16 August 2018

Somerset Light Infantry - regimental number analysis

Some while back I posted a list of men of the Somersetshire Light Infantry who had been captured by the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. You can read my Somerset Regiment PoWs post by clicking on the link. Anyway, here are those men again in regimental number order:

4661 Sergeant Patrick Williams, 4789 Sergeant H Lugg  

5324 Private G Hawthorne, 5446 Lance-Corporal W Knight, 5456 Private F Allen, 5569 Private O Veale, 5806 Sergeant W Tooze, 5878 Private W Fear, 5968 Sgt Bugler J Prince  

6029 Private T Biggs, 6188 Private J Duxberry, 6296 Private W J Crockson, 6359 Private R Roberts, 6453 Private P Garter, 6590 Private G Morgan, 6596 Private C Webber, 6609 Private J Appleton,  6637 Private W Chapman, 6653 Private J Mounce, 6661 Private James S Wilkins, 6681 Private G Willis, 6689 Private T Murley, 6700 Private S Dyer, 6703 Private G Wills, 6712 Private J Arthur,  6739 Private Arthur Burt, 6774 Private C Bailey, 6778 Private P Phillips, 6926 Private J Anderson  6950 Private C Bullock, 6956 Private Frank Stone, 6960 Private H Soper, 6975 Private W Coleman, 6997 Corporal D Gillespie, 6999 Private W Oates  

7004 Private J Dredge, 7028 Corporal J Willis, 7043 Private J Branchflower, 7045 Private A Ford, 7061 Private W Baldwin, 7092 Private H Gunningham, 7101 Private C Holder, 7103 Private A Gray, 7108 Private A Gray, 7129 Private H Gillard, 7167 Corporal W Care, 7196 Private D Golden, 7227 Private J Tucker, 7234 Private F Long, 7274 Lance-Corporal T Smale, 7279 Private H Burt, 7289 Private R Kates, 7303 Private J Meadon, 7307 Private C Hacker, 7315 Private A Bowsher, 7338 Corporal E Davies, 7341 Private E Derrick, 7344 Private C Greet, 7360 Private T Hampshire,7360 Private T Humphries, 7361 Private P Francis, 7369 Private S Summerhayes, 7412 Private F Smith, 7413 Private J Houlding, 7418 Private G Hann, 7421 Lance-Sergeant C Wills, 7464 Private J Ford,  7471 Private H Joyce, 7478 Private C Stokes, 7489 Private Albert S Pitt  7498 Private J Derrick  7505 Private W Harding  7512 Corporal C H A Dally, 7534 Private T Whalley 7545 Private A Wathen  7563 Private H Nash  7570 Private F J Young, 7576 Private T French, 7581 Private W Cousins, 7613 Private L Grant, 7615 Private H Compton, 7620 Private F Stokes, 7634 Private F Weston, 7667 Private C Pafford, 7667 Private W Coombs, 7690 Private F Parsons, 7727 Private E Kerby, 7732 Private A Garland, 7741 Private Charles Barber, 7778 Sergeant W Ford, 7792 Private W Hill, 7795 Private H Hawkins, 7823 Private W Jones, 7824 Private J Langdon 7835 Private George Popham  7843 Private V Tout  7903 Lance-Corporal W Spencer  7918 Private C O'Hare, 7933 Private W J Sawyer, 7936 Lance-Corporal C Craven, 7940 Private A Drew, 7964 Private F Chapman, 7978 Private Frederick McCready, 7987 Lance-Corporal James S White, 7990 Private S Balbin, 7990 Private S H Belbin, 7996 Private B Wallace  

8035 Private A Dawson, 8037 Private E Squires, 8059 Lance-Corporal J Lee, 8185 Sergeant E Rogers, 8198 Lance-Corporal J Davis, 8263 Lance-Corporal J Butler, 8294 Corporal A Phipps, 8328 Private J Stoker, 8343 Private F Mitchell, 8346 Corporal A Heath, 8354 Private F Hucklesby, 8409 Private L Hartridge, 8429 Private F Lewis, 8496 Private F Pugsley, 8498 Private C Weeks, 8574 Private J Withers, 8604 Lance-Corporal E Hayward, 8609 Corporal F Cobb, 8735 Private D Hall, 8742 Private P Smart, 8834 Private A Whitlock, 8843 Lance-Corporal E Goodman, 8942 Private C Medhurst, 8955 Private B Furzer, 8962 Bugler J West, 8981 Lance-Corporal C Bird, 9057 Private W Sullivan, 9074 Lance-Corporal F Pocock, 9109 Corporal R Collins, 9125 Private C Williams, 9149 Private W Rainey, 9150 Private J Oliver, 9166 Private P A Phillips, 9191 Lance-Corporal W Dunster, 9203 Private W Clifford, 9213 Private E J Masters, 9220 Bugler A Bell, 9254 Private W Margetts, 9327 Private W Phillips, 9329 Private W Randell, 9366 Lance-Corporal W E Morgan, 9373 Lance-Corporal J Hawkins, 9399 Private W H Webb, 9412 Private R Wiltshire, 9418 Private F Cox, 9426 Private L Everall, 9463 Private R Buller, 9481 Bugler A White, 9482 Private S Hines, 9513 Private F Phillips, 9515 Private H Trask, 9517 Lance-Corporal Harry Sarsfield, 9519 Private J Havard, 9523 Private E W Davidge, 9527 Private H King, 9531 Private P Harris, 9545 Lance-Corporal A Cross,  9547 Lance-Corporal E Hopkins, 9552 Private A James, 9553 Private J Smith, 9568 Lance-Corporal S Southwood, 9583 Private S Cossins, 9595 Private E Poole, 9618 Private W Porter, 9626 Private Thomas J Legg, 9632 Private W Taylor, 9636 Private S Driscoll, 9637 Private A English, 9641 Private A E Hanks, 9641 Private A Hawks, 9656 Private Samuel S Sims, 9675 Private J Hollick,  9677 Private H Day, 9682 Private A Peppin,  9684 Private F Linham, 9694 Private H Burgess, 9726 Private T Reynolds,  9727 Private G Garland,  9731 Private M Hargett. 

Using my post on Somersetshire regimental numbers as a reference source it should, on the face of it, be a relatively easy task to work out when the men above enlisted. 4661 Sergeant Williams is the longest serving man here and his number indicates that he joined the regiment in May or June 1896. At the other end of the scale, 9731 Private Morley Hargett can only have joined the regiment in May 1914. These men were thus a mixture of seasoned old hands - many of these men recalled from the army reserve - and recent recruits; men who in the normal; course of events should still have been completing their training rather than facing Von Kluck's army in Belgium.

But there were other men in the same regiment who served overseas alongside these career soldiers and these were the men of the Special Reserve. Whereas a career soldier joined the army for 12 years - a combination of colour service and reserve service - a man joined the Special Reserve for a period of six years and did all his soldiering, very much on a part-time basis, at home in the UK. Nevertheless, these men were aware that in the event of war they could be called out to replace casualties in the regular battalions. And this is precisely what happened.

