28 February 2015

4081 Pte Robert Mather, 1st Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

My thanks to Mike Gregson for contacting me after he noticed his great grandfather - Robert Mather - in the list of PoWs for the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment that I published in January this year. Mike had already known that his great grandfather had been a prisoner and has added additional information about him which I am pleased to publish here.

From the Lancashire Fusiliers Enlistment book 1882-1902:
Robert Mather was born in St Mark's, Bolton and was a Piercer by trade when he attested with the Lancashire Fusiliers at Bolton on the 3rd May 1892. He was aged 18 years and one month. He gave his religion as Church of England and his physical description notes that he had a fresh complexion, brown eyes and brown hair. He was five feet five and three quarter inches in height, had a thirty three inch chest, a scar on forehead, a scar on left eyelid and weighed one hundred and eleven pounds.  After serving his initial period of probably 10 to 12 weeks at the regimental depot he was posted to the 1st Battalion. He was transferred to the Army Reserve on 2rd May 1899 (exactly seven years after he had enlisted) and served with the 2nd Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers during the Boer War and was invalided on the 13/05/01 (also appears as 4058). He received the Queens South Africa medal with clasps: Orange Free State, Transvaal, Tugela Heights, Relief of Ladysmith, Laing's Nek, South Africa 1901.  
Robert re-enlisted on 12th September 1914, this time with the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment (4081) and arrived overseas on 29th November 1914. He was captured at Givenchy on 22/23rd December and spent time in Wittenberg and Merseburg PoW camps.
After the war, Robert Mather was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal along with others, for his service in Wittenberg during a Typhoid epidemic when he volunteered as a medical orderly.
The image on this page comes from the Europeana19141918 website and specifically, the page which tells the story of another LNL PoW regular, 2838 L/Cpl John Johnson. Like Robert Mather, Johnson was also a time-expired regular who re-enlisted in the Special Reserve when Britain went to war in August 1914.

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27 February 2015

Findmypast webinar - join me today

I'm giving a webinar for Findmypast later today and will be spending the majority of this session talking about British Army regimental numbers.  To register for this broadcast, click on the military webinar link.  There will be live Q&A during this event.

22 February 2015

The colourful guide to regimental numbering

Regimental number series, Essex Regiment
Here's a visual attempt to try and explain regimental numbering in a typical infantry regiment.  In the pre-1908 example above we see my local regiment, the Essex Regiment, which has:

1.A regimental depot and two regular battalions
2.Two militia battalions
3. Four Volunteer Force battalions

Each of the colours in the image represent a different regimental numbering series. So we can see that the regimental depot and the first and the second battalions shared one number series, whilst all the other battalions had their own unique numbering series.  In total then, we have seven different numbering series being used by the Essex Regiment at this time (and by the way, there's nothing particularly special about 1899; I simply use that year as a snapshot in time).

Regimental number series, Essex Regiment
Fast forward ten years. In 1908, the Special Reserve and the Extra Reserve replaced the militia, and the Territorial Force replaced the Volunteer Force. Twenty-three infantry regiments each lost a militia battalion and the Essex Regiment was one of these, losing its 4th Battalion.
I've maintained the same colour schemes to illustrate the different number series used:
1. The regimental depot and 1st and 2nd regular battalions continued with the same numbering series just as they had done in 1899.
2. Men joining the 3rd (Special Reserve) from the 3rd ((Militia) Battalion, carried their old militia battalion with them. Men joining from the old 4th (Militia) Battalion as well as new recruits, were all given numbers from a new number series which began at 1.
3. All Territorial Force battalions started numbering from 1.  The 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Battalions were the natural successors to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Volunteer Force battalions respectively. The Essex & Suffolk Cyclist Battalion was a new battalion formed on 1st April 1908. It was ultimately short-lived and in June 1910 became the 8th Battalion, Essex Regiment, the Suffolk elements being formed into the 6th Battalion, Suffolk Regiment.
But in any event, by April 1909 there were eight distinct regimental number series in use in the Essex regiment (including two being used by the 3rd Battalion - the old militia series and the new series begun in 1908).
I use this example of the Essex Regiment simply to illustrate that there were many number series in use at any one time in the British Army. I started this blog to help to make sense of it all and have information on regimental number series for most battalions and units of the British Army between 1881 and 1918 (and a good deal earlier for most cavalry units). If you can't find what you're looking for on this blog and need more help, please visit my Research Page. Research requests are normally fulfilled within 48 hours.
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14 February 2015

