11 August 2016

Connaught Rangers - other rank PoWs 1914

This is an edited roll of Other Ranks serving with the 2nd Battalion, Connaught Rangers who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from ten separately catalogued lists held at the Imperial War Museum, namely B.O.2 1/67 to B.O.2 1/76 which are ten separately typed lists of Connaught Rangers men dating to the 31st January 1919.  My full transcription (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Home address
Next of kin
Next of kin's address
Transcriber's notes

There are over 300 names on this list, representing a wealth of military service, and a lost asset that would be sorely felt by the regiment and the British Army generally. 
The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

I also offer a comprehensive, fast and cost-effective military history research service. Follow the link for more information. 

You can work out when the other men would have joined by referring to my post on Connaught Rangers regimental numbers. Here then, are the men, all 305 of them. Any errors in transcription are my own:

6759 Private W Anderson 
10022 Private J Barnacle 
7586 Private T Barrett 
7151 Private J Barry 
7668 Private P Barry 
10763 Private J Bateman 
10643 Private J Belford 
10678 Private J Birrell 
7955 Private J Blackwell 
9183 Private D Boland 
6804 Private J Bollard 
9045 Private G H Bonnick 
3828 Corporal W Bowes 
8360 Private J Branen 
8080 Corporal T Brennan 
7184 Private T Brien 
10328 Private J Burke 
**36 Private J Burns 
7046 Private J Burrows 
8450 Private R Burton 
9836 Private S Butler 
7657 Private J Byrne 
7264 Private A Caddell 
10575 Lance-Corporal J Cairns 
8333 Private J Cairns 
6579 Private P Callaghan 
8950 Private T E Callaghan 
9287 Corporal A Campbell 
10662 Private P Carey 
8481 Lance-Corporal E Carney 
7787 Private J Carney 
8051 Sergeant J Carney 
7895 Private P Carney 
7532 Private M Carroll 
10538 Private T Carroll 
8520 Private M Carter 
7950 Private J Casey 
10523 Lance-Corporal J Caslin 
8208 Private T Cassidy 
6552 Private T Cawley 
9878 Bandsman J Chapman 
10775 Private A Christian 
7994 Private J J Christie 
10732 Private J Clarke 
10708 Private T Cleary 
8362 Private J Cole 
9289 Lance-Corporal J Collins 
10760 Private J Connolly 
7938 Private J Connolly 
10468 Private P Connor 
10120 Private M Connors 
5035 Private F Conroy 
7707 Private A Conway 
6917 Private J Cooper 
9465 Private F Couldwell 
6465 Private T Counihan 
10721 Private J Cox 
7953 Lance-Corporal M Coyne 
10766 Private J Creighton 
8489 Private P Cresham 
8058 Lance-Corporal M Cullen 
10644 Private C Cundlon 
7452 Private T Curley 
8280 Private M Curry 
8135 Private J Curtin 
10123 Private J Daly 
10636 Private J Daly 
8931 Private T Daly 
7190 Private D Daniels 
8257 Private M Deegan 
10541 Lance-Corporal R Deegan  
7367 Private James Delaney 
10473 Private W Delaney 
7802 Sergeant J Devaney 
7883 Private J Dillon 
10484 Private H Docherty 
6509 Private M Dolan 
7582 Private W Donovan 
8243 Private J Dowling 
7525 Private J Doyle 
10727 Private T Doyle 
8429 Private L Dunne 
7395 Private M Dunne 
10432 Private Joseph Dwan 
8930 Private F J Eden 
6284 Private L Egan 
8742 Private E A Emerson 
8076 Lance-Corporal J Ennis 
8917 Private W Fagan 
8102 Private J J Fahey 
9728 Private R Farrell 
4320 Private W Farrelly 
7499 Private B Fields 
7096 Private J Finnerty 
7370 Private C J Fitzgerald 
10704 Private J Fitzsimons 
4343 Private J Flanagan 
7555 Private P Flanagan 
8217 Private T Flannery 
8339 Private J Flattery 
10354 Private J Flemming 
7635 Private M Flood 
8517 Private J Flowers
9859 Private C Flynn 
6833 Private P Flynn 
8119 Private W Flynn 
10664 Private F Forde 
9195 Private F Forde 
10366 Private J Forde 
10724 Private J Francis 
10434 Private J French 
10556 Private T B Fuery 
8105 Private J Gaffney 
6641 Private M Gallagher 
9190 Private E Gannon 
7138 Private G Geoghegan 
7025 Private J Geraghty 
7246 Private C Gillard 
4190 Private T Ginty 
10536 Lance-Corporal J Gleazer 
8316 Private F Glynn 
8560 Private M Glynn 
7381 Private M Goggins 
10831 Private T P Gore 
8047 Private J Gough 
9937 Private P Gough 
7563 Private L Graham 
7015 Private M Grant 
