18 August 2014

Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) - Other Rank PoWs 1914

This is an edited roll of Other Ranks serving with the Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), who were captured by the enemy and became Prisoners of War on or before the 25th December 1914. Read more about this data source on my 1914 PoWs page.

This data has been transcribed from two sources at the Imperial War Museum:

1. B.O.2 1/172. This is a 12-page typed list of Queen's Prisoners of War. The list is undated and contains no details of the sender or the recipient.
2. B.O.2 1/273. This is a fifteen-page, typed document dated 16th January 1919 and sent by the Prisoners of War Relief Fund, The Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment

My full transcription of this Queen's data (not reproduced here) also contains the following information against some or all of the names:

Date of capture
Home address
Next of kin
Transcriber's notes

There are over 400 names on this list, the equivalent of four complete companies under the old eight-company system which the majority of these men would have been familiar with.  The majority of the men listed here were serving with the 2nd Battalion when captured but there are also men listed here who were serving with the 1st Battalion and, curiously, the 5th, 8th and 13th Battalions. Unless those men listed as serving with these latter three battalions had been attached to a regular battalion, their names quite clearly do not belong in this list as these battalions were not even overseas by 1914. Men serving with the 5th Battalion are easy to spot as their six-digit Territorial Force numbers stand out like a sore thumb. Similarly, a G/ prefix suggests service in either the 8th or 13th Battalions. An S/ prefix indicates the Special Reserve whilst the majority of those numbers with no prefix at all should have been prefixed with L/, indicating regular enlistment.

The original documents, faded and scanned many years ago, are at best, challenging to decipher. Any errors in transcription are entirely my own.

The full transcription is available for sale as a download or CD for £20. Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy.