The Special Reserve, heirs to the militia which had ceased to exist in 1908, had their own regimental number series (often the same number series that had been used by the militia) and in many cases there was a duplication of numbers which were also being used by the regular battalions. So in the case of the Somerset Light Infantry, for instance, numbers in the 6000s were being issued to men enlisting as career soldiers (destined for the 1st and 2nd Battalions) between 1901 and 1903 whilst numbers in the 6000s, but from an entirely different number series, were being issued to men of the 3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion who joined the regiment between 1909 and 1914. 

In some cases these men of the Special Reserve are easy enough to spot because their numbers are prefixed with the number 3/. However, this convention was not universally adopted and it still catches people out or makes like difficult when trying to understand precisely when a man joined up. I'm paraphrasing here, but I'm often asked questions along the lines of "My grandfather had the number 6300 which according to your site would have been issued to him in 1902 when he was nine years old!" The answer, of course, is that grandad was a member of the Special Reserve and he joined the regiment in 1913 when he was 20.

The photo on this post is of 8037 Ernest Squires, a career soldier, who appears in the list above and spent most of the war in a German PoW camp.

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5 August 2018

V Platoon, B Coy, 23rd Manchester Regiment

These men all appear in the Manchester City Battalions, Book of Honour published by Sherratt and Hughes in 1916. I've had a copy on my shelf for years and it's a very useful reference work; essential in fact for anyone with an interest in the Manchester Regiment.

There were eight service battalions, numbering from the 16th through to the 23rd Battalion and the book features photos of the men in platoon order, with separate photos for officers, NCOs, and bands. The big frustration with the book is that although the photos are accompanied by lists of names of the men who appear, it is impossible - for the most part - to identify who is who. Apart from some ordering by rank, there appears to be no logic to the way in which the names are recorded. I've puzzled over this for years but I'm still no closer to arriving at an answer.

Nevertheless, it is possible to identify some men and the crop above is a good example of this. The man on the left wears the rank insignia of a company quartermaster sergeant. He is seated next to an officer - a lieutenant judging by his cuffs - and he in turn sits next to the company sergeant major. The book tells us that these men are Lt J E Rothband, 21529 CQMS J Hunt and 23015 CSM W Gorin.

Jacob (Jack) Eustace Rothband, above,  was killed in action at Mametz Wood on the 19th July 1916. He was 37 years old and is buried in Flatiron Copse Cemetery at Mametz. Photo from British Jewry Book of Hnour 1914-1920.

21529 Warrant Officer Class 2 John Hunt later served in the Tank Corps with the number 75480. He died in 1919 and is buried under a  Commonwealth War Graves headstone in Boltonj (Heaton) Cemetery. He was 25 years old.

28515 CSM Walter Gorin was an old soldier who had originally joined the 3rd Gloucestershire regiment as an 18-year-old in 1897 and subsequently enlisted with the Grenadier Guards in 1899, serving in South Africa. He would be killed in action on the 20th July 1916 whilst serving with the 23rd Manchester Regiment.  The Manchester City Battalions book incorrectly records his regimental number as 23015.

I have added this photo to these men's profiles on my British Army Ancestors website. For more information on the numbering in these City Battalions, see my earlier posts:

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28 July 2018

Royal Fusiliers - 18th, 19th, 20th & 21st (Public Schools) Battalions

It doesn't take a lot to sidetrack me. In this case, the distraction came about as a result of the most wonderful collection of photographs from the David Knights-Whittome photographic archive which has been published on flickr. Amongst the many portraits published are several hundred of soldiers who were photographed during the First World War, and of these the vast majority are of men who served with the Public Schools battalions of the Royal Fusiliers.

David Knights-Whittome had studios at Epsom and Sutton, and the 18th Royal Fusiliers, 19th Royal Fusiliers, 20th Royal Fusiliers and 21st Royal Fusiliers were all formed at Epsom on the 11th September 1914 by the Public Schools and University Men's Force. Unlike so many photographic portraits of the First World War, the majority of these images are named, the original glass plates having been stored in envelopes with the customers' names and date of studio visit recorded. For me, it's been a fascinating exercise trying to match up names to the men's medal index cards or service records. I've identified quite a few men already and I've been posting the results on my British Army Ancestors website.

The regimental numbering of these battalions is far from simple and does not reflect when a man joined up. What happened with these men is that having enlisted with the regiment they were then grouped alphabetically and then issued with their regimental numbers, all of these numbers prefixed with the letters PS/ for Public Schools. What follows should be taken as a rough guidance to regimental numbering in the four public schools battalions.

PS/1 to PS/1135
19th (Public Schools) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers; numbered alphabetically A-Z
PS/1136 to PS/1183 (and possibly to PS/1188)
19th Battalion, non-alphabetical
PS/1189 to PS/2281
18th (Public Schools) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, numbered alphabetically A-Z
PS/2282 to PS/2398
Mostly unknown, some 18th Battalion men
PS/2399 to PS/3419
21st (Public Schools) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, numbered alphabetically A-Z
PS/3421 to PS/3615
Mostly alphabetical,and mostly 19th Battalion (albeit note that I only have 19 identified men within this regimental number range)
PS/3617 to PS/3682
19th (Public Schools) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers; numbered alphabetically A-Z
PS/3689 to PS/3960
18th (Public Schools) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers; numbered alphabetically A-Z
PS/3977 to PS/4298
21st (Public Schools) Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, numbered alphabetically A-Z
PS/4301 to PS/4363
Mostly 19th Battalion but with some 21st Battalion as well; non-alphabetical listing
PS/4368 to PS/5824
Mostly 20th Battalion, alphabetical (albeit note that I only have 466 identified men within this large regimental number range)
PS/5827 to PS/5997
Mostly alphabetical but a mix of battalions

From PS/5997 onwards, the alphabetical by surname sequencing disappears and the men join various battalions. 

There are large gaps in my data - which I have largely compiled from medal rolls - and many of these gaps are as a result of men being commissioned. It should be remembered that these men were drawn from universities and public schools and somewhat belatedly it was realised that many of them could more usefully serve His Majesty's Army by becoming officers. Some men were commissioned having already done a stint overseas as other ranks in the Public Schools battalions but other men were pulled out of these battalions before they had ever set foot in France. That's one of the reasons that the Knights-Whittome archive is so fascinating because here, in many cases, are the only photos of soon-to-be officers, proudly posing in their privates' uniform.

There is still much more work for me to do on these Royal Fusiliers battalions, but it's an intriguing distraction from other projects.

The photo on this page is courtesy the David Knights-Whittome photographic archive and shows, left to right, Pte A Lancaster; PS/5756 Pte Thomas Thornber, 20th Battalion; currently unidentified.

