28 February 2016

Hampshire Regiment - PoWs 1914

The following list of Hampshire Regiment prisoners of war has been transcribed from the Imperial War Museum's collection, specifically the following items: 
  • B.O.2 1/145 is a 4-page typed and undated list, of which the 4th page refers to Hampshire Regt PoWs.
  • B.O.2 1/149 is a 2-page typed list sent to Sir Ernest Goodhart by Hampshire Regt Prisoners of War Help Fund, dated 20th January 1919
  • B.O.2 1/150 is a 7-page typed list sent to The Director of Supplies & Transport, War Office, Whitehall, dated 17th January 1919.  The penultimate page, containing three names, is illegible
  • B.O.2 1/151 is a 3-page hand-written list, undated and no addressee.

Uncommonly, this list of Hampshire Regiment men who had become prisoners of war on or before 25th December 1914, includes officers as well as men. Colonel Jackson is the highest ranking PoW on this roll call of 191 men. A number of the men listed here have two or more entries and entries commonly include some or all of the following information: home address, next of kin address (where a man has since died), other information, transcriber's notes.

The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

7171 Private Edwin Alderman, 8364 Private John T Amy, 6913 Private Alfred J Andrews, 9462 Private John Arnold, 7539 Private C Ashford, 6582 Private Charles Austin

4887 Sergeant J Baker, 7356 Private A Baldock, 7000 Private Albert Ball, 8310 Private Ernest F Ballard, Major N W Barlow, 8963 Private F Barrow, 9305 Private F Bartlett, 6643 Lance-Corporal A Bastiani, 6457 Private George T Baulf, Captain N E Baxter, 9273 Private James Beale, 8398 Private P Bedwell, 7466 Private Bennan, 7297 Private Arthur George Bishop, 6540 Private George Blackmore, 7213 Sergeant E Booth, 4936 Sgt-Drummer George F Bowman, 7139 Private Charles H G Boxall, 8996 Private Nicolas J Bray, 7813 Private A Bullock, 5465 Private Albert E Burgess

9524 Private Arthur E Chaffe, 7358 Bandsman Jesse Chalwin, 8574 Private Reginald R Chalwin, 7005 Corporal Edward Charter, 5101 Private Alfred J Chase, 7134 Bandsman Thomas Clarke, 9359 Private George Cleal, 7314 Private William Climo, 7025 Corporal George Edward Colston, 9288 Private John Cook, 9266 Private Edwin H Cox, 3/2894 Private Albert E Croucher

9010 Private F Dann, 7938 Private Frank R Day, 6758 Private William Day, 9368 Private Thomas Digby, 7128 Private Frank Dowden, 7232 Private Alfred T J Dyer

6887 Sergeant Frederick Eldridge, 7341 Private Samuel F Empringham, 9289 Private George Etheridge

9395 Private Frederick Farmer, 6557 Private F G Fisher, 9165 Private Frederick Fisher
6425 Private A Fitzgerald, 9228 Private Charles Ford, 6710 Private Edward A Fox, 6678 Corporal Thomas A Freeman, 8767 Private A Fuller

5776 Private A Gale, 6824 Private Alfred Gilliam, 9051 Private John E Grant, 4890 Private Arthur H Greenman, 6571 Private A Grimshaw

8274 Private William H Hall, Captain S V Halls, 9066 Private George H Harfield, 7519 Private C Harmsworth, 7519 Private Charles Harmsworth, 8741 Private William G Harper, 8233 Sergeant H Harrington, 7846 Private Charles E Harris, 7266 Private F Harris
7991 Corporal Robert Harris, 9039 William H Harris, 9090 Corporal Francis S Harrison, 9201 Henry H Harvey, 7833 Private Frederick Hatcher, 7828 Private F Hawkins,
8508 Cyril James Head, 8233 Lance-Sergeant H Herrington, 6827 Louis W J Hilker, 14673 J Hillier, 8714 Denis Hinchey, 6803 Alfred V Hoare, 7001 Alfred Holder, 7875 George Holman, 6023 William Hoskins, 7275 Ernest Howe

Colonel S F Jackson, 8709 Walter Jacobs, 9302 Walter James, 7504 Harvey James Jeffery, 7270 William S Jenkins, 8031 Hubert B Jerome, 9232 Walter W J Joiner, 7546 William H Jones, 7853 Henry Kelleway,7176 William Kidd, 8831 Jesse Kimber, 9127 Private J Knapman