L/7707 Private A Abel
L/7186 Corporal W R Abell
L/8631 Private H Aitkenhead
L/8821 Private F P Allgrove
L/8972 Drummer F Amor
L/8493 Private L Anderson
L/7250 Private W Ansell
5963  Charles Anthony
L/9490 Private E Aston
8631 Private H Atkinhead
S/5807 Private J Atkins
L/9781 Private E Atkinson
L/7648 Private T Atkinson
L/5827 Private E W Austin
L/8029 Private L Ayton
8212 Private C Backhouse
L/10423 Private H Baker
L/9514 Private W Baller
L/10167 Private E Banfield
L/8555 Private G Barber
L/7686 Private G Barnes
L/6564 Sergeant A Barnett
L/8824 Private J Barnett
L/8195 Private G Bateman
L/6108 Private S Bedwell
L/10284 Private T H Berry
8534 Private G Best
6108 Private S Bidwell
L/9655 Private J L Biggs
8590 Private Thomas Birch
L/9030 Drummer W Bird
L/5872 Private G Bissett
L/8212 Private C W Blackhouse
L/5297 Private T W Blakelock
L/7254 Private G Bliss
L/6573 Private A Bourton
L/5876 Private J Bowers
L/9926 Private W H Bowles
L/7705 Private T Bowman
L/7988 Private J Bowyer
L/10627 Private F C Bradford
L/6766 Private W Bradshaw
L/6505 Private H Brain
L/7297 Private A J Briggs
L/7237 Private C W Brown
L/9863 Corporal L C W Brown
L/6038 Private S W Brown
L/6620 Private W Brown
L/9033 Corporal C A Bryant
L/10870 Private W L Bundell
L/8590 Private T Burch
L/7844 Private F E Burke
L/6866 Private J Burton
L/5840 Private F C Bywaters
L/8065 Private J Calden
L/8172 Private F Canon
L/8678 Private L Carlton
L/8920 Private A Carpenter
L/8626 Private A H Carr
L/7813 Private T H Carter
L/9988 Private F Cates
L/5316 Private W Catling
L/6618 Private A Cavey
L/7972 Private W Cawson
L/7288 Drummer F Cawte
L/8828 Private W C Charlcroft
L/10369 Private S J Charman
L/8857 Drummer B Chessey
L/9653 Private A Childs
L/6900 Private W C Chiverton
L/8789 Private W Church
L/10568 Private T Clack
L/7142 Lance-Corporal W H Clark
L/8650 Private A L Cole
L/10268 Private D B Cole
8650 Private W Cole
L/10468 Private R Collard
L/10079 Lance-Corporal S Collyer
L/8368 Private W Connor
L/5764 Private G H Cook
L/9419 Private J R Cook
L/8031 Lance-Corporal J J Corby
L/10449 Private C Counsell
L/10088 Private C G Cox
L/6353 Private G J Coxen
6353 Private G Coxon
G/245 Private J Crane
8857 Drummer Bertie F Cressey
S/6371 Private A G Cross
L/8304 Private P Culmer
L/6491 Private T Cunningham
10089 Lance-Corporal H Davies
L/7180 Private W Davies
10542 Private H Davis
L/10089 Lance-Corporal H A Davis
L/7689 Private A D De Bell
L/10524 Private F C Dean
L/6610 Lance-Corporal S H Dicker
L/5123 Private J Dicks
8486 Private J Dodkin
7784 Sergeant A Domoney
L/6059 Private J Donohue
L/7784 Sergeant A J Donomey
L/6293 Private E Doswell
L/10354 Private W Dowling
G/2322 Private A Drummer
L/8486 Private J Dudkin
L/8788 Private A J Duff
L/8666 Private R Duff
L/8548 Private E Dumbleton
L/7435 Private J Dumbrell
L/10318 Lance-Corporal G Earley
L/9835 Private G Edmunds
L/7882 Private T Edmunds
L/9973 Private P F Edwards
L/7173 Private G H Elliott
L/7179 Private J Elson
L/9967 Private C H Emmett
6954 Private D Enticknap
L/6954 Private G Enticknap
L/8279 Private H Etherington
L/10252 Private A E Evans
L/6560 Private D Everson
L/9708 Drummer G J Farmer
L/10109 Private H Farnfield
L/7789 Private H T Featherstone
L/5234 Lance-Corporal W H Field
7606 Private G Fleming
L/6160 Private G J Ford
L/6901 Private F I Forth
10499 Private H Foster
10277 Private H Foster
8817 Private E Franklin
8401 Private A Freeman
L/8122 Private W J Freeman
L/8401 Private A G Freemen
6901 Private F Frith
7720 Private A Frost
L/5010 Private J Furnell
8535 Private S Galt
L/9852 Private J Gannon
L/10329 Private R G Gardiner
L/6876 Private G Godfrey
L/9747 Drummer M Gooley
10244 Private L Gould
6522 Sergeant G Graham
8787 Private W Grainger
