18 August 2014

Suffolk Regiment - Other Rank PoWs 1914

This is an edited roll of Other Ranks serving with the Suffolk Regiment, who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from two sources at the Imperial War Museum:

1. B.O.2 1/280. This is a thirty-one page typed list dated 31st December 1918 sent by the Suffolk Prisoners of War Help Committee.
2. B.O.2 1/281. This is a is a nine-page hand-written list, undated, no sender given.  This list probably pre-dates B.O.2 1/280.  

My full transcription of this Suffolk Regiment data (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Date of capture
Next of kin
Next of kin's address
Transcriber's notes

There are over 600 names on this list, the equivalent of more than half a battalion at war strength. The vast majority of these men, if not all of them, were serving with the 2nd Battalion and again, the vast majority were taken prisoner on the 26th August 1914. Having arrived in France on the 14th August, the old 2nd Battalion effectively ceased to exist 12 days later.

In his summary of the fighting on the 26th, Ray Westlake (British Battalions in France & Belgium 1914), drawing on the 2nd Battalion war diary records, "Came under heavy fire from machine guns situated on the Le Cateau-Cambrai Road. Enemy attacked in force at 2.30pm from front and right flank...Battalion eventually overwhelmed when enemy broke in from the rear. Withdrawal ordered and remnants of the Battalion fell back via Bohain to St Quentin."  When the roll call was taken the following day, just two officers and 111 other ranks answered it. The battalion had sustained 720 casualties, most of these listed below. The 2nd Suffolks had, quite simply, been devastated.

My grateful thanks to Taff Gillingham for permission to use the photo of 8233 Private Wellington Middleton (listed below) which was taken at the miners' strike at Chirk Colliery in 1912. Private Middleton was  captured at Le Cateau and on his release picked up a superb German Artillery officer's sword which is now in the Suffolk Regiment Museum in Bury St Edmunds. Any errors in the following transcriptions are entirely my own.