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13 July 2018

1st Battalion Rifle Brigade - Football team 1907-08

In a week when the England football team has fallen at another World Cup hurdle, here's a team photo from another era. As the caption states, these men all belong to the 1st Battalion, Rifle Brigade football team, and they won the Irish Army Cup by beating the 2nd Battalion, Lancashire Fusiliers 3.0 at Dublin in April 1908.

Helpfully, the photo names the players and I have added more details to some of these men, as follows:

Sgt William James Jelley (subsequently commissioned)
5111 Acting Corporal John Mears
3408 Acting Corporal George Vaughan Laidler
7423 Acting Corporal Walter Kempton
Lieutenant Christopher William Cookson
Rifleman A Knott
Acting Corporal T Smith
Sergeant Major Leonard Eastmead
7375 Acting Sergeant Fred Midlane
9578 Bandsman Joseph Gilbert
6180 Rifleman Frank Horrocks
6158 Rifleman Sylvester Carey
6926 Acting Corporal Arthur Patrick
Corporal T Gregory

In each case I searched for the men on my British Army Ancestors website and was able to identify the men from their regimental numbers or surviving records in various series. The longest serving man here was George Laidler who enlisted in 1894. Joseph Gilbert was the most recent recruit, enlisting in January 1903.

Incidentally the "Acting" ranks were, as far as I know, peculiar to the Rifle Brigade at this time. "Acting" in the Rifle Brigade would have been "Lance" in other regiments.

Tragically, Lieutenant Cookson died the year after this photogrpah was taken. His obituary appears in the Rifle Brigade Chronicle for 1909:

Christopher William Cookson joined the Regiment from the Militia, 20 May 1905, and served with the 1st Battalion in Malta and Ireland.

The tragic circumstances of  his deatrh are still fresh in the minds of Riflemen. On 7 April 1909 he went with a brother officer to fish in Maine Water, Randalstown, which had been rented by the battalion from Lord O'Neill. He appears to have fallen into a deep hole and the water in his wading boots rendered swimming impossible, there was also a very swift current running, and his companion was powerless to help him, nearly losing his own life in his efforts to save his friend.

He was only 26 years of age, and was a very popular and promising officer.

6 July 2018

Military Books for sale

I've added another tab to this site so that I can offer military books for sale.

The sudden and untimely death of my next door neighbour at the age of 51 has made me think quite a lot about what would happen to my effects were I to peg-it tomorrow. Would my books be sold on and achieve their true value or would they be taken to the nearest charity shop? Worse still, would they simply be thrown out?

Having had some of my books on shelves for the best part of 40 years, I'd be horrified to think that such a fate should befall them and so I'm going to start weeding them out and passing them on to a new audience.

I will add to the Books for Sale list as I go on. In the meantime, I've started with a great collection of Rifle Brigade Chronicles from 1890 to 1932. All of the 1890s volumes were sold within a few hours but there is still a huge amount of information to be found in those volumes which remain.

Regimental annuals and regimental chronicles provide a massive amount of detail and, if you're very lucky, may even include your other-rank ancestor's name as well. For even if, by chance, a service record does happen to survive for the person you are interested in, it is unlikely to mention that he took part in a tug-of-war match, or was a member of the 1st Battalion football team, or won a shooting medal.

The Rifle Brigade chronicles are full of fascinating information (and the trivia vbeloved of our Victorian and Edwardian ancestors) and most of them are profusely illustrated as well. Each battalion of the regiment submitted annual returns and so here you'll see who the officers were, where the battalion was stationed and what it was doing. Quite simply, they're essential reading but I have two sets, one complete set which stretches from 1890 to 1965 and the other which covers 1890 to 1932 (with a few gaps). They take up a lot of room and so I'm pleased to offer them for sale.

All of the photos on this page are taken from various issues of the Rifle Brigade Chronicle.

26 June 2018

14th London Regiment - Other Rank PoWs 1914

These London Scottish men were all captured by the Germans before Christmas Day 1914. Their regimental numbers are interesting and tell their own story. 217 Corporal Flockhart is the longest served man here, followed by 374 Corporal Carey and 336 Sergeant McGilvray. All three men were almost certainly serving members of the Volunteer Force who transferred to the Territorial Force in April 1908, signing up for further periods of service thereafter.

These men's names appear in two list held by the Imperial War Museum, one list giving their original regimental numbers, the second list showing their new numbers - for those who were still living -  which were issued in 1917.

Corporal Flockhart died in captivity in November 1914, as did 2302 Private Jordan. 2538 Private Gilfillan died on the 6th December 1914 and 2235 Private Wilkins died in March 1915. Home addresses or next of kin addresses in the case of those men who died, are also included in this small sample.

1777 Private R L Anderson 
2013 Private H S A Bailes 
1573 Private R S Baillie 
2109 Private S F R Baker 
374 Corporal G M M Carey 
1931 Private C A S Dewar 
776 Lance-Corporal C A Farquharason 
217 Corporal W S Flockhart 
2528 Private A Gilfillan 
758 Lance-Corporal J E A Grucky 
1680 Private C H Hart 
1423 Private E T Johnson 
2302 Private George Graeme Jordan 
2046 Private R A S Mackenzie 
2342 Private R M McCallum 
336 Sergeant G McGilvray 
2182 Private A Michie 
1661 Private H C Phelps 
1920 Private C A Prior 
2201 Private D B Pryce 
1546 Private R Quinn 
2031 Private A B Stewart 
1561 Lance-Corporal R S Taylor 
2235 Private Leslie Guy Wilkins 
1002 Corporal S Young

The image I have used on this post pre-dates the Territorial Force. For a good account of The London Scottish read A Stuart Dolden's Cannon Fodder. I had a copy which I bought when it was first published in the early 1980s, and also wrote to the author, receiving a nice response from him. Regrettably I sold both the book and the letter with it some years ago.

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10 June 2018

Royal Fusiliers - Public Schools battalions

I've been looking at the fascinating David Knights-Whittome photographic archive on Flickr, a series of named glass photographic plates - the majority of these being portraits of soldiers and nurses who served during the First World War - that were thankfully rescued from a skip before it was too late. I have only just scratched the surface - possibly an inappropriate metaphor - of this archive, and I suspect I have many hours of pleasure in store. 

The beauty of this archive, apart from the clarity of most of the plates, is that the majority were enclosed in envelopes which give basic details about the sitters. And from those basic details it is possible, without a lot of digging, in some cases, to flesh out more information.

Frank Eaden Cook - 19th April 1915

Take the example of F E Cook and J E Cook - two photos of each - whose photos appear next to each other in this online collection. No regimental details are evident from the photos but I had noticed that there are a lot of portraits of men who served with Royal Fusiliers Public Schools battalions and so I ran a free search on my British Army Ancestors website, typing F* E* Cook Royal Fusiliers into the search book. The asterisk here is a wildcard which allows results to be surfaced for F E Cook as well as Frank E Cook, Frederick Ernest Cook etc. 

