4 December 2015

Northamptonshire Regiment - PoW Other Ranks 1914

The following men were all serving with The Northamptonshire Regiment, when they became prisoners of war of the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. There are 61 names in this list.  Read more about this Prisoner of War data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from the following source which is now housed at the Imperial War Museum:

1. B.O.2 1/195. A five-page undated typed list, sender unknown. 

My full transcription of this Northamptonshire Regiment Prisoners of War roll call of other ranks (not reproduced here) also contains the date of capture, home address and whether or not the man had been repatriated as a prisoner of war at the date on which this list was compiled.

The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £20.
Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

9724 Private Henry Allen
3/8776 Private Arthur Ball
7331 Private Fred J Bannister
7991 Private Edward Barton
9673 Private Harold Beeby
7214 Private William George Bennett
3/10110 Private James Biddle
9655 Private Percy Bradley
3/10004 Private Charles Carter
7554 Private George Cave
7114 Private John Chinnery
7076 Private Harry Clarke
7272 Private John Dixon
7622 Private John T England
3/9593 Private George Fielding
7644 Private George H Finch
7703 Private George Foster
3/9989 Private Arthur Franklin
3/9979 Private Thomas Frisby
7172 Private William Fuller
6908 Sergeant Frederick Gayton
3/10071 Private Harry Greystone
8464 Private Frederick Humphreys
7643 Private Robert Ireland
9693 Private George Jacob
7271 Private John W Johnson
7439 Lance-Corporal Henry T Last
6238 Sergeant George Albert Lines
7414 Private Harry Lowe
9770 Private Albert Mitchell
3/10079 Private Harry Mitchell
3/10259 Private Reginald Morrall
9868 Private Arthur Munton
5621 Corporal Richard Murphy
3/9075 Private Thomas Orton
7517 Private Ralph Paxton
7233 Private John Pescow
6961 Private Sidney Pratt
8089 Private Thomas Pugh
3/10167 Private Frederick Robbins
3/9999 Private Eric Rose
7484 Private William Sargent
9801 Private Frank Smale
7564 Private John Smedley
3/9980 Private Ernest Smith
7296 Private Harry Smith
7670 Corporal Thomas Stock
3/10972 Private George Taylor
9696 Private William Thomas
7530 Private George S Tinkler
7992 Lance-Corporal Frederick Varley
3/10788 Private George Watts
3/9538 Private George Webb
3/9929 Private William Welby
9702 Private Harry Wesley
3/9491 Lance-Corporal Horace Whitewell
3/9447 Private Herbert Whiting
7757 Private Robert Wiggins
9501 Private Ernest E Wood
9646 Private Walter Wood
7083 Private Thomas Woods

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