The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

7885 Private C Abbott
8414 Private J Abbott
7018 Private W Abbott
6697 Private E Adkins
7180 Private F Ager
6703 Private J Aldous
6420 Private A Algar
7338 Private J Amos
8531 Drummer W Anderson
6311 Private E Andrews
8442 Private W Arbon
5781 Sergeant J Argent
6510 Private G Arnold
8401 Private R Arnold
6278 Private H Atterton
8080 Corporal F Backler
6906 Private W Badcock
8745 Private A Baker
6970 Private A Baker
7618 Private A J Baker
8567 Lance-Corporal C Baker
6948 Private C Baker
6281 Private J Baker
8639 Private V Baker
8197 Corporal H Baldry
8705 Private H Balls
6133 Private G Bantock
6532 Private G Banyard
8801 Private B Barber
6848 Private R Barber
6806 Private J Bardwell
5335 Private J Barker
5766 Private W Barnes
8633 Private T Barrett
8742 Private S Bartle
6631 Private W Barton
7339 Private L Baxter
6467 Private A Beach
6945 Private H Beaumont
6382 Private C Beavis
8680 Private C Bedford
6234 Private T Bedford
8682 Private A W Bennett
6444 Private W Bennett
6284 Private H Benstead
7108 Private A Berry
6580 Private C Berry
8730 Private B Best
6271 Private F Billingham
6488 Private N Bird
6488 Private N Bird
8026 Private F Black
7890 Drummer F Blacker
8673 Private H Blake
7890 Drummer F Blaker
4766 Sergeant H Blanks
8821 Private C Boast
6523 Private H Bowers
8019 Lance-Sergeant B Bowles
7120 Private H Bradford
8661 Private L Bradman
6161 Corporal A Brayfield
6395 Private E Bridges
6401 Private F Bridges
7968 Private W Bridges
8823 Private E Briggs
6431 Private C Brinkley
8352 Private L Broad
8724 Private J Brooks
7199 Private W Brooksbank
6246 Private E Broom
6458 Private B Brown
6398 Private J Brown
6402 Private J Brown
6654 Private F Brunning
8627 Private A Bullard
6481 Private E Bullard
8549 Corporal F Burch
8524 Lance-Corporal G Burch
7003 Private C Burman
8848 Private W Burns
7275 Private G Burrell
6212 Private F Burton
6884 Private J Buzzard
4198 Sergeant T Candler
8297 Private B Carder
7053 Private H Carlton
7233 Private A Carr
7381 Corporal W Carroll
4125 CSM C Carter
7235 Lance-Corporal F Carter
8839 Private J Carter
7041 Corporal W Carter
7208 Private W Carter
7970 Corporal J Castle
6616 Private C W Catling
8527 Lance-Corporal R Cattermole
6851 Sergeant G Cawley
6714 Private W Chaplin
6282 Private A Chapman
6305 Private W Chapman
8403 Private W Clark
8826 Private C Clarke
4764 Sergeant D Clarke
7351 Private G Clarke
6935 Private G Clarke
5935 Private G Clarke
8005 Private H Clarke
6219 Private J Clarke
6498 Private J Clarke
6961 Private S Clarke
8674 Private S Clarke
6749 Private W Clarke
7382 Private T Clarkson
6704 Private S Clarry
6209 Private A Claydon
7196 Private F Clover
8388 Drummer J Cobbold
7184 Private E Cockerton
6257 Private A Codd
8145 Corporal R Cole
7673 Private J Collins
6191 Private P Collop
8006 Private D Constable
8735 Private F Cook
7386 Lance-Corporal W Cook
6975 Private A Cook
6287 Private P Cook
8207 Private S Cooke
6430 Private O Copping
6239 Private F C Cornell
6810 Private B Cornish
6185 Private A Cornwell
6731 Private J Cornwell
7161 Private C Cottage
7287 Private H Cowdery
8174 Private F Cox
6878 Private G Cox
6897 Private T Cox
6691 Private H Crabb
5732 Private J W Crabb
4426 CSM W Crack
8425 Corporal J Crane
5159 Lance-Corporal J Creak
7093 Private C Crissell
3336 Private C Cronin
7299 Lance-Corporal A Crooks
6521 Private G Crouch
6896 Private W Custance
8663 Private C Dade
6864 Private A Dakin
6393 Private A Dalton
7839 Drummer M Daly
7048 Private R Damant
6919 Private J Davis
8699 Private B Dawes
