Regimental Histories

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Foot Guards
Guards Division in the Great War
Includes maps and 22-page index. "This is a clear, factual and detailed history, an exceptionally good account."

This book is worth the investment for the 3rd Battalion rolls alone. I bought my copy from N&M Press some years ago and it's been very useful reference source.

I bought my three-volume original set of this regimental history on a business trip to the US a few years ago and paid $95. This is a well-written account which comes in one soft-bound volume from N&M Press for a fraction of what I paid. Among the appendices are the Roll of Honour, a list of officers wounded with dates, lists of Awards, Mentions in Despatches and of Divisional Certificates of Gallantry and an account of the 7th (Guards) Entrenching Battalion. There is a table naming all other ranks who were commissioned during the war showing the regiment or corps to which they went. Finally there is an index to the names of officers.

"Told in the words of the officers of the Battalion, taken from their diaries and letters, and covers all the major actions of the first five months of the War – Mons and the Retreat, the Marne, the Aisne, culminating in First Ypres. By the end of that battle the Battalion had lost 959 men killed, wounded and missing – practically its entire strength."

I have an original set of this regimental history which was published in three volumes. I think I paid £100 for my set. This single softbound edition from N&MP is a quarter of the price. Appendices include the war service record of all officers who served in the Regiment with any awards; awards to Other Ranks; VC citations; list of those commissioned from the ranks (410 of them) and the regiments or corps to which they went and finally the Roll of Honour of officers. Recommended.

Scots Guards in the Great War
"This book is set out in chronological order, and though the battalions were not in the same division during the first twelve months of the war their actions are not recorded under separate headings. Thus both battalions were in action during First Ypres and they both appear in the chapter covering that battle. Apart from war diaries, there are extracts from letters and other contributions from those who were there making up the narrative and the result is a plain, straightforward account."

A Short History of the Irish Guards 1900-1927
Short history includes a chapter on the history of the Irish regiments and on the Brigade of Guards. Biographcal details on Colonels of the Regiment; Battle Honours and list of Commanding Officers.

The Irish Guards in the Great War
Rudyard Kipling's thorough, impassionate and readable account of the two Irish Guards battalions.

History of the Welsh Guards
Appendices provide the nominal roll of all Officers, Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Men who served overseas with the 1st Battalion, indicating casualties (over 800 dead) and awards.

Welsh Guards at War
History of the Welsh Guards during the First and Second World Wars.

Infantry of the Line

The Royal Scots [1st Foot]

Regimental Records of the Royal Scots, the First or Royal Regiment of Foot 1590-1911
This huge history covers the entire early years of the regiment from their garrisoning of Tangier in 1680.

Diary of Services of the First Battalion during the Boer War
This brief volume is a battalion history of the 1st Royal Scots' deployment in South Africa. It is illustrated with rare photographs and includes a Roll of Honour and casualty list.

Royal Scots 1914-1919
Arranged on a chronological basis with each chapter covering a specific period of time whether on the Western Front any other front where the Regiment fought.

The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) [2nd Foot]

History of the Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) in the Great War
The narrative describing the actions of the battalions gives names of officers present for duty at various times, reports casualties and names individuals in action. There is a good index.

Wandsworth & Battersea Battalions in The Great War
The Queen's' interest here is the Battersea Battalion, the 10th Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment).

The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) [3rd Foot]

Historical Records of The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) 3rd Foot 1914-1919
During the Great War eight battalions of the regiment went on active service and another seven served at home. 32,000 men passed through the ranks of the regiment of whom some 6,000 died.

The King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) [4th Foot]

The Fourth Battalion, The King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) and the Great War
Nominal rolls, roll of officers and other ranks killed, died of wounds, wounded, missing and prisoners of war; list of honours and awards with citations for the VCs.

Kitchener's Men
Territorial Force and Service Battalions of the King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment on the Western Front, 1915-1918.

Northumberland Fusiliers [5th Foot]

Northumberland Fusiliers

What the Fusiliers Did
An account of the 5th Regiment of Foot and the Afghan Campaigns of 1878-1880

A History of the Northumberland Fusiliers 1674-1902
One of the appendices contains extracts from the Army List between 1688 and 1900.

The Fifth in the Great War.
A History of the 1st and 2nd Northumberland Fusiliers, 1914-1918. A rare history now reprinted by Naval & Military Press.

A record of the 17th and 32nd Battalions, Northumberland Fusiliers
The NER Pioneers 1914-1919.  Nominal rolls which consist of the embarkation roll of officers, a list of officers joining subsequently with dates, the roll of men who served with the battalion showing number, rank, name, company, whether embarked with the battalion, casualty details and any awards.

