2 March 2018

King's (Liverpool Regiment) - Other Rank PoWs 1914

There are only 19 King's (Liverpool Regiment) men recorded in what I refer to as the Princess Mary tin archive. These are men who were captured by the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. I transcribed this collection from original lists held at the Imperial War Museum and have been publishing edited versions on this blog for some while. The men listed here all appear under reference B.O.2 1/135 which is a two-page, part hand-written, part typed list sent by the Liverpool Civil Service League to Sir Ernest Goodhart, dated 20th December 1918. Sir Ernest was the man charged by Princess Mary with gathering together a list of men who had missed out on her Christmas 1914 gift. You can read more about this collection on my 1914 Prisoners of War page. 

11343 Private H Clark 
11198 Sergeant A Haines 
9299 Private J Lane 
11404 Private N Leatham 
11587 Private F Lee 
9545 Private T Lynch 
11271 Private J F Martin 
8645 Private M Molloy 
8424 Private J Morrough 
11224 Private R Norris 
9453 Private P North 
8319 Private R Potts 
9480 Private F C Randall 
9257 Private J Singleton 
8322 Private F Taylor 
11313 Private R Thorn 
11738 Private W A Turner 
8476 Private T Walsh 
9285 Private J Walters

The photo on this page is from my collection and shows an unidentified King's soldier wearing his tropical whites in India.

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