8083 Lance-Sergeant D Dawes
8383 Private W Daynes
7267 Private C Deal
8753 Private F Debenham
7702 Private E Dempster
10210 Private J Desborough
7305 Private E Diaper
5587 Sergeant G Diprose
8634 Private C Dodgeson
6929 Private T Doo
6592 Private A Dooel
8684 Private G Downey
5925 Private A Drake
6722 Private F Drake
3263 Private G Drake
8702 Private D Drew
6769 Private S Dunthorne
8720 Private W Dye
6179 Private W Eady
8778 Private W Earl
7106 Private E Edwards
8195 Corporal H Elliston
8292 Private H Elliston
6322 Private A Elvin
7038 Sergeant W Endersly
8737 Private B Evans
6557 Corporal F C Faiers [should read "6557 Private F C Faiers"]
8727 Private P Fairweather
6889 Private H Farrington
8722 Private W Farrow
6608 Private W Farthing
7015 Lance-Corporal S Fayers
6522 Private T Flegg
8646 Private S Ford
8718 Lance-Corporal W Fordham
6492 Private W Fordham
8803 Private D Foreman
8825 Private E Foreman
6222 Private J Forsdyke
7629 Sergeant R Foulger
6156 Private T Fowkes
6923 Private S Fox
8714 Private J Francis
6362 Private R Francis
7091 Private W Francis
8804 Private F C Franklin
7130 Private C Free
6699 Private E Freeman
7349 Private J Freeman
7842 Sergeant M French
6525 Private J Frohock
7330 Private B Froud
7629 Sergeant R Fulgar
7191 Private B Gammon
8602 Private E Gammon
6720 Private J Gammon
8440 Corporal F W Garrard
8541 Private C Garrod
8230 Corporal E Gates
8732 Private C Gaught
6736 Sergeant A Gedge
6196 Private A George
7711 Private G Gibbons
6177 Private J Gibbons
8384 Corporal S Gibbs
6435 Private W Gifford
6518 Private B Gill
6169 Private G Gipp
8787 Private T Gipp
7279 Private W F Girling
8495 Private R Glover
3706 Drummer W Goddard
6917 Private J Godfrey
6505 Private W Golden
6139 Private R Good
8613 Private H Goodchild
4706 Lance-Corporal T B Gotobed
6614 Private J Grainger
8746 Lance-Sergeant J Gravestock
7755 Sergeant A Green
6630 Private J Green
7020 Private J Gunn
8308 Drummer B Hall
8177 Private C Hall
8550 Private S Halls
6238 Private E Hammond
8345 Corporal G Hammond
7297 Private T S Hammond
7725 Private E Hardiment
6159 Lance-Corporal T Hart
7221 Private F Harvey
6863 Private W Hatch
8337 Sergeant C Hatcher
8--5 Private A Haward
6372 Private F Haward
6429 Private C Hawes
8500 Private G H Hawes
7027 Private P Hayhoe
6941 Private F Haylock
8346 Private J Haynes
6302 Private J Hayward
6819 Private W Hayward
6795 Private A Hearn
7095 Private W Heffer
7156 Private G Hemmins
6943 Private H Hicks
6908 Sergeant J Hill
6539 Private B Hilling
7065 Private A Hills
8788 Private W Hills
7938 Private E Horn
8355 Corporal A Horrix
7034 Private J Horsley
6705 Private E Hoskins
8305 Private A Howard
6390 Private C Howard
7099 Lance-Corporal C Howard
6372 Private F Howard
7125 Private R Howard
8238 Private W Howard
6552 Private F Howe
6426 Private J Howlett
8664 Lance-Corporal A Hoxley
6549 Sergeant J Hoxley
6262 Private W Hunt
7638 Private W Hunt
7683 Drummer A Hurrell
8706 Lance-Corporal W Hutchins
16540 Private A F Ince
8485 Private H Ince
15441 Private J W Ingram
8454 Lance-Corporal R Ingrey
6706 Private T Ivatt
6963 Lance-Corporal G Jackson
7031 Lance-Corporal G Jacobs
6357 Private E Jaggard
7137 Private F Jaggard
6685 Private C James
6598 Private E James
8854 Private J Jarman
8164 Corporal C Jobson
6770 Private E Johnson
7213 Private H Judd
6847 Private H Jugg
7255 Private A Keeble
6918 Lance-Corporal E Kerridge
7891 Private A Kersey
8652 Private W Ketteridge
3734 Private D Kiddy
7677 Private G King
8692 Lance-Corporal J King
6460 Private S Knighton
7374 Private A Knights
8683 Lance-Corporal A Knights
