23 December 2014

Royal Engineers - Dorsetshire Fortress Company 1908-1914

Here's a taster from my Royal Engineers' database, a corps I've largely, and inadvertently, neglected on this blog due to concentrating on infantry and cavalry.

The Dorsetshire Fortress Company was tiny. Formed in 1908 it consisted of a single Territorial Force Electric Lights Company and was administered by the Dorsetshire County Association. Writing in 1909, Walter Richards, in His Majesty's Territorial Army, wrote of the Dorsetshire Fortress Company:

"It may claim a distinguished place amongst the corps called into existence by the Territorial Forces Act, having since May 1909 its strength up to establishment, 137 of all ranks and... possessing the complete equipment prescribed by regulation."

My database notes that 132 Robert Long joined on 25th May 1909 and 138 Charles Derrick joined on 25th June 1909. Thus number 137, referred to by Walter Richards must have joined a good three weeks before Charles Derrick who presumably had to wait until someone left the unit before he could attest as number 138.

Here are some regimental numbers and attestation dates for the Dorsetshire Fortress Company between 1908 and October 1914. Six digit numbers from the number block 516001 to 518000 which were issued in 1917 are also noted. The lowest six digit number was given to the longest serving man, the second lowest six digit number to the next longest serving man, and so on.

68 / 516007 issued on 30th November 1908
138 / 516013 issued on 25th June 1909
154 / 516017 issued on 7th November 1910
194 / 516021 issued on 17th August 1911
203 / 516034 issued on 4th July 1912
241 / 516052 issued on 23rd May 1913

By 1914 the Company was headquartered at Sidney Hall, Weymouth, with a drill station at Portland and formed part of the Southern Coast Defences.

516061 issued on 9th April 1914
286 / 516065 issued on 5th August 1914
297 / 516074 issued on 28th September 1914
328 / 516097 issued on 1st October 1914

This is my last post on this blog this year. My thanks to everyone who has visited these pages over the past year, a year of particular significance to those of us who hold dear the memory of the 1914-18 generation. My thanks too for visitors to this blog who have subsequently commissioned research. I look forward to undertaking more projects in 2015.

14 December 2014

Essex Regiment - PoW Other Ranks 1914

The following list of 44 Essex Regiment NCOs and men has been transcribed from the Imperial War Museum's collection, specifically item B.O.2 1/181 which is a three-page hand-written (as well as faded and undated) list of Essex Regiment men who became prisoners of war prior to 25th December 1914.  My full transcription of this collection (not reproduced here) also contains home addresses for most of the men.

Although it is not explicitly stated, all of these men must have been captured whilst serving with the 2nd Battalion, Essex Regiment as this was the only battalion of the Essex Regiment that was on the Western Front in 1914.

The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £10. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

The roll:

10167 Private J Barry
8594 Sergeant E Binnie
10072 Private G W Bull
8250 Private W Claxton
8166 Private Sidney Crozier
7375 Private J Donnelly
10172 Private J Edwards
10203 Private G Eley
7929 Private D Elliott
8535 Private J Ellis
7771 Private H J Gillson
10199 Private George Arthur Graham
9432 Private H Groom
8938 Private A Grover
8897 Private H Guy
8183 Private F Housden
9465 Private E E Jennings

9920 Lance-Corporal Charles Ernest James (above)
8151 Lance-Corporal A Jordan
10733 Private H Kemp
8375 Private F W Manning
8472 Lance-Corporal G R Marshall
8885 Private F Medcalf
8127 Private E Minett

Above, Christmas 1915, a card sent from Doberitz by Tom Morris, below

7186 Corporal Tom Morris
10030 Private P T Powell
7903 Private C Pratt
8105 Private M Radford
8434 Private E C Reynolds
8305 Private W Rawlings
10126 Private W A Richer
8214 Private W Rogers
7823 Private W H Ryan
10107 Private J W Sims
7864 Private P Smith
9573 Corporal J J Smyrk
7808 Private G Tarbun
7527 Private H A Taylor
9321 Private G M Took
8738 Private H Walsh
9198 Corporal J R H Warner
7732 Corporal E Whitwell
7977 Private W E White
4155 CQMS E T West

Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page. The image at the top of this post shows men of the 2nd Battalion, Essex Regiment in Norwich on the 10th August 1914. I will be happy to acknowledge the source of this image which is currently unknown to me. I am gratefu to Steve Nunn for permission to publish the photograph of his grandfather, Charles Ernest James.

Since publishing this post, I have been sent scans of a postcard which was sent back to the UK by one of the men listed above: 8250 Private W Claxton. His home address on B.O.2 1/181 is noted as 5 York Road, Barking and I presume that the Mr Lungley who he is writing to in Barking, is his employer. Private Claxton joined the Essex Regiment in 1904 and so had almost certainly been a reservist since 1911 or 1912 and was back in Civvy Street when Britain went to war in 1914. His medal index card records that he arrived in France on the 22nd August 1914. I am grateful to John Morgan for sending me the postcard images which I reproduce below.

