19 December 2011

1st Scottish General Hospital

The 1st Scottish General Hospital was situated at Aberdeen and during WW1 had capacity for 62 officer beds and 1297 Other Rank beds.

My data for Royal Army Medical Corps personnel serving at the hospital is thin and I would welcome additional details to help fill some of the gaps.

844 joined on 8th June 1909
1267 joined on 26th March 1912
1368 joined on 23rd April 1913
1469 joined on 13th January 1914
1471 joined on 8th February 1915
1476 joined on 11th March 1915
1487 joined on 15th April 1915
1495 joined on 12th May 1915
1572 joined on 7th June 1915
1611 joined on 7th July 1915
1613 joined on 9th August 1915
1666 joined on 16th October 1915
1687 joined on 11th December 1915

See also, 2nd Scottish General Hospital, 3rd & 4th Scottish General Hospitals.

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Eddie Cantwell said...

Wonderful Blog. I am trying to track down one Hugh Hyslop who hailed form Ayrshire in Scotland, he served in India and in ireland. He was in Dungarvan County waterford in 1879 because he got married there. Where can I find information about him?
he died in 1900 in an infirmary in Ayrshire he was a an army pensioner.
thank you.
Eddie Cantwell

Paul Nixon said...

Eddie, there's a pension record in WO 97 (now accessible via findmypast.co.uk) for a man who fits this description. He served with the 100th Regt of Foot and was discharged in 1879 as a result of sickness picked up at Jullundur in India. This man, according to his papers, was born in Soran, Catran, Ayrshire around July 1851. He was discharged from the Royal Hospital, Netley in June 1879 aged 27 years and 11 months.

Eddie Cantwell said...

Paul, sorry about the long delay in responding. This certainly looks like our Hugh all details and dates fit.
I will follow up.
many thanks and your efforts are very much appreciated.

AHJ said...

Paul, not of relevance to this topic but I have picked up a few Regular RAMC enlistment dates, which I thought might be of more general use:

6580 Arthur Sydney Hellyer, who enlisted for his "three and nine" at Stratford, in London, on 3 August 1912 and served with 11th General Hospital as part of the BEF
6584 Arthur Daniel Gwilt, a short service enlistment at Wolverhampton on 6 August 1912 who served with 4th Field Ambulance
6585 Frederick Harold Forman who enlisted for a Long Service Attestation (12 years) at Aldershot, aged 14, on 7 August 1912

Paul Nixon said...

Thanks for these, AHJ; now added.

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