13 January 2009

The Inns of Court Regiment

In common with The Honourable Artillery Company, The Inns of Court Regiment (which could trace its history back to 1584) was allowed to retain its pre 1908 title. Although early attestation papers from 1908 and 1909 show the battalion as the 27th (County of London) Battalion, The London Regiment (Inns of Court), it was never really known by this name; just simply, Inns of Court (or The Devil's Own). The battalion consisted largely of men who were connected with the law courts and up until the end of the First World War, over 14,000 men passed through the battalion, with over 11,000 of these gaining commissions.

Here are some sample numbers and joining dates for the Inns of Court Regiment:

312 joined on 30th June 1908
439 joined on 2nd November 1909
582 joined on 13th November 1911
618 joined on 29th February 1912
1244 joined on 23rd September 1914
1814 joined on 16th October 1914
2044 joined on 9th November 1914
3217 joined on 12th April 1915
3919 joined on 2nd June 1915
4914 joined on 19th July 1915
5323 joined on 2nd August 1915
5916 joined on 1st September 1915
6583 joined on 4th October 1915
7195 joined on 4th November 1915
8232 joined on 7th December 1915
8589 joined on 3rd January 1916
9279 joined on 3rd February 1916
9571 joined on 15th April 1916
9628 joined on 4th october 1916
9703 joined on 2nd November 1916
10169 joined on 18th December 1916
10548 joined on 22nd January 1917
11359 joined on 24th May 1917
12009 joined on 17th September 1917
12668 joined on 1st March 1918
12991 joined on 28th April 1918
13083 joined 20th May 1918
13218 joined on 5th June 1918
13524 joined on 15th July 1918
13787 joined on 9th August 1918
14044 joined on 23rd September 1918
14124 joined on 9th October 1918

Although a Territorial Force Battalion, the Inns of Court was not re-numbered in 1917. The image on this post is taken from The Dacorum Heritage Trust website.

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