Bedfordshire Regiment - PoW Other Ranks 1914

The following men were all serving with regular battalions of The Bedfordshire Regiment, when they became prisoners of war of the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. There are 173 names in this list.  Read more about this Prisoner of War data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from the following sources which are now housed at the Imperial War Museum:

1. B.O.2 1/108. A five-page handwritten list from Bedfordshire Regiments' [sic] Prisoners of War Care Committee dated 5th January 1919

2. B.O.2 1/110. A nine-page handwritten list to Sir Ernest Goodhart from colonel i/c No 2 Records, Warley, Essex; letter dated 18th January 1919

My full transcription of this Bedfordshire Regiment Prisoners of War roll call of other ranks (not reproduced here) also contains the battalion, and home address or next of kin address. 

6601 Private E Alexander
8315 Private G Anderson
8628 Lance-Corporal J Andrews
8016 Private A Ansell
8582 Private S Archer
10166 Private G Argent
9985 Lance-Corporal A Austin
7849 Private E Ayres
7809 Private C Baker
10321 Private F C Baker
10208 Private L Baker
7801 Private H Banks
10279 Private H Banyard
10169 Private F Bateman
10218 Private L Beard
8449 Private E P Beech
8252 Lance-Corporal W Benton
8951 Private S Bilcock
9923 Private A Bowskill
7448 Private W Branch
6886 Private A Brooks
9137 Private F G Brown
5946 Private J A Brown
8468 Private R Brown
8076 Sergeant W Brown
3/5946 Private W A Brown
7858 Private G W Byerly
8060 Private A Cambers
8213 Private T Cambers
8295 Private B Chamberlain
10206 Private S Chambers
7452 Private R Christmas
8373 Private A W Clarke
10008 Private E Clarke
10004 Private T Clarke
8373 Private W A Clarke
8798 Private A Cobbett
7954 Private J Cook
10134 Private A Crawley
10176 Private J Cuthbert
8408 Private C M Day
7457 Corporal E Day
8988 Lance-Corporal H Delamore
7624 Private W Dobson
7545 Private J Dorling
10035 Private T Dowse
9741 Private A Duberry
8132 Lance-Corporal J Eames
6668 Private H Elliott
8824 Private W Evans
9692 Private E Farrant
9416 Lance-Corporal W Fenning
7713 Private A Fensome
7950 Private W Fish
8149 Private A Freeman
8915 Private A French
8185 Corporal J Galvin
7603 Private W Garner
7799 Private H Gilbert
7967 Private J Glenn
7729 Private J Good
7850 Private H Green
8740 Private F Grey
6227 Private R Hallett
7432 Private B Hammett
7767 Private W Harvey
8313 Private C Hatcher
9402 Private H Haynes
8781 Private C Hebbs
7431 Private A Henman
7796 Private T Higgins
10153 Private Frederick Hilton
12371 Lance-Corporal Walter S Hoar
8807 Private A Holland
10020 Private A Hollingsworth
7977 Sergeant J Hoptroff
10249 Private W Horne
8068 Private R Hornett
7758 Private F Howard
10170 Private N Howe
9683 Sergeant Harry Charles Hubbard
7479 Private H Humphrey
9590 Private H Jackson
7587 Corporal H Jaggers
8727 Lance-Corporal A James
7345 Private J Jenkins
8788 Lance-Corporal F Jones
9896 Private L Jordan
9132 Private B King
7366 Drummer P Lambert
14336 Private J Larman
7972 Private C Laxton
8359 Private B Lay
8517 Private W Lewington
8083 Private George T Lewis
8629 Private M Mackeon
9800 Private S Males
10157 Private J Marks
7364 Private T Martin
7186 Private A Mason
10275 Private G Maxwell
9429 Private F McCarthy
8629 Private M McKeon
8906 Private G G Meadlarkan
5946 CSM W Mears
6998 Private S Mobley
6864 Sergeant J Moore
8106 Private John F Morgan
8266 Private S Moules
10112 Private J Moult
8685 Private W Mynott
9749 Private A C Nash
8369 Private A J Norman
6676 Private C Odell
8687 Private Charles Pallett
9123 Private F Papworth
10175 Private P Papworth
8602 Private F Parker
6344 Private A Payne
8871 Private L Petchey
10028 Private C Petts
10172 Private A Piggott
7658 Private A Pinney
10051 Private C Porter
10174 Private T W Preston
8795 Private E Prior
8767 Private G Prior
10033 Private A Rayment
6993 Private P Richardson
8842 Private E Rodwell
10197 Private W A Rogers
8330 Private W Rose
8760 Private E Russell
10200 Private G Rutland
9289 Private J Sambridge
7572 Private T Samuels
7460 Private A Saville
8173 Corporal H Sheppard
7147 Private J Short
7761 Private J Simkins
9237 Private A Skinner
9625 Lance-Corporal A Smewing
10071 Private R Smith
9040 Private W Smith
7605 Private W Smith
10239 Private A F Sole
7429 Private C Southgate
7533 Private G Sparkes
7696 Private E Stevens
9410 Private C Stringer
7671 Private J Taylor
9938 Private H Thompson
8141 Private H Turner
10187 Private W G Turner
6131 Private W Valentine
10289 Private W Villiers
8000 Private J Walker
8176 Private F Ward
8994 Private F Watson
9673 Private F Wells
8625 Private C White
7472 Private D White
7911 Private J White
9437 Corporal H Wilders
7319 Private A Williams
7755 Corporal T Williams
7830 Lance-Corporal T Williams
7755 Corporal T Williams
8471 Private S Woodman
9170 Private H Wright
8268 Private J Wright
8003 Private L Wright
9794 Private C York

