7 October 2008

14th (County of London) Bn, The London Regiment (London Scottish)

This battalion had its origins in the London Scottish Volunteer Rifles Corps. Its headquarters was at 59 Buckingham Gate, Westminster. The battalion holds the distinction of being the first territorial infantry battalion to see action against the Germans in the First World War. This occurred at Messines on 31st October 1914, the London Scottish territorials fighting alongside regular battalions of the British Army.

Here are some army service numbers and joining dates for The London Scottish.

689 joined on September 14th 1908
807 joined on January 20th 1909
1241 joined on February 7th 1910
1404 joined on January 23rd 1911
1586 joined on January 22nd 1912
1782 joined on February 17th 1913
2002 joined on January 12th 1914
2202 joined on August 4th 1914
2798 joined on 1st September 1914
3379 joined on November 5th 1914
4099 joined on December 9th 1914
4256 joined on January 11th 1915
4377 joined on February 11th 1915
4492 joined on March 12th 1915
4615 joined on April 12th 1915
4746 joined on May 3rd 1915
4911 joined on June 3rd 1915
5050 joined on July 19th 1915
5111 joined on August 7th 1915
5235 joined on September 30th 1915
5327 joined on October 27th 1915
5381 joined on November 3rd 1915
6034 joined on December 7th 1915
6401 joined on January 8th 1916
6642 joined on February 4th 1916
7003 joined on March 1st 1916
7443 joined on April 6th 1916
7679 joined on May 1st 1916
8141 joined on July 17th 1916
8411 joined on August 31st 1916
8509 joined on September 15th 1916
8653 joined on October 9th 1916
8756 joined on November 9th 1916
8805 joined on December 4th 1916
8854 joined on January 9th 1917

When the Territorial Force was re-numbered in 1917, The 14th Londons re-numbered within the block 510001 to 530000.

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