6 June 2015

Middlesex Regiment - PoW Other Ranks 1914

The men listed below were all serving with The Middlesex Regiment, when they became prisoners of war of the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. There are 397 names in this list - the equivalent of nearly four companies, or half a battalion under the old eight-company system. Remember that these were trained men, regular soldiers who the British Army could ill-afford to lose. You can read more about this Prisoner of War data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from the following sources held at the Imperial War Museum:

B.O.2 1/224: a 12-page typed and undated document. No clues as to sender or recipient.
B.O.2 1/226: a 6-page hand-written document on official Army Form B.104-115, used to report PoWs.  This form introduced as a result of Army Council Instruction 277 of February 1916.

Some of the men appear on both of these lists and those that do usually have slight variations in their regimental numbers (224 tends to omit the L/ prefix whilst 226 is more fastidious). Most of the men here would have been regular soldiers rather than special reserve but I have not attempted to correct these hundred-year old lists.

My full transcription of this Middlesex Regiment Prisoners of War roll call of other ranks (not reproduced here) also contains some or all of the following: battalion, home address, next of kin address, date of capture, additional notes and remarks. 

The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £10. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

14604 Private H Abbott
8135 Private J Adcock
6616 Private O R Addison
L/9064 Private Alfred Aglington
10811 Private P W Ainsworth
14479 Private R Aldridge
14182 Private J W Alexander
14184 Private H Allgrove
4640 Private A Alvin
9351 Private A C Amis
13801 Lance-Corporal W Amor
L/8473 Private Walter R Amor
L/11930 Private Archibald Annison
9674 Private A Argent
12654 Private E A Arnold
L/10325 Private William Arthurs
10788 Private A Ashley
10136 Lance-Corporal W F Austin
11492 Corporal A Baker
14534 Private A J Baker
14614 Bandsman J H Barnes
11454 Private A Bateman
6676 Private A Baxley
7549 Sergeant Robert J Bayley
10587 Private C Beal
6571 Private A Bennett
10946 Lance-Corporal A S Bennett
L/9248 Private Edward Bennett
9666 Private T H Bennett
9889 Private G Benton
14201 Private J H Berning
L/10539 Lance-Corporal T W Berry
12462 Private J H Bevan
10502 Lance-Corporal C H Bish
10470 Private H Bloomberg
9216 Private John T Bond
9256 Private Thomas H Bond
6495 Private H Boorer
13996 Private W J Bosworth
9840 Private R Bourlett
11717 Lance-Corporal H C Bourne
L/9829 Private G Boyce
9939 Lance-Corporal W A Braine
9789 Private W Braxear
L/8843 Private George L Brazier
14518 Private T H Breach
14574 Private H L Brine
9778 Private J Britton
14419 Private H Broadbridge
12666 Private C Brockington
6208 Private F A Brooker
10063 Private F Broom
8108 Private A Brown
9334 Private A E Brown
L/11059 Bandsman Herbert Bryant
8170 Private W R Bryant
9210 Private H Buckles
12703 Corporal S D Bullen
14397 Private W T Burgin
L/11707 Private Stephen J Burkinshaw
L/8315 Private W Byers
9175 Bandsman F Byford
14097 Lance-Corporal C S Carey
13201 Corporal J Carter
10418 Corporal W N Carter
13125 Corporal S C Carvell
9743 Private J Cassie
13113 Corporal J B Caughlin
13406 Private J Challis
13427 Private W Champ
10221 Lance-Corporal A G Chapman
14692 Private J A Checkley
11621 Private E A Chenery
14340 Private F A Clark
7746 Private G Clark
14165 Private H G Clark
14601 Private E P Clinton
6914 Private T S Colisson
L/9416 Private G F Collett
L/8601 Private W Collins
9344 Private H Collyer
11920 Private C Connelly
L/7366 Private W Connor
11280 Private H Constable
8474 Private A Cook
L/10637 Private R Corker
14554 Private J Cornwall
13039 Corporal W Couper
9835 Private W Coussins
9922 Private C R Cox