7066 Private D Knights
7070 Private J Lancaster
6497 Private D Langley
6296 Private L Langley
8611 Private F Lanham
7070 Private John Lankester
8751 Lance-Corporal George Larham
6623 Lance-Corporal A Last
8157 Private J Last
6533 Private R Last
6320 Private H Lawes
7806 Private A Lawrence
8791 Private G Lawrence
8777 Private P Lawrence
6468 Private A Laws
7691 Sergeant W Laws
8025 Sergeant E Leach
6597 Private J Leake
6478 Private C Lee
6542 Private S Leeks
8435 Private E Leggett
6425 Lance-Corporal A Leverett
6912 Private A Leverett
6564 Private C Lillie
6263 Private G Lines
6570 Private J Linge
6676 Private W Lloyd
7067 Private J Lock
7393 Private B Long
6175 Private F Long
6826 Private H Long
8577 Private F Lovegrove
3751 Private R Lovett
7398 Private A Lucas
6987 Corporal W Lucas
8325 Private A Lythell
7009 Private J Lythell
7025 Private G Mace
6220 Private A Mallard
8675 Private W Mann
7578 Private A Manning
6194 Private D Manning
6887 Private H Manning
8621 Private F Mansfield
7043 Private R Marchant
8802 Private P Markham
7001 Private J Marks
7234 Private C Marsh
6660 Lance-Corporal R Marshall
6330 Private W Marshall
7385 Private A Martin
6351 Private E Martin
7134 Private F Mason
6823 Private J Mason
7162 Private F Matthews
6502 Private W Matthews
6579 Private G Maxim
8009 Drummer G Mayes
8001 Sergeant C J McCarthy
7838 Corporal W J McKean
6801 Private J Meekings
8503 Private W Merry
8106 Corporal R Middleditch
8233 Private Wellington Middleton
6888 Private C Mills
8636 Private T Mills
6364 Private W Mills
6408 Private E Minns
6152 Private W Mitson
8756 Lance-Corporal A Moffatt
8919 Private H Moore
7178 Private J Morphey
7380 Private O J Mortimer
6463 Private W Moull
6808 Private J H Mouser
6997 Corporal J Mumford
6595 Private W Munnings
8655 Private E Munns
6560 Private H Munns
8697 Private G Musk
8818 Private R Myatt
8651 Private P Mynott
7807 Lance-Sergeant G Negus
6392 Private H Newman
7306 Private W Newman
7984 Sergeant P Nice
7370 Private G Nicholls
7054 Private G Nightall
7186 Private W Nightall
7697 Private C Noble
6629 Private S Norman
8709 Private B Norris
6151 Private E Orman
6651 Private F Osborne
8608 Private S Osbourne
6312 Private W Otto
5324 Private G Overland
4845 Private P Owen
8558 Corporal A Oxer
8302 Corporal G M Page
8510 Lance-Corporal L Page
6276 Private F Paine
7876 Drummer C Palfrey
8248 Private W Pallant
6399 Private A Palmby
8894 Private G Palmer
7908 Private J Palmer
8283 Private W Palmer
7113 Private R Papworth
8769 Private J Parmenter
8620 Private P Parr
6359 Private A Partridge
6779 Private T Partridge
6163 Private R Patenall
6582 Private P Patman
6190 Private W Peachman
3715 CSM W Peacock
7354 Private R Pearce
8505 Private C E Peck
8662 Private W Peckham
6258 Private A Pelgrave
6954 Private W Perry
8094 Private J F Petch
6404 Private W Petchey
6844 Private E Pettit
6869 Private G Pettit
8616 Private J Phillips
7050 Lance-Corporal W Phillips
6160 Private P Pierce
6201 Private B Pilesworth
7459 Private W Pitches
6259 Private C Place
4347 Private W Pleasance
8463 Private H Pledger
8713 Private W Plumb
6454 Private G Pooley
6846 Private T Porter
8110 Private S Pottrell
8754 Private W Powell
8656 Private F Pryke
7227 Private G Purt
8478 Corporal C Quilter
6841 Private M Quinton
6308 Private G Racey
7135 Private B Rampley
7617 Private J Ramsay
8581 Private G Ranson
6125 Private J Ray
6022 Sergeant P Raymond
4450 CSM W Read
6237 Private W Reast
6968 Private A Reeve
7913 Private F Reeve
8351 Private W Rete
7651 Private J Reynolds
6500 Private B Richardson
6916 Private F Ridgeon
