22 May 2009

The Royal Sussex Regiment - 6th (Cyclist) Battalion

The 6th (Cyclist) Battalion, The Royal Sussex Regiment, was a Territorial Force battalion which was formed in 1911. Its headquarters and all of its eight companies were located in Brighton, Sussex.

Here are some army service numbers and corresponding joining dates for the 6th Sussex Regiment:

22 joined on 14th February 1912
261 joined on 7th May 1913
335 joined on 22nd July 1914
542 joined on 8th August 1914
797 joined on 5th November 1914
1477 joined on 18th February 1915
1586 joined on 3rd May 1915
1733 joined on 4th June 1915
1890 joined on 7th August 1915
1960 joined on 25th September 1915
2024 joined on 23rd October 1915
2063 joined on 1st December 1915
2266 joined on 15th January 1916
2389 joined on 3rd February 1916
2648 joined on 1st March 1916
2777 joined on 3rd April 1916
2851 joined on 2nd May 1916
2991 joined on 13th June 1916
3043 joined on 16th July 1916
3109 joined on 10th August 1916
3194 joined on 13th December 1916

When the Territorial Force was re-numbered in 1917, the 6th Battalion, the Royal Sussex Regiment, was allocated numbers within the block 265001 to 290000.

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FireStep Publishing said...

Hello, I am trying to find any more detail on my Great-Grandfather Gunner Albert Anscombe RGA 374366 TF/RGA 120B any help appreciated!

Paul Nixon said...


The six-digit number shows that he served with Sussex Fortress RGA and his earlier number is definitely pre 1912 and possibly 1908/1909. So he'd been serving with this unit for some time before Britain went to war.


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