27 October 2020

Royal Warwickshire Regiment - 7th Bn (TF)

This post will look at regimental numbering in the 7th (TF) Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment between 1908 and 1914. 

The 7th Battalion was a Territorial Force unit which had been formed out of the old 2nd Volunteer Battalion. In 1908, as The Territorial Year Book for 1909 records, the 7th Battalion strength comprised 24 officers and 808 men. The following year, The Territorial Year Book for 1910 recorded that the strength of the 7th Battalion had risen to 23 officers and 980 men. 

The battalion was headquartered at Coventry, and A, B, C & D Companies all drew their recruits from Coventry. E Company recruited in Rugby, F Company recruited in Leamington, G Company recruited in Warwick (and had a drill station at Kenilworth), and H Company recruited in Nuneaton. Pre 1914-1918 the battalion formed part of the Warwickshire Infantry Brigade in the South Midland Division. Here are some sample regimental numbers and joining dates for the the 7th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment:

935 joined on the 6th April 1908
1106 joined on the 1st March 1909
1280 joined on the 18th July 1910
1325 joined on the 8th February 1911
1484 joined on the 26th February 1912
1756 joined on the 14th March 1913
2110 joined on the 18th February 1914
2678 joined on the 5th September 1914 

Use the regimental numbers above to estimate when a man would have joined this battalion between 1908 and August 1914. For example, if your man had the number 1500 and came from Coventry, he would have joined in, approximately, March 1913 and would have served in A, B, C or D Company. 

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