There was a promising result for a Frank Eaden Cook, a corporal in the 20th Royal Fusiliers, with the regimental number 4669; later a lieutenant with the 10th Manchester Regiment. Seeing that the brothers had been photographed together I suspected that they had probably enlisted together as well. To try and prove this theory I next ran a search for 46* Cook Royal Fusiliers. Lo and behold, PS/4671 John E Cook, 20th Royal Fusiliers was returned in the results. A quick search of the 1911 census then revealed that his middle name was - as I suspected - also Eaden. Frank is recorded as a 20-year-old commercial traveller and John as a 19-year-old designer, both men working in the wool trade, as was their father. The family was living in Huddersfield.

John Eaden Cook - 19th April 1915

The number 4670 was issued to another unrelated 'Cook' and this, I suppose, is the point of this post. There is clear evidence in the 20th (Public Schools) Battalion of men being grouped together alphabetically by surname and then issued with regimental numbers. I am sure that it will be possible, armed with this fact, to identify and fill in more details on some of the other men in the David Knights-Whittome photographic archive, and I look forward to doing so. 

As for the brothers, sadly there is no happy ending to their story. John Eaden Cook was killed in action on the 20th July 1916 whilst serving with the 20th Royal Fusiliers. He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial. Frank Eaden Cook won the MC with the Manchester Regiment but was also killed in action on the 20th October 1918. He is buried in Belle Vue British Cemetery, Briastre. 

Thus the Great War claimed the lives of Frederick and Eleanor Cook's two sons. I have added Frank Eaden Cook and John Eaden Cook to the British Army Ancestors' database.

31 May 2018

Every medal index card tells a story

OK, so some stories are more interesting than others but the point is this: just because a service or pension record may not survive it doesn't mean that there isn't some information you can still glean.

I answered an email query today and I thought I'd share it with you, just as a case in point. My enquirer asked whether the number dated to August 1914 and why there was a second number as well.

In this case, the medal rolls helped out because the British war and Victory Medal roll noted that this man served with the 2/4th Royal Sussex regiment and latterly the 12th Battalion. My own databases show that the majority of men with regimental numbers between G/17755 and G/18006 (and possibly higher) transferred from the 3/4th or 2/4th Battalions of the Royal Sussex Regiment to service battalions of the same regiment, mostly to the 12th and 13th Battalions. The 12th and 13th Battalions had of course suffered heavy casualties at the Boers Head on the 30th June 1916 and I presume these men were still helping to make up the deficit some weeks later. All of these transfers took place in September 1916.

As for the earlier 2/4trh Battalion number, it dates to November 1915 when between 180 and 200 men joined the battalion in that month alone, quite an increase on the previous months which had seen around 130 men only joining the battalion between the 1st August and the 31st October 1915. As for the unfortunate Charles Pope whose card appears on this blog, he was KiA on the 15th August 1917.

15 May 2018

15th Hussars - other rank PoWs 1914

All of these men became prisoners of the Germans in 1914, their names appearing in a list now held by The Imperial War Museum under catalogue reference, B.O.2 1/161. This is a five-page hand-written letter  and comprises two lists with many identical details but some unique information against some men. The list is dated 13th Jan 1919. 

Amongst the unfortunate number below, the majority of whom would languish - if that's the right word - in German prison camps for the next four years - was 7368 Corporal Charles Garforth who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his valour on the 23rd August 1914 and who would later be immortalised on various editions of cigarette cards.

3401 Corporal F Abbott 
728 Lance-Corporal F Aspinall 
4502 Private W Atkins 
7323 Private W Baker 
8640 Lance-Corporal G Ball 
 123 Private F G Batt 
10189 Private J Blake 
2342 Private F A Butler 
4562 Private W Cameron 
7318 Private G Causey 
7476 Private M Crow 
7362 Private E Dallard 
4742 Trumpeter Day 
8308 Private H Edwards 
8607 Private H Fudge 

7368 Corporal Charles Ernest Garforth (above)
4774 Lance-Corporal Charles Gogarty 
746 Trumpeter G Goode 
5968 Private H Grant 
7403 Private G Hill 
656 Private A Johnson 
2494 Lance-Corporal F Johnson 
496 Private F W Johnson 
4507 Lance-Corporal A Lyons 
4412 Saddler D McDonald 
4710 Private A McFarlane 
4475 Private W S Nicholson 
124 Private F Painter 
3564 Private W Parsons 
3211 Private F Pearce 
3172 Private W Pearce 
1836 Private J Phillips 
4501 Corporal W Roffey 
4725 Private J Rooke 
998 Private G Slack 
1055 Saddler C Stunt 
2616 Private G J Trump 
1033 Private W Webb 
5450 Private H Wells 
7231 Trumpeter Whitmore 
7332 Private G Wingrove
4756 Sergeant Ernest V Winyard 
566 Private A Young

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21 April 2018

Royal Scots - Other Rank PoWs 1914

Here's another list of men; this time Royal Scots who were captured by the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. There are 223 men here, the equivalent of two companies under the old eight-company system. For these men, capture may have been a blessing in disguise, sparing them the rigours and dangers of trench warfare but at the same time condemning them to years of imprisonment and poor treatment. Their soldiering experience was certainly a loss to their country.

These Royal Scots prisoners of war are catalogued under two series held at the Imperial War Museum:

B.O.2 1/290 is a 5-page typed list of Royal Scots Prisoners of War submitted on the January 1919 by The Royal Scots Association
B.O.2 1/292 is a 5-page typed list of Royal Scots Prisoners of War submitted on the 18th January 1919 by the Lt-Colonel i/c Infantry Records, No 2 District

Most of the men listed here appear on both of the above lists which, additionally, gives home addresses or next of kin details for the majority. For more information about these so-called 'Princess Mary tin PoWs' see my 1914 PoWs page. The majority of these men will also have records published by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Searching is free; finding your man is another matter entirely.

Remember. I research soldiers!

9565 Private T Aldridge 
7934 Private C Anderson 
9686 Private D Andrews 
11345 Private W E Arnett 
8612 Lance-Corporal D Baird 
11532 Private James Barkas 
8647 Private R Bennett 
11448 Private J Benzie 
7101 CQMS L Bibby 
6076 Lance-Corporal W F Birrell 
9232 Private D Blair 
8862 Private J Bonner 
10289 Private E Boyd 
10096 Private J Boyle 
11310 Lance-Corporal E Brewin 
9858 Private J Brooks 
11388 Private A Broom 
11265 Private C G Brown 
9109 Lance-Corporal J Brown 
7071 Private James S Brown 
6701 Private S Brown 
11271 Lance-Corporal S Burnett 
8931 Private J Burns 
5168 Private A Bush 
9420 Sergeant Herbert W Cain 
8383 Private Carnston 
9782 Private S J Casbolt 
Private A S Chapman 
7628 Private John T Chester 
8784 Private F Clark 
10124 Private F Clark 
11185 Private Arthur Cleaver 
11404 Private T Cochrane 
10956 Private J Coham 
4887 Private T Collins 
10654 Lance-Corporal W R Collins 
9807 Private T Collyer 
9212 Private J Connell 
11134 Private F Cook 
8596 Private T M Cooper 
11255 Private P Cosgrove 
11288 Private J Couper 
11352 Private W Coxon 
8383 Private Cranston 
10887 Private A Crombie 

The index card for 10983 Pte Wallace Cuthill from the ICRC collection.
Private Cuthill was held at Doberitz PoW camp.

