6 December 2020

Middlesex Regiment - 10th Bn (TF)

This is my final post on numbering in the Territorial Force battalions of the Middlesex regiment and in this post I will be looking at regimental numbering in the 10th (Territorial Force) Battalion, Middlesex Regiment between 1908 and 1914. Use the information below to estimate when your ancestor joined this particular battalion. Note that all Territorial Force battalions had their own unique number series (and for that matter, some operated more than one number series). The Middlesex Regiment had four regular battalions, one special reserve battalion, one extra reserve battalion and four Territorial Force battalions. So if your ancestor served in the 7th Battalion
8th Battalion, or 9th Territorial Force Battalion, Middlesex Regiment, you'll need to follow those links instead. Check the site index for a list of all regimental number sequences published to date.

The 10th Middlesex Regiment was headquartered at Stamford Brook Lodge, Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith and its eight companies drew men from the following locations:

A Company: St John's College, Battersea; B Company: St Mark's College, Chelsea; C to H Companies: Ravenscourt Park.  The battalion was part of the Middlesex Infantry Brigade in the Home Counties Division.

Here are some sample regimental numbers for the 7th Middlesex Regiment. These were issued sequentially, beginning at No 1 on the 1st April 1908. The 10th Battalion had no Volunteer Force predecessor and was newly created in April 1908. Nevertheless, around 300 members of the old 2nd South Middlesex Volunteer Rifle Corps helped form the nucleus of this battalion.

84 joined on the 20th June 1908
838 joined on the 6th May 1910
1013 joined on the 20th March 1911
1069 joined on the 22nd January 1912
1438 joined on the 13th January 1913
1785 joined on the 16th February 1914
1946 joined on the 7th August 1914
2187 joined on the 1st September 1914 

Use the regimental numbers above to estimate when a man would have joined this battalion between 1908 and August 1914. For example, if your man had the number 1200, he would have joined this battalion in 1912.

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