20 August 2014

King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regt) - Other Rank PoWs 1914

This is an edited roll of Other Ranks serving with the 1st Battalion, King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from one source at the Imperial War Museum:

1. B.O.2 1/134. This is a 12-page, typed list sent by the King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment) Prisoner of War Care Committee to Sir Ernest Goodhart, dated 6th January 1919

My full transcription of this King's Own data (not reproduced here) also contains the man's home address (unless the man had not yet been repatriated) and, in the case of men who had died as prisoners of war, details of their next of kin and next of kin address.

There are over 200 names on this list, light by some battalions' standards for 1914 but nevertheless a significant loss of experienced soldiers.

The majority of the men here are regular soldiers although the numbers for 1604 John Ostle, 1964 John Haley and 2268 Henry William Berry suggest that these three men were from the 3rd (Special Reserve) Battalion and were sent out as part of a draft in September 1914. 2872 J Robinson's entry is scored through on the original list. His number also suggests the Special Reserve but a later enlistment in August 1914 and by rights he shouldn't have been sent overseas until 1915.

I wonder if the detail above depicts 4711 Company Sergeant Major Joseph Murray (seated right, waxed moustache) who enlisted in 1895 and who must have been heartily cheesed-off (as would have been most of the men) to be taken out of action so soon. The majority of the men listed here already had over five years' colour service under their belts before they were sent to France. The photograph was taken at Diepholz Prisoner of War camp, near Hanover; date unknown.