L/8795 Private A Green
L/8060 Private E H Green
4885 Private P Green
L/9641 Drummer S J Green
L/5301 Private I J Greenfield
L/8479 Lance-Corporal W Gridley
8587 Sergeant J Grigg
5625 CSM F Grundy
L/7849 Private H Guest
L/7870 Private G E Gunter
L/6930 Private E Hack
L/9032 Private  Hagarthye
L/6492 Lance-Corporal John Hale
8892 Private A Hall
L/6340 Private A Hall
8186 Sergeant J Hall
L/7873 Private W Hall
 Private James Halsey
L/8181 Private T Harding
9483 Private G Hardwick
10100 Corporal S Harrison
L/7668 Private E Hawkins
L/6712 Private J R Heming
L/8041 Corporal C H Herrick
6069 Private E Hodder
7731 Private C Hodgson
L/6051 Private A Hone
4821 Private J Hook
7155 Private P Hope
10168 Lance-Corporal J Howard
L/5599 Private J Howard
L/8900 Private A Howlett
8345 Corporal J Hughes
9651 Corporal A Huntingford
8254 Private W Huntingford
10101 Private C Huskinson
5907 Private W Irons
L/7125 Private W D Irons
L/8766 Private C J Iveson
10169 Lance-Corporal F Jeffrey
L/5907 Private J Jenkins
L/6233 Private B Jenner
8839 Private T Jetten
L/8805 Private David Johnson
L/2746 Private A Jones
6338  W Joy
L/10266 Private W Kane
L/8497 Private T G Keating
8738 Bandsman Keene
L/7675 Private C H Kelling
L/7734 Private T King
L/8166 Private W King
L/10510 Private S J Kingham
L/8649 Private A Kite
L/8738 Private W Knee
7718 Private A Knowles
G/6718 Private A Knowles
L/7098 Private H W Lampton
L/9533 Private W Landymore
L/7245 Private F Larcombe
4984 Corporal L Larcombe
9068 Sergeant C Lawrence
L/8124 Private R C Lawrence
9464 Private W Lewis
L/7798 Private A E Lightfoot
L/4387 Private W H Lloyd
L/10399 Private G Lodge
L/8675 Private C H Long
10401 Private F Long
L/8801 Private J Lorman
4310 Sergeant W Lovegrove
L/10273 Private J G Lovel
10315 Private W Luxford
L/8827 Private W T Macklin
L/7950 Private W J Manley
L/10565 Private S E Manning
L/9312 Acting Corporal S F Manning
L/10135 Private H G Marlow
L/10358 Private R H Marlow
L/4994 Private A E Marshall
9029 Private C R Martin
8458 Sergeant John W Mawditt
L/8320 Private G May
L/10672 Corporal H May
L/7248 Private W R May
L/10366 Private G McGill
L/7759 Private J McGowan
10363 Private W McMahon
L/8594 Private A Meech
L/7146 Private H L Melson
L/6099 Private A Merritt
L/8149 Private E Merritt
L/8989 Private T A Misslebrook
L/10525 Private A H G Mitchell
L/10612 Private J Mitchell
L/8319 Private J A Mitchell
L/10501 Private F Mockford
7818 Private E Monk
L/10518 Private H Moore
7255 Private W Moore
L/7267 Private F B Morley
1047 Private G Morris
240029 Private E J Mortimer
L/10412 Private E H Mortley
L/9966 Lance-Corporal C Mott
L/8147 Private R Moulding
L/10355 Private R V Munday
L/5990 Private F V Munn
L/6616 Private A H Myers
9832  George Nash
7614 Private W Nash
240667 Private J Neale
S/6387 Private R J Neale
7810 Private E Newell
L/10538 Private C T Newington
10918 Private Harry Newton
L/7810 Private E Newwell
L/6295 Private G W Nicholls
L/5912 Private A Norman
L/8054 Private J O'Mara
L/8387 Private G J Oram
G/15666 Private H C Oram
L/6421 Private A J Osborn
L/10030 Private J Osborn
L/7680 Sergeant E B Owen
L/10152 Private R S Pallen
L/6283 Lance-Corporal J Parker
L/8367 Lance-Corporal A H Parson
L/10091 Private J R Paul
L/6413 Private A Pearce
L/10291 Private C E Pearce
L/5740 Private T G A Perry
L/7661 Private J Phelps
S/6340 Private E I Pickett
10291 Private C Pierce
L/8770 Private E T Pollard
G/59401 Private W Pollard
L/6980 Private A W Pope
L/9907 Private T A Potter
L/6867 Private A W F Preddy
L/6824 Private H J Pringle
S/4965 Lance-Corporal E A Pulford
L/10351 Private R Punter
L/7233 Private J A Purvey
L/9039 Private E E Puttock
L/8246 Private G Puttock
L/9972 Private W Quartermain
L/8903 Private F G Ramseyn