10983 Private W Cuthill 
11216 Private G M Darge 
8343 Private A Davidson 
8880 Sergeant C Day 
11356 Private George Degville 
7922 Private A Dickson 
11570 Private T Dickson 
8546 Private J Dixon 
10728 Private P Dolan 
11567 Private W G Dolan 
11296 Private W Doughty 
8413 Private T Dowdles 
9231 Private G Driscoll 
11378 Private J Drury 
8696 Pipe Major J Duff 
9166 Private J Duncan 
10233 Private F Eggleton 
9294 Private W Erskine 
9043 Corporal S Falconer 
11474 Private J Fearn 
7341 Private Francis Fearns 
11181 Private A Fensome 
11128 Private T Ferrier 
8999 Private T Finnie 
9067 Private A Flint 
7128 Private W Frank 
11335 Private J Gaven 
10668 Private F Geeves
9124 Lance-Corporal W J Gibbs 
10808 Corporal David A Gillon 
10557 Lance-Corporal W J Graham 
8960 Private J Grant 
7972 Private N T Green 
11547 Private W Green 
7646 Private J Grubb 
8341 Private Walter J Hack 
11355 Lance-Corporal H Hallam 
10568 Private R Hamilton 
8025 Private W Harper 
9872 Private D Harris 
11330 Cpl Joseph Harris 

Do you have photos of any of the men on this list? 

11405 Private C Heath 
10158 Private J Heath 
8900 Private G Henderson 
10375 Sergeant R H Hepburn 
11058 Private H Higgins 
11247 Private R Higgins 
6768 Private A Hill 
11081 Private J Hinshelwood 
7963 Private H Hodgson 
8052 Private W Holbrook 
10986 Private C Holdstock 
11317 Lance-Corporal J Holland 
10759 Private W Holmes 
8576 Private H Hudson 
9434 John Hudson 
11413 Private D Hunter 
10924 Private R Jackson 
11152 Private T Jacobson 
6898 Private T Johnson 
10276 Lance-Corporal W Jordan 
11450 Private H Kane 
8435 Private J Kellaghar 
7015 Private T Kelly 
9488 Private M Keogh 
8591 Private J Kidd 
8304 Private W Kyle 
9370 Private P Laffey 
10474 Sergeant J Langford 
8803 Private E Laver 
8622 Private W Lawson 
11492 Private D Livingston
8785 Private J Lloyd 
9224 Lance-Corporal W Logan 
8848 Private Philip F Lyle 
9038 Private W Malcolm 
10960 Corporal D Mather 
6961 Lance-Corporal P McAlpine
9374 Private J McCabe 
11408 Private T J McCabe 
11294 Private M McCallum 
11514 Private J B McCourt 

You will find all of these men listed on my British Army Ancestors website

9280 Private R McCowie 
11379 Private J McCrudden 
8858 Lance-Corporal H McDermaid 
9357 Lance-Corporal C McDonald 
11199 Private C McDonald 
10323 Private R McEwen 
11292 Private E McGinlay 
9446 Private W McGowans 
2850 Private J McGregor 
8055 Private J McIntosh 
8599 Private J McIntosh 
9037 Private P McIntyre 
11226 Private A McKay 
9275 Lance-Corporal M McKay 
11190 Private W McKenzie 
6921 Sergeant J McKinna 
11419 Private R McMillan 
9156 Private W Melvin 
6940 Private J Mennie 
7070 Private I W Merritt 
11121 Private C R Mills 
10907 Private V C Mogg 
11476 Private D Morton 
7839 Private F Muddeman 
10553 Private R Murray 
9397 Private E G Nash 
7074 Private J Nichols 
7805 Private Robert Nicholson 
8621 Private J Nickson 
9706 Private W Nicol 
9255 Private R Panton 
10466 Private H Parson 
6236 Lance-Corporal J Passelow 
9699 Private J Paton 
9352 Private W Payne 
8339 Sergeant G C Penfold 
6991 Private W Peters 
10014 Corporal A Pickersgill 
8018 Private W Pow 
11354 Private J Poyner 
9721 Private Frederick J Purser 
11192 Corporal D Revie 
11380 Private C W Rich 
4253 Sergeant W Richardson 
9336 Private J Roberts 
6354 Private A Robertson 
9171 Private A Robertson 
8876 Private J Robertson 
7166 Private J Rosie 
7479 Private E Rutherford 
8058 Private J Rutherford 
8738 Private W Ryrie 
10488 Private W Scheffman 
9791 Private H Scheuler 
6613 Sergeant J Scobbie 
7785 Lance-Corporal G Scoffield 
11136 Lance-Corporal G Sergeant 
23662 Private J H Shepherd 
10859 Private M Sheridan 
7753 Private H Shields 
11441 Lance-Corporal G Shiels 
9337 Private J Shoughnessy 
10965 Private H Simpson 
9868 Private A Smart 
8729 Private M Smeaton 
11360 Private J Smith 
10743 Private R Smith 
11519 Private S Steel 
7977 Private J Stevenson 
11318 Private A Stewart 
8356 Private J Stirling 
9184 Private J Sullivan 
11412 Private J Swindells 
1931 Lance-Corporal A Taylor 
11510 Private G Thomson 
10971 Lance-Corporal W Thomson 
9523 Private W Thomson 
8333 Private J Tocher 
8984 Sergeant C Todd 
8577 Private W Tompkins 
7725 Private J Tranter 
7632 Private Henry Twist 
8719 Private R Wathen 
9300 Private D Welsh 
11364 Private G Wesley 
8669 George Weston 
10535 Private James Wheelan 
7017 Private J White 
8373 Private J Wilson 
8418 Private T Wilson 
7007 Sergeant J Winfield 
7187 Private V Winter 
10828 Private P Wood 
6764 Private E Wright 
5830 CSM J Wright 
6205 Private W Wyber

7 April 2018

1st Cheshire Regiment - Other Rank PoWs 1914

There are nearly 700 men on this roll call of Cheshire Regiment men who became prisoners of the Kaiser before Christmas Day 1914. The majority of these men were captured in October and November 1914. Their names appear on several lists held by the Imperial War Museum:

  • B.O.2 1/62 to B.O.2 1/65 are four 4-page hand-written lists of Cheshire Regt NCOs and men taken PoW before 25th December 1914; these lists submitted to Sir Ernest Goodhart on the 20th February 1919.
  • B.O.2 1/80 is a 26-page list of Cheshire Regt men who were captured up to and including 25th December 1914.  This list was sent to Sir Ernest Goodhart on 31st December 1918

For more on what I call the 'Princess Mary tin PoW collection' click on the link. Many of the men listed below appear on more than one list and where this is the case I have removed duplicate entries. In such cases, where a man is recoreded with more than one rank, I have taken the higher rank. The image above shows men of the Cheshire Regiment and Royal Welsh Fusiliers on their way to the Front in 1914.

