2 December 2016

19th Hussars - Other Rank PoWs 1914

Here are some more cavalrymen, a small list of 12 men, captured by the Germans before Christmas 1914; this time men from the 19th (Queen Alexandra's Own) Hussars.

As I have said before, what I call the Princess Mary tin PoW lists are certainly incomplete but they're also a great starting point.  I have augmented the information I hold in these lists by looking at The Times casualty lists and also the Prisoners of War on Findmypast.  There are close to 2.7m indexed records in total and over 69,000 First World War PoW records. This is an ongoing task.

All of these men appear in a document held at the Imperial War Museum in B.O.2 1/163 which is a two-page hand-written letter to Sire Ernest Goodhart from the officer in charge of cavalry records at York. The letter is dated 7th January 1919.

2109 Private J Black,  19th Hussars, 65 Kingsland Road, Dalston, London E13 
46523 Sergeant W A Ducker,  19th Hussars, Fleech Hotel, Canterbury 
9701 Private G E Line,  19th Hussars, 75 St Peters Road, Edmonton 
5985 Private T McGrory,  19th Hussars, 36 Forest Street, Stonefield, Cantyre, Blantyre 
6754 Private C McGuire,  19th Hussars, 74 Everson Lane, Sheffield 
3044 Private N Phelan,  19th Hussars, 25 Burton, Kingston-on-Thames 
2924 Private G J Saunders,  19th Hussars, Petworth, Sussex 
8069 Private J W Seth,  19th Hussars, 5 Cemetery Lane, Shepperton, Middlesex 
3283 S/Sgt Frank Underhill,  19th Hussars, Regents Cottage, Edenbridge 
745 Private J Whitney.  19th Hussars. 77 Cambridge Street, Springfield, Northampton 
46500 Private Thomas Whybourne,  19th Hussars, Manor Farm, Guildford 
9684 Private W L Wills,  19th Hussars, Wyesham, Near Monmouth

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