10589 Private W Green 
10718 Private J Griems 
10820 Private J Haide 
9401 Sergeant G P A Halfpenny 
3618 Private M Halloran 
10660 Private T Handy 
3588 Pte John Hanley 
9104 Private M Hanley 
10749 Private C Harley 
8866 Private P Harvey 
9026 Private S Hayes 
10918 Lance-Corporal P Healy 
6959 Private J Hearty 
7919 Lance-Corporal J Herbert 
7971 Private J Higgins 
8761 Sergeant M Hogan 
8582 Corporal W Hudson 
9855 Bandsman W Hurt 
9371 Private F Hutchings 
8591 Private T Hyland 
8056 Private M James 
7019 Private P Keane 
9077 Private P Keane 
9324 Private T Keane 
7861 Private J Keating 
8048 Private L Keenan 
8390 Private P Keenan 
9082 Private D Kelleher 
10736 Private P Kelleher 
7658 Private J Kelly 
8008 Private M Kelly 
10190 Bandsman G H Kennedy 
7361 Private P Kennedy 
6798 Private T Kennedy 
8727 Private J Kenny 
8550 Lance-Corporal J Kiernan 
4636 Private James Kilkenny 
4786 Private R Kilkenny 
10222 Private J King 
9631 Private P Kirby 
10861 Private C Langdon 
9455 Corporal F L Leach 
8776 Private J Leahy 
10260 Private J A Leeson
8483 Private M Lohan 
10302 Private J Long 
7057 Private P Loran 
8533 Private B Lowry 
3735 Drummer T Luke 
10832 Private J Lyden 
10535 Private J Madden 
9668 Private E Maher 
8537 Private P Mahon 
10638 Private J Mahony 
10598 Private J Mallon 
10375 Private P Manning 
3966 Private J Marshall 
10700 Lance-Corporal J Martin 
8091 Private R Masterson 
3581 Private W Mayberry 
7281 Private J McCaffrey 
10735 Private T McCann 
10791 Private McD McDonagh 
10954 Private J McDonald 
7325 Private W McDonald 
10509 Corporal P McElwee 
8240 Private J McFeeney 
5293 Sergeant H McGowan 
4460 Private P McGrath 
6601 Private G McGuinness 
9386 Sergeant J McGuirk 
8527 Private M McHale 
6617 Private J McHugh 
10786 Private M McInerney 
8181 Private P McInroy 
5950 Private J McKenna 
10764 Private S McKnight 
6826 Private T McLoughlin 
7663 Private M McNiff 
7920 Private P Milligan 
6495 Private P Monaghan 
7178 Private P Monaghan 
10784 Private J Monds 
10567 Private W Monks 
10723 Private J Moran 
7788 Private J Moran 
10753 Private M Moran 
8569 Private M Moran 
8061 Private P Moran 
7641 Private J Moroney 
7645 Private W Morris 
10628 Private D Moylan 
4468 Private J Muldoon 
10146 Private J Mullany 
10532 Private C Mulligan 
4388 Private F Mulvey 
7002 Private F Murphy 
7644 Private J Murphy 
7533 Private J Murphy 
8504 Private M Murphy 
10782 Private N Murphy 
7798 Private P Murphy 
7699 Private P Murphy 
3995 Private P Murphy 
8912 Private W Murphy 
10800 Private F Murray 
4243 Private M Murren 
10779 Private E Neilan 
8542 Private J Neill 
9454 Private A Nolan 
10697 Private P Noonan 
10240 Private W Noone 
5975 Private P O'Boyle 
9136 Lance-Corporal M O'Brien 
7169 Private M O'Connor 
9635 Corporal J J O'Hara 
10833 Private J O'Keefe 
8336 Private P O'Loughlin 
8867 Private A E O'Neill 
7676 Private E O'Neill 
6958 Private J O'Neill 
10843 Private M O'Neill 
8310 Private M O'Neill 
8441 Private P O'Neill 
10495 Bandsman J Paxton
9675 Private J Perkins 
4045 Private P Power 
8357 Private P Quinn 
8092 Private T Quinn 
10913 Private J Reilly 
7888 Private F Reycroft 
10714 Private G Reynolds 
8327 Private J Reynolds 
8497 Private D Rice 
7081 Private J Richardson 
10019 Private J Rooney 
7252 Private J Ryan 
3137 Private J Ryan 
7784 Private M Ryan 
9484 Bandsman T Ryan 
7298 Private J E Seery 
7333 Private W Seville 
10667 Private J Shannon 
8364 Private J Sheridan 
9726 Lance-Corporal J Shields 
10669 Private E Short 
10333 Private T Short 
4015 Private M Skiffington
9990 Private A A Smith 
10102 Private A J Smith 
10639 Private P Smyth 
8464 Private M Sweeney 
6937 Private P Sweeney 
9737 Private G E Taylor 
7075 Private R Thornton 
10633 Private M Timony 
6630 Private M Toner 
7770 Private J Tougher 
9788 Private W E Tucker 
4368 Private H Tully 
10741 Private T A Walker 
10228 Private J Walpole 
6349 Private J Walsh 
10685 Private B Ward 
7966 Private B Ward 
10722 Private J Ward 
7258 Private T West 
4314 Private R White
6036 Corporal M Whyte 
8256 Private H Williams 
10670 Private T Williams 
10824 Private J Williamson 
7575 Sergeant J Wilson 
9558 Bandsman L Wilson 
10053 Private A H Woodward