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8 February 2015

Charles Naish - a numbering oddity explained

On the face of it, Charles Naish's medal index card (below) is fairly easy to read. It shows service with a Territorial Force (TF) battalion of the Middlesex Regiment and an original number 160, later 202642. Charles served overseas from 12th March 1915 and was therefore entitled to a WW1 trio. The pencil-written number 57 in the top left hand corner is a throwback to the time, pre July 1881, when the Middlesex Regiment was the 57th (West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot.

Hold on a minute though. His original TF number indicates very early entry into this battalion. In fact, he was probably a member of the Volunteer Force who, on the demise of the VF, joined the TF.  Why then is his second, six-digit number, so high?

Readers of this blog will hopefully have picked up that in general, when these five and six digit numbers were issued to men of the TF in 1917, the lowest number of the new series was issued to the longest serving man in the battalion; the second lowest number to the next longest serving man, and so on. There were exceptions, but as a rule, this logic was fairly consistently applied. These new numbers were issued to men who were still "on the books" of the relevant TF unit which meant, inevitably, that some numbers were issued to men who were missing in action but not confirmed, or officially presumed, to have been killed in action.

Charles Naish's number, 202642, belongs to the series which was issued to the 7th Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment, a series which started at 200001 and extended to 240000. 202642 implies that there were 2,641 men who had been issued numbers before Charles, and yet he was an old soldier. What's going on?

Fortunately, Charles Naish has a surviving service record which explains everything. He was indeed an old soldier who had served with the 1st Volunteer Battalion since 1903. He enlisted with the 7th Middlesex on the 2nd April 1908 for a period of four years and then re-engaged for one year annually thereafter. Re-engaging for one year in April 1914 he could have had no idea that Britain would be at war within four months, and had probably overlooked that crucial clause 15d. on his original E.502 attestation which stated:

"... if your term of service expires when a proclamation ordering the Army Reserve to be called out on permanent service is in force, you may be required to prolong your service for a further period not exceeding 12 months."

So Charles went to France with the 7th Middlesex Regiment in March 1915 and remained with the battalion until he was discharged as a time-expired Territorial in April 1916, having served an additional twelve months. By then of course, conscription had been in force for a month and it wasn't long before Charles was back with his old battalion. In fact he joined the 7th Middlesex again at Purfleet in July 1916. By this time, regimental numbers being issued to men in this battalion were in the early 7000s and Charles was given the new number 7010. It doesn't appear on his medal index card because by the time he went overseas, the new six-digit number series had come into force and he landed in France as 202642.

I am pleased to say that Charles Ernest Naish survived the war as a high ranking NCO. I hope his service, illustrated above, could be a useful test case in solving similar numbering conundrums.

The posts on my Army Service Numbers blog are intended to assist today's researchers and family historians in piecing together service histories of their military ancestors. I also offer a British Military History research service. Click on the link for further information.

