14 April 2009

Lincolnshire Regiment - 10th Battalion (Grimsby Chums)

My data for this pals' battalion is incomplete and currently extends only until June 1916 (and then, with gaps). Nevertheless, as with other battalion numbering series posted on this army service numbers blog, I'll add to the data in due course.

The 10th (Service) Battalion, The Lincolnshire Regiment was formed on 9th September 1914 and recruited men from in and around Grimsby. In October 1915 the 11th (Service) Battalion was formed and acted as a local reserve for the 10th Battalion. Numbering in the 10th started from 1 and when the 11th Battalion was formed, it too followed the same numbering series. Men joining the 10th and 11th Battalions had their numbers prefixed 10/ and 11/.

10/94 joined on 17th September 1914
10/619 joined on 5th October 1914
10/1096 joined on 4th November 1914
10/1147 joined on 2nd December 1914
10/1262 joined on 12th January 1914
10/1359 joined on 2nd February 1915
10/1378 joined on 4th March 1915
10/1432 joined on 6th April 1915
10/1441 joined on 28th June 1915
10/1469 joined on 20th October 1915
11/1501 joined in 2nd November 1915
11/1703 joined on 2nd December 1915
11/1883 joined on 24th February 1916
11/2032 joined on 29th May 1916
11/2072 joined on 19th June 1916

As can be seen from the numbers above, recruitment slowed dramatically from February 1915, picking up again from November 1915 and then apparently slowing again in June 1916. Later drafts to the 10th Lincolns would include men with five digit numbers from other Lincolnshire Regiment service battalions, but those men with numbers up to 1469 at least could class themselves as original 10th Battalion, Grimsby Chums.

For further reading see The History of the 10th Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment (Grimsby Chums) and also, from the Aftermath website, one of many articles concerning the discovery of 20 Grimsby Chums in a grave in France.

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View Lincolnshire Regiment service records, pension records and medal index cards on-line via the Ancestry.co.uk website

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Anonymous said...

Hi, my Grandfather, John Cyril Horace Crisp, was a member of the Lincs. Regiment, ranked as a Private, and his regimental number was noted on his medal card as 10/468. I don't see the number 468mentioned in your list of enlistment dates. Does this still mean that he was one of the original Grimsby Chums. I wish I could find a photograph somewhere of him from that time. Do you know of any group photos taken of the regiment? Unfortunately I only have one later photograph of him.

Thanks for the great information on your website.

Paul Nixon said...

Hello Firehorse

Thanks for the compliments. Your grandfather ceratinly was an original Grimsby Chum. Have you seen his medal index card? He later served with the Army Pay Corps and RAF.

10/468 looks to date between the 25th and 30th September 1914. As for a photo, I suggest you visit the Great War Forum: http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/ and post your query there. Good luck.

Unknown said...

Hello, I am doing my family tree and have been trying to find some more information about my Great grandmothers brother Alfred Cullum. I have a photo of what I believe to be him in his Chums uniform but the only information I can find is alfred cullum rifle brigade 317 203659. I cannot find any records or anything for him. Also another relative GARTON, Samuel 149 Daubney Street Northd. Fusiliers, 59899, I cannot find any further information on. Can you advise how I might progress with my research? Many thanks in advance Lisa

Paul Nixon said...

Hello Lisa

The number falls within a sequence of numbers issued to the 18th to 25th Battalions inclusive. This from the indispensible, Long, Long Trail website:

"18th (London); 19th (Western), 20th (Northern), 21st (Midland), 22nd (Wessex & Welsh), 23rd (North Western) and 24th (Home Counties) Battalions... formed in accordance with an Army Council Instruction on 29 November 1915. The Battalions were made up of supernumary Territorial Force Companies, formed from National Reservists who were used for guarding vulnerable points in Great Britain. The battalions were posted for Garrison duty overseas in 1916. The 18th, 23rd and 24th went to India; 19th and 20th to Egypt. The 21st went to India via Egypt, and the 22nd Salonika via Egypt. The latter was attached to the 228th Brigade in 28th Division." The 25th Battalion was a reserve Garrison Battalion.

I can't help you on GARTON other than to say this an enlistment later in the war, but if I do get any further info I'll post it here.


Janet said...

Hi,like so many other people, I am trying to research my grandfathers records for the Royal Engineers Lincolnshire Reg. Found Roll Index Card his number is 323642, Linc R 20187, RDC 65060 RE WR/278123. No date as when he joined but my mum says he joined at 16, he was in born 1897. How do I find out when he joined, what Battalion he was in etc . His name is Harold Sheardown Cook I do have a photo of him in uniform.

Janet Collinson
He was a Sapper and came home in 1920.

Paul Nixon said...

Hello Janet

The first thing to do would be to see if there is a surviving service record. Failing that, you'd be looking at his regimental numbers and men with numbers in the same range to see if you can draw any conclusions from these. Even then you may not get definitive answers regarding the battalions he served with. I do provide a research service which you can read more about by clicking on the research tab towards the top of this page.


Rev'd Brett Murphy said...

My great grandfather Arthur Ernest Taplin. Service no' 1203 enlisted 28th Dec 1914. He was in the Grimsby Chums. Any info appreciated. Thanks so much.

Paul Nixon said...

Brett, check for service/pension and medal record on Findmypast and Ancestry, and casualty roll listings on The Genealogist. You'll need access to all three to cover all of the bases.

Spinney Hill said...

The following letter received by Mrs Darby from a hospital Matron "B.E.F. 20.9.17. "Dear Madam, I regret to inform you that your son, Pte. W. H. Darby, Lincolns, who was admitted yesterday, suffering from multiple G.S.W.S., died early this morning, I can assure you that every thing possible was done to try and save him, but he gradually became weaker and passed away in his sleep. He will be laid to rest in ------- Military Cemetery, and there will be a cross with his name and regiment on to mark his resting place. I am sorry there is so little I can tell you of your son's last moments. He was such a short time in hospital and was too ill to send messages. With sincere sympathy, yours truly, M. Potts. Matron.". The official intimation came from the War Office the following day. He was employed at the Star Tea Company for 9½ years. Joined the Lincolnshire Regt. February 1916. He had been abroad ten months, and was just 24 years of age. Mr and Mrs Darby have a son serving in the Royal Marine Artillery. Grantham Journal, October, 6, 1917. In Memoriam Grantham Journal, 21 September, 1918

He was in the 10th battalion. Are there any details of the action he may have suffered his injuries

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