27 November 2008

17th (County of London) Battalion, The London Regiment (Poplar and Stepney Rifles)

The 17th (County of London) Battalion, The London Regiment (Poplar and Stepney Rifles), had its origins in the 2nd Tower Hamlets Volunteer Rifles Corps.

Here are some army service numbers and corresponding joining dates for the 17th Londons:

367 joined on 3rd June 1908
864 joined on 13th July 1909
1076 joined on 1st September 1910
1100 joined on 9th February 1911
1320 joined on 20th June 1912
1593 joined on 15th May 1913
1885 joined on 7th July 1914
2012 joined on 6th August 1914
2323 joined on 1st September 1914
3283 joined on 17th November 1914
3314 joined on 15th December 1914
3326 joined on 8th January 1915
3445 joined on 2nd February 1915
3633 joined on 13th March 1915
3823 joined on 7th April 1915
4198 joined on 4th May 1915
5037 joined on 14th August 1915
5149 joined on 4th October 1915
5411 joined on 20th February 1916
5451 joined on 1st March 1916
5648 joined on 8th April 1916
6167 joined on 21st June 1916
6490 joined on 6th July 1916
6602 joined on 4th August 1916
8137 joined on 1st September 1916
8451 joined on 5th October 1916
8693 joined on 23rd November 1916
8695 joined on 5th December 1916
8729 joined on 2nd January 1917

Later in January 1917, the 17th London Regiment was numbering with the new six figure Territorial Force numbers. It did so within the range 570001 - 590000.
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Justin said...


How do I find out from the numbers issued before and after the renumbering whether my friends grandfather was in the 1st or 2nd Battalion 17th Londons (his service record does not survive)?

His medal card and SWB entry give the following information:

William Thomas Staerck Corporal

17th London 4806 and 572049

although his SWB entry has the second number as 572149, with his dates of service as 8/6/15 to 1/3/19
with his discharge due to KR 392XVIa Surplus to military requirements (having suffered impairment since entry into the service). This would fit in with the information given by my friend (his granddaughter) that he at some time in the war suffered a gas injury.

I have also looked in the London Gazette and he does not come up in the search.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Paul Nixon said...

Hello Justin

I'm afraid there's no way of telling whether he was 1/17th or 2/17th as the battalions used the same number series. I wouldn't have expected to find him ion the LG unless he was the recipient of a gallantry award, or an officer, and so his absence from the LG doesn't surprise me. Have you tried checking contemporary newspapers? Also try the Great Forum online. I believe that forum member Charles Fair knows a thing or to about the 17th Londons.


Alan Grint said...

Good morning Paul
Looking at a Royal Fusilier 17 Bth
G/93466 Pte James Sinclair

Previously 51821 Northumberland

Can you help me with the Royal Fusiliers number obviously before renumbering I think?

Best wishes Draperju

Paul Nixon said...

Hello Draperju

They're both high numbers aren't they? Post June 1918 for the RF number, and between May 1917 and April 1918 for the NF (I'd have said sometime in 1917 but Graham Stewart on GWF should be able to nail that one for you).


Alan Grint said...

Thank you once again


Coach Andy Richards said...

I am looking information and any surviving relatives of CSM Henry J Evans who served with 17th (London) Regt. His regimental number was 142

Many thanks

Paul Nixon said...

I have nothing to hand but if you would like me to investigate research options for this man, please follow the instructions on the research tab. He almost certainly served with the Volunteer Force prior to joining the TF.


Carole Hodge said...

Hi, my great grandfather Frederick Harman served as a Private with 17th London Regiment, reg number 1346; then as a Corporal with the Labour Corps, reg number 650450. He was awarded the Military Medal (London Gazette 9 Dec 1916). Unfortunately I have been unable to find his service records so assume they were burnt up in the fire. I was told that he suffered gas poisoning at The Somme, and his death certificate in 1943 mentions previous gas poisoning.

Do you know of a good source for photos? I only have one of him in later life, and one which I was told was him on his wedding day in 1918, but the cap he is holding has a West Riding Regiment badge on it so I'm not sure it is him after all.


Paul Nixon said...

Carole, see my https://britisharmyancestors.co.uk/ website and particularly the information contained in the opening paras of the ABOUT page.

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