12 December 2017

10th Middlesex footballers 1917

Here's another football team from the 10th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment; this time with a date. .

The names on the reverse of the card read:

Wilson, Popple, Birks, Lyon, Manning, Magnoni, Sharp
Elson, Mitchell, Buttery, Nichollson
Stubbs, Popple

I searched for these men using my British Army Ancestors search engine and come up with the following results:

Wilson [not positively identified]
1976, later 290399 Pte John Popple or 2018, later 290420 Pte William Popple
Possibly 290376 Pte Albert Birks (formerly 113719 Pte, MGC)
1413, later 290165 Pte Charles S Lyon
2305 L-Cpl, later 290597 Pte Arthur R Manning OR 2472, later 290713 Cpl Leonard D Manning
2178, later 290508 L-Cpl Bertram G Magnoni
2354, later 290628 Pte Albert G C Sharp

Elson  [not positively identified]
2050, later 290437 Pte Charles Mark Mitchell
Buttery  [not positively identified]
1331, later 290117 L-Cpl Ernest M Nicholson

2648, later 290824 Pte Alfred W Stubbs
1976, later 290399 Pte John Popple or 2018, later 290420 Pte William Popple

The 10th Battalion was in Lucknow between June and October 1917. A partial service record exists for Charles Mitchell which gives his stations as follows:

In the cases of the men above, I used their six-digit Middlesex Regiment numbers to identify them. Numbers in the range 290001 to 315000 were issued to men in this battalion in early 1917 and so they are easy to find in a search of service records and medal index cards (and all of these men would have been entitled to receive medals). For instant results, go to British Army Ancestors  and simply type 290* middlesex* in the search box. Over a thousand results are returned, the vast majority of these being men from the 10th Middlesex Regiment.

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