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20 July 2016

Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders - PoW Other Ranks 1914

Having just completed some interesting research on a twice-wounded Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders regular who served from 1900 through to 1918, it seems a good enough reason to publish this list of men who served with the regiment and who, according to the list that I transcribed, became prisoners of war of the Germans on or before the 25th December 1914.

This list is compiled from three sources at The Imperial War Musuem, London:

B.O.2 1/112 is a four-page typed list from the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Prisoners of War Fund; letter dated 3rd January 1919 
B.O.2 1/113 is a single typed list from the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Prisoners of War Fund; no date 
B.O.2 1/115 is a five-page typed list from the records' office to Sir Ernest Goodhart dated 4th March 1919 

Some men appear on more than one list. 

The list below is an edited version of the full transcription which typically gives date of capture and home address. The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

I also offer a comprehensive, fast and cost-effective military history research service. Follow the link for more information. 

1209 Private J Adair
646 Bandsman W Adderley
9442 Private Alexander
957 Private Anderson
9516 Private J Arbuckle
9632 Lance-Corporal E Balchin
7571 Corporal J Balfour
10290 Corporal A Balfour
9257 Corporal A Beattie
1118 Private S Beck
9463 Lance-Corporal A Beedie
8319 Private J Bell
8956 Private R Bell
9506 Private R Bell
9655 Private Bell
1036 Lance-Corporal Bellingham
9699 Private A Best
9586 Private J Bowie
8843 Private Boyle
9297 Private W Breslin
918 Private R Brooke
9078 Private A Brough
9949 Sergeant J Brown
9153 Private J Brown
7865 Private Brown
7925 Private G Bryce
8839 Private J Buchanan
3/6740 H Butter
9155 Private W Bycroft
7749 Private G Callander
162 Private D Campbell
7968 Private T Campbell
8946 Private T Campbell
8032 Private D Cargill
1295 Private W Cassidy
S/5480 Private D Cassidy
9106 Private S Clark
8205 Private D Cleghorn
6796 Private W Cooke
10359 Private W Cooper
1131 Drummer M Costin
1114 Private C Counter
1232 Private J Craig
9604 Private P Craig
7823 Private J Craig
9152 Private Crawford
1201 Private W Crease
7397 Private A Cummings
7397 A Cummings
8982 Private W Dalgliesh
9863 Private F Daws
1240 Private J Deas
10223 Private J Denny
9164 Lance-Corporal J Devlin
260 Private E Doherty
7794 Private W Douglas
5913 Private J Doyle
58 Private S Duff
8935 Lance-Corporal J Dunbar
7454 Pte Kennedy Dunn
10183 Private N Elliott
1187 Private R Ellis
8137 Private R English
6834 Private J Faichney
6803 Private F Falconer
8077 Corporal D Finlayson
7897 Corporal Fletcher
8603 Private Flynn
9855 Sergeant J Forrest
9307 Private J Forsyth
8333 Private S Foster
7440 Private J Fraser
262 Corporal Fraser
1073 Private John Gallacher
7077 Private J Gardiner
10159 Private German
