27 March 2015

Rifle Brigade - other rank PoWs 1914

This is an edited roll of over 304 Other Ranks serving with the Rifle Brigade who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

The majority of these men were 1st Battalion men and most of the men listed below were captured on the 26th August 1914. This data has been transcribed from a single source at the Imperial War Museum, namely B.O.2 1/184 which is a six-page typed list dated 6th January 1919. 

My full transcription of this data (not reproduced here) also contains the date of capture and home address against the majority of the names, albeit home address is often given simply as "Rifle Depot, Winchester".

The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

5350 Rifleman C W Abbott
4429 Acting Corporal F G Abel
8231 Rifleman G Adams
249 Rifleman G W Adie
9679 Rifleman G W Ainsworth
7267 Rifleman G Allen
3656 Bugler S F Ames
9919 Colour-Sergeant J Archer
899 Rifleman J Banister
9596 Rifleman J Barker
4418 Rifleman A R C Barklett
9534 Rifleman J Barrett
8342 Rifleman J Barry
4053 Acting Sergeant A J Bates
6616 Rifleman G Beckett
4732 Acting Corporal R E Belham
7345 Rifleman F Bell
665 Rifleman A E Bennett
132 Rifleman W Berry
3574 Acting Corporal H Biggs
1524 Rifleman A Bingham
4163 Corporal H Birch
9341 Rifleman W Blackler
4289 Rifleman R B L Blake
5100 Rifleman E Bloxham
7083 Sergeant J Bone
9985 Rifleman F Boon
3703 Corporal W Borrett
1116 Rifleman J Bowles
3297 Corporal E Brennan
6676 Rifleman M Brennan
1733 Acting Corporal E Brentnall
5777 Rifleman H Brocklehurst
4733 Rifleman F W Brown
4683 Acting Corporal R W Brown
2694 Rifleman J A Brunton
3755 Corporal N Bryant
490 Rifleman W Bryson
576 Acting Corporal E W Buchman
7650 Rifleman H Buckley
8418 Rifleman A E Bulbeck
8516 Rifleman G S Burgum
9829 Rifleman H Canning
8093 Sergeant E Caplin
4917 Rifleman H Carpenter
4336 Rifleman H Carter
4434 Rifleman T Carter
6664 Rifleman W Case
147 Rifleman T Cave
4586 Rifleman A H Chambers
9999 Rifleman J Chapman
8764 Rifleman R Chappell
1082 Rifleman T Chessum
4933 Rifleman P H Clark
5068 Rifleman T Clark
76 Rifleman B Clayton
3449 Rifleman A S Clements
3967 Rifleman G Cleverley
113 Rifleman G R Clissold
3651 Rifleman W T Cocklin
1418 Rifleman J Coe
685 Rifleman B Cole
5589 Rifleman A Colman
2399 Sergeant B Conaron
7312 Rifleman G Conway
460 Rifleman C H Coomber
146 Rifleman A F Coombes
4469 Rifleman W H Cornish
2188 Rifleman A H Cox
8057 Rifleman G Cox
4323 Corporal R F Crawley
1183 Rifleman R Cullum
6402 Rifleman H J Currie
2469 Rifleman F Daniels
1806 Rifleman A Davenport
6703 Rifleman Arthur Edwin Davidge
9419 Rifleman D Davis
6991 Rifleman J L Daykin
1380 Rifleman R Dennis
4684 Rifleman A C Dickens
698 Rifleman J Dolan
8065 Rifleman W Donnelly
4801 Rifleman W Donovan
4506 Rifleman H L Durrant
8370 Lance-Sergeant G Eaves
971 Rifleman B Edwards
2820 Rifleman F Edwards
889 Rifleman G Ellis
2628 Rifleman F H Ely
9284 Rifleman A G Evans
6996 Rifleman M Evans
1393 Rifleman F Fagg
1349 Rifleman C H Fanthorpe
9963 Rifleman J Farr
576 Rifleman B Farrant
9614 Rifleman L H Farren
284 Rifleman J Featherston
2772 Rifleman T Ferris
7522 Rifleman A Fielder
5190 Bugler W Fitzpatrick
2541 Rifleman W H Fleming
7652 Rifleman T Fogg
970 Rifleman J Ford
5081 Rifleman S Ford
1919 Rifleman A Franklin
9597 Rifleman R Garwood
9576 Rifleman A George
4372 Corporal E W H Gibbs
2438 Rifleman A Glass
724 Rifleman F Godfrey
4590 Rifleman A Goldsworthy
2183 Rifleman E Grayson
1198 Rifleman F Green
330 Rifleman R B Green
538 Rifleman W Green
1400 Acting Corporal L Greest
4974 Rifleman L Griffiths
1397 Rifleman T G Griggs
678 Rifleman A G Groves
8130 Rifleman W F Haines
9766 Rifleman A L Haley
1264 Acting Corporal G Hall
4066 Colour-Sergeant W R Hall
18 Rifleman G W Hamilton
3202 Rifleman W Hamlyn
4299 Acting Corporal J L Harding
9601 Rifleman F H Harnes
688 Rifleman H Harrild
6386 Rifleman W J Harris
4305 Rifleman F W Hatton
9036 Sergeant T Haveron
148 Rifleman W B Hayden
9687 Rifleman M Hayes
217 Rifleman F Hendicott
5631 Rifleman G T Hepworth
1053 Acting Corporal A A Heron
1682 Rifleman W E Heron
4964 Rifleman R T Hide
4847 Rifleman G Higgs
633 Rifleman A E Hills
9364 Acting Corporal W C Hollands
1315 Rifleman W J Hollier