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7 December 2014

Irish Guards - PoW Other Ranks 1914

Here are some more PoWs; this time an edited list of 89 Irish Guards NCOs and men who became prisoners of war on or before 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from the Imperial War Museum's collection, specifically item B.O.2 1/140 which is a two-page typed list sent to Sir Ernest Goodhart by the officer in charge of Irish Guards records at Buckingham Gate and dated 29th January 1919. My full transcription of this Irish Guards PoW collection (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Home address
Next of kin
Next of kin's address

The full transcription of the following roll is available for sale as a download or CD for £15. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

3220 Guardsman B G Anderson.

1771 Guardsman C Baker, 1570 Lance-Corporal J Bracken, 4001 Guardsman E W Brown, 2160 Guardsman J P Burke, 2967 Guardsman J Burke, 2997 Guardsman W Burrows, 1446 Guardsman M Byrne.

3159 Lance-Corporal J Cannon, 3902 Guardsman P Cassley, 4187 Guardsman P Cavanagh, 3014 Guardsman T Cavanagh, 3857 Guardsman E Churchouse, 3707 Guardsman T Connolly, 2221 Guardsman W Connolly, 3675 Guardsman P Connelly, 4303 Guardsman J Cromwell.

4555 Guardsman Michael Deighan, 2172 Guardsman J Desmond, 4467 Lance-Corporal T Dolan, 3727 Guardsman W Donaldson, 2878 Guardsman C Donoghue, 3952 Guardsman J Doyle, 2933 Guardsman E Duggan, 1280 Guardsman J Dunne.

1920 Guardsman J Ellis.

2051 Guardsman J Farmer, 3476 Lance-Sergeant J Fay, 3922 Guardsman F J Ferman, 2681 Guardsman J Fitzpatrick, 3392 Sergeant J Flanagan, 2158 Guardsman P Fogarty.

593 Guardsman P Gilchrist, 4339 Guardsman R Glendon, 1069 CSM M Graham, 3252 Guardsman D Greene.

1524 Guardsman G Haslam, 3199 Guardsman J Hatton, 2107 Sergeant J Hayes, 4505 Guardsman P Hayes, 4393 Guardsman M Healy, 2440 Guardsman P Heslin, 3121 Guardsman P Holden.

2360 Guardsman S Irvine.

3479 Guardsman W Kerr, 4335 Lance-Corporal M Kilbride, 3208 Guardsman L Kilpatrick.

1696 Lance-Corporal W Linane, 3491 Guardsman W Leslie, 3286 Guardsman T Ludlow, 1026 Guardsman A Lynch.

58 Guardsman A Macaulay, 1945 Lance-Corporal J Mahoney, 3574 Guardsman M Mahoney, 3126 Guardsman T Mason, 1239 Guardsman C McKinley, 3612 Guardsman W McDonald, 460 Guardsman J McGrory, 1519 Guardsman T Meagher, 3377 Guardsman J Morris, 3658 Lance-Corporal P Morriss, 3840 Guardsman J Molloy, 2205 Guardsman J Muldoon, 972 Guardsman F Murray, 4391 Guardsman W Murray, 1537 Guardsman D Murphy, 2472 Guardsman J Murphy.

4184 Guardsman J O'Connell, 2475 Guardsman T O'Connell, 110 Lance-Corporal J O'Hare, 3528 Guardsman J O'Keefe, 2435 Guardsman P O'Reilly, 4413 Guardsman J O'Sullivan.

1527 Guardsman J Parrott.

1810 Guardsman M Quinn.

3295 Guardsman J Rooney, 2886 Guardsman J Roache, 3214 Guardsman D Rourke, 3557 Guardsman P Ryan.

2950 Guardsman P Sheridan, 2585 Guardsman F Shortall, 3302 Corporal F Stinson, 1795 Guardsman P Sullivan, 3749 Guardsman J Sullivan.

Guardsman J Strutt, 3749 Guardsman J Sullivan,2629 Guardsman J Welsh, 2510 Sergeant D Walsh, 3876 Guardsman E Ward, 3395 Guardsman J McWharters

Any errors in transcription are my own.

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29 November 2014

ACI 144 - May 1915

The catchy little title of this blog post was the British Army's attempt to make some sense of duplicate numbering within regiments, hence the issue of this Army Council Instruction in May 1915. In my experience, the letter of the law was not rigorously applied but at least we can see that an effort was being made.
My thanks to Graham Stewart for sending through this ACI.
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23 November 2014

12th Lancers - PoW Other Ranks 1914

The following men were all serving with the 12th Lancers when they were captured in 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page. This data has been transcribed from the Imperial War Museum's collection, specifically item B.O.2 1/238.  My full transcription of these men (not reproduced here) also contains the man's home address.