8897 Private A Gibb
6826 CSM A Gibb
9283 Private G Gibson
7676 Private R Gilchrist
3/5693 Private Hugh Ginlay
10159 D Gorman
8805 Private P Gray
9592 Private J Gray
8953 Private W Greenlees
7013 Private James Griffith
10153 Private H Hadley
7597 Private Hall
9144 Private J Hall
8257 Private J Hamilton
1167 Private R Harron
9843 Private John Henderson
8074 Private T Henderson
1332 Private J Hendren
10567 Sergeant C Hill
9237 Private W Holehouse
8790 Corporal J Holland
9889 Private W Howat
1205 Private R Howie
9525 Private T Hughes
635 Private H Hutton
7886 Private E Hynch
1373 Private J Jackson
3/6475 Private S Jamieson
6531 Private R Jamieson
7837 Private J Jamieson
9419 J Johnstone
9201 Private Robert Johnstone
9378 Private J Kennedy
9044 Private R  Kerr
7530 Private A Kerr
9687 Private D Kerry
1190 Lance-Corporal W Laing
7378 Private M Laird
10249 Private P Lockhart
7125 Private J Logan
8983 Private J Long
8938 Private Malone
1320 Private A McDonald
9345 Private A McEwan
3/3921 Private McFadden
9513 Private McGrath
3/6593 Private McGregor
9864 Private McIntyre
10244 Private G McKerrell
7169 Private A McKinnon
8176 Private McLaughlin
6048 Private McLean
1220 Lance-Corporal D McLellan
6810 Private J Meek
1141 Private D Meldrum
8013 Private A Menzies
8085 Private Moon
10622 Private A Morton
8942 Private C Muir
7467 Private J Muirhead
1130 J Murphy
9674 Private Murray
1033 Private W Ospreay
6942 Private Quin
10551 J Rae
9064 Private N Rennie
5994 Private Andrew Rice
1065 Drummer H T Robertson
8094 Private Scott
6896 Private J Sharp
3/6137 Corporal John Smith
9428 Private Charles Stirling
9034 Private John Watters
6650 Pte James Workman

11 July 2016

Sleeping Companions: 8515 Pte John Duncan Macpherson & 12860 Pte John Hadden; 1st Scots Guards

8515 Pte John Duncan Macpherson, 1st Scots Guards
 12860 Pte John Hadden, 1st Scots Guards

John Macpherson and John Hadden lie next to each other in the Guards Cemetery at Lesboeufs. I took this photograph on the 1st July 2016. Both men died on the 15th September 1916.

John Macpherson (McPherson on his medal index card) was a pre-war regular solider who had joined the Scots Guards in January 1913 and arrived in France on the 9th November 1914. No service record survives for him in WO 363 but he had certainly been in hospital in France in May 1915. A fragment in WO 363 lists him at Malassise Hospital on the 30th May. He was the son of John MacPherson, of The Aerodrome, Crail, Fife and it was not until 1919 that his body was found and re-buried in the Guards Cemetery. He was 21 years old. The inscription on his headstone reads: GRENADE THROWER / DIED AS A SOLDIER AT HIS POST.

John Hadden enlisted later than John Macpherson. He joined up in January 1915 and arrived in France on the 19th November that year. He was the son of William and Marion Hadden, of Harelaw, Longniddry, Haddington, East Lothian. His body too, was exhumed from the battlefield and brought in to the Guards' Cemetery at around the same time as John Macpherson. He was 22 years old.

