13 July 2014

Regimental and Divisional Histories

I've added two new fledgling pages for First World War Regimental Histories and Divisional Histories. These are essentially book lists which link into the Naval and Military Press website. You can access these page tabs from any post on this blog, see image above.

I also offer a comprehensive, fast and cost-effective military history research service. Follow the link for more information.

4 July 2014

Army Service Numbers - Update - July 2014

Over the last six years I have published number sequences for various regiments as well as observations and thoughts on anything number-related.  At this point in time you will find that I have covered number sequences for:

All Household Cavalry
All Line Cavalry
All Foot Guards
All Line Infantry (regular battalions)
All Yeomanry regiments

In addition, I have published sequences for many Territorial Force battalions as well as sequences for some Special Reserve and Extra Reserve battalions.

Throughout this time I have always given freely of my time and tried to answer queries from visitors to this blog. This is going to change.

The fast-approaching WW1 centenary commemorations coupled with my own full-time job, military research commitments and family commitments means that I shall no longer be responding to general queries. I just don't have the time. I will be happy to undertake paid research and I reason that there's a lot of free information on this blog already and if you want more information, that's a time commitment from me that needs to be recompensed.  I will continue to respond freely to enquiries up until the end of this month but this service ends in July.

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