23 June 2014

Welsh Horse 1914-1916

The Welsh Horse was a new formation raised in 1914 and whilst it had no lineage to trace, it was at least unencumbered by earlier regimental numbering sequences. It started numbering, logically, from 1 in August 1914. By 19th August 1914, 120 men had already joined the regiment, and many more would follow that month and into September.

435 joined on 10th September 1914
478 joined on 10th November 1914
677 joined on 4th January 1915
953 joined on 7th February 1915
1233 joined on 20th May 1915
1284 joined on 1st June 1915
1388 joined on 13th July 1915
1447 joined on 1st November 1915
1569 joined on 15th December 1915
1724 joined on 31st March 1916
1757 joined on 14th April 1916
1772 joined on 1st May 1916

The regiment was initially attached to the North Midland Mounted Brigade of the 1st Mounted Division, later transferring to the Eastern Mounted Brigade in the same Division. Two reserve units, the 2/1st (formed in September 1914) and the  3/1st (formed in 1915) both drew their numbers from the same series above.

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