The Scots Guards lost 110 men on the 15th September 1916. Fifteen of those men are buried at Lesboeufs but 83 have no known graves at all and are commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.

9 July 2016

Sleeping companions: 32866 Pte F Siddall, 16th Sherwood Foresters & R/16458 Rfm J Connor, 17th KRRC

32866 Private Fred Siddall, 16th Sherwood Foresters & 
R/16458 Rifleman James Connor, 17th KRRC

I was in France recently to mark the 100th anniversary of the Somme offensive and also the fateful attack the previous day on the Boar's Head at Richebourg L'Avoue. The two men above both fell on the 30th June 1916 and rest side by side at Le Touret Military Cemetery, Richebourg. I took the photo 100 years to the day since they died and decided to see what I could find out about them. Service records no longer survive for either man.

James Connor was born in central London: The Strand, Middlesex, and was living in West Kensington when he enlisted for wartime service only, at Holborn, in the King's Royal Rifle Corps. His regimental number indicates that he must have been issued with his number - at Winchester - in the second week of November 1915. He probably arrived in France by the end of April 1916 and thus had been overseas for barely two months when he was killed in action. At the time of his death, James was unmarried and both parents had pre-deceased him, His sister Margaret is recorded as his sole legatee and she would have been sent the memorial plaque and scroll as well as money owing to him at the time of his death.

Fred Siddall was also unmarried when he died of wounds on the 30th June 1916. He was the second oldest of four sons of Arthur and Annie Siddall, and one of seven children still living when the 1911 census was taken; four having already died, presumably in infancy. Fred is recorded on that census return as a fourteen-year-old coal miner's driver and was presumably working at the same pit as his nineteen-year-old brother, Albert and his 45-year-old father who are both indicated on the census as coal miner's driver and coal miner, respectively.

Fred initially joined the Royal Scots Fusiliers, his regimental number 20083 indicating that this must have been in August 1915. His regimental number for the Sherwood Foresters - 32866 - dates to a little later in the year, around mid-December 1915. Fred would have been about nineteen when he died of his wounds, his father Arthur noted as his next of kin.

Fred's elder brother Albert Siddall would be killed in action on the 31st March 1918 whilst serving with the same battalion of the Sherwood Foresters. His number, 25985, indicates that he joined the regiment in May 1915 and it remains a possibility, I suppose, that Fred later requested a transfer into the Sherwood Foresters so that he could be with his brother. Albert has no known grave and is commemorated on the Pozieres memorial.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.

23 June 2016

17th Lancers - PoW Other ranks 1914

This is an edited roll of Other Ranks serving with the 17th Lancers who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page. 

This data has been transcribed from a single source at the Imperial War Museum, namely B.O.2 1/244 which is a single page typed and undated list. My full transcription (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Date of capture 
Home address

The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £10. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

4636 Private G T Barnfather 
6216 Private C A Bickers 
4734 Private W Bradwell 
5953 Private C W Burgess 
5978 Private T Hendry 
4950 Private J Kerruish 
5913 Private G A Merryfield 
5017 Private J Nicholson 
6526 Private A E Price 
6260 Private J Rollo 
878 Private C Smith 
6445 Private H W Stuart 
5890 Private A C Thomas

For help with your own regimental numbering or military research conundrums, check out my military research service. 

30 May 2016

King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry - PoW Other Ranks 1914

The 389 men listed below all became prisoners of war on or before the 25th December 1914. All served with the 2nd Battalion, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and over 300 of them were captured on the 26th August, a mere 12 days after the majority had disembarked at Havre. This from Ray Westlake's British Battalions in France & Belgium 1914:

"Moved to defensive trenches west of Le Cateau (25th). Order received from Brigade Headquarters instructing the battalion, "There will be NO retirement for the fighting troops; fill up your trenches with water, food and ammunition, as far as you can." Enemy attacked (26th). Positions held until eventually surrounded on three sides. There was much hand-to-hand fighting. Lieutenant Colonel Bond records in his war history of the regiment, "There was no surrender. The occupants of the trenches were mobbed and swamped by the riding tide of grey-coated Germans." Fighting ceased about 4.30pm and survivors withdrew along the Reumont road to Estrees, then (27th) to Ollezy."