6250 Private G Risby
6760 Private G Rishes
7037 Private A Roberts
8372 Private A Roberts
8841 Private W Roberts
6680 Private W Roberts
18048 Private A G Robinson
7347 Private J Robinson
6433 Private R Rogers
8739 Private C Roper
6642 Private F Roper
8800 Private A Rosher
6303 Corporal G Rouse
7179 Private F Rowell
7217 Private S Rozier
6708 Private R Ruddock
7148 Private F Ruffles
8717 Lance-Corporal E Rumbelow
7800 Private H Rush
6391 Private H C Rush
6947 Private W Rust
8897 Private C Rutterford
8099 Private G Sadler
8671 Lance-Corporal A Salisbury
7622 Sergeant F Sanders
7674 Sergeant A Sandford
8215 Private W E Sanford
7684 Private G Sargent
7280 Private S Sargent
7215 Private S Saunders
6754 Private W Savage
5017 Private W Sayers
6293 Private W Scoggins
8394 Corporal R Scrivener
6866 Private W Scrivener
7281 Lance-Corporal R Searle
7684 Private G Sergeant
8610 Private A Sewell
6489 Private C Shelley
8645 Private J Shephard
8565 Private G Sheppard
7051 Private F Shipp
6471 Private A Simpson
8261 Private C Sisman
8560 Private F Sizer
8770 Private A Smith
8797 Private A Smith
8798 Private A J Smith
7700 Private B Smith
6469 Private C Smith
8840 Private E Smith
6942 Private E W Smith
8891 Private G Smith
6625 Private G Smith
8891 Private G Smith
6776 Private J Smith
8328 Private J A Smith
6182 Private R Smith
6985 Private R Smith
7001 Private S W Smith
6925 Private W Smith
6718 Private H Smy
7550 Private A Soer
8256 Private H Souter
4525 Private J Souter
7047 Private C Southgate
8667 Private O Southgate
7483 Drummer C Spall
7846 Sergeant C Spencer
8253 Lance-Sergeant T Spencer
7346 Private W Spinks
6881 Sergeant G H Spriggs
6333 Private H Spriggs
7238 Private G Stafford
6328 Private F Stannard
7681 Private R Stannard
8144 Corporal T Steadman
6388 Private E Stebbeds
6389 Lance-Corporal P Stebbeds
8369 Corporal E Steed
7362 Private C Stokes
6140 Private E Stopher
6350 Private W Stratton
8545 Private H Sturgeon
6622 Private R Sutton
5322 Private J Sykes
8719 Private F Taylor
6717 Private G Taylor
7271 Private S Taylor
8695 Private W Taylor
7491 Lance-Corporal T Tebbs
6380 Private F Thompson
6356 Private W Thorby
6906 Private G Tillett
6633 Private A Todd
8557 Corporal J Todd
8815 Private A Trim
8658 Private T Tuck
8736 Private E Turner
8681 Private J Turner
7253 Private B Tweed
6491 Private W Unwin
7668 Private G Vernham
7399 Private W Vincent
8784 Private W Walden
6882 Private E Waldock
8657 Private A Walker
8708 Private D Walker
4855 Private J Walton
8779 Private C Ward
6494 Private W Ward
6809 Private G Warner
6324 Private A Warren
6369 Private H Warren
7144 Private A Watson
6254 Private G Watson
6607 Private M Watson
6817 Private A Watts
7886 Private R Watts
6856 Private B Webb
6931 Private G Webb
8084 Private J Webb
8653 Private J Webb
7122 Private W Webb
4961 Sergeant C Webb
7205 Private I Webber
8864 Private H Welham
7635 Private L Welham
6555 Private J Wells
7261 Private W Wellum
8551 Private J West
7712 Private S Whight
6768 Private W Whight
6158 Private F Whiting
7967 Drummer J Whymark
7882 Private H Wiggins
6690 Private J Wilcox
7132 Private W Wilden
7247 Lance-Corporal F Wilderspin
6443 Private C Wilding
6472 Private H Wilding
5001 Private C Willbe
8812 Private J Willis
6204 Private H Wilson
8808 Private A Winch
7127 Private J Woodhouse
6540 Private W Woodroffe
5761 Sergeant W Woodrow
6406 Lance-Corporal A Woods
7133 Lance-Corporal E Woods
8504 Private W Woods
6434 Private H Wordley
8643 Private S Wordley
7995 Private F Wright
8170 Private F Wright
8438 Private R Wright
7011 Private F Yull

