27 December 2015

Lancashire Fusiliers - PoW Other Ranks 1914

The following men were all serving with the 2nd Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers when they became prisoners of war of the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. There are 162 names in this list.  Read more about this Prisoner of War data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from the following sources which are now housed at the Imperial War Museum:

1. B.O.2 1/248 is a six-page typed document from The Lancashire Fusiliers Prisoners of war Regimental Care Committee. Dated 4th January 1919.

2. B.O.2 1/251 is a three-page typed document from officer i/c No 1. Infantry Records, No 3 District. Dated 2nd March 1919.

Some men appear on both lists, Typically one list will give the man's home address whilst the other will record next of kin and next of kin address.

Note the variation in regimental numbers in the list which follows. The Lancashire Fusiliers reached 9999 in November 1903 and immediately commenced a new series beginning from 1. By August 1914, numbering in the two regular battalions had reached around 2900.  Knowing this information we can guess that most, if not all, of the men in the list below with numbers between 1 and 2900 enlisted between November 1903 and August 1914 whilst most of, if not all of, the men with numbers between 2900 and 9999 are pre-November 1903 enlistments and would, for the most part be men who had either re-engaged to complete 21 years with the colours or who had joined Section D of the Army Reserve at the end of their 12-year colour/reserve service.

The two Company Sergeant Majors on this list who have the numbers 5290 and 5358 both joined the regiment in 1895 and would have been well on the way to receiving their LSGC medals at the time of capture. Colour Sergeant Frederick Byford, on the other hand, had joined the regiment in June 1889 as a 14-year-old and was already in possession of medals for the Sudan and the Boer War as well as the LSGC. He would be repatriated in 1917 and would finally be discharged from the army in 1920 after over 30 years' service.

I say "most, if not all of, the men..." Bear in mind that some of the men in the list below could have been original members of the 3rd (Special Reserve) or 4th (Extra Reserve) Battalions and may have been posted as part of a draft to the 2nd Battalion. These two battalions, when formed in 1908, had picked up the numbering sequences of their militia predecessors and new recruits who joined between 1908 and 1914 would have been given numbers in the 3000/4000 range.

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2642 Private T Ainscough, 9944 Private T Ainsworth, 690 Private J Anscombe, 9189 Private W Ashton, 6746 Private F Ashworth

6924 Private Henry Ballard, 9587 Private J Banks, 2359 Private W C Barr, 9435 Pte Stephen Barrett, 2636 Private A E Batchelor, 991 Private G W Bilton, 9720 Private A Blake, 2530 Private A Blue, 1706 Sergeant Arthur H Bond, 155 Private J Bramble, 301 Private N Briggs, 2721 Private R Briggs, 1456 Private R Bunting, 614 Private H Burgess, 9096 Private J Burke, 9017 Private W Butcher, 3019 Colour-Sergeant Frederick Byford, 395 Private J Byrne

1612 Private J Callaghan,9921 Private Hugh Campbell, 1158 Corporal George Cannon, 1402 Sergeant A Carrington, 730 Private S Chance, 9630 Private J Clough, 9555 Corporal John F Clowes, 706 Private J Collins, 191 Private Joseph Collins, 2855 Private P Collins, 9806 Private John Connell, 141 Private G Cooke, 40 Pte Ernest Corbett, 2730 Private J Cox, 9183 Corporal W Crossley

57 Private E Daley, 9287 Pte Edward Daly, 9924 Private A J De Massey, 749 Private James Dennehy, 9998 Private F J Dowding, 318 Lance-Corporal J Doyle

9126 Private C Eachus, 2808 Private J Eckersley, 171 Private R Edmondson 

2573 Private W E Fawley, 2522 Corporal R Fellows, 196 Private J Fenny, 2796 Private C Fenton, 2107 Private E Firth, 9709 Pte William Fitton, 9200 Private J G Fleming, 9771 Private Harry D Funnell

850 Private F Gannon, 519 Private J Gethings, 9041 Private J W Gill, 626 Private J Gorman, 250 Private A Green, 9892 Private T Grundy

68 Private F Hall, 439 Private H Hall, 2437 Private H R Hall, 2413 Private T Hall, 9667 Private D Hallam, 9253 Private B Hamer, 6840 Private J Hanlon, 618 Private E Hanson, 30 Private M E Hardman, 6267 Private J Hart, 1719 Private L Hatson, 990 Corporal H Hemsley, 9651 Pte John Henry, 886 Private J Heyes, 9915 Private B Hill, 9302 Corporal H Hilton, 9776 Private P Hines, 2841 Private J Hogan, 180 Private R Holding, 2549 Private George Holland, 1470 Private W E Hooper, 9780 Private H Horwood, 9311 Private J Howard, 2851 Private George Hurst, 682 Private R Hurst

1684 Private G Inch

156 Private A Jackson, 9411 Private P Jeffers, 157 Private T Jennings, 2799 Lance-Corporal C Johnson, 77 Private R Johnson, 377 Lance-Corporal P J Jordon 

1580 Corporal P Keegan, 751 Private T Kerfoot, 9875 Private G Knight

39 Private W G Lawrence, 9136 Private W Leah, 2660 Private M Lee, 125 Private P Logan, 304 Private Thomas H Lowe, 2794 Private W L Lupton

2862 Private R G Magin, 1013 Private H Mann, 502 Pte James Markland, 351 Private G Marsden, 2837 Pte Thomas Mason, 2491 Corporal A Massey, 5290 CSM C J R Maxwell, 9477 Private M McBride, 9477 Private M McBride, 9139 Private C McCormick, 
5358 CSM H McCready, 9441 Private T Melia, 9465 Private W Metcalf, 82 Private G Mottershead (above, Rochdale Observer, 31st Oct 1914), 329 Sergeant H Mowbray, 1009 Corporal J Mullen

9293 Private T Nuttall 

1476 Private A E Oliver, 9882 Private G W Oliver, 
19 Private C T O'Malley, 158 Private R Orrell, 2760 Private H Osborne, 9067 Private T W Owen

8800 Private J Park, 9294 Private J C Paul, 9047 Private J H Pearce, 1901 Private W J Pembery, 264 Private C Preston, 9357 Private W H Price 

9092 Corporal W Riley, 9040 Private T Rogers 

720 Sergeant Stanley H Sayer, 9394 Private H Sherrin, 2765 Private G Snape
9303 Private Richard Stansfield (above, Rochdale Observer, 31st Oct 1914), 6399 Private J Steel, 
9157 Pte Benjamin I Steele 

306 Private G Tarrant, 9680 Private J W Taylor, 9389 Corporal R Thomas, 9606 Private J Tobin, 9444 Private E Toole, 297 Private H Travers, 9881 Corporal P Tumhelty, 8765 Private R Turnbull

8656 Private R Waddington, 5526 Private J Walker, 9061 Private E Walmsley, 631 Private John Walters, 
276 Private J Watthey, 553 Private S Waugh, 1435 Private H W Wheeler, 2529 Private J White, 9958 Lance-Corporal A Wilson, 2456 Private H W Wilson, 2833 Private Harry Wilson, 330 Private T Winstanley, 2579 Private C F Wooten, 2908 Private J Worsley, 2644 Lance-Corporal F L Wyatt

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