The full transcription is available for sale as part of a Lancers' PoW collection - download or CD - for £10. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

2788 Private J Adams
698 Private G Allen
765 Private R Asher
974 Private T Barker
4729 Private A Barnwell
2532 Private T Caffrey
814 Private F Cooper
1811 Private C F Dixie
2734 Private P Dunphy
3223 Private J Egan
3367 Private C Fray
5940 Private P Gatehouse
3141 Private B Grant
5877 Private P Griffin
3127 Private A Hensby
4394 Private E Hockey
4823 Private F Hodgson
3946 Private A C Horrell
4214 Private R James
6611 Private S Kendall
2454 Private L Keene
4316 Private A Kisby
4802 RQMS William T Lawes
1465 Private Frederick Lloyd
1810 Private Arthur E Lunn
2539 Private Cyril C Lunn
3339 Private H Marshall
4236 Private F Mathers
917 Private F Milnes
5635 Private T Melhuish
703 Private A Morgan
3896 Squadron Trumpeter William H Mowlam
1347 Private John Muldowney
4161 Private A Newbury
4398 Private C Oakey
3251 Private R Oldfield
2899 Private W Pearson
3796 Private A Payne
1873 Private J Petty
752 Private F Pownceby
148 Private L Hixon
709 Private E Sharpe
5907 Private A Smith
3126 Private F Scammell
3142 Private L Steer
799 Private C J Stubbs
5337 Private H E Stockwell
726 Private A H Thomas
4340 Private W R Thomas
5904 Private H Toothill
456 Private Charles Twort
5958 Private J Wells
3237 Private C Wilkinson
4150 Private H Williams

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12 November 2014

Duplicate numbers

A visitor to one of my posts yesterday expressed surprise that someone listed on that post had the same number as his ancestor. How could that be?

I have covered this very common topic elsewhere but here's a quick overview of how this happens; and for the purpose of this post I'm going to refer to infantry only.

1. In July 1881 all line infantry regiments, with the exception of the Rifle Brigade, commenced a new numbering series which began at 1 on 1st July 1881. So straight away you have the first 68 duplicate numbers.
2. The militia battalions for each regiment each had their own number series too. Most regiments had two militia battalion and each of these battalions would have had its own number series. These militia battalions often recruited at a similar rate and it is quite often the case that I see numbers in the two battalions keeping pace with each other, neck and neck, over the years.
3. When the Territorial Force was formed in April 1908 the majority of its battalions started a new number series beginning at 1 although there were many notable exceptions, some of which I have drawn attention to on this blog.
4. When Britain went to war with Germany in August 1914 and new service battalions started forming, many of these battalions also started numbering from 1.

So by 1914 it would be possible, in a typical line regiment to see the same regimental number appearing in the regular battalions, the Special Reserve, the Extra Reserve and each Territorial Force battalion. Some numbers were prefixed with letters or numbers which can make identification of a particular battalion easier for today's researchers, but the application of these prefixes in documents of the time was inconsistent to say the least.

This blog only covers a fraction of the number series that would have been issued between 1881 and 1918 but I have much unpublished information on ALL infantry battalions and most corps besides. Use the index tab to navigate around corps, regiments and battalions but if you get stuck, or need additional help, have a look at the RESEARCH tab.

7 November 2014

The Great War Medal Collectors' Companion - Vol II


I have mentioned this Howard Williamson's Great War Medal Collectors' Companion - Vol II on my Army Ancestry blog and I see today that Naval & Military Press are promoting this quite heavily. Howard has undertaken some mammoth research here and I collaborated with him on elements of this second volume. It's gratifying to see that both I and this blog, have been name-checked in the N&MP release (above). Click on the image above or the link to order this volume. I gather from the author that it is selling fast, so don't miss out.

This from Naval and Military Press:

The contents of Volume II are as follows: FIRST CHAPTER [Chapter 6] A STUDY OF THE REGIMENTAL NUMBERS OF THE BRITISH ARMY AND DOMINION FORCES DURING THE GREAT WAR [Awarded OMRS Silver Medal 2013] This incredible study comprises 200 pages packed with information on the regimental numbers and prefixes allocated to the Soldiers of the Great War.

For the section on Line Regiments, the Author collaborated closely with Paul Nixon, whose internet blog on Regimental Numbers provided much additional information to that compiled by the Author. The Territorial re-numberings of 1917 are all included, plus information on which number blocks were allocated to those in action on the First Day of The Somme.


The Sections on the Corps include:

ASC: All the prefixes shown with their number range are explained and the units employing them are identified. Labour Corps. The numbers for the Labour Companies and the Regiments to which they are affiliated plus a table linking regimental numbers and transfer details and dates.

RAMC: All Territorial re-numberings including refinements to include field ambulances plus notes on number blocks prior to TF renumbering.

RAOC: Prefixes and number ranges explained.

Military Police: Notes from Paul Nixon's blog on dates of enlistment.

RAVC: Notes on prefixes and numbers.

RA: Territorial re-numberings. Prefixes explained.

RE: Notes on all number bands including a refined version of the TF numberings, Tunnelling, Gas and other companies identified as associated with certain number blocks.

