10 June 2014

Bedfordshire Yeomanry 1908-1914

This post will look at numbering in the Bedfordshire Yeomanry between 1908 and 1914. The regiment straddled two counties: Bedfordshire and Huntingdonshire, and was consequently administered by the two County Associations for those counties.

In 1914 The Bedfordshire Yeomanry was headquartered at Ashburnham Road, Bedford with A Squadron also based in Bedford. B Squadron was based in Biggleswade with a drill station at Shefford while C Squadron was based in Dunstable with drill stations at Leighton Buzzard, Ampthill and Woburn. D Squadron was based at Godmanchester in Huntingdonshire and had drill stations at St Neotts, Kimbolton, Ramsey, Somerham, Sutton and Chatteris. The regiment was attached for training to the Eastern Mounted Brigade.

There may have been two regimental numbering sequences for the regiment: one administered by the County Association for Bedford and one administered by the Association for Huntingdonshire although this is not completely clear from numbers that I have uncovered to date for this regiment. Numbering started from 1 in April 1908 although this appears to have been an afterthought and there is the usual slew of enlistments in that year with men being signed up with their old Imperial Yeomanry numbers.

467 joined on 24th March 1909
541 joined on 11th February 1910
622 joined on 6th February 1911
733 joined on 15th February 1912
869 joined on 14th March 1913
971 joined on 26th March 1914
1035 joined on 9th August 1914
1116 joined on 14th September 1914
1473 joined on 12th October 1914
1489 joined on 10th November 1914
1539 joined on 9th December 1914

Image borrowed from Badges of the world.

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Anonymous said...

Private 874 enlisted on 17 March 1913

Paul Nixon said...

Thanks, that fits with the sequence above.

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