18th Service Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers
The volume includes this Pioneer Battalion's embarkation roll from January 1916; its Roll of Honour; honours and awards and appendices.

Story of the Tyneside Scottish
The 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd Battalions, Northumberland Fusiliers during the Great War.

Tyneside Irish
The 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th Battalions, Northumberland Fusiliers during the Great War. Appendices contain the complete nominal roll of every man who served in these battalions.

Irish Heroes in the War
Includes alphabetical lists of officers of the Tyneside Irish brigade, with biographical details, along with lists of NCOs and men, all shown by battalion and by company within each battalion.

Royal Warwickshire Regiment [6th Foot]

Birmingham Pals
A History of the 14th, 15th & 16th (Service) Battalions of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment) [7th Foot]

Royal Fusiliers - regimental histories

Historical Records of the Seventh or Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
Covers the period form the raising of the regiment in 1685 to 1875. Includes a roll call of every officer who served in the Regiment during these 190 years with his record of service, listed in alphabetical order.

Royal Fusiliers in the Great War
The appendix gives the Roll of Honour of officers (1054 names); a table showing the numbers of Warrant Officers, NCOs and Men on the Roll of Honour, by battalions; a table summarising decorations awarded, including foreign awards; brief biographies or notes on a number of RF general ranking officers; and several accounts of soldiers who took part in the various operations.

2nd City of London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) in the Great War 1914-1919
The Roll of Honour lists 1,345 dead and the summary of awards shows 65 British decorations to officers and 246 to other ranks, excluding MiD.

The War History of the 4th Battalion The London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers) 1914-1919
Includes a list of Honours and Awards, including foreign decorations, as well as a list of officers and men of other regiments who won their awards serving with the 4th London Regiment.

The History of the old 2/4th (City of London) Battalion, The London Regiment (Royal Fusiliers)There is no Roll of Honour nor list of Honours and Awards, all these are noted in the text and the last ninety pages contain the service records of every officer and man of the battalion where such information can be found, including details of any wounds received.

The Kensington Battalion
This books draws on first hand material (diaries, letters and official documents) as well as interviews from the 1980s.

History of the 22nd (Service) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers (Kensington)
A Roll of Honour gives dates of death of the officers, and in the case of other ranks, they are grouped by companies for each year of the war without number, rank or date of death. There is also a list of recipients of honours and awards, which includes mentioned in despatches. Names are grouped alphabetically for each medal, but no number, rank or date of award.

Hard as Nails: The Sportsmen's Battalion of World War One
Michael Foley's history of the 23rd (Service) Battalion.

King's (Liverpool Regiment) [8th Foot]

King's (Liverpool Regiment)

History of the King's Regiment (Liverpool) 1914-1919
Massive history of the old 8th Regiment of Foot. Originally published in three volumes this reprinted work comes in one softback edition and include a roll of honour of 14,200 war dead.

The History of the 2/6th Battalion "The King's" (Liverpool Regiment) 1914-1919
Contains detailed appendices listing officers and other ranks, appointments held, casualty details etc.

Story of the "9th King's" in France
First World War history of this Territorial Force formation.

The Liverpool Scottish 1900-1919
Solid history of this King's (Liverpool Regiment) Territorial Force battalion from its formation in 1900.

Norfolk Regiment [9th Foot]

The Holy Boys
A history of the Royal Norfolk Regiment and the Royal Anglian Regiment 1685-2010.

The History of the Norfolk Regiment 1685-1914
Covers the period up until the outbreak of war.

The History of the Norfolk Regiment
History covering the period 4th August 1914 to 31st December 1918.

Lincolnshire Regiment [10th Foot]

The History of the Lincolnshire Regiment 1914-1918
Name-rich history largely compiled from battalion war diaries.

Devonshire Regiment [11th Foot]

1st Battalion Devonshire Regiment during the Boer War 1899-1902
The regiment took a leading role in the relief of Ladysmith and subsequently fought at Inagane and Lydenburg in Natal and South-eastern Transvaal. Battle honours include the charge at Wagon Hill outside Ladysmith, and the night action at Elandslaagte.

The Devonshire Regiment 1914-1918
A very useful reference source, one third of the book containing the complete list of honours and awards, including Mention in Despatches, and the Roll of Honour, listed alphabetically by battalions.

Through Hell to Victory
From Passchendaele to Mons with the 2nd Devons in 1918.

Suffolk Regiment [12th Foot]

History of the 12th (The Suffolk) Regiment 1685-1913

The History of the Suffolk Regiment 1914-1927

Somerset Light Infantry [13th Foot]

History of the Somerset Light Infantry 1685-1914

History of the Somerset Light Infantry 1914-1919

The History and the Book of Remembrance of the 1/5th Battalion (Prince Albert's) Somerset Light Infantry
In actual fact this history covers the 1/5th and 2/5th Battalions and includes a roll of honour for each.