Tank Corps: Origins of personnel revealed plus number blocks to specific battalions.


Sections on AIF, CEF SA, NZEF. Regimental Numbers. An A to Z of Regimental Letter & Number Prefixes, covering all units including Navy and RND.

SECOND CHAPTER [Chapter 7] ABBREVIATIONS FOUND ON GREAT WAR CAMPAIGN MEDALS AND DOCUMENTS This 140 page Chapter is the result of 25 years work by the Author. Sources for the information include: Medals from private collections; Medals observed at the major London (and other) auctions; Medal Index Cards; Official Documents; eBay medal sales; plus information supplied by friends, medal dealers, and collectors. The study records not only the abbreviation as it appears on the medal and its interpretation, but also many useful annotations giving further information about the rank or unit.

Main contents are: British and Commonwealth Unit abbreviations. MIC abbreviations [Expanded from Vol I].British and Commonwealth Rank abbreviations. Rank & Unit abbreviations found on Documents. British Naval Rank and Unit abbreviations. Relative Ranks Army and Navy. Indian Ranks explained. Military appointments and ranks.

This section includes additional information on the following: The Wauchope Medal; Flat Back Suspensions on WW1 Stars; The Memorial Plaque additional notes; Manufacture of WWI Medals – a summary; Complete lists of proposed Battle Clasps for both the Army & Navy; Comrades of the Great War magazine; Jutland Medal, Lady Beatty; Annotated DCM Gazettes; Additions to 1.7.16 DCM Roll; Naming issues on Great War medals; also included are some revisions to tables in Vol I plus odd typographical errors corrected.

INDEX: A user friendly Index completes the book.

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3 November 2014

1st (King's) Dragoon Guards - PoW Other Ranks 1914

The following six men were all serving with the 1st Dragoon Guards when they were captured in 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page. This data has been transcribed from the Imperial War Museum's collection, specifically item B.O.2 1/45,  B.O.2 1/57 and B.O.2 1/59. My full transcription of these men (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Home address
Next of kin

Next of kin's address

The full transcription is available for sale as part of a Dragoons and Dragoon Guards PoW roll - download or CD - for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

4251 Lance-Corporal Frederick C Brock
5678 Private W Hill
5546 Trooper W Jackson
6213 Trooper J R Lambard
5965 Private W H Lush
5919 Corporal Harry J Smith

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1 November 2014

Coldstream Guards - PoW Other Ranks 1914

This is an edited list of Coldstream Guards NCOs and men who became prisoners of war on or before 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page. This data has been transcribed from the Imperial War Museum's collection, specifically item B.O.2 1/78 which is a thirteen-page typed list of Coldstream Guards dated 7th February 1919. My full transcription of this Coldstream Guards PoW collection (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Home address
Next of kin
Next of kin's address
Date captured