L/10365 Private A Rand
L/8232 Private F Raynerm
8846 Sergeant W Reeves
L/10359 Private T G Revell
L/8647 Private W Riseborough
L/7175 Private D Rixon
L/6345 Private J Rixon
240240 Private J Roake
L/8022 Private G Roberts
L/8847 Private J W Roberts
L/8758 Private C H Robins
L/7014 Private T Robinson
L/10140 Private W F Rolfe
L/10165 Private A F Romp
L/8869 Private W Rose
L/10487 Private H Rowland
L/8236 Private J F Rubbins
L/8216 Private J R Rudkins
L/7239 Lance-Corporal F Sadler
L/7222 Private F H Salter
240148 Private A J Seagrove
L/9875 Private A Searle
L/7986 Private R J Seymour
L/8299 Private R Sharman
L/9569 Private C Shepperd
L/7219 Private W C Silver
L/10223 Private C P Simmonds
240395 Private H G Simmonds
L/7627 Private E J Sims
L/5806 Private H Sims
L/8161 Private G Skilton
L/10439 Private F A Skinner
L/7717 Private R W Slaughter
L/6203 Sergeant G Smart
L/8751 Private C E Smith
L/8273 Private F Smith
L/8105 Private G Smith
L/7679 Private G A Smith
L/8334 Private H R Smith
L/9584 Private J Smith
L/5940 Acting Lance-Corporal J H Smith
L/9250 Private P D Smith
L/10681 Private R Smith
L/7991 Private T H Smith
L/7888 Private C Spendler
L/8355 Private F Spooner
L/7223 Private G M Stamey
L/10287 Private A Standing
L/8290 Private A Standleym
7223 Private G Stanley
S/5276 Private W Stark
L/10313 Private W E Stent
L/8551 Private P S Stephens
L/5844 Private E Stone
L/8449 Private J Sutton
L/5033 CSM E Sweeney
L/7678 Private Joseph W Swetman
8592 Private R Tanner
L/7176 Private H J Taplin
L/8187 Private E Tappin
L/6665 Private H E Tarrant
10348 Lance-Corporal A Taylor
L/7710 Private H E Taylor
G/10348 Private W Taylor
G/8332 Sergeant  Thatcher
8157 Private G Thomas
S/6255 Private J Thomas
G/7042 Private C Thompson
L/9864 Corporal A Ticehurst
L/6263 Private J Tidd
L/8610 Private R Topham
L/6058 Private J Tovey
L/5644 Private H H Townsend
9373 Corporal D Tozer
L/7251 Private W H Tucker
L/6654 Private J H Turner
L/5789 Private W Turner
L/10424 Private H W Turney
L/10226 Private P J Tyndall
L/5905 Lance-Corporal A Underwood
L/5119 Lance-Corporal J Uzzell
L/8033 Private G W A Vale
L/6815 Private J Veasey
L/5062 Private G Wager
10006 Private J Wakefield
7984 Lance-Corporal C Wales
L/9879 Private A Walker
L/6325 Private W Wallis
L/10094 Private R G Ward
L/10095 Private S Ward
L/6947 Lance-Corporal W Warrior
9853 Private A Warwicker
5713 Private E Watson
L/6173 Private E Watson
L/9871 Corporal W F Watts
8668 Private J Webb
L/7035 Private V Webb
8666 Private  Webb
L/6428 Private H Weedon
8282 Sergeant A Welland
L/6708 Private T A Wells
L/10435 Private  Whibley
L/7670 Private E Whillier
L/10049 Private T Whitall
L/7184 Private A White
L/9646 Private F J White
L/8910 Private H White
9646 Private P White
L/7899 Private S White
L/10551 Private W C Wickenden
L/10509 Private F Wilkins
L/9539 Private H F Wilkins
L/5491 Corporal R Willard
L/7663 Private G A Willows
L/10002 Private E H Wilson
L/7641 Private H Windsor
L/8465 Private W Winn
L/8507 Private H W Winter
L/8152 Private N Wisdon
L/9998 Private A K Wise
L/8710 Private L Witchell
10049 Private T Withall
L/7719 Private C Wollett
L/8707 Private P C Wollett
L/8262 Private E Woodhouse
8294 Private J Woodley
7719 Private C Woollett
L/8864 Private E Worsfold
L/6710 Private E W Wray
L/10502 Private A Wright
L/9767 Private J L Wright
5922 Private G Young

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul, just found L/7668 Private E . Hawkins, my grandfather. Hopefully I can follow this up to find more details.
All the best, Chris

Paul Nixon said...

That's great. He was a 1st Battalion man. Home address given as 185 Sandringham Road, Dalston [London]. No other information noted.


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