West Yorkshire Regiment [14th Foot]

Historical records of the 14th Regiment
Covers the period from formation in 1685 until 1892.

A Peep over the Barleycorn
In the Firing Line With the P.O.W. 2nd West Yorkshire Regiment, Through the Relief of Ladysmith. An unofficial companion to the official log of this battalion's part in the Boer War.

Extract from Digest of Service of the 2nd Battalion P.O.W. Own (West Yorkshire Regiment) in South Africa
A detailed battalion log from October 1899 to August 1902. The log gives an excellent impression of the battalion's activities and includes a nominal roll of casualties.

The West Yorkshire Regiment in the War 1914-1918
Two volume history spread over 800+ pages which covers the exploits of twenty-two battalions in France, Flanders, Italy and Gallipoli.

History of the Sixth Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment
Includes extensive selection of trench maps as well as Rolls of Honour, decorations etc.

East Yorkshire Regiment [15th Foot]

The East Yorkshire Regiment in the Great war 1914-1918
The Roll of Honour lists the officers alphabetically by ranks without indicating the battalion or date of death; the other ranks are shown by battalions and by ranks within each battalion. Honours and Awards are listed in three groups: British awards, Mentioned in Despatches and Foreign awards.

Bedfordshire Regiment [16th Foot]

The Story of the First-Fifth Bedfords
Originally published in 1917, this volume includes photos, addresses and brief details of the seven officers and sixty NCOs and men who had been killed or died of wounds up until that point.

Leicestershire Regiment [17th Foot]

History of the services of the 17th (The Leicestershire) Regiment
Covering the period 1688-1910.

History of the 1st and 2nd Battalions, The Leicestershire Regiment, in the Great War
This volume picks up in 1910

Footprints of the 1/4th Leicestershire Regiment
Covers the period August 1914 to November 1918. Slender yet name-rich volume written primarily for the benefit of those who served.

The Fifth Leicestershire
A Record of the 1/5th Battalion the Leicestershire Regiment, TF, during the War 1914-1919. Also see Harold Shephard's account of his time with the battalion.

39 months with the "Tigers"
The story of the 110th Infantry Brigade, the ‘Leicester' Brigade, which consisted of the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th (Service) Battalions of the Leicestershire Regiment, all formed in August/September 1914.

Royal Irish Regiment [18th Foot]

The Campaigns and History of the Royal Irish Regiment from 1684 to 1902
Includes a thorough index and useful appendices including a casualty roll giving names of officers killed, died of wounds or disease and wounded in every campaign or battle from 1690to 1902. Other rank casualties are at first given as figures but from the American War of Independence on they, too, are named.

Royal Irish Regiment 1900-1922
This volume covers the actions of the regiment's nine battalions in the Great War, in which it saw continuous action from the first battle (Mons) to the last (Hindenburg Line).

Yorkshire Regiment [19th Foot]

A History of the 19th Regiment
Covering the period from formation in 1688 until Khartoum in 1885.

Green Howards in the Great War

Lancashire Fusiliers [20th Foot]

History of the XX Regiment 1688-1888

History of the XX Regiment 1688-1888

Royal Scots Fusiliers [21st Foot]

Historical Record and Regimental Memoir of the Royal Scots Fusiliers

The History of the Royal Scots Fusiliers 1678-1918

Cheshire Regiment [22nd Foot]

The History of the Cheshire Regiment in the Great War

The Cheshire Regiment - The First Battalion at Mons and the Miniature Colour

Cheshire Bantams - 15th, 16th & 17th Battalions, The Cheshire Regiment

War Record of the 1/5th (Earl of Chester's) Battalion, The Cheshire Regiment, August 1914 - June 1919

Royal Welsh Fusiliers [23rd Foot]

Frank Richards DCM, MM

Old Soldier Sahib - Frank Richards DCM, MM

Old Soldiers Never Die - Frank Richards DCM, MM

Nothing of Importance - 1st RWF October 1915 to June 1916

South Wales Borderers [24th Foot]

The South Wales Borderers, 24th Foot 1689-1937

Historical records of the 24th Regiment (South Wales Borderers)

History of the South Wales Borderers 1914-1918

King's Own Scottish Borderers [25th Foot]

The KOSB in the Great War

Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) [26th Foot]

Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers [27th Foot]

Gloucestershire Regiment [28th Foot]

Worcestershire Regiment [29th Foot]

East Lancashire Regiment [30th Foot]

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