The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

4780 Lance-Sergeant A Abraham
10123 Private W Addinall
6796 Private A Alexander
10697 Private A H Allport
3579 Private C Allsopp
8395 Private C E Allsopp
5543 Private G V Amos
6230 Private E Andrews
7470 Private R Arthur
9168 Private W Ashworth
8466 Private E Atkins
7214 Private T F Atkins
7420 Acting Sergeant E W Aust
8747 Private J Bacon
9542 Private B Bailey
6593 Private W T Bainbridge
7630 Private H Balderstone
9271 Private J E Bamford
10175 Private G Banks
5147 Private H Barker
10789 Lance-Corporal A W Barnett
8715 Corporal G H Barnsley
4433 Private T Barrett
7986 Private T A Barritt
10172 Corporal B G Barsby
10485 Private W B Baskett
9277 Private F J Baxter
7118 Private T Beckett
12573 Private C H Beech
5976 Private W Beech
7931 Private W Beresford
10236 Private J Bertram
10020 Private F Billenness
11168 Private J W Billington
10064 Private W Bindon
9232 Private H Bolam
6548 Private A R Boulter
6458 Private J Boyle
8934 Private E W Bradford
8900 Private F Bradford
6022 F Brice
8948 Private R H Briffett
9162 J G Broadhurst
9117 Lance-Corporal J Brooks
7685 Private F E Broomhead
7137 Private J Brown
7103 Private H A F Browne
10669 Lance-Corporal J T Bullen
6837 Lance-Corporal H Bunford
2162 Lance-Corporal E Burden
3430 Private E Burnett
10655 Private J H Butler
4579 Private M Byrne
10671 Lance-Corporal A B Cade
8039 Private C Cant
7670 Sergeant R G Carden
8520 Private J Cardwell
7594 Private E Carr
6197 Private R Carter
8758 Private S G Caudle
9158 Private H Chappell
11250 Private E C Chick
9838 Private W E Chicken
5760 Private T H Clark
4636 Private C Clarke
8966 Private T Clarke
9516 Lance-Sergeant H Collins
185 Private J Colton
7164 Private A E Cook
10016 Lance-Corporal J Cooper
8682 Private J W Cooper
8086 Private A Copson
9249 Private T Courtney
7869 Private H A Cowell
9626 Lance-Corporal A E A Cowley
7108 Private A Crabtree
10049 Private J H Craig
8778 Private W Creeley
10246 Private W Cropper
4317 Private J Croston
6359 Private T Cunningham
6867 Private T Cunningham
4871 Private A W Cure
10276 Private J W Dakin
4682 Private G E Dalby
8945 Private G Dale
5837 Private T Darling
8626 Private E J Davis
5371 Private D H Day
6531 Private R T Devlin
8003 Private G Dewey
6647 Corporal H Dexter
5993 Lance-Corporal S E Dickinson
5632 Private F W Didcock
5284 Private A Dillon
4860 Private S A Dodd
7135 Private H Dodman
5782 Private H Dolman
8048 Private G W Donner
7287 Private A Doody
10191 Private J W Douglas
8962 Lance-Corporal A Dugard
1395 CSM T Duggan
441 Private J Dunn
7240 Private F Dunstan
8079 Private W T Durrands
10672 Private F G Dyer
10397 Private R Earl
5386 Private A Eayers
9702 Private W J Edwards
8052 Private W F Ella
7747 Private J Elliott
10183 Private J Emery
7072 Private G Etherington
10418 Private G W Etherington
4901 Private J Farmer
6883 Private J H Farr
2287 Private G Fielder
2263 Sergeant E W Flint
11172 Private H Forrington
5825 Lance-Corporal W R Forster
9211 Private H J Foxworthy
4968 Private W Franks
5627 Private J Freeman
10690 Private H L Fry
4952 Lance-Corporal W J Galloway
5884 Lance-Sergeant E Gambell
4922 Private H Gane
8687 Private G Gee
4059 Private W Gibson
5746 Private E Giles
7676 Sergeant F Gill
9192 Private E R M Gleen
8006 Private G Godley
7893 Private J Godsell
8404 Private A Goss
10610 Private G Goulding
8983 Lance-Corporal H G Grant
10758 Private F Graves
10310 Private G J Gray
10967 Private J Gray
10459 Private J Green
12214 Lance-Sergeant B Guy
10256 Private D Gyte
7352 Private W H Hale
4384 Private C Hall
7441 Lance-Corporal W A Hall
5741 Private J A Hancon
5795 Private W Harding
5084 Private W Harris
1399 Private T Harte
1175 Private G Haslam
7426 Private G Hatton
7994 Private A Hawes
8953 Private F Henderson
10129 Lance-Corporal P V Heppel
10198 Private F Herbert
9169 Private F Hewson
8719 Private A E Hirons
10291 Private J W Hobson
7946 Private R G Hodge
6280 Private J Holland
4950 Private E Holmes
11393 Private B Hooker
6586 Private W Hopkins
8857 Drummer R Hopwood
9196 Corporal L Horrocks
10162 Private F W Houldsworth
9200 Private G E Howkins
7631 Private G W Hudson
9369 Private T Hunter
7396 Private B Hurst
5075 Private F Ireland
10068 Private A Jackson
8972 Private J G Jackson
6481 Private W Jackson
5783 Private J James
4995 Lance-Corporal J L James
7045 Private H Johnson
5454 Lance-Sergeant R Johnson
8615 Private C Jones
5658 Private E R Jones
8595 Private S Jones
