25 May 2009

20th Hussars

Here are some army service numbers and corresponding joining dates for the 20th Hussars, a British cavalry regiment of the line. Numbering in individual cavalry regiments was unaffected by the 1881 Army Reforms and so I'm going to start at 1878 - where my data currently begins - and end in 1906 when a new system of numbering line cavalry by corps was introduced.

1513 joined on 24th May 1878
1845 joined on 15th April 1880
1897 joined on 4th February 1881
1967 joined on 3oth June 1882
2104 joined on 29th January 1883
2347 joined on 17th June 1884
2517 joined on 27th February 1885
2590 joined on 20th February 1886
2802 joined on 3rd September 1887
2883 joined on 2nd February 1888
2938 joined on 4th May 1889
2988 joined on 3rd January 1890
3257 joined on 18th March 1891
3644 joined on 9th December 1892
3694 joined on 27th February 1893
3794 joined on 19th July 1894
3871 joined on 13th February 1895
4167 joined on 23rd October 1896
4257 joined on 21st September 1897
4315 joined on 7th December 1898
4372 joined on 23rd February 1899
4677 joined on 8th October 1901
4746 joined on 7th October 1902
4834 joined on 12th February 1903
5056 joined on 12th May 1905
5326 joined on 5th September 1906

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Ron Field said...

22nd July 1876 Brighton
20th Hussars
# 1304 Charles Field

Paul Nixon said...

Thanks Ron, I had 1329 for the 29th July so looks as though they had a bit of surge in recruiting.


Unknown said...

Hi, my great granddad was a Lieutenant in the 20th Hussars but we know little about him. Will he be traceable anywhere. He died before 1920.

Paul Nixon said...


You'll find him mentioned in the Army List (on open shelves at The National Archives) and selected volumes easily downloadable online. He will also be named in The London Gazette (although finding him could be tricky) and he should have surviving service papers at TNA as well.

Neil said...

Hi my great great grandad father was in the with hussars 1914 to 1918 hiatus name was Arthur harvey howes, 4688 or 31277 he fought in ypres were trying to find a photo of his regiment so to identify him can anyone help.?

Paul Nixon said...

Neil, my suggestion would be to post this request on the Great war Forum, but it's a very long shot that you'll eve be successful. Alternatively set up your own blog/website that directs traffic to you.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Nixon said...

I can't find anything for this man, I am afraid, Kalpanaben.

Unknown said...

Hello, I have just found a record (Fold 3 website) for my 2x great grandad James Wiggins who deserted from 20th Hussars in Brighton on 1st February 1878. His regimental number was 1289. Would I be able to find a record for his joining the regiment and also what happened to him when apprehended ? I couldn't find anything more on the aforementioned website.
Thank you

Paul Nixon said...

Hello Pauline

You can download all of his papers by following the link below, although you'll need to pay Findmypast to actually view them. http://britisharmyancestors.co.uk/search-result/?q=1289+wiggins+hus*

Best wishes


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