6917 Lance-Corporal William A Lance, 6817 Harry Langford, Captain J Le Hunts, 7576 A Leach, 7339 Frank Linzey, 8182 W Lock, 9198 Lance-Sergeant F Lockhart, 7357 William Lucock

8886 E Marsden, 7800 Stanley Martin, 7824 Harry C May, 9162 William J Maynard, 3/4448 Lance-Corporal Edward J McGrath, 6636 Lance-Corporal T A Meacher, 8763 Private William Misselbrook, 6648 Private W G Morris, 6990 Private Thomas R Mustion

7087 Private William Nicklen, 9205 Private James North

6810 Private E Payne, 5816 Private G Payne, 7537 Private T Pearson, 7506 Lance-Corporal Arthur W Phillimore, 9037 Private E Phillimore, 8151 Private E Porter, 7225 Private E Powell, 7508 Private Frank Powell (below), 9268 James Christopher Poyle, 9382 Private H Prior, 8408 Bandsman H Prosser

6743 Private William Ralph, 7254 Lance-Corporal A Randall, 7816 Corporal C Randall, 7825 Private G Read, 7287 Private G Reeves, 9129 Private Percy W Reeves, 7194 Private Arthur Ribbick, 8071 Private Sidney C Richards, 5968 Private Percy Robinson, 8674 Private A Rogers, 9387 Lance-Corporal L Rogers, 7688 Bandsman Frederick Rose, Lieutenant G T Rose, 9470 Private Cornelius Ryan

6732 Private Walter G Sansome, 5642 Private Sarkins, 9407 Private Morris Saunders, 7238 Private A C Scivier, 7330 Sergeant W Shephard, 7497 Bandsman J Sillence, 8407 Lance-Corporal Denis Smallwood, 8279 Private Harry Smith, 8887 Sergeant Sidney G Smith, 8144 Private F Souch, 7451 Lance-Corporal C Spanholtz, 7516 Private Frank Spencer, 7295 Private Jesse Sque, 9339 Private Clement Stay, 8800 Corporal Alfred Stead, 9306 Private W Steele, 9219 Private A Stevens, 5680 Sergeant Patrick Sullivan, 7081 Private G Summers, 7507 Corporal H Sumner, 8221 Corporal F Sykes

6567 Private Henry S Thomas, 6828 Private Thomas C Thomson, 9326 Private W Thurgood, 7291 Corporal Tom R Tobin, 7676 Corporal James Trigger

6852 Corporal Stephen Urry

6815 Corporal H Vaughan, 7779 Private D Venables

4524 Private E Walder, 9108 Lance-Corporal J Waterman, 6554 Private W Watts, 9163 Private Walter Wheeler, 8765 Private A J Whipp, 6768 Private Harry S Whitehead, 7837 Private Thomas John Whiting, 5764 Private Francis W Wilkins, Captain A S Williams, 7563 Private W Williams, 7184 Corporal William T Willis, 7268 Private Albert N Winter, 8016 Private Basil Withers, 7691 Corporal Albert Witt, 7180 Lance-Corporal G H Witt

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12 February 2016

2nd Dragoons - PoW Other Ranks 1914

The following 30 men were all serving with the 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) when they were captured in 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page. This data has been transcribed from the Imperial War Museum's collection, specifically item B.O.2 1/43,  B.O.2 1/54 and B.O.2 1/59. My full transcription of these men (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Date of capture
Home address
Next of kin

Next of kin's address

The full transcription is available for sale as part of a Dragoons and Dragoon Guards PoW roll - download or CD - for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

3194 Private A G Anderson
2799 Private J Armour
5569 Shoeing Smith C E Bennett
2180 Lance-Corporal G H Bishop
5744 W Boothroyd
1582 Private J Boyd
5668 Private R Boyd
8627 Private G Brown
7998 Private W G Clark
4639 Private D Coll
6449 Private J Davidson
4812 Private J Douglas
6019 Corporal A H Dunlop
6875 Private W J French
3263 Private J Garner
4652 Acting Sergeant Shoeing-Smith R Gilling
5683 Lance-Corporal G M Lamb
3046 Private D Legg
4067 Staff Sergeant D McBrayne
4145 Private J McDonald
5032 Sergeant A S McTaggart
1330 Private D Murray
6342 Private D P Oliver
5705 Private James Pearson
6284 Trooper P Smart
8179 Private E Swinson
6302 Sergeant H Watts
7314 Private H Wilson
6122 Cpl James Wilson
2885 Saddler J Young

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