9 January 2009

22nd (County of London) Battalion, The London Regiment (The Queen's)

The 22nd (County of London) Battalion, The London Regiment (The Queen's), had its origins in the 3rd Volunteer Battalion, The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment). "The Battalion received its Colours on 19th June 1909 at Windsor Castle from HM King Edward VII. These were the only Colours which the Battalion held, and were quite distinct from those of the two ‘County’ Battalions of the Regiment." [Information and photo from The Queen's Royal Surrey Regiment website.]

Here are some sample army service numbers and corresponding joining dates for the 22nd Londons.

150 joined on 2nd April 1908
606 joined on 11th February 1909
864 joined on 6th October 1910
901 joined on 21st February 1911
1088 joined on 30th April 1912
1176 joined on 21st January 1913
1415 joined on 4th February 1914
1552 joined on 3rd August 1914
2049 joined on 4th September 1914
2699 joined on 19th October 1914
2855 joined on 26th November 1914
2870 joined on 3rd December 1914
2895 joined on 13th January 1915
2996 joined on 18th February 1915
3011 joined on 18th March 1915
3038 joined on 6th April 1915
3652 joined on 11th May 1915
3923 joined on 25th June 1915
3949 joined on 3rd July 1915
4043 joined on 22nd August 1915
4057 joined on 9th October 1915
4064 joined on 2nd November 1915
4091 joined on 10th December 1915
4158 joined on 2nd March 1916
4941 joined on 29th May 1916
5165 joined on 16th June 1916
5337 joined on 24th July 1916
6408 joined on 12th October 1916

My data for this battalion is a little thin from March 1916 onwards; also note the huge leap of 800 digits between March and May 1916 above, and 900 digits between July and October 1916.

When the Territorial Force was re-numbered in 1917, the 22nd Londons were allocated six digit numbers within the range 680001 to 700000.

Sergeant Jack Harvey, pictured above, won the Victoria Cross whilst serving with the 22nd London Regiment. His original number was 2857, indicating that he joined the battalion on the 26th November 1914. Later re-numbered 681139, he was awarded the VC for "most conspicuous bravery and disregard of personal danger in attack" on 2nd September 1918.

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Unknown said...

Very useful blog article I have a (Harry) Henry Blencowe Private 44785, 49702, GS/112435 South Lancashire Regiment, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, Royal Fusiliers
He was from Co Durham (and died there in 1965) but married in Kensington in 1918, do you think from his number he was with the The 22nd (Service) Battalion, The Royal Fusiliers (Kensington)


Paul Nixon said...

Sorry Roger, I've drawn a complete blank on this man but wouldn't bet that he was 22nd RF on the basis of him marrying in Kensington. All the numbers suggest an enlistment later on in the war - 1917 onwards.


Anonymous said...

Hi my great grandad served in the 22nd service number 2999 I’m trying to find out his movements he was in the band as I have a picture of him in it, I was also told he was a stretcher bearer, he was also injured, help needed please on more information

Unknown said...

My grandfather was Private George Charles Lawrence 683524
22nd London Rifles
Enlisted 23/2/17 ages 18

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