9 June 2017

6th Dragoon Guards - Other Rank PoWs 1914

The 6th Dragoon Guards men who appear in the list below were all captured and became prisoners of war of the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914

The men have been catlaogued under B.O.2 1/161 at the Imperial War Museum which is a five-page hand-written letter (two lists, with many identical details but some unique information against some men) dated 13th Jan 1919. Other details not published here include the men's home addresses.

These lists of names, now housed in the Imperial War Museum, are certainly incomplete but they're also a great starting point.  I am currently adding to the information I hold by looking at The Times casualty lists and also the Prisoners of War on Findmypast.  There are close to 2.7m indexed records in total and over 69,000 First World War PoW records

Read more about the Princess Mary tin lists here.

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3401 Corporal F Abbott 
728 Lance-Corporal F Aspinall 
4502 Private W Atkins 
7323 Private W Baker 
8640 Lance-Corporal G Ball 
123 Private F G Batt 
10189 Private J Blake
2342 Private F A Butler 
4562 Private W Cameron 
40345 Private W Cameron 
7318 Private G Causey 
7476 Private M Crow 
7362 Private E Dallard 
4742 Trumpeter Day 
8308 Private H Edwards 
8607 Private H Fudge 
7368 Corporal C Garforth 
4774 Lance-Corporal Charles Gogarty 
746 Trumpeter G Goode 
5968 Private H Grant 
7403 Private G Hill 
656 Private A Johnson 
2494 Lance-Corporal F Johnson 
496 Private F W Johnson 
4507 Lance-Corporal A Lyons 
46318 Saddler D McDonald 
4710 Private A McFarlane 
4475 Cpl William Nicholson 
124 Private F Painter 
3564 Private W Parsons 
46295 Musician W Parsons 
3211 Private F Pearce 
3172 Private W Pearce 
1836 Private J Phillips 
4501 Corporal Ernest J Roffey 
4725 Private J Rooke 
998 Private G Slack 
1055 Saddler C Stunt 
2616 Private G J Trump 
1033 Private W Webb 
5450 Private H Wells 
7231 Trumpeter Whitmore 
7332 Private G Wingrove 
4756 Sergeant Ernest V Winyard 
566 Private A Young

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