20 December 2011

2nd Scottish General Hospital

The 2nd Scottish General Hospital was, during the war years at least, situated at Craigleith, Edinburgh and a new numbering series appears to have been instituted in August 1914. This from my number series for the 2nd Scottish General Hospital.

My data for Royal Army Medical Corps personnel serving at the hospital is thin and I would welcome additional details to help fill some of the gaps.

555 joined on 18th November 1908
1311 joined on 23rd January 1911
1504 joined on 22nd March 1912

New series of numbers commenced at some point; possibly on the outbreak of war.

19 joined on 9th August 1914
59 joined on 3rd September 1914
88 joined on 10th October 1914
95 joined on 2nd November 1914
116 joined on 27th January 1915
130 joined on 24th May 1915
136 joined on 8th July 1915

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