The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

In the list that follows, any transcription errors are unintentional and my own.
10720 Private H Adkins
6127 Private J Allen
8236 Private W Allen
9581 Private I Anderson
10733 Private T Andrews
8529 Private J Arkwright
9189 Private S Arthur
7938 Private J Askew
7522 Private A Astley
7851 Private A Bailey
6083 Private T Baker
10885 Private R Baker
8503 Sergeant J Bamford
8071 Private G Bamping
6807 Private R Bendle
2268 Private H W Berry
7222 Private J Berry
8146 Private J W Berry
8001 Private W Bevan
8416 Private F Bishop
11061 Private R Blackburn
10225 Lance-Corporal W C Bloxham
8969 Private C Blundell
7729 Private J Booth
10897 Private W Booth
10987 Private F R Bowlt
7819 Private A Bradshaw
5778 Private W Braithwaite
9175 Lance-Corporal W A Bridson
7756 Private R Brierly
11154 Lance-Corporal T Broad
9848 Private H Brocks
8943 Private J Brotherwood
6228 Private J Brown
10871 Private G Brown
11077 Private A Budworth
8617 Private J Bullough
7492 Private R Burgess
7618 Private B Burton
8042 Private R C Burton
9555 Private J Butterworth
11140 Private J J Caine
7779 Private T Callaghan
8676 Private J Carter
7163 Lance-Corporal D Cartledge
10878 Private A Caswell
7099 Private J Clark
5909 Private G Colecliffe
9006 Private A Coleman
7622 Private J Cooke
10674 Private R Cooper
11117 Private J H Coulson
6488 Private E Coulthurst
10796 Private A F Cox
10931 Private T Crayford
8949 Private J Cross
8352 Private L Crossley
7432 Private I Crowder
9601 Private G G Cruttwell
6879 Private E Cutting
6674 Private J Dale
11056 Private J Dalski
10869 Private B Daniels
6626 Private W Davis
8021 Private J G Day
10388 Private W Day
11060 Private J Dickie
6409 Private E Donahue
10724 Private J Dunne
10923 Private J C Dye
10577 Private E Ediss
7104 Private H Edwards
8511 Private A Etchells
8120 Private A J Evans
7538 Private T Everitt
10602 Private J Farrer
5874 Private F Fielding
10253 Private M J Ford
5920 Private S Fox
8626 Private G Gallincre
9145 Private F Gardner
9178 Private J B Gibson
8789 Lance-Corporal F E Goss
5906 Private N Goulding
8167 Private J Green
8997 Private C A Green
10633 Private W Haines
1964 Private J Haley
7509 Private G Hall
7831 Private R Hammond
10120 Private J Hanson
9506 Private W Hibbert
8308 Private E Hines
7193 Private J Holden
8839 Private H Holland
11032 Private R Horgan
5926 Private J J Howard
7803 Private J Howarth
8721 Private S Hughes
10118 Private A J Hughes
7892 Corporal F Hyde
6737 Private J Jackson
8102 Private T Johnson
9597 Private J Johnson
10972 Private A Johnson
10887 Private W Keenan
8953 Private F T Kehr
7981 Private J Kerr
8887 Private G Kilburn
8589 Private R Kirkwood
7479 Private W Labrow
10762 Private R Lee
5988 Private C Lennox
5754 CQMS J F Linton
7977 Private T Lucas
7579 Private J Mack
6116 Private J Madden
6111 Private J Makin
8998 Private W Mansfield
9436 Corporal P Marks
8742 Sergeant R Marquand
6417 Private F Maun
10503 Private J McCall
10886 Private J McConnell
8040 Private J McDermott
8035 Private A McGregor
7745 Private J McGuire
8092 Private J McHugh
7033 Private J McRae
10858 Private T Mechan
5059 Private E Merrell
8331 Private E Miller
10928 Lance-Corporal J Milner
10964 Private G E Mingay
6085 Private A Molyneux
7025 Private T Morris
7507 Private R Morton
4711 CSM Joseph Murray
8385 Private J Murray
9223 Private J Murray
9397 Sergeant R Nicholls
5782 Private J Nicholson
10951 Private G Noble
8431 Private B Norris
8936 Private W Norris
8916 Corporal C E Oldcorn
8922 Private F Ormrod
1604 Private J H Ostle
10623 Private V Owen
10815 Corporal J Pendlebury
8810 Private F Pentney
10804 Private A W Perrett
7603 Private S Perry
8679 Corporal C Peyton
5096 Sergeant W Philpott
9422 Private E H Pollard
6153 Private W Poulton
8631 Private T J Priest
8330 Private D Ramsey
10977 Private E C Raysen
10881 Private E P Read
9262 Private W S Redda
11028 Private C D Redsten
7829 Private A Roberts
10883 Lance-Corporal D Roberts
2872 Private J Robinson
9881 Private F Robinson
7965 Sergeant P Rowlinson
8621 Private J W Royston
10801 Private H Rushton
7696 Private W Russell
7804 Private A Rutter
11062 Private J R Sandham
8378 Private R Schofield
6545 Private G Scoffin
8144 Private E Seddon
8372 Private W Shaw
8717 Private E Sheldrick
10255 Private W C Sherman
9102 Private W Shields
6163 Private H Sinker
6558 Private E Smith
7475 Private W Smith
9708 Private D Smith
9094 Private W Sutcliffe
10125 Private J Sweeney
7971 Private A Taylor
8380 Private J Taylor
10045 Private S H Taylor
10996 Lance-Corporal J Taylor
6481 Private F S Thompson
8075 Private J Thompson
8463 Private R W Thompson
6728 Private J Thornton
10893 Private W Tomkinson
6950 Private D Toolan
8084 Private M Trainer
10863 Private A E Turner
8079 Corporal J Waldron
8303 Private W Walton
6560 Private W Ward
8823 Private H Ward
10657 Private F Watson
7504 Private W Welsh
10988 Private F Wharton
8767 Private J Whiting
8664 Private J Whitlock
5977 Private J W Wilkins
7122 Private R Wilkinson
8987 Private W Wilkinson
7925 Private H T Wilks
7899 Sergeant J H Williams
6642 Corporal G A Wilson
8370 Private J Wilson
10898 Private R Winters
7847 Private F Wolstenholme
6896 Private F Wood
9478 Sergeant A W Wood
10970 Private L Wood
7590 Private W Wotton
9091 Private F Wright
10876 Private W Wright
10736 Lance-Corporal J Wyatt

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Alan said...

I'm gobsmacked. I'm researching 10720 L/Sergeant H Adkins and you refer to him, probably as you have his rank incorrect? Do you have any other info on him? Many thanks, Alan.

Paul Nixon said...

The rank is as recorded on the document that I transcribed, Alan. No other information apart from "not yet repatriated" and that was as at 6th January 1919. Google "ICRC PoW" to search for him there.

Unknown said...

Hi Paul, My own research is about my great uncle who served with the 1st Battalion King's Own. He was killed on the 26th August at Le Cateau, what I am wondering is if any of these men were taken prisoner on that day and if any accounts of the day are in these records.

Unknown said...

My Grandad is here 7163 Corporal Dennis Cartledge .. I’ve found a 40 page manuscript describing some of his experiences as prisoner of war 31/8/14 to 22/1/1918

Paul Nixon said...

Fascinating. Do consider publishing it, if it was written by him and you have the rights to do so.

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