3634 Private J Joyce
6028 Private W H Keal
7466 Private E A Keel
7717 Private N Keeler
6374 Private W Keeler
9813 Private J Kelly
9957 Lance-Corporal A A Kenny
5214 Private H V Kerfoot
8610 Private J Kimberley
5465 Lance-Corporal W Kimberley
6533 Private A V Kirk
5140 Private P Kirkham
5797 Private H H Kisman
2656 Private C Labross
10158 Lance-Corporal C H Lacey
11102 Private W H Lane
9829 Private M Lang
6389 Private G V Langford
7980 Private J Langham
3418 Private G Leeson
8721 Private J Leighton
6318 Private J C Lewis
10373 Private J W Lingard
7552 Private J Long
7213 Private A G Lovell
6295 Private E Lovery
9107 Private G Lowe
10528 Private W Lowe
2495 Private C E Lucas
9186 Private W T Lunt
10264 Private C V Lyon
9553 Private A J Maddox
6524 Private C Mallett
7272 Private H Marsden
9574 Lance-Corporal J G Martin
9455 Private F Masters
10116 Private C A May
9571 Private W H May
7894 Private W McGraa
10368 Private W P McGrory
8195 Drummer J McManus
11042 Private G E Mears
7867 Private J A Mirams
7883 Private T Mitchell
9462 Private B Mizen
6492 Private R Monkton
5390 Private P Monsell
415 Lance-Corporal F Moore
3540 Private J J Moore
9011 Private W E Mulholland
4407 Lance-Corporal C Munday
10786 Private G H Muscroft
7988 Private J Napier
3571 Private H Naylor
6059 Private F Norris
10882 Private R S O'Brien
5188 Lance-Corporal A J Ollerton
5544 Private F Painter
6990 Lance-Sergeant A S Palmer
5323 Private J W Parker
803 Private A E Parkes
7599 Private J H Parkes
3699 Private A E Parry
7366 Corporal W R Pearson
889 Lance-Corporal F J Pergande
1002 Corporal O Perdue
8985 Private G M Perkins
10107 Lance-Sergeant F P Perry
8032 Private H A Phillips
10503 Private W E Phipps
10274 Private W H Pigott
4878 Private C J Pitman
6739 Private E Platts
7866 Private G Pratt
5393 Private E R Presland
5026 Lance-Corporal L Radford
7922 Private H Ralph
10371 Private B Ranson
3316 Lance-Corporal J F Ravenscroft
2772 Private J Rawlinson
7997 Private T Read
8299 Private S Reading
10130 Private J A Redfearn
7395 Private A H Reed
6001 Private A Reynolds
8992 Private J F Richardson
8432 Private G H Riley
11265 Private I M Ritchie
10124 Private S Ritchie
10407 Private W Robinson
6567 Private J L Robson
9705 Private R Rock
7537 Drummer G V Roebuck
10736 Private A Roper
6131 Lance-Corporal J T Rose
7985 Private J H Rowell
8671 Private J Salisbury
5517 Private G Salley
7453 Private A Satchell
10753 Private W Shardlow
10413 Private W H Sharland
10122 Private F J Sharman
7962 Private W B Sheppard
8015 Sergeant G Shoesmith
10388 Private A P Shore
6055 Private A Skett
8600 Lance-Corporal E A Smith
7874 Private J A Smith
8569 Private R Smith
10251 Private R H Smith
8154 Private W E Smith
9208 Lance-Corporal H Smitheman
6309 Private J Snaith
9701 Corporal G F Snartt
8965 Private H G Snook
10027 Private T Staniland
6590 Private W R L Steadman
5507 Private W E Stimpson
2066 Private W E Stout
2365 Private G Stratton
1717 CSM R Sturges
7862 Private W H Sully
7711 Private J Sutcliffe
2751 Private T Swann
85 Lance-Corporal R Swatton
7951 Private W T Szulczewski
2980 Private E E Tanner
5422 Private W Tarbuck
10282 Private C W Taylor
4920 Private E Taylor
4947 Corporal J Taylor
5972 Private W Taylor
8252 Sergeant E Thompson
10742 Private F Thompson
9036 Private J Thompson
9606 Private J C Thompson
5380 Private A Thornlow
7868 Private C F Till
10389 Private W Tong
9645 Private J Tracey
8723 Private C R Trodd
2428 Private C Turnbull
8540 Private G E Turner
10258 Private J Turner
10403 Private H Underhill
6773 Private J Underhill
7116 Private S Venton
8034 Private E Vincent
6490 Private T E Vinnicombe
5442 Private G Vranch
10178 Private G Walby
7481 Private C W Walden
7397 Private T Waldron
3046 Private B Walker
4985 Private E Walker
9159 Lance-Sergeant H C Walker
7934 Private B Warcup
4965 Lance-Sergeant H Ward
10846 Private J Ward
8639 Private E Warne
10213 Private W Watson
9353 Private H T Webb
9804 Lance-Corporal L Wehrle
5467 Lance-Corporal E Welch
8104 Private F Wells
6220 Private A Whetton
8717 Private J Whitehouse
2008 Private J S Whitehouse
6134 Private A J Wickham
8417 Private G W Wild
8153 Drummer A V Wilkins
7761 Private A Willcox
9599 Lance-Corporal A Williams
8407 Private F J Wilson
8617 Corporal H Wilson
10731 Private J A Wilson
5294 Private W Woodhead
10774 Private F Woodward
10239 Private F Wright
10174 Private F E Wyatt
2884 Private W Yates
9282 Private H Young
6777 Drummer S I Young

