21 April 2018

Royal Scots - Other Rank PoWs 1914

Here's another list of men; this time Royal Scots who were captured by the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. There are 223 men here, the equivalent of two companies under the old eight-company system. For these men, capture may have been a blessing in disguise, sparing them the rigours and dangers of trench warfare but at the same time condemning them to years of imprisonment and poor treatment. Their soldiering experience was certainly a loss to their country.

These Royal Scots prisoners of war are catalogued under two series held at the Imperial War Museum:

B.O.2 1/290 is a 5-page typed list of Royal Scots Prisoners of War submitted on the January 1919 by The Royal Scots Association
B.O.2 1/292 is a 5-page typed list of Royal Scots Prisoners of War submitted on the 18th January 1919 by the Lt-Colonel i/c Infantry Records, No 2 District

Most of the men listed here appear on both of the above lists which, additionally, gives home addresses or next of kin details for the majority. For more information about these so-called 'Princess Mary tin PoWs' see my 1914 PoWs page. The majority of these men will also have records published by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Searching is free; finding your man is another matter entirely.

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9565 Private T Aldridge 
7934 Private C Anderson 
9686 Private D Andrews 
11345 Private W E Arnett 
8612 Lance-Corporal D Baird 
11532 Private James Barkas 
8647 Private R Bennett 
11448 Private J Benzie 
7101 CQMS L Bibby 
6076 Lance-Corporal W F Birrell 
9232 Private D Blair 
8862 Private J Bonner 
10289 Private E Boyd 
10096 Private J Boyle 
11310 Lance-Corporal E Brewin 
9858 Private J Brooks 
11388 Private A Broom 
11265 Private C G Brown 
9109 Lance-Corporal J Brown 
7071 Private James S Brown 
6701 Private S Brown 
11271 Lance-Corporal S Burnett 
8931 Private J Burns 
5168 Private A Bush 
9420 Sergeant Herbert W Cain 
8383 Private Carnston 
9782 Private S J Casbolt 
Private A S Chapman 
7628 Private John T Chester 
8784 Private F Clark 
10124 Private F Clark 
11185 Private Arthur Cleaver 
11404 Private T Cochrane 
10956 Private J Coham 
4887 Private T Collins 
10654 Lance-Corporal W R Collins 
9807 Private T Collyer 
9212 Private J Connell 
11134 Private F Cook 
8596 Private T M Cooper 
11255 Private P Cosgrove 
11288 Private J Couper 
11352 Private W Coxon 
8383 Private Cranston 
10887 Private A Crombie 

The index card for 10983 Pte Wallace Cuthill from the ICRC collection.
Private Cuthill was held at Doberitz PoW camp.

10983 Private W Cuthill 
11216 Private G M Darge 
8343 Private A Davidson 
8880 Sergeant C Day 
11356 Private George Degville 
7922 Private A Dickson 
11570 Private T Dickson 
8546 Private J Dixon 
10728 Private P Dolan 
11567 Private W G Dolan 
11296 Private W Doughty 
8413 Private T Dowdles 
9231 Private G Driscoll 
11378 Private J Drury 
8696 Pipe Major J Duff 
9166 Private J Duncan 
10233 Private F Eggleton 
9294 Private W Erskine 
9043 Corporal S Falconer 
11474 Private J Fearn 
7341 Private Francis Fearns 
11181 Private A Fensome 
11128 Private T Ferrier 
8999 Private T Finnie 
9067 Private A Flint 
7128 Private W Frank 
11335 Private J Gaven 
10668 Private F Geeves
9124 Lance-Corporal W J Gibbs 
10808 Corporal David A Gillon 
10557 Lance-Corporal W J Graham 
8960 Private J Grant 
7972 Private N T Green 
11547 Private W Green 
7646 Private J Grubb 
8341 Private Walter J Hack 
11355 Lance-Corporal H Hallam 
10568 Private R Hamilton 
8025 Private W Harper 
9872 Private D Harris 
11330 Cpl Joseph Harris 

Do you have photos of any of the men on this list? 