Images:7th Middlesex marching through Sittingbourne in 1914 courtesy of Sittingbourne Heritage Museum. Medal index card courtesy of Ancestry.

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5 February 2015

1st Life Guards - 1881-1914

1st Life Guards charge at Klein Zillebeke 1914

Here are some regimental numbers and the dates on which these were issued to men joining the 1st Life Guards:

1052 joined on 24th May 1881
1110 joined on 24th June 1882
1160 joined on 3rd January 1883
1234 joined on 15th February 1884
1342 Joined on 7th May 1885
1403 joined on 16th September 1886
1435 joined on 1st June 1887
1470 joined on 14th February 1888
1529 joined on 22nd April 1889
1553 joined on 14th January 1890
1633 joined on 23rd February 1891
1693 joined on 6th January 1892
1758 joined on 17th February 1893
1814 joined on 19th January 1894
1860 joined on 16th January 1895
1912 joined on 2nd March 1896
1983 joined on 9th February 1897
2048 joined on 20th April 1898
2073 joined on 30th January 1899
2212 joined on 6th June 1900
2330 joined on 14th January 1901
2399 joined on 16th January 1902
2460 joined on 26th June 1903
2487 joined on 20th June 1904
2512 joined on 10th January 1905
2576 joined on 2nd February 1906
2613 joined on16th May 1907
2648 joined on 8th January 1908
2727 joined on 26th April 1909
2777 joined on 18th February 1910
2887 joined on 12th April 1911
2919 joined on 17th September 1912
2934 joined on 13th January 1913
2995 joined on 9th January 1914
3028 joined on 17th August 1914
3078 joined on 5th September 1914
3199 joined on 15th October 1914
3561 joined on 4th November 1914
3685 joined on 3rd December 1914

Use the numbers and dates above to estimate enlistment/joining dates for your own 1st Life Guards ancestor. If you still need help, contact me through the military research page.

26 January 2015

Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) - PoW Other Ranks 1914

The following men were serving with the Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) when they became prisoners of war of the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. There are 53 names in this list; quite a modest total by the standards of 1914.  Read more about this Prisoner of War data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from the following sources which are now housed at the Imperial War Museum:

1. B.O.2 1/99. A two-page typed letter from the Irish Women's Association to the officer i/c of records, Black Watch, asking for address details of men.  Letter dated 6th March 1919

2. B.O.2 1/101. A single-sided hand-written letter confirming the men's date of capture.  Letter dated 27th December 1918
3. B.O.2 1/102. A typed letter from the Black Watch Relief Fund to the officer i/c Records. Dates of capture and comments are handwritten. Letter dated 18th December 1918.

4. B.O.2 1/103. A two-page typed letter from the Black Watch Relief Fund to the Hon Sec, Princess Mary's Xmas Fund giving names and addresses of "Prisoners of war captured before December 1914". Letter dated 19th December 1918.
5. B.O.2 1/104 is single-sided typed letter from TF Record Office, Perth to Mrs Donachie enlosing the late Pte Donachie's tin.  Letter dated 18th May 1916.
6. B.O.2 1/106. A three-page typed letter from Major Rennie,  Infantry Record Office, No 1 District, Perth, to Sir Ernest Goodhart, dated 30th January 1919.

The majority of the men were regular soldiers serving with the 1st and 2nd Battalions, but there are also men listed here who were Territorials, serving with the 1/5th (Angus & Dundee) Battalion (Territorial Force).

My full transcription of this Black Watch Prisoners of War roll call of other ranks (not reproduced here) also contains the home address or next of kin address, and date of capture against many of the men's names. Note that date of capture is also included, in many cases, on these men's medal index cards.

783 Sergeant Allan Adam
9389 Private H Alexander
87 Private John Andrews
1646 Private G Ballantine
139 Private G Black
1507 Private J Bruce
700 Private Bryant
9806 Private W Cairney
2595 Private J Clift
2230 Private W Craigie
305 Private George Cunningham
7530 Private T Dilly
2365 Private John Donachie
2514 Private E Downton
9677 Bandsman W Egerton
1819 Private D Ferguson
71 Private G Forrester
Private G Gibson
1589 Private C Glover
1369 Private J Gordon
9879 Private F Hemmingway
2391 Private E Hendry
9657 Private A Imrie
9327 Private R Ireland
9414 Private J Lawson
7135 Private W Loudfoot
9752 Sergeant J MacGregor
7224 Private L MacQueen
5973 Private W Manson
2658 Private J McDade
9752 Sergeant J McGregor
2222 Corporal A McIntosh
7298 Private P McNay
9945 Drummer W Morrison
8321 Private W Muir
9568 Private W Murrie
2619 Private Scott Oram
2280 Private P Phinn
8269 Private W Rodgers
9939 Private G Rowan
7808 Private G Selvester
1337 Sergeant W O Smith
327 Private W Squire
75 Corporal Strachan
9289 Private J Thompson
2116 Private G Watson
8240 Private H Whitcombe
3/2391 Private J L Whitton