14504 Private J Craven
8663 Private A Crawdy
10340 Private R C Creedon
9696 Private E J Crowe
L/6793 Private G H Crown
10698 Private C W Curling
7748 Private H R Curling
L/11319 Private G Daley
10445 Private H W Dande
9569 Private E H Daniels
11422 Private W A Darling
13753 Private P Darville
6910 Private A E Davis
14593 Lance-Corporal H H Dawson
9138 Corporal L L Day
13324 Private J E Daynes
14629 Private W E Deal
10586 Private G Dean
10318 Private J A Dean
14352 Private E Denmark
13537 Private F W Denty
13275 Lance-Corporal J F Dicks
L/9761 Private Albert E Dickson
11199 Private F Diver
8990 Private H E Dixon
8144 Private E Dodd
11142 Private J P Dorgan
L/11142 Private James P Dorgan
6002 CSM G Downes
10157 Private A E Eade
8896 Private N Eckstein
13825 Lance-Corporal J Eldrett
7415 Private J Eley
7483 Private W Ellis
7351 Private J Emery
8714 Private J M Exley
14345 Private W A Fairhurst
11572 Private H T Field
L/11572 Private H T Field
14499 Private E M Fleming
8862 Private W J Fleming
8535 Private H Floyd
10834 Private W A Ford
L/10834 Private W G Ford
13434 Private E Foster
8494 Private E Fowler
14750 Private G Fowler
9016 Private H Francis
13959 Private J Frew
14611 Private W Frost
13013 Private B J Furman
12816 Private E Gante
L/12129 Private John T Garland
13766 Private F C Garrett
9904 Corporal G Garrett
L/9999 Private William Geyer
L/10431 Private H J Gibbs
9771 Private H Gilbert
14524 Private V Gilbert
L/5989 Private T Girdlestone
7994 Private A Glinwood
8266 Private H Gold
14625 Private S P Golding
11184 Private A Gookey
L/8296 Private H Gould
L/11287 Private H Gould
14234 Private H A Grace
9650 Private G W Graham
9094 Private S Grant
14130 CSM H J Gray
14357 Private C Green
14065 Private E L Green
9135 Corporal F E Green
8944 Private W Green
9788 Private W Green
L/10732 Private William Grimmer
L/7433 Private Walter Groening
14056 Private W S Gurney
9533 Private A Gurr
8233 Private J Hammerton
L/12500 Private A Harding
L/9995 Private J Hardwick
10259 Private A A Harlow
9845 Private B N Harris
9450 Private C W Head
11451 Private H Hepworth
L/11451 Private H Hepworth
12500 Private A Herring
14034 Private W H Herzog
9038 Private W C Hewlett
10713 Private A Hill
14535 Private W H Hillier
14450 Private F C Hills
9613 Private A H Hinton
14181 Private W J Holland
10939 Sergeant J Horner
14760 Private A H Hort
9824 Private G E Howe
8270 Private A Hudson
6868 Private W T Hunter
6086 Private W Huntingford
9735 Private A Impey
11227 Private A Jackson
9255 Private W Jarvis
14078 Private A Jenn
14686 Private W I Johnson
12322 Private G T Jolly
14623 Private E Jones
L/14721 Private W A D Jones
14721 Private W R Jones
11172 Sergeant G H Kelly
10503 Lance-Corporal E G Kemp
14723 Private F Kemp
13397 Private T J Kemp
L/10549 Private C W Ketley
8760 Private A King
L/6285 Private F King
6385 Private J King
11256 Private C Kirby
5949 Private C Kirby
6913 Private J H Kitchen
L/6913 Private J H Kitchen
13422 Private S J Knight
11000 Private A Latham
L/11333 Private Henry J Lattimore
6318 Private E G Lawrence
6635 Lance-Sergeant P Lawson
10030 Private T Laxton
L/13682 Private W H Layton
14447 Private E J Lentz
6694 Private J H Leslie
L/11057 Private H Lodgman
L/14711 Private A J Ludlow
6493 Private F Maddocks
10158 Private M Malone
8257 Private H F Manning
8488 Private F E Mardling
11375 Private C Marley
5631 Private A Marshall
14557 Private A J Matthews
8650 Private F G Maxted
10929 Lance-Corporal E May
14446 Private F C May
10742 Private W McNeff
11498 Private A P B Meakin
9129 Private J G H Meredew
9396 Private G W Merriott
10878 Corporal H Miller
7599 Private J J Miller
8546 Private W L Moffat
10940 Private A W Money
6862 Private C Moore
L/10845 Private F Moore
L/11890 Private R B Moore
14477 Private W Moore
14087 Bandsman J Morgan
12793 Lance-Corporal T J Morgan
14714 Private W Morgan
L/14714 Private W Morgan
8553 Private H Mott
13718 Private W Mulroy