7562 Rifleman H Holman
434 Acting Corporal J E Honey
9380 Rifleman J Honeywell
7648 Rifleman T Horne
9510 Rifleman W H Hovey
9371 Corporal E G Howlett
1723 Rifleman A N Huggins
8211 Acting Corporal H Hughes
3760 Bugler W G Hughes
7120 Rifleman H Hulme
9215 Rifleman J Hunt
9500 Rifleman T Huntley
8611 Rifleman J Hurford
651 Rifleman A Hursell
6101 Corporal W Huxtuble
790 Rifleman C T Impett
91 Rifleman F Ingram
714 Sergeant S E Ings
4334 Rifleman S Jackman
8406 Rifleman F Jackson
8121 Rifleman A James
3641 Rifleman T C James
6154 Rifleman G J Jenkinson
9398 Rifleman A John
7571 Rifleman G Johnson
9553 Rifleman G T Josey
4674 Rifleman B Keating
9959 Rifleman J Keeble
291 Rifleman W Kelly
7423 Sergeant W Kempton
3828 Rifleman W Kenny
98 Acting Corporal H Ketchley
1174 Rifleman G Knight
805 Rifleman H Knight
1229 Rifleman S G Knight
3471 Acting Sergeant W F Last
8841 Rifleman T Latimer
9876 Rifleman C Laughlin
101 Sergeant S W Lawrence
5061 Rifleman B Ledger
6858 Rifleman C Leets
594 Rifleman W Levy
9314 Rifleman H Littlewood
1719 Rifleman A Lloyd
6339 Rifleman J Macdonald
2291 Acting Corporal David Malcolm
6861 Rifleman G Mansbridge
508 Rifleman A Mears
7606 Sergeant E Midgley
7699 Rifleman E Miles
5090 Rifleman H J Millers
7624 Rifleman J Mully
6907 Acting Sergeant A Murley
8461 Rifleman H Murray
8669 Bugler G Nash
2645 Rifleman A J Newland
1102 Rifleman H Nicholson
4567 Rifleman R L Nolan
928 Rifleman J Palmer
6096 Rifleman James Palmer
2276 Corporal C Parish
1270 Rifleman A J Parkes
3643 Rifleman J H Parrott
156 Rifleman H J Parry
9744 Rifleman F P Pawley
9303 Rifleman C H Payne
4803 Rifleman F A Penny
1069 Rifleman J Perdue
537 Rifleman J W Petch
478 Sergeant A Phelps
2443 Rifleman W Plumridge
7201 Rifleman A Pope
8328 Rifleman W Portway
9454 Rifleman T Powell
4991 Rifleman S Price
9228 Rifleman J Prior
4821 Rifleman J W Probert
2150 Rifleman J Punter
9418 Rifleman Kenneth Ralph
3856 Rifleman Frederick Ranson
4623 Rifleman S Redditch
885 Rifleman W Reed
4471 Rifleman C Revell
4998 Bugler P F Reynolds
8951 Rifleman A Richards
4694 Rifleman A Richardson
7357 Rifleman P T Richardson
8371 Rifleman P G Riddle
9818 Rifleman A Ridley
8184 Rifleman G Rimell
8364 Rifleman G Robbins
4303 Rifleman W J Roberts
4622 Rifleman H Rood
7474 Rifleman R Rowe
1182 Rifleman C R Saggers
4702 Rifleman E W Saich
152 Rifleman W Saunders
6419 Rifleman W J Saunders
5040 Rifleman C Saveton
722 Rifleman L Savory
2179 Rifleman H R Scopes
4466 Rifleman W E Sedgwick
1076 Sergeant A P Sievwright
9874 Rifleman R H Simmons
358 Rifleman F W Slipper
4186 Acting Corporal F A Smalley
3892 Corporal W J Smart
6726 Rifleman A Smith
4869 Rifleman E C Smith
9338 Rifleman J Smith
9694 Rifleman O Smith
909 Rifleman S Smith
468 Rifleman R Southgate
5159 Rifleman Frederick Spicer
8739 Rifleman  George Spicer
999 Rifleman William T Spice
6729 Rifleman W Stacey
43 Rifleman J Start
7658 Rifleman W H Starte
9977 Acting Corporal A Stevens
7258 Rifleman A Stroud
5675 Sergeant E J Symons
8407 Rifleman J W Tabraham
9557 Rifleman E Taylor
6886 Acting Corporal J R Thaxyer
433 Rifleman J L Thomas
948 Rifleman H Thorpe
5351 Rifleman W H Tibbolds
818 Rifleman A Townsend
1693 Rifleman A G Travers
2204 Rifleman F Travers
4727 Rifleman G E Tugwood
8288 Lance-Corporal C Turner
140 Rifleman C W Turner
8724 Rifleman H J Tyler
419 Rifleman R Tyler
6561 Rifleman A Vicary
60 Rifleman H C Videar
7319 Rifleman J Wakeling
471 Rifleman J H Wall
380 Rifleman C J Walls
687 Rifleman C Walters
4859 CQMS E Walwyk
4975 Rifleman C Watkins
4681 Rifleman E Websdale
8851 Rifleman G Wells
9930 Rifleman G A West
8015 Rifleman W K West
280 Rifleman J White
188 Rifleman W Whiting
8732 Sergeant A Whittaker
732 Rifleman A G Wild
9830 Rifleman F Williams
9337 Rifleman H Williams
8332 Rifleman W G Wilson
4478 Rifleman G F Winkworth
8234 Rifleman W W Winsor
4707 Rifleman H Wood
39 Rifleman S J Woodhead
7667 Rifleman H Woodings
6163 Rifleman T Woods
4298 Rifleman A Woodward

Any errors in transcription are my own.

The image on this post shows detail from the Rifle Brigade memorial close to Victoria station in London. I have borrowed this particular image from DRW's blog.

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