My full transcription of this collection includes for some, but not all, of the men, home address, next of kin, next of kin address, whthere or not the man had been repatriated at the time of compilation. I have also added notes and observations to some records.

Remember. I research soldiers!

9328 Private J Adshead
7637 Private F Ainscoe
8300 Private G Ainscough
7519 Private P Alden
6935 Private J Allen
10054 Private R Allman
10124 Private E A Anderson
7431 Private J Andrews
6980 Private S Ankers
8500 Private J Ashbrook
8111 Private G Ashton
8457 Private A F Ashwell
7295 Private J Astbury
7434 Sergeant G Aston
9987 Private M Atkinson
9685 Private P Bahan
7719 Private E Bailey
7674 Lance-Corporal F Bailey
7919 Private W Bailey
9461 Drummer C Baker
8769 Private H Baker
6289 Private J Baker
8816 Private L Baker
8871 Private W C Baker
7775 Private C E Banks
7137 Private A Barbour
6465 Private S Bardsley
9256 Corporal E Barrow
8013 Sergeant W G Barrow
7130 Corporal S Baskerville
8351 Private F Baum
7211 Private J Beard
10361 Private A Bell
8435 Private E Bell
9786 Private Benjamin Bennett
10045 Private H Bennett
9822 Private S F Benskin
6957 Private T Beresford
6594 Private F Berry
9423 Private G Beswick
6577 Private W Billingsley
9885 Private C J Bilton
9640 Private T E Birch
9236 Drummer A E Bird
7616 Private J Bishop
9020 Sergeant H Blackwell
8708 Lance-Corporal W P Blake
10116 Lance-Corporal J F Blane
7784 Private C Blomberg
6951 Private T K Bloodworth
7148 Private J Blooman
7784 Private C Bloomberg
7433 Private A Boothroyd
7693 Sergeant J Boswell
9949 Private J Bottomley
9395 Private T Bower
6989 Private W Bowers
7045 Lance-Corporal T Bradbury
7287 Corporal E Bradley
9219 Corporal F J Bradshaw
9941 Private H Bratherton
9513 Bandsman T J Bratten
8002 Drummer C E Brennan
7414 Private J Brewer
9285 Sergeant T B N Bridger
8912 Drummer F Bridges
7293 Private J Brocklehurst
6154 Private T R Brookfield
7980 Private J Brooks
9941 Private H Brotherton
7819 Corporal A Buckley
6977 Private J Buckley
10125 Private J Buckley
9206 Private O Buckley
9897 Private E Bulger
9897 Private E Bulger
9597 Private J Burke
9816 Private J Burns
6967 Private T Burrows
10069 Private E Burton
10215 Private H Burton
7532 Private A Bushell
10032 Private J W Butler