L/13718 Private W Mulroy
8057 Private W F Mulvihill
L/11687 Bandsman J Murphy
12310 Private T J Naylor
11757 Private E J Norman
13675 Private G North
8523 Private J Oakley
10246 Private T E Oakley
L/12858 Drummer J O'Neill
14571 Private S C Otley
8044 Private A Page
L/14409 Private A C Palmer
14409 Private A E Palmer
12553 Private E C Palmer
13970 Private F H Palmer
10316 Acting Corporal W Panton
L/10316 Lance-Corporal W Parton
9319 Private A Payne
10723 Private J H S Payne
L/9940 Private William H Payton
14144 Private J Pelley
5777 Lance-Corporal E C Pember
11833 Lance-Corporal E C Penney
L/14381 Private John J Percival
7845 Private J Perry
13660 Private J O Pettitt
8999 Lance-Corporal C A Pierce
10128 Private J Pimm
10287 Private T Piper
10798 Corporal A Playford
14343 Private G Poulter
10512 Private F Powell
13797 Lance-Corporal J H Pradby
12823 Corporal W H Pratt
14724 Private W H Prestridge
8676 Private J Ramsey
13798 Private A W G Ratty
14292 Private W G Rawlings
L/11570 Private W Ray
7456 Private H J Raybold
9539 Private L Razzell
L/14765 Private T R Reader
8855 Private W Redburn
14312 Private D G Regan
L/14312 Private Dennis G Regan
13184 Private F Remnant
9813 Private E A Rogers
12630 Private V F Rogers
L/11013 Private A J Rooney
11485 Private E Rudd
9486 Private T H Rudd
7970 Private R Rumbelow
L/1970 Private R Rumbelow
9675 Private J E Rumble
9382 Sergeant A H Russell
10109 Private H G Russell
12332 Private D G Ryan
11679 Private J P Ryan
14178 Private G B Ryder
13034 Lance-Corporal J L Sabbage
L/8322 Private E F Saunders
13759 Private H J Scholes
L/6224 Private H Schroder
14029 Lance-Corporal A G Scoppie
L/17742 Private P F Sculley
L/10049 Private George Sculpher
9912 Private W G Self
9080 Corporal H Sheridan
14553 Private C A Shipp
L/11433 Private W H Shropshire
13757 Private F E Sidwell
12708 Corporal T C Silverthorne
12581 Private F Simmonds
12807 Corporal J F Simmonds
L/10622 Private Ernest F Smith
11067 Private G H Smith
L/11927 Lance-Corporal George Henry Smith
L/13070 Lance-Corporal H H Smith
8095 Private R Smith
L/9680 Private S F Smith
10082 Private E Speller
6551 Private J A Spencer
L/8948 Private S Spink
14058 Lance-Corporal W Stagg
11176 Private T N Stammers
14549 Private J T Stanford
10989 Corporal J S Stanger
7673 Corporal A E Steer
10408 Private H Stevens
 Private E W Stevenson
8124 Private J Steward
6583 Private C W Stocker
14584 Private H G Strange
11155 Lance-Corporal A E Strapley
9119 Private J Sykes
9753 Private W J Tavener
8246 Private C Taylor
8558 Private F Taylor
10817 Corporal G Taylor
14177 Private G H Taylor
13978 Private J Thomas
Private T W Thomas
9935 Sergeant W C Thompson
11036 Private W Towler
8032 Private D Trail
9704 Private S Treverton
10155 Private D Tyler
14076 Private W J H Tyler
9864 Drummer H Underhill
8211 Private A Underwood
10495 Private R Vaughan
11238 Private J Veal
10602 Private E Wakeford
8720 Private A Wakeling
13061 Lance-Corporal F Wakeling
11694 Private A Wallace
10721 Lance-Corporal B O Wallace
9045 Private F J Wallace
L/8306 Private H Wallace
L/14344 Private A J Warner
6010 Private W Warr
8983 Private J H Warwick
9401 Private A E Webber
11991 Lance-Corporal S W Weight
10715 Lance-Corporal E A Welch
L/8851 Private C E Welsh
9561 Private F G West
14484 Private J West
13906 Private S A Westall
8593 Private W R Westlake
8822 Private C A Wheatley
8156 Private H E Wheatley
14655 Private C Wheeler
10822 Private F W Whiffen
10419 Private C H Whitbread
8562 Private A White
L/9934 Private Harry White
7649 Sergeant R C Whiting
L/14233 Private Frederick W W Whittington
6056 Sergeant H Wilmer
8895 Lance-Corporal F Wilson
12873 Lance-Sergeant J Wilson
11014 Private W Winn
7391 Private W Winterbourne
11509 Lance-Corporal F S Wise
10667 Private E C Wood
14687 Private A E Woods
L/9592 Private A Yardley
L/6908 Private W Young

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