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25 October 2014

South Lancashire Regiment - PoW Other Ranks 1914

Here's an edited list of 342 South Lancashire Regiment NCOs and men - 1st and 2nd Battalion - who became prisoners of war on or before 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from the Imperial War Museum's collection, specifically item B.O.2 1/254 which is an undated eighteen-page typed list of South Lancashire Regiment prisoners of war. 

My full transcription of this South Lancashire Regiment PoW collection (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Home address
Next of kin
Next of kin's address
Whether or not repatriated at the time the list was drawn up
Date of deaths

Judging by the regimental numbers below, at least fifty of these men originally attested with the Special Reserve. Of the regulars, the longest serving man appears to be Private Fowles who joined the regiment in 1894, whilst Private Nuttall was the PoW with the least army service. His number indicates that he had only joined the regiment in June 1914.

The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

9357 Private J W Adams
9520 Private J Atkins
10051 Lance-Corporal T R Aust
6657 Private W Ansell
9983 Private W Bartlett
7605 Private J Brennan
8966 Corporal A Bowler
1045 Private W A Briers
8961 Sergeant H Baynton
6805 Private W G Bennett
8478 Private G Brough
8714 Private W J Brown
5952 Private J Barnes
8268 Private J Baldwin
1535 Private W Burton
10012 Private A E Brooks
6817 Private J Bohan
1416 Private T Brady
9045 Private H Buck
9877 Private H Barry
6481 Private W Booth
10078 Private W Brightmore
1808 Private W Birch
9941 Sergeant W Bridge
8289 Private P Birmingham
8739 Private J Barkwith
1630 Private J J Brooks
7571 Private G Bright
8563 Private S Brereton
7407 Private A H Boxwell
10077 Private P T Burke
7846 Private K C Bennett
5886 Private J Barnes
1492 Private F Briers
6607 Private H Bullick
7526 Private P Bradshaw
5709 Corporal J Bond
9213 Corporal A T Bostel
6404 Private E Buxey
10129 Private A G Buzzard
9408 Private W J Bickerstaffe
737 Private D Bentley
10097 Private J Bamber
8218 Private D Balmer
10063 Private J J Carr
7378 Private J Clarke
9699 Private W Coverdale
8854 Private A Curwood
9779 Private E Cooney
8400 Private J Curtis
8405 Private R Crewe
7299 Private W Cadman
1569 Private B Cahill
9974 Private J Coppock
7608 Private W Cattell
9257 Private Herbert Corran
6597 Private J Carles
5782 Private J Cope
8501 Private J Collier
8446 Private C Chalton
7307 Private F Connors
6851 Corporal Carroll
1123 Private J Coles
989 Private R Dodd
6892 Private P Doherty
8185 Lance-Corporal F Devlin
1750 Private W Dixon
9096 Private W Dovey
7955 Private T Duffy
10161 Private T Donoghue
1260 Private T Dutton
6994 Private R Duff
7581 Private W Dixon
8565 Private P G Day
1471 Private R Dodd
10045 Private J Denney
7201 Private J Downes
1063 Private S Duncalf
7548 Private J Devonport
7547 Private O Doherty
9751 Lance-Corporal J L Douglas
8865 Private F Donovan
8432 Private J Duncan
6216 Private M Edwards
638 Private E Fagan
7921 Private F W Forward
6362 Private T R Foster
6757 Private T Farrell
4573 Private L Fowles
814 Private J Fleming
9542 Private A Ford
9850 Private J Francis
7864 Private J Frazer
6895 Private D Farrell
1494 Corporal J France
1314 Private F W Fowler
7443 Private J Flynn
6720 Private E Freeman
1909 Private T Foden
7828 Private C Fooks
7705 Private Patrick J Forrester
7597 Private W H Goldsmith
1035 Private J Greenhalgh
2029 Private R Goulding
1861 Private E Glynn
1497 Private J Grattan
6669 Private T Gallagher
6641 Private J H Gibbs
6966 Private W Gooch
7359 Private E R Gregory
7594 Private D Glossop
7322 Private T Grannel
6234 Private J Gentle
5916 Private A E Graham
6602 Private H M Grealey
1577 Private W Greaves
6649 Private W C Gannon
6833 Private J Girvin
6732 Private J S Goodfellow
1699 Private J Gartland
8634 Private S Goff
6947 Private C Hall
6418 Private W Harris
8014 Private W Henhetty
7841 Private P H Holloway
9891 Private A J Hales
9684 Corporal A S Huxford
9905 Private C E Hitching
10075 Private F H Hill
6685 Private G Harris
5752 Private M Hardyman
7590 Private G J Hatton
9996 Private W H Hamblin
7230 Private J Hetherton
8440 Private E Harrison
6915 Sergeant F E Hetherington
7916 Private R Hulme
7373 Private William Hickey
5762 CQMS S W F Hetherington
7451 Private E Hopper
9902 Private W G Heighington
7549 Sergeant S S Hetherington
6828 Private D Hamilton
1493 Private W Houghton
7715 Private W Hems
10072 Private T Heaton
7609 Private J Hawkesford
995 Sergeant J Hughes
6299 Sergeant T Hunter
7656 Private W Harrison
9811 Lance-Corporal A R Izod
