2 March 2009

Special Reserve - 1907 Army Order - Appendices

I am posting here, the appendices to the 23rd December 1907 Army Order for the "Scheme for the provision, organization, and training of the Special Reserve..." which I posted in full the other day. My grateful thanks again to Graham Stewart for sending me these.

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Provisional establishment of a Training Brigade, Royal Field Artillery.

Stations of Training Brigades, Royal Field Artillery, showing Special Reserve units to be affiliated.

APPENDIX IIIEstablishments for Royal Engineers reserve companies.

APPENDIX IVTables showing the Militia battalions to be converted into Reserve battalions and the Militia battalions to be disbanded.

APPENDIX VEstablishment for a 3rd (5th or 6th in the case of regiments with four line battalions) reserve battalion in peace and on mobilization, and of an infantry depot when the reserve battalion is mobilized.

APPENDIX VIEstablishment laid down for each of the 27 Extra Reserve battalions.

APPENDIX VIIEstablishment for Rifle depot (Winchester) and for four reserve rifle battalions at Woolwich; and establishment of depots at Winchester and Woolwich on mobilization.

APPENDIX VIIITable showing periods of training for the Special Reserve.

Terms of service and standrads of height and age.

APPENDIX XPay and allowances of NCOs and men of the Special Reserve (Artillery, Engineers and Infantry).

Daily rates of pay and allowances...

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