The roll also includes the names of a handful of men who have a 1915 date of capture against their names. As they appear in the original archive, I am also including them here:

7786 Private T Mathie
2735 Corporal  James McRobbie
9818 Corporal T Neil
3282 Private P Pennycook
230 Private G Smith

The image on this post shows the Pipe Band of the Black Watch at Edinburgh Castle c1905.

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18 January 2015

Loyal North Lancashire Regiment - PoW Other Ranks 1914

The following men - the vast majority, regular soldiers with the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment - became prisoners of war of the Germans on or before Christmas Day 1914. This is an edited roll of 509 NCOs and men who were serving with the 1st Battalion, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment at their time of capture. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from the following undated and badly faded source at the Imperial War Museum:

1. B.O.2 1/229: a 13-page typed document listing men of the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment who were captured on or before 25th December 1914.  

My full transcription of this Loyal North Lancs Prisoners of War roll call of other ranks (not reproduced here) also contains the home address against most of the men's names. 

2215 Private H Abbott
10492 Private H Adams
10114 Private S W Adams
8731 Sergeant T Ainsworth
3002 Private William Alker
8249 Private P Almond
8022 Private T Almond
3417 Private F Ambrose
9230 Private W F Anderson
7162 Private M Armstrong
3261 Private Thomas Ashcroft
6728 Private J Ashton
4148 Lance-Sergeant Harper P Ashworth
10427 Private H Aspden
8079 Private A Aston
10871 Acting Corporal H Austin
7058 Private C Baker
11040 Private E Balshaw
2093 Private J Bannister
4603 Private J Barnes
8243 Private H Bartlett
10667 Private P Bartley
9853 Private J H Barton
7873 Sergeant W E Baxter
7264 Lance-Sergeant J E Beeley
11665 Lance-Corporal P W Beer
1836 Private R Bennett
6725 Private T Bennett
10219 Private L Berry
6780 Private J E Bickerstaff
3120 Private William Blackburn
1524 Lance-Corporal Blackhurst
1909 Private John Bligh
8150 Lance-Corporal F G Bloys
4401 Private Richard Bolton
8989 Private J Bond
3659 Private J W Bond
3039 Private Samuel Bowers
1441 Private Albert Boyle
10478 Private J P Boyle
2941 Corporal G Bradbury
2524 Private J Bradley
8633 Private E Bradshaw
8469 Private W Brady
2312 Private F Bramble
1219 Private W Bramhall
2258 Private W Brannick
1615 Lance-Corporal W Brannigan
7957 Private T Brennan
2274 Private J Brett
3129 Private T Brice
2792 Private J W Bridges
2291 Private D Brine
4010 Corporal Norman Britton
11265 Private J Bromley
7885 Private W Broomfield
1521 Private B J Brown
1974 Private J Brown
6661 Private J Brown
6090 Private L Brown
10433 Private J Bryden
1695 Private J Buckley
10883 Private J Bulgar
9501 Lance-Sergeant F Burge
7929 Private J Burton
2766 Corporal E Byrne
4101 Private R Caffery
4116 Private J W Caine
6286 Private J Cairns
10628 Private C Caldwell
9183 Lance-Corporal J Call
10433 Private W Callander
7011 Lance-Corporal J Callick
10305 Sergeant G A Campbell
7671 Private G Carey
3386 Private J Carey
7144 Private L Carling
8131 Private J Carroll
2456 Private T Carroll
5977 Private F Carter
2634 Private Richard Cartmell
2103 Corporal H Cattell
1274 Lance-Corporal Alfred Cawley
9619 Acting Sergeant C E Chambers
2951 Private J Clare
4388 Private Joseph Clark
6410 Private F W Clarke
3376 Lance-Corporal J E Cobley