1084 Private A Johnston
7683 Private W E James
1709 Private P Jones
6214 Private Roger T Jones
7446 Private T A Jarvis
9826 Private E Jones
8029 Private W H Jackson
1728 Private P Jordan
7885 Lance-Corporal S A Jones
9948 Private W Kempson
6781 Private J R Kennish
7544 Private G Kewin
7371 Private A Knight
10095 Private P Kealy
10109 Private J H Keable
9109 Private C Krasey
6982 Private W Kenny
7670 Private H Knowlson
6903 Private J W Kelly
789 Private G Kelly
7438 Private D Keogh
7496 Private T Kidd
8644 Private E P Keenan
6423 Private S Kyle
7444 Private A Leadbetter
7767 Private A Leonard
6448 Private W Longshaw
1515 Private P Lynch
1086 Private W Lowe
8862 Corporal W R Leach
974 Private James Langen
8403 Private Thomas Bourne Lovatt
6467 Private P Lawrence
8834 Lance-Corporal H Lamb
6878 Corporal J Lythgoe
7976 Private G Langley
10037 Corporal M V Lynch
7943 Private W Lambourne
7673 Private S S Lloyd
1857 Private T W Leathwaite
1731 Private A Leonard
7911 Private J Lawman
1409 Private C S Lunt  
1500 Private J McCabe
946 Private C Melia
8524 Private Henry Mills
8808 Private C J Morse
1619 Private J Morton
9999 Private H Murtagh
5669 Private J McDonald
8379 Private John T McDonald
6475 Private G Morgan
8666 Private J A Miles
6803 Private J McGuinn
10156 Private T J Morgan
7808 Private J McNamara
9772 Lance-Corporal E McGrath
1257 Private J McDonald
7879 Private J McGann
8062 Sergeant A Marshall
10176 Private J McCleave
9859 Lance-Corporal H Monks
6983 Lance-Corporal J Mooney
6703 Private H Meadows
1948 Private Robert Martin
7245 Private J McCann
7256 Private M Moore
1185 Lance-Corporal R P Monks
8460 Private J McAndrew
9854 Private A J Miller
5961 Private John Martin
7587 Private B Maguire
9885 Private J Moore
7721 Private W J McSorley
6570 Private J Mooney
8035 Corporal E Murtagh
1708 Lance-Corporal F Marchant
8312 Private W Markland
7301 Private E Neale
10261 Private T Nuttall
7561 Sergeant H Nash
10138 Private T Newton
10027 Private John Nappin
7363 Private T Newton
5734 Private J O'Brien
6785 Corporal R Owens
1468 Private R O'Rourke
6631 Private A Owens
6719 Private M O'Brien
7382 Private D O'Brien
8871 Lance-Corporal C E Organ
7321 Private J J O'Brien
7248 Private W Page
7887 Private C T Payne
6900 Private J Peers
6209 Private E Price
1087 Private W Penman
6953 Private E Platt
8120 Private P Penketh
9065 Private G C Pledger
1850 Private A Pennington
1050 Private P Purcill
8895 Private F Parry
9876 Private W J Phillips
9959 Private Sidney Poultney
6479 Sergeant W J W Parker
324 Corporal A Pemberton
7482 Sergeant H A Pyper
5594 Private F Regan
7419 Private Frank Richards
6228 Private W Round
7405 Private A Ross
7217 Private W Roberts
10155 Private H Roberts
7729 Private J Richmond
7768 Private E Rickson
9026 Lance-Corporal E Ristowe
10058 Private J Ryan
9358 Corporal A Roper
848 Private A Robb
10111 Private F Roebrick
1605 Private J Rose
6810 Private J L Roberts
8613 Lance-Corporal J H Reader
9202 Sergeant H V Reader
7645 Private F Salt
9573 Private M J Sheehan
6692 Private T Smith
9502 Private W T Stokes
10014 Private F Stockham
10021 Private E F Steen
8793 Sergeant S Suckling
9591 Private T Simpson
1423 Private W J Stanton
8725 Lance-Corporal J Scriven
7610 Private W Scholfield
10121 Private W H Shilson
10020 Private W E Savage
8976 Private J T Snelling
8297 Private Spender
6568 Private J Shaw
8785 Corporal T Sayers
8768 Private E Stanton
7641 Private E Slattery
10010 Private T Sparks
7951 Private W Simpson
10165 Private A Sylvester
7714 Private J Sankey
7867 Private W C Streeting
7226 Private J Summerville
8338 Private W H Smallbones
7570 Private F Stocken
7872 Private W J Sherrington
8310 Private J Southern
10103 Private D O Sant
1620 Private J Smith
7812 Private J H Slucock
10108 Private J Shaw
7843 Private J F Thacke
9204 Private C F Thompson
10056 Private L Thatcher
7269 Private A Tibbles
9810 Private G E Tyler
8076 Sergeant J Teebay
10177 Private S S Taylor
6410 Private A H Turner
9752 Private E Thomas
9447 Corporal W Thacker
8382 Private W Vaughan
7361 Private C S Walsh
9195 Private A Weston
9467 Private A Winrow
6832 Private J S Wright
8439 Private T Williams
9992 Private W B Wyatt
7466 Private J Wright
8010 Sergeant W G W Watson
9950 Private A Winstanley
7947 Private C Wells
7347 Private E West
7990 Sergeant S C Wilson
6728 Private W Williams
8058 Private H Williams
9929 Private J Ward
7311 Private L Wilson
9932 Private J E Wooding
9958 Private J Welsch
9935 Private G P Whitehorn
9899 Private V Watkins
9908 Private G Willis
926 Private F Webb
6196 Private F G Wyton
5609 Private J Walsh

Image courtesy of North East Medals.

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