6 October 2015

Royal Irish Rifles - 3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion

Having recently posted regimental numbers and enlistment dates for the 4th (Extra Reserve) Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles, it would seem to make sense to publish numbers and dates for the 3rd and 5th Battalions too. This post will look at numbering in the 3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion.

The 3rd Battalion did not start a new number sequence when it was 'born' in 1908 but rather continued with the number series that had been in use with its old 3rd (Militia) Battalion predecessor.

3/7088 joined on 28th June 1908
8357 joined on 4th March 1909
8515 joined on 3rd January 1910
8442 joined on 18th November 1911
8816 joined on 17th July 1912
8859 joined on 19th May 1913
8908 joined on 30th March 1914
9108 joined on 20th August 1914
9335 joined on 7th September 1914
9452 joined on 5th November 1914

9452 is the last number I have on my database. In January 1915 a new series starts appearing, prefixed with a 3/; this prefix continuing to be used certainly until the end of 1916.

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Unknown said...

I am researching the WWI history of John James Crozier reg.# 3/7165. It would seem from the data you have here that he could probably have enlisted in July or August of 1908. The curious thing that I have turned up, is that I have two documents with conflicting entries indicating that he emigrated to Canada at some point in either 08 or 09. One shows he returned to Ireland in 1914, the reason listed was "Called to War".

It seems unlikely to me that he could enlist in a reserve battalion and then pack up and leave. Could this have been possible? Or was he just required to return to active service because of this commitment? I am uninformed regarding the requirements and duties of someone who enlists in a reserve battalion during this time period.

I do know that he went overseas 24 June 1915 and served with the 2nd Royal Irish Rifles, eventually rising to the rank of Sargent. He returned to Canada in 1922.

Paul Nixon said...

If he enlisted in the Special Reserve, his obligation would have been for six years and so it seems possible that he would have been called up. I don't have regs to hand for the Special Reserve, but men going on to the Reserve, after their Colours service, were explicitly not supposed to emigrate. You can understand the logic for that regulation and I would imagine that the SR was similar.

Mark Allison said...

Hi Paul

I came across an enlistment form which I believe is for the RIR Special Reserve for a relative of mine, George Valentine Allison. The number is 3/8774 and the date is 18 January 1912 which would seem to fit in with your list. I don't think he served in WW1 though and don't know much else I'm afraid

Paul Nixon said...

Many thanks, Mark.

AHJ said...

Paul, hopefully these may be of interest as examples of (presumably) the new, post-January 1915 3/-prefix numbering:

3/7903 Louis Maley enlisted 12 July 1915 (as J Smith) possibly at Glasgow

3/7930 Patrick Cox enlisted 12 July 1915

3/7933 Patrick Gahan enlisted 13 July 1915 at Dublin

3/7954 John Fox enlisted 19 July 1915 at Liverpool

3/7980 David Craig enlisted 19 July at Belfast

3/7994 Christopher Brennan enlisted 15 July 1915 at Dublin.


MDavid Brown said...

Hi would anyone have any information about my Great Grandfather 3/8080 Peter McParland
the interesting thing that no-one knows why but he served under the name Galway.

He was wounded during the retirement from Mons 4th August 1914 and died of his wounds 6th November 1914, buried in Fazakerley Cemetery, Liverpool.. that is all the information I have. I would be very greatfull if there is any other Information

Paul Nixon said...

There will be other information that can be gleaned about this man and his service, but as noted, "if your comment concerns research about a particular individual, you should read the RESEARCH tab at the top of the page."

Sunny Dee said...

My grandfather Daniel Sweeney 3/9128 in July 2014 which confirmed his 6 years service, I found his pension record but can't find anywhere what activities (and battles - ifa this 3rd battalion were involved in, other than that they moved from Ireland to Larkhill in England. Would you know any sources of this battalion's activities and dates? It would be very much appreciated!

Paul Nixon said...

The 3rd Bn was a special reserve battalion supplying drafts to the regular battalions. For specifics on the locations of the 3rd Bn, try posting on the Great War Forum.

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