12 February 2016

2nd Dragoons - PoW Other Ranks 1914

The following 30 men were all serving with the 2nd Dragoons (Royal Scots Greys) when they were captured in 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page. This data has been transcribed from the Imperial War Museum's collection, specifically item B.O.2 1/43,  B.O.2 1/54 and B.O.2 1/59. My full transcription of these men (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Date of capture
Home address
Next of kin

Next of kin's address

The full transcription is available for sale as part of a Dragoons and Dragoon Guards PoW roll - download or CD - for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

3194 Private A G Anderson
2799 Private J Armour
5569 Shoeing Smith C E Bennett
2180 Lance-Corporal G H Bishop
5744 W Boothroyd
1582 Private J Boyd
5668 Private R Boyd
8627 Private G Brown
7998 Private W G Clark
4639 Private D Coll
6449 Private J Davidson
4812 Private J Douglas
6019 Corporal A H Dunlop
6875 Private W J French
3263 Private J Garner
4652 Acting Sergeant Shoeing-Smith R Gilling
5683 Lance-Corporal G M Lamb
3046 Private D Legg
4067 Staff Sergeant D McBrayne
4145 Private J McDonald
5032 Sergeant A S McTaggart
1330 Private D Murray
6342 Private D P Oliver
5705 Private James Pearson
6284 Trooper P Smart
8179 Private E Swinson
6302 Sergeant H Watts
7314 Private H Wilson
6122 Cpl James Wilson
2885 Saddler J Young

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