16 March 2016

Royal Warwickshire Regt: Deaths, Sudan Campaign 1898

There's an impressive memorial in St Mary's Church, Warwick to the non commissioned officers and men of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment who lost their lives during the Sudan Campaign of 1898.

The names of the memorial are organised in order of seniority: non-commissioned officers first, followed by the men in order of length of service. The names appear in two columns and there are 49 casualties in all.

Colour Sergeant Doughty is the senior non-commissioned officer here and so his name appears at the top of the left-hand column. Sergeant Rea, as the longest serving sergeant, is the next most senior man and his name appears at the top of the right-hand column. Then it's sergeant Harrison on the left-hand column, Sergeant Stafford on the right-hand column and so on as you slalom down through the names. Here are the left hand-column names:

2578 Colour Sergeant H Doughty
2304 Sergeant W Harrison
3640 Sergeant G Gage
3250 Lance Corporal A Mitchell
1511 Private W Jones
3115 Lance Corporal W Vickers
3142 Private W Hale
3199 Private H Burrows
3313 Private F Bonehill
3404 Private A Power
3428 Private W Allkins
3611 Private G Clayton
3758 Private G Howling
3917 Private H Filkins
3990 Private T Raven
4067 Private J Wesker
4100 Private A Lockley
4125 Private F Gardner
4180 Private H Pettipher
4188 Private W Jackson
4212 Lance Corporal G Henshaw
4462 Private W Ray
4512 Private T Hunt
4868 Private C Newton
6175 Private H Burley

And here are the right-hand column names. The numbering goes slightly out of sequence when we reach 4088 Private M Lee who is followed by 4075 Private T Daffern.

1667 Sergeant H Rea
3681 Sergeant A Stafford
759 Corporal J Hirons
4335 Lance Corporal G Upton
2321 Private C Pink
3137 Private H Jones
3174 Private W Dutton
3219 Private A Holt
3321 Private J Yates
3425 Private H Meredith
3468 Private T Worrall
3641 Private E Wilson
3825 Private J Close
3973 Private J Cox
4088 Private M Lee
4075 Private T Daffern
4103 Private W Worrall
4171 Private A Fisher
4182 Private J Freebury
4201 Private J Hubbard
4418 Private C B Lowe
4471 Private W Manners
4565 Private C Gibbons
4900 Private W Jones

The longest-serving man on this memorial is 759 Corporal Hirons who, judging by his regimental number, must have joined the regiment in 1883 and would have been well on the way to a pension. 1511 Private Jones joined in the second half of 1885 and 1667 Private H Rea in 1886, but the majority of the men listed here joined in the 1890s. Private Burley, with the regimental number 6175, is the man with least experience. His number dates to late July or early August 1898.

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