12 March 2009

With the 1/5th Essex in the east - Appendices

This is a little off topic I suppose, but having referred to With the 1/5th Essex in the east in Every number tells a story - 1/5th Essex case study, I thought I'd post the appendices here. Plenty of army service numbers here to digest and interrogate. See my post on 5th Essex Regiment numbering. Click on the images for readable versions.

Appendix I - 1. 1/5th Essex Casualties

Appendix I - 2. 1/5th Essex Wounded (see also previous scan)

Appendix II - 1/5th Essex Honours & Awards

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Appendix III - 1/5th Essex officers

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The Naval and Military Press has re-published With The 1/5th Essex in the east and has this to say about the book:

"Unusually for a British service [actually it was a Territorial Force battalion] Battalion, the Fifth battalion of the Essex Regiment spent its entire Great War service in action against the Turks. The battalion had a bloody baptism of fire when it was thrown into the inferno of Gallipoli in 1915, fighting in the trenches near Anzac Cove. The rest of its war was spent in Egypt, guarding the Suez Canal, and then in Gaza and Palestine, where the battalion formed part of Allenby’s successful advance to capture Jerusalem and Damascus in 1918. Illustrated by photographs, maps and accompanied by a Roll of Honour, this is an unusually fine history of a unit that, though not on the western front, still saw savage fighting."

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