11405 Private C Heath 
10158 Private J Heath 
8900 Private G Henderson 
10375 Sergeant R H Hepburn 
11058 Private H Higgins 
11247 Private R Higgins 
6768 Private A Hill 
11081 Private J Hinshelwood 
7963 Private H Hodgson 
8052 Private W Holbrook 
10986 Private C Holdstock 
11317 Lance-Corporal J Holland 
10759 Private W Holmes 
8576 Private H Hudson 
9434 John Hudson 
11413 Private D Hunter 
10924 Private R Jackson 
11152 Private T Jacobson 
6898 Private T Johnson 
10276 Lance-Corporal W Jordan 
11450 Private H Kane 
8435 Private J Kellaghar 
7015 Private T Kelly 
9488 Private M Keogh 
8591 Private J Kidd 
8304 Private W Kyle 
9370 Private P Laffey 
10474 Sergeant J Langford 
8803 Private E Laver 
8622 Private W Lawson 
11492 Private D Livingston
8785 Private J Lloyd 
9224 Lance-Corporal W Logan 
8848 Private Philip F Lyle 
9038 Private W Malcolm 
10960 Corporal D Mather 
6961 Lance-Corporal P McAlpine
9374 Private J McCabe 
11408 Private T J McCabe 
11294 Private M McCallum 
11514 Private J B McCourt 

You will find all of these men listed on my British Army Ancestors website

9280 Private R McCowie 
11379 Private J McCrudden 
8858 Lance-Corporal H McDermaid 
9357 Lance-Corporal C McDonald 
11199 Private C McDonald 
10323 Private R McEwen 
11292 Private E McGinlay 
9446 Private W McGowans 
2850 Private J McGregor 
8055 Private J McIntosh 
8599 Private J McIntosh 
9037 Private P McIntyre 
11226 Private A McKay 
9275 Lance-Corporal M McKay 
11190 Private W McKenzie 
6921 Sergeant J McKinna 
11419 Private R McMillan 
9156 Private W Melvin 
6940 Private J Mennie 
7070 Private I W Merritt 
11121 Private C R Mills 
10907 Private V C Mogg 
11476 Private D Morton 
7839 Private F Muddeman 
10553 Private R Murray 
9397 Private E G Nash 
7074 Private J Nichols 
7805 Private Robert Nicholson 
8621 Private J Nickson 
9706 Private W Nicol 
9255 Private R Panton 
10466 Private H Parson 
6236 Lance-Corporal J Passelow 
9699 Private J Paton 
9352 Private W Payne 
8339 Sergeant G C Penfold 
6991 Private W Peters 
10014 Corporal A Pickersgill 
8018 Private W Pow 
11354 Private J Poyner 
9721 Private Frederick J Purser 
11192 Corporal D Revie 
11380 Private C W Rich 
4253 Sergeant W Richardson 
9336 Private J Roberts 
6354 Private A Robertson 
9171 Private A Robertson 
8876 Private J Robertson 
7166 Private J Rosie 
7479 Private E Rutherford 
8058 Private J Rutherford 
8738 Private W Ryrie 
10488 Private W Scheffman 
9791 Private H Scheuler 
6613 Sergeant J Scobbie 
7785 Lance-Corporal G Scoffield 
11136 Lance-Corporal G Sergeant 
23662 Private J H Shepherd 
10859 Private M Sheridan 
7753 Private H Shields 
11441 Lance-Corporal G Shiels 
9337 Private J Shoughnessy 
10965 Private H Simpson 
9868 Private A Smart 
8729 Private M Smeaton 
11360 Private J Smith 
10743 Private R Smith 
11519 Private S Steel 
7977 Private J Stevenson 
11318 Private A Stewart 
8356 Private J Stirling 
9184 Private J Sullivan 
11412 Private J Swindells 
1931 Lance-Corporal A Taylor 
11510 Private G Thomson 
10971 Lance-Corporal W Thomson 
9523 Private W Thomson 
8333 Private J Tocher 
8984 Sergeant C Todd 
8577 Private W Tompkins 
7725 Private J Tranter 
7632 Private Henry Twist 
8719 Private R Wathen 
9300 Private D Welsh 
11364 Private G Wesley 
8669 George Weston 
10535 Private James Wheelan 
7017 Private J White 
8373 Private J Wilson 
8418 Private T Wilson 
7007 Sergeant J Winfield 
7187 Private V Winter 
10828 Private P Wood 
6764 Private E Wright 
5830 CSM J Wright 
6205 Private W Wyber

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