6964 Sergeant J J Cockerell
3751 Lance-Corporal Thomas Cocking
12072 Private P Collins
7774 Private T Collinson
7776 Private T E Collister
2822 Private F Conley
4164 Private W Connolly
4331 Private Nicholas Connoran
1835 Private F Conroy
3163 Private J Conroy
2376 Private J Conway
4121 Private J Conway
2255 Private G Cook
2625 Private T L Cook
3317 Private George Cope
3904 Lance-Sergeant R D Copley
2799 Private J Corrigan
3910 Private J Corrigan
2229 Private P Corrigan
4596 Private J A Costello
4326 Private R Cotton
1157 Private R Coventry
8052 Private W Cox
10633 Private E Cozier
2396 Private J Critchley
1724 Private J Crock
10007 Private J Crook
1770 Private R Crook
3935 Private William Crook
8090 Private H Cropper
1780 Lance-Corporal H Cross
9136 Sergeant E Culley
9634 Lance-Corporal C P Darcey
629 Private C Davies
2400 Private J Davies
3689 Private Robert Davies
7994 Private W Davies
10661 Private W A Davies
8407 Private C Davis
8168 Lance-Corporal J Dawber
1410 Lance-Corporal H Dawson
7096 Private H Dean
10594 Private E Delahunt
8352 Acting Corporal W J Dench
9794 Lance-Sergeant F Dennis
8294 Acting Corporal H Dennison
8547 Private J Derbyshire
1982 Private P Devamey
3722 Private Devany
4103 Private Dewhurst
10696 Private J N Diamond
3521 Private T Dickinson
9351 Private Michael Dillon
1523 Private William Dixon
1098 Private F Dodd
10247 Private P Doolen
6511 Sergeant David Doran
10622 Private C F Doughty
2398 Private J Doyle
9522 Private J C Driscall
2446 Private S Dawson
10360 Private A Duffy
2301 Private D Dunbar
3217 Private J Durkin
11639 Private W Duxbury
8904 Private G Edwards
7155 Private J Edwards
2141 Private F Evans
3762 Private Evans
4558 Private Evans
10717 Private E Fairclough
3190 Private J Farrer
10629 Private J J Fearon
3607 Private T Fiddler
3134 Private G Finch
8143 Lance-Corporal J Finlinson
6932 Private Thomas Fisher
10326 Private W Fisher
351 Lance-Corporal J Fleming
2303 Private K Flynn
3674 Private Michael Flynn
4472 Private John Forshaw
8054 Lance-Corporal T Forshaw
8907 Lance-Corporal W Foster
10864 Private W Fowler
3875 Private R Frazer
6393 Private J Gahan
6393 Private John Gahan
2065 Private J Gains
1930 Private J Gallagher
599 Corporal J Garner
2641 Private T Gavin
7832 Private C German
1642 Private E C Gerrard
2725 Corporal J Gill
3914 Private J Gilligan
10673 Private W Glover
9593 Private J Godin
10707 Private J M Godin
9344 Private Charles Andrew Golding
4438 Private Thomas Gough
1218 Private W H Gray
9763 Acting Sergeant F Greaves
10625 Private J Greaves
8147 Private W J Greaves
8590 Private W E Green
3086 Private Joseph Greenhalgh
4369 Private Robert Gregson
3353 Private T Gresty
6076 Private William Grogan
3794 Private S Hackney
7217 CQMS P Hagar
8812 Lance-Corporal A P Hall
9093 Lance-Corporal H J R Hall
4096 Private W Halme
10665 Private A Halstead
6985 Private Robert Handley
7993 Private G Hankin
11185 Private John Hannah
3016 Private James Harden Private Harding
1652 Sergeant J Hardman
2496 Private Edward Hargreaves
7860 Private A Harmer
10500 Private E Harrington
10324 Private F Harris
2110 Private Frank Harris
8881 Lance-Corporal W Harris
3389 Private J Harris
3318 Private G Harrison
3323 Private Joseph Harrison
7902 Private John Hart
1592 Private H Hart
8190 Private J Hartley
3498 Private William R Hartley
1347 Private R Hartson
7205 Private J Harvey
310 Private Robert Hastings
4089 Private John Hayhurst
7844 Lance-Corporal E Healey
1448 Private T Henning
1448 Private Thomas Henning
2187 Private J Hibbs
2508 Private J Higgins