The original record - a nineteen-page hand-written list sent to Sir Ernest Goodhart on the 3rd February 1919 - is held at the Imperial War Museum in London (reference B.O.2 1/137). Filmed some years ago, the microfilm is difficult to read in places.  My full transcription includes next of kin and their address.

The medals above were issued to 9738 Private Watling whose next of kin is listed as his father, W Watling, of 173 Ann's Street. Norwich. I bought Richard's medals yesterday; also those of his son who served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War. Richard, who had enlisted in June 1908, was in Ireland in 1914 and was possibly one of those men captured on the 26th August. News that he was missing in action was published in The Times on the 26th October.

The full transcription of this roll is available for sale as a download or CD for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

I also offer a comprehensive, fast and cost-effective military history research service. Follow the link for more information. 

8991 Philip Thomas Adams 
8570 Thomas Alford 
7276 Thomas Edward Allcock 
10931 Charles Allen 
9086 James Allen 
7271 Thomas Allen 
6058 Herbert Allender 
7978 Ernest Allott 
7434 James Thomas Annakin 
7898 Alfred Arkle 
6879 Fred Arran 
8507 Frederick Charles Ashley 
8386 David Ashton 
7924 William Ashton 
8642 Charles Frank Aston 
10786 Francis Atack 
9648 Ambrose Atkinson 
9631 Frederick Atkinson 
10756 William Austin 
10661 Oliver Baines 
8748 John Thomas Baker 
8709 Albert Barker 
9521 John Henry Barker 
8583 Joseph Sidney Barker 
5870 Oliver Barker 
7255 John Bartle 
10064 George Arthur Beardsley 
10442 Alfred Beasley 
10466 Harold Beaumont 
9095 Richard Beavan 
7943 Ridgdale Bellwood 
10850 Samuel Best 
7339 Herbert Beswick 
7820 Percy Ernest Birch 
7163 Peter Birmingham 
7972 Ernest Blakemore 
10589 Frederick Blatch 
10217 Arthur Charles Boddington
6531 Frederick Bodsworth 
8335 William Bolderson 
10401 Albert Bolton 
7235 George Bonsor 
7061 William Herbert Booth 
10418 Harry Bottomley 
7238 Albert Boulding 
9138 George Boully 
7856 John W Bowerman 
9382 John William Bradley 
6235 Thomas Bradshaw 
7244 John Brady
8366 John Brailsford 
8626 Robert Ernest Brammer 
8005 Christopher Bridgewater 
7918 Alfred Bridsow 
7957 William Brown 
10545 William John Brown 
7863 John Brownhill 
10872 Ernest Bryan 
7767 Joseph Bucci 
9067 James Buck 
8532 John Thomas Bunting 
7285 Thomas Burchett 
10163 William Henry Burgess 
8676 Edwin Burke 
8707 Thomas Burkenshaw 
8134 Robert John Butler 
8290 Thomas Button 
8252 George Campbell 
10736 Sydney Cardwell 
7805 Frank Carpenter
8002 William Cawood Fred Cawthorne 
6967 Thomas Chadwick 
8504 Charles Challis 
9129 John E Chaplin 
10693 Arthur Chappelow 
8218 Sam Charlesworth 
8090 Thomas Henry Chatterway 
9475 Samuel Child 
10840 Edward Chivers 
8278 Albert Chopping 
8520 Harry George Coates 
8656 Harry Cocker 
10607 George Cockridge 
8939 William Collett 
10550 Joseph Conn 
10595 Matthew Connor 
9005 Alfred Cooper 
8228 Joseph Cooper 
10921 William Cooper 
8182 Ernest Cooze 
10816 Frederick John Corbett 
9635 John R Coultish 
7851 Edwin Cranleigh 