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Kelvin Dakin said...

Very interesting list. I have identified four men my from own research of men from Bramford in Suffolk;
Pte 6532 George Banyard
Pte 6284 Herman Benstead
Pte 8541 Charles Garrod
Pte 7221 Frederick Harvey

Paul Nixon said...

Thank you Kelvin.

I can add:

Banyard, captured 26th August. Nok: wife [name not given] of 271 Cauldwell Hall Road, Ipswich. An alternative address gives Baythorne, Nr Ipswich, Suffolk.

Benstead, date of capture not stated. NoK: father, Mr H Benstead of The Street, Bramford, Nr Ipswich

Garrod, captured 26th August. NoK: mother, Mrs Godden of 64 Parliament Road, Ipswich. There is another address too: 26 St Edmund's Road, Ipswich.

Harvey, captured 26th August. NoK: father, Mr W Harvey of Hope Cottage, Sproughton.


Kelvin Dakin said...

Thanks for that information Paul. I am now doubting my conclusions about George Banyard. Confusingly there was also a George Richard Banyard in the next parish (Gt Blakenham) as as far as I can tell he married Mabel Davey whose family lived at 271 Cauldwell Hall Road Ipswich in 1911. The alternative "Baythorne" address is confusing as there is no such parish or location around here. However George Richard Banyard was born in Baylham nearby and I wonder if it could be an error on the original documents? I have an archive photo of Fred Harvey with six other PoWs at Doeberitz in 1916. Next to him is George Banyard 6532 Suffolks.
Your brilliant resource has helped a lot with my research- many thanks.

Andy King said...

Very interesting to see Private 18048 A G Robinson listed. He was my great grandmother's brother. Family stories told me that he was captured early in the war and held POW throughout. Was there any more information shown for him in the transcription?

Paul Nixon said...


18048 Robinson's NoK listed as wife of 27 Eden Street Cambridge. Incidentally, he is included on this list in error as his regimental number post-dates December 1914.


John Newbury said...

Hi there. Your blog is a fantastic selection of research. I've had a 1914 medal trio to 7048 Damant for years and have never been able to ascertain anything other than that he was captured at some point before the end of 1915. I note he's on your list - I don't suppose you are able to tell me whether he was captured at Le Cateau?


Paul Nixon said...

He was captured on the 26th August, John. Next of kin address: 11 Waterloo Street, Burton on Trent, Staffs.

John Newbury said...

Thanks so much for that, Paul. Really appreciate it.


Donna Aldridge said...

My grandfather was 8352 L Broad. I'm amazed how much I'm finding out about him. I have a very large family yet he seems a mystery. Any info you have on him would be absolutely amazing. Many thanks Donna Broad

Paul Nixon said...

Captured 26 August 1914. Next of kin: father, Mr Broad, of 1 Silver Street, Ely, Cambs. The roll also notes that he was repatriated.

Bob Faiers said...

The list includes my grandfather 6557 Private F C Faiers recorded as 6557 Corporal F C Faeirs. Is there any way of correcting the list?

Paul Nixon said...

I'll add a correction next to the transcription, Bob. Thanks for commenting.

Sue Fitch said...

Just found my dear Grandad Pte C. Brinkley. No.6431. 2nd Suffolk Regiment.
I had not known until now that he was prisoner of war the whole of the First World War.
I have recently inherited my Grandmothers postcard album, 100+ years old, and found postcard/photos of Grandad in the camps,
So began my search. Thank you so much.,

Paul Nixon said...

Great news! Have you downloaded his PoW papers here? https://grandeguerre.icrc.org/en/File/Details/2342790/3/2/