10750 Private Charles Hill
6895 Private H Hill
6858 Private R Hilton
1282 Private F Hines
6929 Private William Hislop
1421 Corporal H Hockey
9439 Private E F Hogben
3232 Private F Holloway
4607 Private J Holt
2102 Private C Hoole
3562 Private J Houghton
3859 Private Albert Huband
1668 Corporal O Hughes
1981 Private T Hughes
7003 Private W J Humphreys
10621 Private E G Hunt
3/1242 Lance-Corporal Mark Isherwood
2298 Private J Jackson
4192 Private J Jackson
10619 Private J Jackson
10018 Private J Jackson
2838 Lance-Corporal John Johnson (follow the link for more on this man)
6940 Private Joseph Johnson
2612 Private G Jones
7046 Private G Jones
3339 Lance-Corporal J Jones
8612 Acting Corporal J Jones
8501 Private J Joyce
2244 Lance-Corporal A Kelly
2356 Private E Kelly
6825 Private James Kerr
10463 Private E Kilbride
10477 Private E Kilbride
10374 Private D Kirby
10925 Private J Knowles
2282 Lance-Corporal John James Lamb
11082 Private J Lane
9636 Private W Lane
1148 Private J Langley
9021 Private A Lawrence
1338 Private Thomas Lawrenson
2324 Private James W Lea
4221 Private P L Lean
8638 Private P Leary
2397 Private R Leaver
10092 Private J Lee
8460 Private E H Lefley
5894 Private J Lesley
3594 Private T Lewis
6280 Sergeant J Leyland
7176 Private G D Ling
4061 Private Aaron Little
1220 Private E Lloyd
2771 Private Horatio Loftus
7160 Lance-Corporal H Lomas
5924 Lance-Corporal E Long
10060 Private H Lonsdale
3668 Private Albert Lovatt
1198 Private Edward Lowe
8537 Private G Lowe
689 Private John Lunt
3728 Private Thomas Makin
7810 Lance-Corporal W Maloney
1928 Private H Marks
3338 Private J Marland
4651 CQMS James Marquis
6678 Private W Marshall
3548 Private Thomas Martyr
2717 Private J Massey
4081 Private Robert Mather (follow the link to see separate post about his man)
8607 Private W Matthews
10797 Private W May
2970 Private J McCormick
2690 Private M McCoy
3293 Private H McCullock
4136 Private Alexander McDonald
11391 Private J McDonald
10674 Private J McDougall
10882 Private E McGowan
2392 Private D McGregor
6904 Private P McIntyre
4493 Private McKay
10260 Private W McKinley
2791 Lance-Corporal William John McMechan
8332 Private A McNally
2549 Private W McNamara
3978 Private J McNeally
3982 Private T Melia
5875 Lance-Corporal W Mercer
1300 Private F Meredith
2554 Private Joseph Meredith
1300 Private T Meredith
9297 Sergeant T H Middleton
10341 Private C J R Miller
**38 Private Milton
1145 Private Edward Miskell
8419 Private J Mitchell
10690 Private R Mitchell
11026 Private R Molloy
4362 Private Thomas Moon
3087 Private Thomas Morris
3579 Private George Morrison
2409 Private R Morrison
7077 Lance-Sergeant R Morrison
10490 Private C Moxham
2872 Private Dominic Mulgrew
3100 Private George J Mulhearn
7946 Private J Mullen
2454 Private J Murphy
10400 Lance-Sergeant J Murray
10388 Lance-Corporal S Murray
5536 CQMS W Murray
10616 Private J Muskett
2650 Private Ernest Newton
9939 Lance-Corporal C S Nicholls
8179 Private Alfred James Nixon
8859 Private M Noctor
8492 Private Richard Norbury
3083 Private W Norris
10534 Private W G Nutbeam
3038 Private Francis S Oaker
2567 Private Thomas Ogden
2011 Corporal W Orrell
6283 Private F Paine
6944 Private Joseph Parker
10681 Lance-Corporal M F Parker
6941 Private Joseph Parr
3054 Private John Partington
6844 Private Samuel Pass
1935 Private J Patten
6348 Private H G Pattison
8186 Private G Peacock
11318 Private W Pendlebury
1845 Private Mark Phillips
1520 Private O Phillips
2285 Private W Pierce
6921 Private Herbert Pilkington
