7 April 2012

19th (QAOR) Hussars 1881-1906

This post will look at numbering in the 19th (Queen Alexandra's Own Royal) Hussars between 1881 and 1906.  The cavalry regiments, of course, were unaffected by Cardwell's reforms which saw the majority of the infantry regiments being redesignated along territorial or county lines.  However, I'll stick to my convention of using 1881 as a starting point for these line cavalry regiments although my data goes back a good deal further than this. 

The database and information on this blog have been compiled as a result of studying service records in WO 97 (British Army pensions to 1913), WO 363 (WW1 service records) and WO 364 (WW1 pension records).  All of these series are now online.  Click on the links for further information.

2096 joined on 10th January 1881
2122 joined on 19th January 1882
2455 joined on 4th April 1883
2467 joined on 23rd February 1884
2669 joined on 9th April 1885
2868 joined on 25th January 1886
2896 joined on 7th January 1887
3074 joined on 11th April 1888
3319 joined on 3rd January 1889
3533 joined on 3rd February 1890
3711 joined on 23rd July 1891
3814 joined on 1st February 1892
3938 joined on 19th January 1893
4009 joined on 20th January 1894
4179 joined on 28th August 1895
4413 joined on 3rd February 1896
4525 joined on 3rd February 1897
4557 joined on 7th December 1898
4592 joined on 16th December 1899
4876 joined on 4th May 1900
5118 joined on 28th January 1901
5516 joined on 9th June 1902
5598 joined on 25th March 1903
5609 joined on 1st June 1904
5930 joined on 6th April 1905
6203 joined on 8th March 1906

My last number on my 19th Hussars database prior to the change in numbering is 6300 on 4th October 1906. In late 1906 or early 1907 numbering in the cavalry changed and numbers were allocated to corps rather than to individual regiments within those corps. For further reading see:

1. Queen's & King's Regulations: regimental numbering.
2. Cavalry numbering in 1906.

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Purrfik said...

Hello Paul, Firstly let me say your site is very informative and interesting and shows how much work you have put into it.
My question is about my GGGF. I have not been able to find his 'join up' papers but have found him on medal rolls. He was first in the 19th Hussars. I found him in 1911 census saying he was 20 and born in Bristol. Still cannot find a birth record for him or find him on 1901 census but he changed his forenames frequently in the 10 years I have him on record (1911-1922).He went on to serve with Royal Engineers (311277) and survived the war.
My quandry is this: According to your numbering records, with the Number 5080, he must have joined between 4th May 1900 and 28th January 1901 making him 9/10 years of age at joining. I'm not doubting your work but just wanted to verify the dates. I AM now doubting that he put his age down correctly on census and marriage certificates especially as he kept changing his name.

Paul Nixon said...

I probably need to make the post clearer, Purrfik, and will do so. The numbers I have quoted here cover the period to 1906 when numbers were issued by REGIMENT. From 1907, cavalry numbers were issued by CORPS and so in this case the Corps of Hussars number 5080 would date to December 1909. Thanks for your compliments, and for posting.

David Gurr said...

Hi Paul. I have my GGUncle George Henry Neal Gurr in the 19th Hussars, service number 472. He would have been 19 in 1906, so from your research I'm guessing he would have enlisted 1906 or 1907?

Paul Nixon said...

That's feasible, yes.

Unknown said...

Hi Paul, My Great Grandfather (1855-1933) was in the 19th Hussars in the late 1870s but I don't know when he enlisted. I visited the National Archives and found he left the Hussars in June 1883. He married an Irish Girl in 1879 whilst stationed in the Ballincollig Barracks in Ireland. His service number was 1498 and he enlisted I think between 1871(census) and 1879(his marriage) He served in the Camel corps in Egypt and was involved in the Battle of Tel-el-Kebir and many other skirmishes. Any clue as to his enlistment date would be very much appreciated. Cheers, Keith.

Paul Nixon said...

Keith, late 1874 or early 1875 was when this number would have been issued by the 19th Hussars.

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