8 July 2013

The Hertfordshire Regiment

Hertfordshire was not a large enough county to sustain regular battalions but it did have a single Territorial Force battalion which was formed on 1st April 1908 as the Hertfordshire Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment and which became the 1st Battalion, Hertfordshire regiment the following year. The distribution of companies and drill stations was as follows:

A Company
Hertford; drill stations at Watton, Hatfield and Berkhamsted
B Company
St Albans; drill stations at London Colney and Harpenden
C Company
Bishops Stortford; drill stations at Sawbridgeworth, Braughing, Widford, Ware and Wadesmill
D Company
Watford; drill station at Chorley Wood
E Company
Royston; drill stations at Letchworth, Baldock and Ashwell
F Company
Hemel Hempstead; drill stations at Great Berkhamsted, Ashridge, Tring and Ivinghoe.
G Company
Hitchin; drill stations at Welwyn, Stevenage and Whitwell
H Company
Waltham Cross; drill stations at Wormley, Cheshunt and Hoddesdon. 

640 joined on 28th April 1908
1196 joined on 11th May 1909
1359 joined on 14th February 1910
1598 joined on 13th January1911
1786 joined on 26th January 1912
2092 joined on 27th January 1913
2630 joined on 1st January 1914
2709 joined on 5th September 1914
3697 joined on 4th November 1914
4223 joined on 13th December 1914
4479 joined on 11th January 1915
4660 joined on 22nd February 1915
4762 joined on 22nd March 1915
4853 joined on 19th April 1915
4967 joined on 24th May 1915
5114 joined on 2nd June 1915
5339 joined on 1st July 1915
5433 joined on 3rd August 1915
5548 joined on 17th September 1915
5573 joined on 2nd October 1915
5689 joined on 1st November 1915 

When the Territorial Force was re-numbered in 1917, men from the 1st Hertfordshire Regiment were issued numbers in the range 265001 to 290000, the lowest number being issued to the man with the lowest number from the first series.

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