7 September 2014

Somerset Light Infantry - PoW Other Ranks 1914

This is an edited roll of men serving with the Somerset Light Infantry, who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from the following sources at the Imperial War Museum:

1. B.O.2 1/287. This is an eight-page handwritten letter and list of Somerset Light Infantry Prisoners of War submitted by the Somerset Prisoners of War Help Committee and dated 20th December 1918.
2. B.O.2 1/288. This is a 16-page handwritten letter and list of Somerset Light Infantry Prisoners of War submitted 6th January 1919. This list appears to pre-date B.O.2 1/287

My full transcription of this Somerset Light Infantry PoW collection (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Date of capture
Home address
Next of kin
Next of kin's address

The longest serving man here was 4461 Sergeant Patrick Williams who joined the regiment in June 1896. The most recent recruit appears to have been the exquisitely named, Morley Archibald Hargett, whose number suggests he joined the regiment in May or June 1914.

The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

5456 Private F Allen
6926 Private J Anderson
6609 Private J Appleton
6712 Private J Arthur
6774 Private C Bailey
7990 Private S Balbin
7061 Private W Baldwin
7741 Private Charles Barber
7990 Private S H Belbin
9220 Bugler A Bell
6029 Private T Biggs
8981 Lance-Corporal C Bird
7315 Private A Bowsher
7043 Private J Branchflower
9463 Private R Buller
6950 Private C Bullock
9694 Private H Burgess
6739 Private Arthur Burt
7279 Private H Burt
8263 Lance-Corporal J Butler
7167 Corporal W Care
7964 Private F Chapman
6637 Private W Chapman
9203 Private W Clifford
8609 Corporal F Cobb
6975 Private W Coleman
9109 Corporal R Collins
7615 Private H Compton
7667 Private W Coombs
9583 Private S Cossins
7581 Private W Cousins
9418 Private F Cox
7936 Lance-Corporal C Craven
6296 Private W J Crockson
9545 Lance-Corporal A Cross
7512 Corporal C H A Dally
9523 Private E W Davidge
7338 Corporal E Davies
8198 Lance-Corporal J Davis
8035 Private A Dawson
9677 Private H Day
7341 Private E Derrick
7498 Private J Derrick
7004 Private J Dredge
7940 Private A Drew
9636 Private S Driscoll
9191 Lance-Corporal W Dunster
6188 Private J Duxberry
6700 Private S Dyer
9637 Private A English
9426 Private L Everall
5878 Private W Fear
7045 Private A Ford
7464 Private J Ford
7778 Sergeant W Ford
7361 Private P Francis
7576 Private T French
8955 Private B Furzer
6453 Private P Garter
7732 Private A Garland
9727 Private G Garland
7129 Private H Gillard
6997 Corporal D Gillespie
7196 Private D Golden
8843 Lance-Corporal E Goodman
7613 Private L Grant
7108 Private A Gray
7103 Private A Gray
7344 Private C Greet
7092 Private H Gunningham
7307 Private C Hacker
8735 Private D Hall
7360 Private T Hampshire
9641 Private A E Hanks
7418 Private G Hann
7505 Private W Harding
9731 Private M Hargett
9531 Private P Harris
8409 Private L Hartridge
9519 Private J Havard
7795 Private H Hawkins
9373 Lance-Corporal J Hawkins
9641 Private A Hawks
5324 Private G Hawthorne
8604 Lance-Corporal E Hayward
8346 Corporal A Heath
7792 Private W Hill
9482 Private S Hines
7101 Private C Holder
9675 Private J Hollick
9547 Lance-Corporal E Hopkins
7413 Private J Houlding
8354 Private F Hucklesby
7360 Private T Humphries
9552 Private A James
7823 Private W Jones
7471 Private H Joyce
7289 Private R Kates
7727 Private E Kerby
9527 Private H King
5446 Lance-Corporal W Knight
7824 Private J Langdon
8059 Lance-Corporal J Lee
9626 Private Thomas J Legg
8429 Private F Lewis
9684 Private F Linham
7234 Private F Long
4789 Sergeant H Lugg
9254 Private W Margetts
9213 Private E J Masters
7978 Private Frederick McCready
7303 Private J Meadon
8942 Private C Medhurst
8343 Private F Mitchell
6590 Private G Morgan
9366 Lance-Corporal W E Morgan
6653 Private J Mounce
6689 Private T Murley
7563 Private H Nash
6999 Private W Oates
7918 Private C O'Hare
9150 Private J Olwer
7667 Private C Pafford
7690 Private F Parsons
9682 Private A Peppin
9513 Private F Phillips
6778 Private P Phillips
9166 Private P A Phillips
9327 Private W Phillips
8294 Corporal A Phipps
7489 Private Albert S Pitt
9074 Lance-Corporal F Pocock
9595 Private E Poole
7835 Private George Popham
9618 Private W Porter
5968 Sgt Bugler J Prince
8496 Private F Pugsley
9149 Private W Rainey
9329 Private W Randell
9726 Private T Reynolds
6359 Private R Roberts
8185 Sergeant E Rogers
9517 Lance-Corporal Harry Sarsfield
7933 Private W J Sawyer
9656 Private Samuel S Sims
7274 Lance-Corporal T Smale
8742 Private P Smart
9553 Private J Smith
7412 Private F Smith
6960 Private H Soper
9568 Lance-Corporal S Southwood
7903 Lance-Corporal W Spencer
8037 Private E Squires
8328 Private J Stoker
7478 Private C Stokes
7620 Private F Stokes
6956 Private Frank Stone
9057 Private W Sullivan
7369 Private S Summerhayes
9632 Private W Taylor
5806 Sergeant W Tooze
7843 Private V Tout
9515 Private H Trask
7227 Private J Tucker
5569 Private O Veale
7996 Private B Wallace
7545 Private A Wathen
9399 Private W H Webb
6596 Private C Webber
8498 Private C Weeks
8962 Bugler J West
7634 Private F Weston
7534 Private T Whalley
9481 Bugler A White
7987 Lance-Corporal James S White
8834 Private A Whitlock
6661 Private James S Wilkins
9125 Private C Williams
4661 Sergeant Patrick Williams
6681 Private G Willis
7028 Corporal J Willis
7421 Lance-Sergeant C Wills
6703 Private G Wills
9412 Private R Wiltshire
8574 Private J Withers
7570 Private F J Young

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