7298 William Crawford 
8641 Reginald E Cripps 
8440 Percy J Crow 
6481 John E Cunningham 
9199 Alfred Darley 
10290 Edwin Davies 
10625 Lewis Davies 
10959 Isaac Day 
7137 Albert Denton 
10866 Charles Dickinson 
10977 Arthur Douglas 
6766 John Draycott 
10741 George Ernest Drury 
10215 Thomas Duggan 
10890 William Duggan 
9053 John Dunn 
9114 Daniel Dunnell 
8882 Harold Eames 7031 Frank Ellis 
6143 Harry Emerson 
6464 William England 
6696 Pte George English 
7175 Thomas Eyre 
8692 Arthur Fiddler 
8686 William Henry Fleetwood 
10709 Ernest Flockton 
8514 Alma Fowler 
5881 Frederick P Fowler 
10800 Fred Fox 
7387 Harry Fox 
10860 Arthur France 
8250 George France 
8902 Albert Franklyn 
8137 Alfred George Franks 
10621 Thomas S Frith 
8471 Henry C Fuller 
7403 George Gabbitas 
5981 Robert T Gadsby 
9185 Frank Gallacher 
7384 John Galloway 
5938 Herbert Gilder 
10770 Frederick Gilroyd 
10503 Bernard Gleeson 
9419 John Glew 
8726 Joseph Godson 
10685 Albert E Goulding 
10998 Michael Goulding 
10722 Walter Goulding 
9102 Alfred Green 
8855 Charless Paul Green 
10687 Thomas Green 
10066 Walter J Green 
6427 Edward Greenfield 
6556 Ernest Gregg 
10863 George Hadfield 
6780 George Hague 
9266 Harry Hall 
9575 Winning Hall 
8519 Reuben Halstead 
7984 George Hardy 
10832 George Hardy 
10911 Frederick Harrison 
9017 George Harrop 
8077 Edward James Hemp 
9202 Stephen Henson 
10969 Harold Heppenstall 
7439 John Hewitt 
7040 Frederick Hill 
10578 John Robert Hirst 
10766 Benjamin Hobson 
7198 Joseph Hobson 
8338 William Hodgkinson 
9007 Martin B Hodson 
8826 Matthew Hogan 
10194 Charles G Hollick 
6319 William Henry Hoole 
7149 Thomas Houghton 
4671 Harry Howard 
6440 Percy Howard 
6926 Samuel Howarth 
6705 William Howson 
10882 Frederick Hubbard 
9785 John William Hufton 
9128 Admiral Huntingdon 
7799 Percy Alfred Hurst 
8542 Charles Hutchinson 
9923 William Hutchinson 
8526 Andrew Hyslop 
9130 John Charles Hyslop 
8875 George Ibbotson 
9091 Bertie Ingleton 
7973 Alfred J Isaacs 
8515 Alfred Jackson 
10435 Bertie Jackson 
7365 Miles Jackson 
8330 Arthur Jeffs 
10824 William Jennings 
8547 John Frederick Jesson 
7942 Albert Edward Jeyes 
6446 Thomas Johnson 
9244 Edward Jones 
8598 Thomas Henry Jones 
8144 James H Kennedy 
10647 Samuel Kinchin 
9209 Bertie King 
8462 Herbert F King 
9916 John James King 
7155 Walter King 
9814 Percy John Lambert 
7919 Charles Large 
7816 Herbert J Leavesley 
8538 Harry Lemon 
8258 James Leyland 
10668 William Charles H Linnett 
8213 Charles Littlewood 
7160 John William Liversidge 
7421 Edward William Lobb 
10743 William Lockett 
11036 Lewis Lomas 
8575 Frank Long 
6070 Horace Loukes 
7346 Herbert H Loxton 
8590 Walter Lycett 
8467 Thomas Lynn 
8332 George Machin 
9425 William W Machin 
8363 Richard Malyou 
7308 Henry Mankin 
8310 Charles J Marchant 
7853 John Marriott 
9168 Richard Marshall 
7930 Thomas E Marshall 
7*** John Thomas Marson 
8095 Edward Thomas Martin 
10856 George Thomas Mason 
7146 James Mason 
8112 William Robert Mayham 
10867 Stephen McCall 
10456 Peter McGregor 
7193 Victor M McGuirk 
9400 Henry McKay 
8782 Michael McLoughlin 
9736 Charles Mercier 
10511 Frank Midwinter 