10429 Private L Pogson
1740 Private F Porter
2995 Sergeant J F Porter
7685 Private D Pritchard
8877 Acting Corporal C F Puttrell
3198 Lance-Corporal Frederick Rainford
882 Sergeant F Ratchford
2304 Private J H Ratcliffe
9720 Private J Reed
1843 Private A Ribchester
10638 Private R Richardson
8139 Private J Rigby
10461 Acting Corporal J Rigby
2452 Private A Riley
6268 Private D Riley
6268 Private D Riley
3290 Private J Riley
8043 Private J Riley
6701 Private J W Riley
7835 Sergeant H R Roberts
2710 Private E Robinson
2137 Private J H Robinson
10529 Private P Robinson
1337 Private T Robinson
10481 Lance-Corporal T Robinson
3503 Private W R Robinson
9115 Lance-Sergeant J Rogers
1478 Private E Rogerson
1958 Sergeant J Roscoe
9473 Acting Corporal R Roscoe
9399 Private Robert Rothwell
6936 Sergeant Arthur Roughsedge
8899 Private H G Rowland
2767 Private J Roy
4242 Private Joseph Russell
6530 Private T V Ryan
8561 Private W Sanders
6308 Private F Scholes
6826 Acting Corporal J Seed
8175 Private A Sefton
8354 Private W R Shadbolt
10560 Private T A E Shambrook
10950 Private W Sharples
11058 Private T Shaw
4075 Private Thomas Shaw
2967 Private W Sheridan
7984 Private H Sherwood
3947 Private R Simpson
2412 Private E Skett
755 Private David Slater
10480 Private A Smith
10683 Private C Smith
11352 Private D Smith
2295 Private J Smith
3243 Private J Smith
2462 Private J Smith
5892 Private J Smith
2604 Private T Smith
10336 Private T Smith
7863 Private W E Smith
4226 Private William Smith
4262 Private William Smith
3220 Private T Sneeth
1629 Private P Southern
6772 Lance-Corporal G Stanley
8624 Private J Stanley
9042 Private H H Stannard
2803 Private E Stephens
8126 Private J Stevenson
7168 Private W Stevenson
6367 Private A Stockton
1211 Lance-Corporal J Stone
6574 Private J Strain
10389 Private W Strickland
7884 Private D Stuart
1792 Private J Stubbins
2652 Private B Sugden
3434 Private Thomas Briscoe Sumner
3141 Private E Swain
2687 Private G Sweeney
10464 Acting Corporal J Sweeney
10903 Private J Sweeney
1261 Private E Taylor
1192 Private J Taylor
3485 Private J Taylor
10583 Private T Taylor
9603 Lance-Corporal W Taylor
10584 Acting Corporal W A Taylor
7813 Private J Thistlethwaite
1994 Private G Thompson
2518 Private R Thompson
5115 CSM Thompson
10922 Private W Thornley
6648 Private T Tindle
3397 Private E Tipton
7648 Private A Tishborne
10636 Lance-Corporal W J Tomlinson
8862 Lance-Corporal J Toomey
9727 Private S Townsend
6915 Private John Joseph Tracey
8598 Private W Tracey
6427 Sergeant E Trigg
7020 Private William Vickers
11358 Corporal R Waddilove
6153 Lance-Corporal L Walders
1681 Private C Walker
6226 Lance-Sergeant J Wall
7011 Private William Arthur Charles Waller
2026 Private E Walsh
11092 Private J Ward
10786 Private J W Ward
10504 Private E H Warren
4929 CSM Walter Waterhouse
1763 Private J Welsh
7915 Private J Welsh
2296 Private John Westworth
9772 Private J Wheatland
10334 Private B Whelan
9015 Acting Sergeant G White
8132 Private J R White
1736 Private T Whitehead
7871 Private E Whittaker
7128 Private H Whittaker
1386 Private R Whittle
10620 Lance-Corporal G Wicks
2517 Private J Wild
3990 Private B Wildie
6552 Private G Wilfred
2188 Private W Wilkins
3908 Private Peter G Wilkinson
7112 Private W Wilkinson
9491 Private J Wilson
2592 Private William Windle
8303 Private H Winn
2345 Private J Winston
8540 Private R Wolstenholme
7730 Private A Wood
10428 Private S Wood
2583 Private William Henry Worswick
1285 Corporal E Worthington

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