4 February 2009

The 6th Manchester Regiment

The 6th Manchesters was a Territorial Force battalion which, prior to 1908, had been the 2nd Volunteer Battalion, the Manchester Regiment. The battalion was headquartered at Hulme.

Here are some sample army service numbers and corresponding joining dates for the 6th Manchester Regiment. Please note the caveat at the end of this post.

123 joined on 2nd April 1908
948 joined on 15th March 1909
1168 joined on 4th January 1910
1330 joined on 1st February 1911
1481 joined on 4th April 1912
1594 joined on 24th February 1913
1882 joined on 26th January 1914
2088 joined on 7th August 1914
2263 joined on 1st September 1914
3050 joined on 2nd October 1914
3131 joined on 3rd November 1914
3234 joined on 7th January 1915
3347 joined on 1st February 1915
3385 joined on 4th March 1915
3405 joined on 8th April 1915
3448 joined on 3rd May 1915
3625 joined on 3rd June 1915
3814 joined on 16th July 1915
3869 joined on 15th September 1915
3952 joined on 15th October 1915
4109 joined on 4th November 1915
4361 joined on 3rd December 1915
4571 joined on 22nd January 1916
4842 joined on 17th February 1916
4911 joined on 3rd March 1916
5016 joined on 17th April 1916
5183 joined on 10th May 1916
5238 joined on 1st June 1916
5325 joined on 1st July 1916
5417 joined on 7th August 1916
5618 joined on 4th September 1916

My data ends in September 1916, but numbering would have continued certainly until January 1917 at least.

When the Territorial Force was re-numbered in 1917, the 6th Manchesters was allocated the block of numbers between 250001 and 275000. Here are some army service numbers and joining dates for six digit TF numbers for the 6th Manchesters.

250345 originally joined on 25th July 1914
250399 originally joined on 29th August 1914
250518 originally joined on 4th September 1914
250829 originally joined on 16th November 1914
250867 originally joined on 9th December 1914
250914 originally joined on 19th January 1914
250950 originally joined on 18th February 1915
250965 originally joined 26th March 1915
250976 originally joined on 13th April 1915
250998 originally joined on 3rd May 1915
251163 originally joined on 14th June 1915
251601 originally joined on 28th November 1915
251744 originally joined on 22nd January 1916
251892 originally joined on 17th February 1916
252155 originally joined on 30th May 1916
252184 originally joined 15th June 1916
252221 originally joined on 7th August 1916
252407 originally joined on 4th September 1916

All of these men would have originally been issued with numbers from the original TF series for the 6th Manchesters.

There is a third distinct numbering series for this battalion and that is for men who had joined the National Reserve and now joined supernumerary companies attached to the 6th Manchesters. I am assuming that numbering started in September 1914.

26 joined on 10th September 1914
270 joined on 6th October 1914
310 joined on 17th November 1914
1387 joined on 7th April 1915

The last number currently on my database for 6th Bn supernumerary men is 1409 who joined on 14th April 1915.

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It is wrong to assume that numbering sequences in battalions always followed a sequential pattern. They didn't. As the war progressed and casualties grew, large numbers of men were often transferred from one battalion to another and allocated numbers within blocks which did not fit the sequential patterning seen to date. This becomes particularly evident in most battalions from 1916 onwards. For an example of this, see my post on the 23rd London Regiment.

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Anonymous said...

In re your numbering details, it may of interest to note that my uncle Norman Stanley Bennett was in 21st Manchester Regiment and his service number was 58442. He was killed late in 1918 but I have no idea when he enlisted.

Paul Nixon said...

Thanks for that information. It looks as though the number dates to mid to late 1918 so it wouldn't appear that he'd been overseas for very long before he was killed.

I have a man on my database - 58433 - and he'd enlisted with the Yorkshire Regiment on 22nd June 1918 and then transferred to the 21st Manchesters so it's possioble that your uncle's number belongs to the same block of transfers from either the Yorkshires or another regiment.


Paul Nixon

Unknown said...

Thanks for that tip. I've been in France, finding my uncle's grave, and so have only just seen this posting. I'll get back to you if I glean any further details. My uncle's sister is still alive and may be able to throw some light on when her brother enlisted.

Paul McDermott

Unknown said...

Thanks for the information on this website.

I am in possession of a MM, 14-15 star, War and Victory medals for CPL Reginald D WILLIAMS, regimental number 2007 (pre-1917) and 250325 (post-1917). Reg served from 19 March 1914 to 4 October 1919 with the 6th Battalion Manchester Regiment.
The medals are court mounted and have a sticker on the back quoting the LG dated 11 February 1919. However, after reading that London Gazette online I couldn't find any reference to the awarding of decorations to any soldier or officer.

Please add Reginald's numbers to your list if you wish.


Paul Nixon said...

Many thanks, Mick.

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