6935 Charles Miller 
6669 Joseph Molloy 
7783 Arthur F Moore 
10273 George Morris 
8113 John Moss 
7214 John William Mullins 
7335 Herbert Munns 
9267 William A Murray 
8116 Albert Nance 
10131 Harold Naylor 
8407 James S Naylor 
8718 Thomas L Neal 
10603 Thomas James Nevard 
8703 Frederick George Newall 
9842 Joseph Newey 
10825 Rhodes Nicholls 
8039 William Nixon 
9874 Joe Noble 
8550 Thomas Notman 
9290 Fred Nunn 
10876 William O'Brien 
7205 Walter Olaranshaw 
9620 James Orton 
7117 John A Parker 
7357 George Parkin 
9296 Herbert Peaker 
7297 Albert Peters 
8382 James Pike 
6462 Ernest Poole 
9863 John R Porter 
8339 George Powell 
9332 Henry Prescott 
8770 John Price 
10737 John Priestley 
8554 William Priestley 
8111 James H Raker 
383 Matthew Reed 
8268 John Reeves 
9283 Renshaw 
7778 Joseph Rhodes 
9395 George Riley 
7060 Edwin Roberts 
5902 Albert Robinson 
8927 Frank Robinson 
7375 Albert Rogers 
9120 Philip S Royston 
7148 Samuel Roystone 
8956 Jabez Sanderson 
10715 Pte F Schofeld 
9275 Frederick Schofield 
7953 Joseph Schofield 
8558 William Scott 
8398 Willie Searles 
8225 Richard Seiles 
7889 Jonathan Self 
8171 John Sharp 
10388 William H Sharpe 
6390 Ernest R Shaw 
9036 Samuel Shaw 
7282 Charles Shelton 
6004 Tom Shemeld 
7064 David R Sherwood 
10659 Leonard Shilbeck 
7945 Benjamin Simpson 
9665 Fred W Singleton 
8973 Charles H Slater 
9866 Claude F Slawson 
8280 Edward Sleigh 
10038 Robert L Smeaton 
7412 Alfred Smith 
8153 George Smith 
8529 Henry Smith 
10116 John W Smith 
9004 Joseph Smith 
7975 John Snepp 
7927 John J Spencer 
8943 Frederick T Stampson 
8042 Fred Stayton 
10694 Royce Steels 
9345 William Steers 
8492 Henry Stone 
10827 John Sykes 
7124 William Sykes 
5895 Frederick William Tagg 
9144 Frank Taylor 
8409 James H Taylor 
10972 Joseph Taylor 
[unclear] [unclear] Thompson 
7186 Fred Thompson 
7125 John R Thompson 
7275 T Thorpe 
7810 L/Cpl Charles Tilling 
9111 Charles Todkill 
6841 Charles Tompkins 
9161 Percy J Towersey 
8502 Frank Townsend 
8785 Edward Trend 
7342 William J Trydell 
[unclear] Sydney E Tucker 
10869 F Turner 
10020 William J Tye 
10978 John Tyler 
8517 Arthur Ussher 
8376 George A Varney 
9215 Thomas Varney 
10519 Arthur D Venters 
7889 Frank Vickers 
9448 John Viney 
9192 David Wadley 
8251 Harry Wakefield 
9271 Pte Reginald G Wakefield 
9642 James Walker 
8920 Tom Walker 
8203 Thomas Walters 
7793 E Warburton 
8666 Herbert Ward 
5989 Thomas Ward 
9145 Ernest Waterhouse 
10364 John Waterworth 
9225 Joseph F Watkinson 
9738 Richard Watling 
8117 Sidney Watson 
10644 Victor G Watt 
 8648 Percy Watts 
8585 Philip J Weaving 
9468 Ernest Whincup 
9477 Sidney E White 
9263 William White 
7210 John Whitham 
10842 Albert Whittaker 
[unclear] Edwin Whittaker 
9041 William E Wild 
8224 Martin Wilkinson 
9846 William Willets 
9094 John C Williams 
8997 W Henry Williams 
8919 John Willis 
7390 Joseph Wilton 
8423 George Sidney Wiseman 
10563 John T Wood 
8205 Henry Woodall 
6186 John Charles Woodley 
9140 George Woodward 
7307 Enoch Wormston 
10810 Samuel G Wright 
8172 Thomas Wright 
9105 Thomas Wright 
8832 Wilfred Wright 
8509 Robert Wyatt 
8545 George Yeoman