10 January 2012

North Staffordshire Regiment - 5th Battalion

This post is a snapshot of North Staffordshire Regiment enlistments into the 5th (Territorial Force) Battalion between 1908 and the end of 1914.  The information has been compiled from surviving service and pension records in WO 363 and WO 364. 

The 5th North Staffordshire Regiment was headquartered at Hanley. Prior to the formation of the Territorial Force in 1908 it had been designated the 1st Volunteer Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment (since 1883) and before that, the 2nd Staffordshire Rifle Volunteers

89 (a former member of the 1st North Staffordshire Volunteer Battalion) joined on 14th April 1908
445 joined on 17th February 1909
1042 joined on 11th March 1910
1334 joined on 19th February 1911
1649 joined on 23rd January 1912
2146 joined on 18th March 1913
2414 joined on 18th February 1914

On the outbreak of war the disposition of companies was as follows:

A Company: Longton
B Company: Hanley
C Company: Burslem
D Company: Tunstall
E Company: Stoke on Trent, with a drill station at Hanley
F Company: Stone
G Company: Newcastle-under-Lyme
H Company: Burton-on-Trent

The battalion was part of the Staffordshire Infantry Brigade of the North Midland Division in the Northern Command.

2590 joined on 11th August 1914
2919 joined on 3rd September 1914
3514 joined on 1st October 1914

A 2/5th Battalion was formed at Hanley on the 1st November 1914 and the 4th Battalion was now re-designated as the 1/4th Battalion.

3800 joined on 5th November 1914
3961 joined on 28th December 1914

A 3/5th Battalion was later formed in May 1915.

The photo on this post is borrowed from the Staffordshire Past-Track website and shows former 1/5th men at a reunion in 1927.  2/5th and 3/5th Battalion information courtesy of The Long, Long Trail website.

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S Cann said...

Hello, came across your site while searching for info. on the Norfolk Home Guard. I have a photo which was with our family records, and is purportedly of the Norfolk Home Guard, but we are perplexed as my grandfather, who was supposed to be in H.G., is not in this photo. There are names written in pencil on the back of photo, but he is not among them (unless he took the photo, which is unlikely). Can you direct me to someone or some entity that can help me to identify this unit? If it is not of our family, then I hope to identify some of the members shown. I can email you the photo.
Thank you.

Paul Nixon said...

Hello S Cann

Not sure I'm afraid. I believe there is a WW2 forum although I'm not a member of it. Try Googling WW2 FORUM and then look for a sub-section on Home Guard perhaps?

The National Archives may be able to provide assistance if you are able to visit there in person and take the photograph with you.


S Cann said...

Thanks Paul, I will search for WW2 Forums, and also on the National Archives. Since I'm in Canada, I don't think I can visit in person!

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