352 Private W H Hale, 4384 Private C Hall, 7441 Lance-Corporal W A Hall, 5741 Private J A Hancon, 5795 Private W Harding, 5084 Private W Harris, 1399 Private T Harte, 1175 Private G Haslam, 7426 Private G Hatton, 7994 Private A Hawes,  8953 Private F Henderson, 10129 Lance-Corporal P V Heppel, 10198 Private  F Herbert, 9169 Private F Hewson, 8719 Private A E Hirons, 10291 Private J W Hobson, 7946 Private R G Hodge, 6280 Private J Holland, 4950 Private E Holmes, 11393 Private B Hooker, 6586 Private W Hopkins, 8857 Drummer R Hopwood, 9196 Corporal L Horrocks, 10162 Private F W Houldsworth, 9200 Private G E Howkins, 7631 Private G W Hudson, 9369 Private T Hunter, 7396 Private B Hurst. 

5075 Private F Ireland. 

10068 Private A Jackson, 8972 Private J G Jackson, 6481 Private W Jackson, 5783 Private J James, 4995 Lance-Corporal J L James, 7045 Private H Johnson, 5454 Lance-Sergeant R Johnson, 8615 Private C Jones, 5658 Private E R Jones, 8595 Private S Jones, 3634 Private J Joyce. 

6028 Private W H Keal, 7466 Private E A Keel, 7717 Private N Keeler, 6374 Private W Keeler, 9813 Private J Kelly, 9957 Lance-Corporal A A Kenny, 5214 Private H V Kerfoot, 8610 Private J Kimberley, 5465 Lance-Corporal W Kimberley, 6533 Private A V Kirk, 5140 Private P Kirkham, 5797 Private H H Kisman.

2656 Private C Labross, 10158 Lance-Corporal C H Lacey, 11102 Private W H Lane, 9829 Private M Lang, 6389 Private G V Langford, 7980 Private J Langham, 3418 Private G Leeson, 8721 Private J Leighton, 6318 Private J C Lewis, 10373 Private J W Lingard, 7552 Private J Long, 7213 Private A G Lovell, 6295 Private E Lovery, 9107 Private G Lowe, 10528 Private W Lowe, 2495 Private C E Lucas, 9186 Private W T Lunt, 10264 Private C V Lyon.

9553 Private A J Maddox, 6524 Private C Mallett, 7272 Private H Marsden, 9574 Lance-Corporal J G Martin, 9455 Private F Masters, 10116 Private C A May, 9571 Private W H May, 7894 Private W McGraa, 10368 Private W P McGrory, 8195 Drummer J McManus, 11042 Private G E Mears, 7867 Private J A Mirams, 7883 Private T Mitchell, 9462 Private B Mizen, 6492 Private R Monkton, 5390 Private P Monsell, 415 Lance-Corporal F Moore, 3540 Private J J Moore, 9011 Private W E Mulholland, 4407 Lance-Corporal C Munday, 10786 Private G H Muscroft.

7988 Private J Napier, 3571 Private H Naylor, 6059 Private F Norris.
10882 Private R S O'Brien, 5188 Lance-Corporal A J Ollerton. 

5544 Private F Painter, 6990 Lance-Sergeant A S Palmer, 5323 Private J W Parker, 803 Private A E Parkes, 7599 Private J H Parkes, 3699 Private A E Parry, 7366 Corporal W R Pearson, 889 Lance-Corporal F J Pergande, 1002 Corporal O Perdue,8985 Private G M Perkins, 10107 Lance-Sergeant F P Perry, 8032 Private H A Phillips, 10503 Private W E Phipps, 10274 Private W H Pigott, 4878 Private C J Pitman,6739 Private E Platts, 7866 Private G Pratt, 5393 Private E R Presland.

5026 Lance-Corporal L Radford, 7922 Private H Ralph, 10371 Private B Ranson, 3316 Lance-Corporal J F Ravenscroft, 2772 Private J Rawlinson, 7997 Private T Read, 8299 Private S Reading, 10130 Private J A Redfearn, 7395 Private A H Reed, 6001 Private A Reynolds, 8992 Private J F Richardson, 8432 Private G H Riley, 11265 Private I M Ritchie, 10124 Private S Ritchie, 10407 Private W Robinson, 6567 Private J L Robson, 9705 Private R Rock, 7537 Drummer G V Roebuck, 10736 Private A Roper, 6131 Lance-Corporal J T Rose, 7985 Private J H Rowell.

8671 Private J Salisbury, 
5517 Private G Salley, 7453 Private A Satchell, 10753 Private W Shardlow, 10413 Private W H Sharland, 10122 Private F J Sharman, 7962 Private W B Sheppard, 8015 Sergeant G Shoesmith, 10388 Private A P Shore, 6055 Private A Skett, 8600 Lance-Corporal E A Smith (seated, above), 7874 Private J A Smith, 8569 Private R Smith, 10251 Private R H Smith, 8154 Private W E Smith, 9208 Lance-Corporal H Smitheman, 6309 Private J Snaith, 9701 Corporal G F Snartt, 8965 Private H G Snook, 10027 Private T Staniland, 6590 Private W R L Steadman, 5507 Private W E Stimpson, 2066 Private W E Stout, 2365 Private G Stratton, 1717 CSM R Sturges, 7862 Private W H Sully, 7711 Private J Sutcliffe, 2751 Private T Swann, 85 Lance-Corporal R Swatton, 7951 Private W T Szulczewski. 

2980 Private E E Tanner, 5422 Private W Tarbuck, 10282 Private C W Taylor, 4920 Private E Taylor, 4947 Corporal J Taylor, 5972 Private W Taylor, 8252 Sergeant E Thompson, 10742 Private F Thompson, 9036 Private J Thompson, 9606 Private J C Thompson, 5380 Private A Thornlow, 7868 Private C F Till, 10389 Private W Tong, 9645 Private J Tracey, 8723 Private C R Trodd, 2428 Private C Turnbull, 8540 Private G E Turner, 10258 Private J Turner.
10403 Private H Underhill, 6773 Private J Underhill. 

7116 Private S Venton, 8034 Private E Vincent, 6490 Private T E Vinnicombe, 5442 Private G Vranch. 

10178 Private G Walby, 7481 Private C W Walden, 7397 Private T Waldron, 3046 Private B Walker, 4985 Private E Walker, 9159 Lance-Sergeant H C Walker, 7934 Private B Warcup, 4965 Lance-Sergeant H Ward, 10846 Private J Ward, 8639 Private E Warne, 10213 Private W Watson, 9353 Private H T Webb, 9804 Lance-Corporal L Wehrle, 5467 Lance-Corporal E Welch, 8104 Private F Wells, 6220 Private A Whetton, 8717 Private J Whitehouse, 2008 Private J S Whitehouse, 6134 Private A J Wickham, 8417 Private G W Wild, 8153 Drummer A V Wilkins, 7761 Private A Willcox, 9599 Lance-Corporal A Williams, 8407 Private F J Wilson, 8617 Corporal H Wilson, 10731 Private J A Wilson, 5294 Private W Woodhead, 10774 Private F Woodward, 10239 Private F Wright, 10174 Private F E Wyatt.
2884 Private W Yates, 9282 Private H Young, 6777 Drummer S I Young. 

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