27 March 2018

Seaforth Highlanders - PoW other ranks 1914

There are just 37 Seaforth Highlanders recorded on this 'Princess Mary tin archive' listing. These are men who were captured by the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. I transcribed this collection from original lists held at the Imperial War Museum and have been publishing edited versions on this blog for some while. The men listed here all appear under reference B.O.2 1/261 and B.O.2 1/262.  

B.O.2 1/261 is a single-page typed list of Seaforth Highlander Prisoners of War, sent on 8th January 1919 by Infantry Ofice, No 1 District, while B.O.2 1/262 is a two-page typed list of Seaforth Highlander Prisoners of War, sent on 25th December 1918 by the Seaforth Highlanders Association. Many of the names appear in both lists, some with alternative home addresses.

All of the men listed here were captured whilst serving with the 2nd Battalion and other information recorded, but not published here, gives home address and in some cases, next of kin. Three of these men died whilst incarcerated.

You can read more about this collection on my 1914 Prisoners of War page. 

7099 Private William Barton 
8159 Private William Bell 
7686 Private G Brown 
1343 Private Harold Bruce 
547 Private James Buchanan 
7656 Private Thomas Clarke 
8133 Private A Crawford 
9717 Private R Crawford 
520 Private Robert Davidson 
8738 Private H Day 
7590 Private Martin Fechlie 
3/7917 Private C McD Flynn 
9105 Private H Fraser 
9023 Private Hamish Fraser 
8797 Private John Fraser 
7739 Private William Fraser 
7740 Private Frank Hammil 
7699 Lance-Corporal Andrew Horsbrugh 
Private James Kemp 
1022 Private G Macfarlane 
10670 Private Alexander Macintosh 
9293 Private J McCook 
8295 Private J McCulloch 
9180 Private D McDonald 
1022 Private G Mcfarlane 
972 Private J McIver 
9205 Private Malcolm McLean 
631 Private George McPherson 
772 Private William Monteith 
948 Private T H Poole 
830 Private S H Ring 
647 Private W Shields 
9176 Corporal A Ure 
9503 Private F Venables 
7817 Corporal A Watson 
8274 Corporal J F Watt 
7884 Private R Young

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