9461 Private George Henry Byrom (above)
7759 Private T Byrom
10226 Lance-Corporal A Cain
10248 Private R C Cairns
8065 Private C H Caley
10096 Lance-Corporal D Cameron
10465 Private W Cannon
6488 Private W Carey
9741 Private F Carnson
10228 Lance-Corporal J Carter
7208 Private W Carter
7734 Private W Carter
7618 Private J Cassidy
9926 Private F Castley
9853 Private F W Chambers
8787 Pte Charles Ernest Chapman
7695 Private R Chatfield
10033 Private J Chatterton
6930 Private F Christian
7494 Private J W Christmas
7812 Private E Clarke
7090 Private J Clarke
7596 Private G H Clawley
7150 Private M Clemons
7687 Private M Clifford
7375 Private A W Collier
6954 Private W F Collier
8331 Bandsman W Coltman
6485 Lance-Corporal C Cook
7326 Private A Cooke
7773 Private H Cooke
6971 Private C Cooper
8213 Private J Cooper
4709 Lance-Corporal J Corcoran
8914 Sergeant Frederick Costen
7338 Private F B Cotterill
10292 Private G Cox
7502 Corporal A Crisp
10066 Corporal W Crooks
6918 Private A Cropper
7865 Corporal T Cross
7593 Private J Cunliffe
10004 Private J Curley
6169 Corporal J Currie
9471 Private H Daniels
10016 Private E Darbyshire
7312 Private G Darlington
10029 Private W Daubney
8362 Private J W Davey
10191 Private A Davies
9984 Private G Davies
8258 Lance-Corporal G Davies
7444 Private J Davies
10047 Private J Davies
8445 Private S F Davies
10281 Private W H Davies
6300 Private J Davis
10007 Private F Dawson
10421 Private M De Courcey
8883 Private H Deakin
7627 Private H Dean
6460 Corporal T Dean
10490 Private R Deane
7651 Private T Delamere
7922 Private G Dennison
7006 Private J C Devlin
9837 Lance-Corporal T Dewar
7870 Private A M Dodd
8001 Bandsman D Dolan
8594 Private T Dolan
8270 Private G Douglas
7564 Private R Doy
6898 Private J Doyle
7590 Private W C Dummer
7643 Private J Dunn
7506 Private T Dunn
7891 Private H B Eden
6371 Private J Edge
7128 Private H Edmundson
10092 Private R Edwards
9043 Private H Ellis
10034 Private E Ellison
10360 Private T V Ellison
8376 Private F Emerson
8589 Private A Evans
8267 Corporal W Fairclough
10358 Private E Fannon
7822 Private W A Fantom
8699 Sergeant G F Farage
8539 Private R Farrow
8143 Private J Fawcett
8778 Private J Fay
7746 Private S Fish
9877 Corporal H R Fleet
Private A Flynn
9463 Private W Flynn
5041 CSM W Foden
5041 CSM W Foden
7860 Private J Ford
5879 Private W Ford
10368 Private W Foulger
6895 Private E Fowler
10144 Private J R Fox
10342 Private A France
7278 Acting CSM W A Francis
7278 Private W A Francis
7172 Private H Gallagher
9578 Private J Ganner
7120 Private T Gardiner
7120 Private H H Gardner
7648 Private W Garratt
9962 Private T Gibson
10203 Private F Gleave
7801 Lance-Sergeant A Goodfellow
10259 Lance-Corporal J Goodman
6567 Private F Goodwin
9459 Private P Goodwin
6994 Private T Graham
8879 Private A J Gray
8418 Private H Gray
7442 Lance-Corporal J Greatbanks
9584 Lance-Seregant R Greatbanks
7108 Private A Green
7108 Private A Green
7476 Private W E Green
7837 Private T Greenhalgh
8545 Private C Gregg
7358 Private W Gregson
10147 Private A Grice
6276 Private E Griffiths
9354 Private C Grimes
9278 Private M Groark
10141 Private G E Grosvenor
8288 Corporal John Stanley Key Grover
9734 Lance-Corporal E Groves
6457 Sergeant W A Guest
7973 Private A Hackney
8037 Private J Hadfield
7253 Private G Hale
7373 Private O Hall
6198 Sergeant R Hall
10100 Lance-Corporal T Hall
7900 Private G Halliday
10293 Lance-Corporal F Hammersley
7730 Private H Hampton
7074 Private A Hance
8248 Private J Hancock
7965 Private J Hand
10121 Private W Hargreaves
8012 Lance-Corporal T Harp
7214 Private J Harper
4409 Lance-Corporal J Harrap
7404 Private A Harrison
9904 Private J Harrison
8547 Private W A Harrison
8902 Sergeant G H Harvey
7984 Drummer J Harvey
8559 Private S Hashagen
10002 Lance-Corporal E J Haskell
7448 Private G Hassall
8100 Lance-Corporal W Hassall
7087 Corporal S Hatfield
9988 Private J W Hawley
7542 Pte Joseph Hayburn
6273 Private R Hayes
7508 Private H Haynes
7398 Private P Hazell
7810 Private G Healey
7360 Private T Hearne
8907 Private J Helligan
10297 Private T F Hemingway
7359 Private J Henderson
6899 Private W Henderson
9779 Private A Herriman
6863 Private G Herring
9063 Private J Hewitt
7023 Private J Higgins
8247 Private J Higgins
9934 Private J Higgins
7177 Private P Higgins
10182 Private F J Higginson
7725 Private G Highton
7086 Private J H Hill
8446 Private J W Hills
7536 Private J Hinde
8272 Private J Hirst
7582 Private A L Holbrook
8240 Private G Holland
7109 Private H Holland
9383 Corporal J R Holloway
7202 Private G F Holman
8624 Private R Holman
8458 Private D Holyoak
8601 Private F Honnor
5734 Private W Hooper
7749 Private J H Hope
7032 Private F W Hornby
10419 Private A Howard
4281 Sgt Major F Howard
8557 Lance-Corporal J S Howard
7029 Private T Howard
7259 Private W W H Howard
6913 Private H B Howarth
8039 Private E Hudson
10530 Private T Hudson
7710 Private W T Huff
9184 Private A Hughes
7649 Private F Hughes
8589 Private F Hughes
8278 Private J Hughes
6619 Private L Hughes
8317 Private W W Hughes
8088 Private T Hulme
8737 Pte John Hunt
7005 Private E Hurst
7667 Private W Hurst
7533 Private E Huxley
9592 Private P Hyland
7635 Private T Ikin
8314 Sergeant H Irwin
7129 Private T Isherwood
7133 Private A Jackson
10235 Private A Jackson
7744 Private J Jackson
9683 Private J H Jackson
9203 Sergeant H Johnson
7760 Private J Johnson
6916 Private W Johnson
6945 Private W Johnson
7468 Private A E Jones
10185 Lance-Corporal A J Jones
6404 Acting Sergeant D T Jones
7987 Private E Jones
7987 Private E Jones
7816 Private J Jones
7921 Private J Jones
9843 Private J Jones
9084 Private R Jones
9799 Private W Jones
9960 Private W Jones
9642 Private W Jones
8858 Corporal F Jordan
9169 Private J Joyce
8486 Lance-Corporal J Juggins
7988 Corporal J R Kay
7561 Private T Kearn
7337 Private T Kellett
8285 Corporal B J Kelly
7908 Sergeant E Kelly
10288 Private H Kelly
7195 Private J Kelly
8576 Private J Kelly
7407 Private W H Kent
5162 Private J Kenyon
5162 Corporal J Kenyon
7357 Private R Kermode
7099 Private W Kerslake
10236 Private G Kettle
8745 Lance-Sergeant M Kilduff
9111 Private E Kilmartin
7469 Lance-Corporal W Kimber
7559 Private J Kirkham
6931 Private R Kirkham
7271 Private D Kissane
9961 Private J Kitchen
7580 Private W Knapp
10305 Private R Knox
8506 Private P Lambert
9303 Private J Langan
6970 Corporal P Lannigan
10450 Private J J Lannon
7633 Private G Latham
7424 Private W Latham
8712 Private A H Laurie
9999 Private M Lavin
9262 Private J Lawley
6914 Private W Laws
9980 Private E Lee
8560 Lance-Corporal S Lee
7039 Private A Leech
8161 Private T Leech
8244 Private W Leeke
7742 Private G Lees
8522 Private T Leigh
8875 Private A G Lester
9368 Private F Lewin
9488 Private J Lewis
7094 Private C Lewtas
6559 Private C Lindsay
7915 Private H Littler
8423 Private J Livings
7925 Private F Lloyd
10318 Private L Lloyd
5754 CQMS W A Lloyd
7839 Private W J Long
9067 Private F Lucas
9780 Lance-Sergeant J H Lucas
8066 Private C H Luff
9447 Private J Lynas
6062 Private J Lynch
10061 Private T MacDonald
7534 Private D Maddock
9179 Private J H Maden
8670 Private J Maher
9859 Private T Malcolm
6889 Private C Margerum
10030 Lance-Corporal J Marr
8562 Private W Marshall
8040 Private W Massey
9344 Private C Matthews
8213 Sergeant S Matthews
7400 Private E Maxwell
6424 Private T L Maxwell
7245 Private W Mayhew
8394 Private J McBride
9958 Private J A McCaslin
7960 Private P McCradiey
7232 Private J McDean
9996 Private J McDermott
7421 Private L McDermott
8010 Private T McDermott
7354 Private J McDonald
7718 Private B McGovern
9833 Corporal J McGrath
7723 Private F McHugh
6880 Private J McKenna
7104 Private J McKenna
7014 Private H McMorine
9530 Private J McMurray
6596 Private E McShane
7327 Private B Mellor
7691 Private G Mellor
8744 Pte Albert Meredith
9714 Sergeant W Middleton
9528 Corporal J Miller
7106 Private J Millett
7838 Private S Mitchell
8641 Private C Molyneux
9778 Corporal G Monaghan
10561 Private J Monaghan
7313 Private J Moore
6212 Private T Moore
7587 Corporal W Moore
6581 Private W H Moore
7266 Private F Moors
8844 Private J Moran
8487 Private R H Morgan
10245 Private J Morrell
7738 Private G H Morrey
8282 Private F Morris
6969 Private E Morrison
9268 Private J Moston
9847 Lance-Corporal J Mottram
8210 Private J Mulcahy
7210 Private T Mulligan
7799 Lance-Sergeant H Mullineux
8089 Private M Mulvey
7220 Corporal J J Munslow
9433 Lance-Sergeant J Murdock
7498 Private J Murray
7574 Private J Myers
7563 Private H Myhill
10024 Private J Nadin
7162 Private J Naylor
7528 Private T Nelson
8572 Bandsman A W Nield
8572 Private A W Nield
8686 Private F Nixon
9875 Private A Nolan
10379 Private J Nolan
7650 Private P Nolan
9781 Private T Norton
9083 Sergeant H Notley
8451 Private C W R Noyes
7394 Private F O'Brien
7134 Private J O'Kell
7713 Private D O'Leary
10239 Private W E A Orgee
7019 Private A Owen
7514 Private J O Owens
7430 Private T Owens
8489 Lance-Corporal E Pacey
8489 Private E Pacey
7705 Private G Paine
10198 Private A Parr
10273 Private J Parry
7209 Private J Passant
7747 Private W Patterson
7991 Private H Pearson
10344 Private C Peers
9792 Private J Pemberton
6983 Private H Penny
7804 Sergeant A Peterson
8588 Private J Pettigrew
8275 Private W Phillips
10087 Lance-Corporal A J Phillipson
8304 Private S Pickstock
6676 Private G Pilgrim
7584 Private W Pilgrim
9830 Corporal W Pinder
6908 Private T Platt
6648 Private W Pointon
7707 Private F Poole
10237 Private H W Poole
8653 Lance-Corporal A V Pope
10315 Private H Potts
7847 Private S Potts
8386 Private S Poulston
5859 Private B Powell
8003 Drummer T Powell
7194 Private G Preston
7158 Private W Price
7855 Private A Prince
6134 Private G Prince
7320 Private W Proctor
7189 Sergeant J Purches
8917 Private H Radley
10334 Private J Ramsbottom
9829 Private W J Randles
7696 Private A Rawlings
7795 Private F Ray
4277 Sergeant Arthur Raynor
9337 Private T H Read
10210 Private P Reddish
10053 Private H Reece
9344 Corporal C G Reeves
7840 Private E Regan
8477 Private W S Remmington
7119 Private J J Rendle
9763 Private W Rennie
9222 Private T Renshaw
9707 Private T Rice
8137 Private H Richardson
9196 Private J Riddles
9865 Private H Riley
7056 Private F Roach
10148 Private A Roberts
9566 Private B A Roberts
7216 Private J Roberts
8794Private J Roberts
7633 Private W Roberts
7634 Private W Roberts
7185 Private A E Robinson
7622 Private B Robinson
6101 Private H Robinson
7515 Private J Robinson
7539 Private J Robinson
7712 Private J Robinson
10400 Private J Robinson
7836 Private P Robinson
7811 Private W Robinson
7899 Private S Robison
9483 Private J Robson
7715 Private G Rogers
9379 Drummer J Rogers
7482 Private F Rollinson
10213 Private A Rooney
18593 Private T H Roper
7465 Private R Roscoe
9995 Lance-Corporal E B Rowley
7239 Private J Rutledge
10282 Private C Rutter
7340 Private R Rye
7455 Corporal W Samuels
7061 Private D T Scanlon
7217 Private H Schlote
7992 Private E Schofield
6948 Private H J Schofield
10021 Private R Schofield
9834 Private J Scott
7985 Drummer George Seabrook
7484 Private G Sears
9919 Private T Shannon
8748 Private W Sharples
7157 Corporal E Shaw
7993 Private J Sheehan
6031 Private J Shepherd
7756 Private T Shepherd
9238 Private W Sherlock
7063 Private H Sherwood
9790 Private D Shuttleworth
7030 Private J Sidderley
10285 Private G P Simcock
6955 Private J H Simcock
8400 Private W H Simcock
7588 Private A E Simmonds
8400 Private W H Sincock
7939 Private J Slater
7605 Private G G Small
7567 Private G Smart
7264 Private E Smith
7809 Private H Smith
9626 Private J Smith
10166 Private S Smith
7345 Private W Smith
8799 Sergeant W J Smith
8319 Lance-Corporal Frederick Sondermann
7569 Private H Soul
7610 Private M Spencer
8931 Corporal S Spencer
10086 Private T Spencer
7558 Private W Spencer
7963 Private W Spencer
8543 Private A L Spiller
10224 Lance-Corporal H Sproston
7688 Private C R Stamp
10290 Lance-Corporal C Stanway
8762 Private L H Stephens
7182 Private G Stephenson
8140 Private W Stoneley
10018 Private E Streames
6328 Sergeant A D Sullivan
7583 Private R Sumner
7906 Sergeant G Sunderland
8490 Private F Swann
8828 Private B Sweeney
7813 Private A Swindells
7066 Lance-Corporal T W Swoffer
7115 Private A J Taylor
9327 Private C Taylor
8523 Sergeant H Taylor
7207 Private J J Taylor
8442 Drummer J Temple
8656 Private J Terry
8071 Private A Thomas
7190 Private E Thomas
7512 Private J Thomas
7560 Private G A Thompson
10206 Private J Thompson
7663 Private R Thompson
7425 Private T Thompson
8829 Private W Thomson
5849 Lance-Corporal J Thornley
7059 Private D T Thorpe
7399 Private J Timblin
8680 Sergeant A G Timmings
9856 Corporal E Timmings
7776 Lance-Corporal T Tipton
9842 Private J Tomkinson
7783 Private B Tomlinson
7382 Private J Tomlinson
7164 Private J Tonge
7347 Private A Torkington
10349 Private W Tracey
8887 Corporal J Tunnicliffe
7252 Private J Turner
10276 Private E Tushingham
7294 Private M Tynan
8838 Sergeant F Underwood
6984 Private W Venables
9365 Private W H Venables
8280 Private R Vickers
8243 Private W Vickers
10110 Private G Vose
7065 Private H Wainwright
7864 Private J T Wainwright
7937 Private A Walker
7764 Private J Walker
7689 Private E F Walters
7689 Private E F Walters
10048 Private C Walton
10359 Lance-Corporal D V Ward
8567 Private G Wardle
9359 Private F G Waterton
7894 Private R R Watts
7615 Private T Webb
8155 Private G H Welch
7228 Private G Wells
9385 Cpl Frederick L Welton
8391 Private A Whistler
10009 Private J White
10026 Private J B White
7423 Private J Whitehead
9413 Private S Whiting
9387 Lance-Corporal G W Wibbereley
7565 Private T Widdop
9887 Private E Wild
7629 Private H Wilde
6947 Private S Wilkins
9895 Private J W Wilkinson
8396 Private H Williams
8900 Private H Williams
10287 Private R Williams
8250 Private W Williams
9710 Private W A Williams
5826 Private H Williamson
9767 Private F H Wilson
7728 Private W Wilson
7438 Private W Winnington
7732 Private A Wood
9245 Corporal C Wood
7229 Private S Wood
7487 Private J A Woodhouse
8261 Private F Woodier
10150 Lance-Corporal G Woods
9615 Drummer W F Woods
7875 Private A Woodward
10037 Private J H Woodward
8638 Private E Worrall
8964 Lance-Sergeant H A Worster
6296 Sergeant J Wright
10006 Private E J Wyatt
7771 Private G Yarwood
10071 Private W J Zeller

Picture credits: Cheshire Regt & RWF: PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images; Pte Byrom: author's collection.